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#rockbox log for 2017-06-23

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06:59:29duo8is there some sort of estimated eta for benjie t6 support?
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19:58:22CH23is there a way for the sansa clip plus to detect if headphones are plugged in or not, or if they are being removed/plugged in? if yes, would it be possible to automatically pause on headphone removal?
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20:04:29copperCH23: if the parameter is not available in Playback Settings ("pause on headphone unplug"), then I guess not
20:04:57copperI assume it's related to the third pin in the headphone jack on the iPod Classic (which the Clip+ doesn't have)?
20:05:17copperThough I wonder if it would be possible to detect the voltage change due to headphones being plugged in…
20:05:38CH23that was the idea i had yeah
20:06:29SammysHPit would be the current that changes
20:06:49copperI see
20:08:18CH23but can it be detected?
20:08:59coppermusic would have to be playing
20:09:09copperand I don't know how re-insertion could be detected
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20:10:05TheLemonManiirc the ams3525 SoC had some problem wrt headphone detection
20:10:10CH23i can't speak for others but for me just pausing on unplugging is all that is needed
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20:13:58TheLemonManthe datasheet seems to point out that it's only going to work if the headphones are connected and the whole output block is powered off
20:29:31CH23shame. thanks for finding that out though
20:30:27pamaurydoes the OF detect when headphones are plugged? I found it's usually the best indication of whether it's possible or not
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20:40:46CH23i'll try as soon as it boots. takes a while with a 200gb µSD card :P
20:41:04TheLemonManno, it doesn't
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20:43:13duo8pamaury is there still plan for a jz port?
20:43:29duo8or is it more practical to focus on linux players now?
20:44:38CH23also Bilgus_ the clip plus seems to have normalised my battery stats: (and this hold up between updates, i do copy over the database files)
20:47:44CH23indeed the default firmware doesn't seem to detect if the headphones are unplugged.
20:48:31pamauryduo8: buy me some free time ;) Right now I'm focused on sony linux port which I should push to mainline, I'm just being lazy
20:49:20pamaury(assuming by jz port you mean Fiio X1 for example, not the jz linux port of wodz)
20:51:27duo8are the linux ports much easier?
20:52:48pamaurythey are different, usually easier but there are lots of tricky things. For example you end reverse engineering all the userspace to find out how the crappy proprietary kernel drivers work. At least in the case of Sony they release the kernel code (as per the GPL), but in case of the AGPTek Rocker for example, they don't
20:52:56pamaury*end up
20:53:27duo8huh, that sucks
20:54:02duo8would be better if alsa worked maybe
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20:54:15pamauryhonestly I think wodz is not very motivated because AGPTek made it sound like they would help us to the port and so far they have shown almost no interest in really helping
20:55:15pamauryI don't if wodz has figure out the problem, it's probably related to mips
20:55:23duo8good old marketing-engineering team discommunication
20:55:44duo8what problem btw?
21:00:03pamaurythe crashes seem to be related to how mips works, probably calling convention and GOT
21:01:31duo8is working with these chinese SoCs difficult? they at least seem to have docs available
21:03:32pamauryin this particular case the SoC is not really the problem, it's more related to the fact that we have many lines of code and problems can creep up anywhere. For once the JZ have an okay documentation (not great but ok)
21:04:37duo8the jz x1000?
21:04:57duo8i was referring to jz in general, the 4760 too
21:07:07pamauryAll of the jz have a similar leve of documentation
21:14:38CH23i used to have the X3(1st gen) and X5(1st gen) and tried to decompile the firmware, as FiiO couldn't give out parts of it, according to them because of Non-disclosure agreements with the manufacturers of the SOC
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21:16:09pamauryyes that's not surprising, they are based on a proprietary firmware
21:17:44CH23i believe i did write somewhere how to 'uncompress' the sys.bin file, i'll see if i can find that back
21:18:07pamauryI already disassembled it
21:19:39pamauryit's simply scrambled
21:21:00CH23ah damn. hoped i could be helpful. but i'm glad you did already.
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21:27:46duo8still rooting for that port, too bad i can't do much
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