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#rockbox log for 2017-06-26

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14:11:47wodzWho can I ask how to use dsp_process in plugin? jhMikeS ?
14:13:16pamaurywodz: jhMikes or saratoga I think
14:13:52pamauryfor jhMikes you might want to send him an email, he answers sometimes
14:17:43pamauryI am trying to understand the dsp code to output samples in something other than 16-bit for the Sony NWZ. But the code is quite complicated...
14:22:20wodzpamaury: You need to scale the samples only so why do you want to use dsp code?
14:23:45pamaurybecause 1) it's stupid: we scale samples from 32-bit down to 16-bit then up to 16-bit, 2) handle volume properly is not trivial, it produces artifact if you naively scale, the dsp implements proper software volume and I want to use it for this but then I absolutely need 32-bit
14:24:53wodzpamaury: AFAIK everythin internally is 32bit, it is downsampled at the very end.
14:25:10pamauryyes I know, but I need to understand how to change that last step
14:25:16pamauryI don't think it's hard, I 'just' need to figure my way out in dsp_sample_output.c
14:25:45pamauryI am experimenting with warble at the moment
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17:25:22saratogapamaury: you need to ask jhMikeS, I have only looked at it briefly
17:25:58saratogabut basically how it works now is that the codecs are all 32 bit, as is the DSP engine, but at the last stage of DSP it is converted down to 16 bit and then passed to the PCM buffering code
17:26:11saratogaits buffered in 16 bit form to save space
17:26:31saratogathen voice and anything else is mixed into it and finally it goes out to the audio driver
17:26:41saratogaat least that is IIRC
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17:47:17mendelmunkisI left my fuze+ charging on too few amps overnight now the screen doesn't even flicker if I plug it in. Is it possible to recover it?
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18:54:50Bilgus_phMENDELMUNKIS what do you mean on too few of amps?
18:56:35mendelmunkisI was using (I think) a .7 amp charger with a long cable
18:56:42Bilgus_phLike not enough power to overcome the draw of it running while charging? i'd likely long press the power button and leave it plugged in to a different power supply
18:58:05Bilgus_phI routinely charge mine on a pc port thats 500ma it is probably just in need of a hard reset and recharge or let it sit a few days and then charge it
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19:00:22saratoga_the current rating on the charger shouldn't matter
19:01:26Bilgus_phI think i have had something similar a while back you probably want to hard reset then hold the vol button to boot into OF then it should charge
19:04:17Bilgus_phI mean that as hold power button for ~30-60 secs hold volume (down?) plug in charger
19:05:22mendelmunkisI thing the long cord was what did it its 9'
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19:09:07saratoga_i don't think the cord is going to make any difference
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19:09:40saratoga_the player doesn't consume enough power for it to matter
19:10:53mendelmunkisIve had my player drain power while plugged in with this cord before. Usually i catch it a lot earlier.
19:11:39mendelmunkisBilgus_ph: I tried your advice but with no result.
19:15:19saratoga_maybe its got a loss connector?
19:16:06paulk-gagarinehey there
19:16:12paulk-gagarinewould you recommend e250v2 over e250?
19:16:28paulk-gagarineit's completely different hardware, and I wonder which is best
19:20:00saratoga_sorry, "loose connector"
19:20:13saratoga_the v1 hardware is a lot better supported
19:20:34pamaurymendelmunkis: try to plug it with power down press (boot the OF)
19:20:41saratoga_the v2 wasn't made for all that long before sandisk released new devices based on an updated SOC, so most work went into the newer SOC
19:20:50mendelmunkisIts never dropped a usb connection
19:21:23mendelmunkispamaury: nothing.
19:21:42pamaurycan you recovery mode ? (volume up)
19:21:52saratoga_maybe just the power pin is loose? Playing music the fuze+ uses something like 10-15 mA over the USB cable, so no way the capacity of the charger or resistance of the cable is going to matter
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19:22:06*pamaury disappears but will be back in 30min
19:22:31mendelmunkisI cant get any sign of life.
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19:25:51paulk-gagarinesaratoga, thanks
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20:07:58pamaurymendelmunkis: not even recovery mode?
20:08:04pamauryhave you tried to hold power for 10 seconds?
20:09:09mendelmunkis~60 seconds
20:12:59pamauryand you can't enter recovery mode by holding volume up?
20:16:10pamauryif you can't enter recovery mode at all that sounds bad
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22:41:37pamaurysaratoga: jhMikeS: I am reading the dsp code (dsp_sample_io stuff in particular) and it is not clear what NATIVE_DEPTH is supposed to represent. From the code I seem to understand that if a codec DSP_SET_SAMPLE_DEPTH to <= NATIVE_DEPTH (which is 16) then each sample is 16-bit, and otherwise is it 32-bit (with proper shift in each case to handle other values). Is this correct?
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