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#rockbox log for 2017-06-15

00:00:36CH23Bilgus: i copied the new action.c code over the old one in rockbox/apps/action.c, and rebuild, but it seems that the autolock doesn't work at all anymore?
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01:56:00Bilgusreally? I did forget to add some brackets but it worked fine? maybe try enabling and disabling advanced softlock?
01:56:35Bilgusor try renaming your config.cfg file and set it back @ CH23
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09:29:01CH23Bilgus: you were right, it worked perfectly after clearing my config file!
09:32:58CH23It seems that it does not work if you also turn on 'selective backlight'
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09:45:18CH23here's the config as i have it now: volume: -44 | No Screen Lock For Selected Actions: on | Selective Screen Lock Actions: 257 | No Backlight On Selected Actions: on | Selective Backlight Actions: 1
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11:59:17SPLESH_2015pamaury: did you see this picture ?
12:01:36SPLESH_2015pamaury:If that chip above SD card reader is NAND then we may have a chance of reading it
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12:04:33pamaurySPLESH_2015: you mean desolder it?
12:09:45SPLESH_2015yes and then use some thing like this,searchweb201602_1_10152_10065_10151_10068_10084_10083_10080_10082_10081_10177_10110_10136_10137_519_10111_10060_10112_10113_10155_10062_10114_437_10154_10056_10055_10054_10182_10059_303_10
12:11:17SPLESH_2015or maybe find pins on board that we can use to attach programmer
12:12:57pamaurythe older sonys use to have the emmc on a separate board, which is how I managed to dump the very first firmware. But I certainly don't have the skill to desolder a BGA. If they soldered the flash on the board it probably means that either there is a jtag port somewhere or a recovery accessibly via usb
12:21:01pamaurythat's assuming they did not disable either or both mecanism and that the storage is not encrypted
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12:55:19SPLESH_2015I desolder emmc from my broken ASUS MemoPad and will experiment on it for now
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14:28:51BilgusCH23 I can't reproduce the issue you are talking about please be more descriptive I see you have sel BL set for volume and screen lock set for auto lock and volume what isn't working?
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14:30:46Bilgusdo be aware that Disable notifications needs to be set in order for sel bl to work while the device is locked
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15:13:50GabrielCarriereHello everyone, I am just created an account on the Rockbox wiki because I have some scans and information on the RCA Lyra media player and I want to post them, so if someone could give me write permisions, then that would me great. My Rockbox username is GabrielCarriere.
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15:24:05GabrielCarriereI also have some information on the firmware of the device and how it is flashed.
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15:32:48pamauryGabrielCarriere: you should have write access
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16:17:07pamaurylebellium (logs): I got the NWZ-S540 screen to work, it wasn't too hard. However the battery is close to dead
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19:44:38lebelliumpamaury: yeah a friend gifted to me like that in 2013... but I could listen to several songs with speaker on so battery life should be enough for basic development :)
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19:51:15_meggreets everybody
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20:27:03Aldem_meg: There's no one with that name
20:27:48_megat first i was thinking to put *
20:27:57_megjust first time here
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20:30:35_megin case here is no too geeks guys ;)
20:36:53CH23Bilgus: just to make sure, i've completely cleared the settings now, and after enabled 'advanced keylocks>autolock and volume. this does not make autolock work. also enabling 'disable notify', makes no difference. rebooting makes autolock work.
20:37:33CH23i will test again without 'disable notify', and reboot.
20:37:50Aldem_meg: It was a bad joke
20:38:22_megwhy not
20:39:06_megi remember long time ago i see one guy from .mx as im not wrong added alot of features for ipod 6g
20:39:30_megi want to ask external microphone button support for ipod :)
20:47:13 Join bug2000 [0] (~bug2000@unaffiliated/bug2000)
20:47:29bug2000The changes page still treats 3.13 as latest version.
20:52:43CH23and now it works instantly, just enabled autolock, nothing more. i have no clue why.
20:56:36CH23after also enabling advanced keylocks>volume, i no longer get the 'autolock on/autolock off' popup. I think that's why I previously thought that it did not work.
21:04:57user890104_meg: we generally know how to detect the button, but no one had the time to write code which handles button presses
21:11:10_megi didnt know here on freenet is official #mirc channel
21:11:42_megsuch a jerk this guy who write this mirc damn
21:12:05_megalways knew it since 1996, registration $25 blabla
21:12:13_meg*sorry* :)
21:14:14_meguser890104: i have belkin mic now to try, i think the official products have same triggering
21:14:45user890104can you try if recording in Rockbox works?
21:14:47_meglast time i compile rockbox i not sure i see something about it
21:14:58_megyeah, im all yours
21:15:34_megi remember forum i see many fixes one guy did in a row dayli for ipod 6gen
21:15:47_megi had no time at that days to write him a message
21:16:02_megand ask to add some features for ipod
21:17:54_megi also write a huge page debugging/testing that time about tips and fixes but did not post on forum
21:18:20_megif somebody doing ipods i can forward some of my texts with ideas
21:18:27_megmaybe some of them fixed already
21:18:52_megim on version:
21:19:02user890104you can paste the information at then post the link here
21:19:13user890104some of the issues may be fixed already
21:20:31_meggithub needs registration, im dont want be involved in that mass hysteria
21:21:26user890104gist doesn't, you can also use and set the expiry time to "never"
21:21:37_megyeah, sure
21:21:50user890104or you can post to the mailing list
21:21:58_megdamn guys
21:22:05_megi have very good feelings
21:22:18_megabout rockbox and all this forum and when i see comments in sources
21:22:37_megso much oldschool style community
21:23:41_megreally not easy to find such warm feeling nowadays with all this commercial corporations mania and zog snob attitude
21:24:07_megcan support my time with pleasure
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21:26:23_megbattery were low :) ok, i have installed now: d57e651-151024
21:28:19user890104can you update it to the latest build?
21:28:26user890104also, which bootloader are you using?
21:29:18_megemcore023 r859
21:30:10_megi did play for a month or so that time alot compiliing/updating
21:30:22_megas was impressed so much
21:30:35_megand awesome sound quality
21:30:40user890104can you please upgrade to the bootloader at user890104/bootloader-ipodclassic.html"> ?
21:31:28user890104and then update rockbox to the latest development build
21:32:20_megbefore manipulations
21:32:26_megi want to clear one thing
21:32:35_megright now usb mass device not working
21:32:39_megand its perfect for me
21:32:49_megi can only transfer files when im in bootloader
21:33:04user890104using Disk mode?
21:33:20_megthat means nobody can access my ipod if somebody just connect it to usb ;)
21:33:35_megyou need to 'know' how to get inside ;)
21:34:06user890104ok, so you call the usb storage mode malfunction a "feature" :)
21:34:07_megfirst i was think its bad, but later i think its very nice thing, for as a silly security
21:34:15_megright :)
21:34:37user890104unfortunately, this feature has been removed in the recent versions
21:34:39_megi think i want to keep such 'feature' ;)
21:34:42user890104the usb driver has been rewritten
21:34:55_megyou know
21:34:55user890104and it's more stable and faster now
21:35:00_megi use it as dictofone alot!
21:35:08_megi have 128gb cf inside
21:35:19_megand decent quality this belkin mic
21:35:45_megso if something lost and somebody search me in modern stupid fake terror alerts
21:35:50_megnobody can access files
21:36:07_meghm, unless you take out cf.. though
21:36:23_meganyway its not a 5mins taks to be done
21:36:51user890104you should be able to disable the usb storage mode in config/ipod6g.h and recompile rockbox if that's what you want
21:37:05_megyeah, good idea
21:37:43_megi think its possible to modify a cluster size
21:37:46user890104but if you're looking for specific features and/or stability updates, they're going to be applied to the latest version, if they appear at some point
21:39:35_megi think i need some kind of protection data solution..
21:40:09user890104so if you want to help us with testing, you can backup your ipod's hdd, restore the stock firmware (with or without iTunes), install the latest bootloader, compile your own rockbox build from the latest source code with usb disabled and install it
21:40:30user890104you'll have "bootloader usb mode", which can be accessed with center+right at boot
21:40:45_megi got this idea with clusters when accidently i figure out that i have usb-sata dongle that have 512>4096 sectors translation!
21:41:28user890104i'm not sure if rockbox will properly read non-standard cluster sizes, but you're free to try
21:42:16_megstill use bootloader for transfers! but if connected to pc, it will ask to format it! thats an idea ;)
21:43:27_megthough then it can be accessed with disk editor where you can set manually cluster size and read fs
21:43:51_megi will think about it more
21:45:22_megokay, great, lets do it during next days
21:46:31_megtoday im already at zombie condition
21:46:47_megyou will keep using this nickname ?
21:48:30_megtell me what is the point to restore stock firmware?
21:49:09_megah, for bootloader
21:50:07user890104yes, my irc client is online 24/7
21:50:42_megok, were compiled znc few days ago, so will be 24/7 too ;)
21:51:10_megwhat about 890104 ? DOB?
21:51:14user890104another alternative for hiding data, is to change the partition type in MBR to something other than fat32, then add here so rockbox can mount it:;a=blob;f=firmware/common/disk.c;h=f32125e8a3a4139dfff7802cd547ff2a55a50d72;hb=HEAD#l66
21:53:32_meghiding data is one thing, more important to make it looks non suspicious too
21:54:42_megufff.. just look for disk.c now, damn unlimited possibilities, opensource is great!
21:54:51_megits all about fantasies and idea to have
21:55:38user890104of course it's great
21:55:42*user890104 is going to sleep
21:55:51_megme too
21:56:00_megcatch you later ;)
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