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#rockbox log for 2017-06-27

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09:39:57jhMikeSpamaury: Basically correct. NATIVE_DEPTH is the output depth and the output code always shifts right by output_scale to get it.
09:42:57pamauryjhMikeS: I'm a bit confused ecause it's the dsp input code that uses NATIVE_DEPTH to know if you show convert 16-bit to internal 32-bit, or keep 32-bit (but possible shift)
09:47:08jhMikeSThat makes it shift the 16 bit samples left by 12 (WORD_SHIFT) at the input, giving 28 bits for processing. Then it's shifted right by 12 at the output.
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09:49:17jhMikeSfrac_bits will be 27 (WORD_FRACBITS), so output_scale becomes 27+1-16 = 12
09:51:50pamauryjhMikeS: but why does it compares against NATIVE_DEPTH to know if the *input* should be read as 16-bit or 32-bit words? It should compare against 16 (this has nothing to do with output depth)
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09:54:12jhMikeSActually, that's a good question now that you bring it up. It was set up that way in its infancy and nothing was ever changed about it.
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09:56:20jhMikeSIt's not like another value would work properly.
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10:14:17HaykalCan xduoo x10 instal rockbox
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10:52:08pamauryjhMikeS: ok, so if I understand clearly, to make the DSP output 32-bit samples, I need to 1) fix this input code to split 16bit/NATIVE_DEPTH, 2) set NATIVE_DEPTH to 32, 3) fix sample_output functions to 'handle' 32-bit output, 4) possibly fix stuff in apps/ 5) fix stuff in warble
11:06:22jhMikeSpamaury: anything using PCM directly needs to be fixed or a conversion layer has to be added. You've got voice, keyclick and all plugins to consider.
11:06:59jhMikeSI guess that mostly falls under 4)
11:08:21jhMikeSI did start a branch myself. The thing I'm not clear on is whether outputting of depths > 16 will be something that's a setting or just built in for certain hardware.
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11:19:49pamauryjhMikeS: I was planning making to make that a define but that you mention it, I get it could make sense to have the pcm code be able to handle both 16-bit and something else, to limit breakage. I need to think about it
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11:33:19woffsHi. I have an iPod 5 with Harddisk, and when listening to an album a gap is introduced between the titles, waiting for the HD to spin up. How to get rid of that gap? Can buffering be configured in a way that prefetches the next title?
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12:09:33copperwoffs: are your files really gapless? Do you hear a gap when you play them back with music playback software on your computer?
12:10:18copperNormally, Rockbox is completely gapless.
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12:25:35woffsThe files are gapless, just double-checked this. Rockbox hangs for about 9s when changing tracks. I'm not sure if it is just the HD spin-up or something additional.
12:31:52woffsI have retroTape theme and during the silent gap it still is spinning with the last title, time counter is stopped (on e.g. 1:39 if the title has a duration of 1:39)
12:36:50woffsThe gap is still there with already spun-up HD, although apparently 2s shorter
12:37:07woffssomething is happening there. how to debug?
12:38:29copperI would try with a clean config, for starters
12:39:05copperbackup the config file, then delete it
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12:39:16copperand see if your iPod behaves the same
12:39:45copperand make sure you're running vanilla Rockbox 3.14
12:40:09copper(and not some older version or some newer build)
12:40:44woffsseems theme-related, gap is much shorter (1.8s) with cabbiev2 theme. Rockbox is 3.14 freshly installed :)
12:43:23copperthere shouldn't be a gap at all
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12:43:43woffsstill seems the HD is not spinning up fast enough
12:43:57coppermaybe it's just too old?
12:44:14woffsas old as the device, which is, of course, old
12:44:25wodzwhat files are this? ipod 5 has enough ram to buffer quite a few 'normal' tracks
12:44:32woffsOGG files
12:44:48copperOgg Vorbis?
12:44:55woffsyes, ogg vorbis
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12:46:08wodzI am working on plugin and I have 'plugin returned error #leak-file-handles'. Any idea how to track which handles are this?
12:49:44copperwoffs: a semi-easy thing to do, is to run the Rockbox simulator on your computer and try your files in it
12:50:01copperto remove your hardware from the equation
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14:00:16wodzhum, enabling timestretch and the doing anything other then rb->dsp_set_timestretch(PITCH_SPEED_PRECISION*100L) crashes my plugin.
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14:30:59CH23mendelmunkis I hope you read the logs, I had the same issue with my sansa clip+ on a few occasions. i believe i left mine on the charger for a good while and then i could turn it on again. i suggest using a good cord and good charger for this. another time i did a hardware reset. don't know if this is possible for the sansa fuze+
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15:51:59Bilguswodz usually leak-file-handles is just that file wasn't closed properly so if you have the CLOSE(fh) in your code you have something thats kicking you out of the plugin before it reaches it
15:53:17Bilgusit is probably something totally non-related to the open file handle IOW
15:54:24Bilgusif you get REAL desperate put splash() all over the code and note the last one you see?
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21:29:27AldemWoot, just received my 128 gb uSD for my Sansa e280 v1
21:29:34AldemRockboxed ofc
21:29:55ender`...makes me wonder where my 64GB microSD is
21:36:13Aldemdoes rockbox supports exFAT ?
21:39:46SammysHPAldem: AFAIK only fat
21:40:03AldemOh well
21:40:08Aldemformat /FS:FAT32 L: it is
21:41:11SammysHPnot sure if windows wants to format partitions with such a high capacity with fat
21:42:18user890104if it refuses, guiformat.exe should help
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22:18:32Aldemformat /FS:FAT32 X: works
22:18:35AldemEven on W10
22:19:09AldemStill, have any link for it user890104 ?
22:19:12AldemMight come in handy
22:20:01user890104first result for google guiformat :)
22:20:02AldemThank you kind sir
22:20:24user890104be careful with it, it does NOT ask before formatting
22:20:33user890104so make sure you picked the correct drive
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23:11:01lyra_hsHello! I'm here again) I wanna use codec libraries without rockbox. Now I'm trying to understand how does load_code.c is working. I couldn't see anything there which is detecting .header region - it's reading it just from the beginning... And when I'm build warble - every *.codec file is just an .elf. Can you explain? Or does .codec compiling for other archs differently?
23:12:05 Part woffs
23:20:44lyra_hsHow lc_open(...) is working?
23:28:55pamaurylyra_hs: it depends on the platform
23:29:47lyra_hsHow is that working on arm? Arm cortex-M4
23:31:43pamauryon linux without SDL it would be a so (so a elf) and use dlopen() [see ../firmware/target/hosted/lc-unix.c], if SDL is used (simulator) it uses SDL facilities (so probably so on linux and dll on windows guess). On native target it's custom binary format with a header and some code and it requires special linking
23:32:08pamaury(see ../firmware/load_code.c)
23:33:10pamaurybut all of that is kind of up to you anyway. You can implement your own lc_open() and changes the Makefiles to produce whatever you want, depending on the OS you are targeting
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23:48:58lyra_hsI'm intend to use it with stm32 MCU. So I get it. I'll just use elf and elf loader
23:54:06pamauryif that helps, our codec code does not import any symbol. The codec init function is called with a pointer to a vtable of functions that are access by the codec. But probably you know that if you looked at the code

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