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#rockbox log for 2017-06-16

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10:13:42pixelmahmm, forums down?
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11:38:02benshepGot some files that won't play on my Rockbox'ed Sansa Clip+; is there somewhere I can send them so the devs can investigate?
11:40:34SammysHPbenshep: "won't play" means what exactly?
11:41:32benshepMy player just skips the tracks
11:42:20benshepI've got the simulator running under Windows too (a slightly older build), and that won't play them either, it just gets stuck and the time doesn't advance
11:42:27gevaertsWhich codec are they?
11:43:34benshep(grabbed from BBC iPlayer using get_iplayer)
11:43:38gevaertsSounds like a case for saratoga :)
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11:56:18benshepOK, is there something I can do with these dodgy files?
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12:13:31pixelmaI *believe* you need to put them into a container format
12:20:20gevaertsOh, right, it could be that
12:20:35gevaertsAre they aac-encoded mp4 files, or raw aac files?
12:20:44gevaerts(or m4a)
12:21:59gevaerts might be relevant
12:46:03benshepThey're in an M4A container
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13:33:19gevaertsThen I'd suspect (based on reading that bug report) that repacking them might help
13:33:30gevaertsIf "repacking" is a correct way to state it, I don't know...
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14:10:54benshepHmm, I've had to do that workaround with MP4box before I think (a long time ago). Maybe that will work. Anyway, for these particular files, I just transcoded them to MP3 since I'm not bothered about quality
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14:43:42SPLESH_2015Interesting I have blue-ray player Pioneer BDP-170 and it has UART which i was using to un-break it after unsuccessful update and I was able to communicate with U-boot to flash it from USB it also have MTK chip so if I will find some way to do same thing and maybe then I will be able to dump Flash
14:45:05SPLESH_2015with out destroying A35 player
14:49:50pamaury_SPLESH_2015: older Sony have U-boot and I believe can communicate over USB but 1) I never foudn how to activate this mode 2) the console seems protected by a password (that may or may not be otainable via SCSI commands like the crypto key)
14:51:19chrisbbenshep: do you transcode in get_iplayer, or after download from AAC to mp3 ?
14:52:21SPLESH_2015pamaury_: yes i know this is all just guessing but if we are lucky...
14:52:42pamaury_sure :)
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15:02:29benshepchrisb: get_iplayer spits out m4a files, I believe this is the original stream from iPlayer
15:02:43benshepI've transcoded them myself using ffmpeg
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15:32:14chrisbbenshep: ok
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17:02:02SPLESH_2015what number in NVP is kas? is it 11?
17:02:31SPLESH_2015for the A35 device?
17:05:30pamaury_SPLESH_2015: it depends on the device, for A35 I would need to look in the kernel, give me a minute to look
17:06:28SPLESH_2015Don't bother it is where i found it so it is 11
17:06:57pamaury_SPLESH_2015: the tool access strings anyway, the A30 is in the database
17:07:15pamaury_scsitool <dev> get_dnk_nvp kas
17:08:49SPLESH_2015pamaury_: I just looking in kernel code really close so scsitool has no use for me just yet (
17:09:27pamaury_why do you want the KAS number for then?
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17:11:27SPLESH_2015pamaury_: to confirm that kernel sources are for the real device )
17:12:23pamaury_what do you mean?
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17:14:59SPLESH_2015some companies release fake sources or some general source for all line of different models and etc
17:16:00pamaury_so far I have not found any discrepancy between what Sony releases and the real devices
17:17:16SPLESH_2015ok it is good to know they are at least honest
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17:21:05SPLESH_2015I did try to port a bluetooth driver aptX driver for the android phone so dig up kernel code and found that some driver configs on device and in kernel code dose not match it maybe that I missed some thing back then )
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20:21:12saratogaI'm not a great person to ask about MP4, Buschel did most of that optimization, and I don't really understand the container format works very well
20:21:48saratogausually though the problem with mp4 files working is that they're video files with the video stripped out, and the parser either don't know how to deal with these or runs out of memory trying
20:22:11saratogamp4 audio is assumed to be in an iTunes formatted stream, or at least something reasonably close to it
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21:57:09bray90820Does Rockbox Support external USB headphone amps
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22:03:46bray90820That's sad
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23:04:11pamaurylyra_hs: ask your question, someone will answer if he knows
23:07:45lyra_hsI'm hardware developer - it is my work & hobby. As hobby now I'm developing music player from the scratch with cs4398 codec & stm32f4xx as mcu. I've already developed almost all hardware stuff and made .mp3(helix decoder) & .wav work. But I want to play all formats and I found that all of them are already implemented in your project. I know that almost everything is from other libraries, but anyway - in rockbox all them collected and
23:11:36lyra_hsIs it possible to get all codec's stuff from lib/rbcodec and only it - without roxbox system, gui and other stuff? If it is possible(I'm sure in it) is it easy? From where I need to start? I like rockbox, but it is too heavy for my purposes and I want to make my player more ergonomic - fully rethink the way of interaction with music.
23:13:44pamaurylyra_hs: saratoga would know better, but yes the codecs are in a separate lib and we have a test program called 'warble' (iirc) that can be used to test codecs only
23:14:29pamaury;a=tree;f=lib/rbcodec;h=af05722279a546142beed6a07e858f048dac4300;hb=365a005 is of interest
23:14:37pamauryand;a=tree;f=lib/rbcodec/test;h=2a0d9891fd9750b9c673d780a1801032ff001d83;hb=365a005 in particular
23:18:51lyra_hswow, warble exactly is what I need! Thanks!
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23:31:03saratogayeah if you have already written a playback engine, the warble interface will show you how to use all of our codecs
23:31:19saratogaporting rockbox might be easier though if you haven't thought about buffering and playback
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