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#rockbox log for 2017-06-28

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00:03:48pamauryit's a bit complicated, you probably want to look at lib/rbcodec/codecs/codecs.make, but it's not all because it is included by other Makefiles. It uses the plugin linker script (apps/plugins/
00:08:23pamaurybasically (afair) the codec compiles to just code and data (but the loader doesn't know care, it loads that as a big binary blob). And then the code in lib/rbcodecs/codecs/codec_crt0.c move the data where it should be (handling iram), clears bss, stuff like that. all the magic is in the linker script, as usual
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00:11:19lyra_hsokay! thanks!
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08:06:45woffsMy gap problem was apparently WPS related. With rockbox-failsafe as WPS file playback is indeed gapless. Other themes too fat for the device?
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12:25:07CH23where can i find the code that controlls the FM radio scanning frequencies for the sansa clip plus? i want to see if i can add the japanese + EU frequency range together
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12:39:02CH23found it. tuner.c
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13:16:02CH23and it works too. is there a reason that in firmware/tuner.c, 'REGION_OTHER' isn't from 76MHz up to 108MHz ?
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13:17:03CH23right now it's a copy of 'REGION_ITALY'
13:18:56wodzOk, I need a piece of advice. Background: I returned to poking around picoTTS. General processing sequence is 1) initialize tts engine 2) feed text to engine 3) call pico_getData() in a loop until it reports nothing more to process 4) goto 2 untill all text is consumed.
13:20:07wodzNow, there is no simple link between text feeded and samples outputed. Preporcessor does some context analysis and hence it may hold some the text to be processed when more text is available.
13:23:37wodzThis makes 'navigation' pretty hard. I can chop input text into sentences for example but this effectively cancels context sensitive analysis of preprocessor. I can chop paragraphs, which should be quite immune to the previous problem BUT this may produce quite a bit of audio and so navigation would be very coarse.
13:27:22wodzI can chop in const chunks (say 100b) and search start of the sequence backwards in case of rewinding.
13:27:28wodzAny thoughts?
13:31:47pamaurywodz: why to you want to split the text? Is that to be able to interrupt the audio as soon the user pressed a key for example?
13:32:02wodzpamaury: it is
13:32:23wodzpamaury: But the problem is 1) bookmaring 2) rewinding and fast forwarding
13:33:37pamaurycan you split on sentences instead of paragraph?
13:35:15wodzpamaury: Probably I can steal some code from somewhere to do that but my observation is that preprocessor uses pretty big context.
13:35:19pamauryCH23: not sure about REGION_OTHER. I would have expected it to start at 76000000; it seems to me it should be a fallback to allow all possible frequencies but I don't know what was the intention
13:36:44wodzpamaury: And splitting on sentences is non trivial as well.
13:37:07MoarcI have a few tracks which fail to play, with "Codec: not an encoder" appearing in the log
13:37:43pamaurywodz: yes I can imagine there are plenty of edge cases
13:38:34pamauryMoarc: what type of file? Can you upload one somewhere? Also which version of rockbox do you have?
13:39:01Moarclatest from git, until a few minutes ago - some older build
13:39:53Moarcit's all ogg files, not sure if I can upload them and not get prosecuted out of existence :D
13:41:06pamauryMoarc: in doubt send one to me by email (amaury.pouly −−at−− gmail), I'll try to have a look or send them to the relevant people
13:43:31Moarchuh, trying to cut one of those files revealed
13:43:32MoarcStream #0:1: Video: png, rgb24(pc), 800x800 [SAR 2835:2835 DAR 1:1], 90k tbr, 90k tbn, 90k tbc
13:44:11pamauryCH23: another reason for REGION_OTHER could simply be that as a user if would choose 'Other' if your country is not in the list. And it just so happens that all other countries use the same band as Italy
13:44:53pamauryMoarc: looks like a video file, maybe our ogg decoder doesn't like that...
13:45:07Moarcmore specifically, an embedded cover
13:45:35CH23pamaury: then still it would make sense to have 76000000 - 18000000 under that
13:47:29pamauryCH23: maybe I don't know, if 76-180 Mhz is not used anywhere except Japan, it does not make sense to extend REGION_OTHER
13:50:20pamauryMoarc: the message (not an encoder) is strange though, I would not except it to show up when playing a song
13:51:03MoarcI reviewed other files on the player, and some of them have similarly embedded PNG's yet play fine
13:53:33pamauryit might be caused by something else not obvious, that's why we would need to get the file. Mabe play with warble, the decoder tester, to see what's wrong?
13:56:36Moarc01. SAKURA SKIP.ogg, one of the files that don't work
13:56:53Moarcand for contrast 01. Luminous.ogg, another file with PNG cover that does play
13:58:48pamauryintetrestingly, both files play without any problem with warble (ie just our codec tester). Thus I suspend the problem might not come from the codec itself. I will need to test it on target tonight
14:00:32MoarcI had stripped the cover from the non-working file :>
14:02:05pamauryI suspect saratoga might be interested too
14:03:37Moarcthis is the original file that won't play:
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14:04:07Moarcand for others who might want to investigate, I fixed the tar archive too
14:08:18Moarcso, sorry for the confusion, but the file which I had originally uploaded was already stripped of the cover, as I wanted to try whether that would help with playing it on Rockbox
14:10:32CH23and it did help?
14:15:00MoarcWhat's weird is that a ton of other files (like '01. Luminous.ogg' included in the archive) have similarly embedded covers, and play correctly.
14:16:17pamauryit might be unrelated to embedded cover
14:16:55Moarcof course.
14:17:45gevaertsWe do have a problem with covers that are too big, which might be related
14:19:15CH23it's only 800x800
14:20:15gevaertsWhat does that mean in bytes?
14:21:37CH23829 kilobytes
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14:34:54gevaertsIt looks like the cover art in 01. Luminous.ogg is a lot smaller than that in 01. SAKURA SKIP.ogg
14:35:06gevaertsSo I wouldn't dismiss that as a possible problem
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14:42:27gevaerts has a bit more about this
14:42:36*gevaerts is pretty sure this is the issue
14:43:23CH23ah that makes sense yeah
14:45:12gevaertsNow, the file not playing at all should probably still be considered a bug, but I don't know much about how vorbis files are organised
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15:41:23pamaurywell the file should play in any case, it looks like a bug to me in any case
15:42:20pamauryand the file plays without problem in warble
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16:17:23wodzSome memory limit maybe? Warble should be free of the limits of codecbuf
16:18:53pamauryyeah I don't know how memory allocation works, probably some debug output can be enabled on warble to check that
16:19:55pamaurybut as far as I know, codecs don't allocate memory
16:21:29gevaertsI'm pretty sure some codecs use their own malloc+pool
16:21:41gevaertsAnd iirc vorbis is one of those
16:24:41wodzyes vorbis uses tlsf
16:26:39pamauryah yes it uses codec_get_buffer() to get some memory, hmmm
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17:04:56saratogaIIRC we put in some fixes that prevent Ogg from crashing when you to to parse a packet bigger than the free memory in the codec buffer, but i didn't figure out a way to skip the packet
17:05:12saratogai don't really understand ogg though, so i could have missed something simple
17:05:34saratogaright now it just checks that you're out of memory and then skips the track
17:05:43saratogapreviously it was do bad things to the codec memory
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