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#rockbox log for 2017-06-29

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01:26:58AldemMan, converting 128gb of music is tiring lol
01:27:14AldemReceived my uSD card, but most of my music is lossless
01:27:20AldemFor portable, I want lossy
01:40:52TorCWhy bother? Do you really have enough to fill 128GB with lossless?
01:46:25AldemI have almost 2 tb of FLACs
01:46:32AldemOr dare I say, ALAC
01:47:08AldemTo be fair, I have some 96/24 albums, mostly RUSH.
01:47:41AldemI'm not saying it's worth it, going over 48/24, but still, it takes space.
01:48:08AldemThing is that I listen from Beethoven to Cannibal Corpse
01:58:01TorCThat is a reason. Though the conversion should be just a matter of setting the right script (or batch processor) to convert, and leaving it overnight.
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02:10:25AldemWell, I use foobar
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08:17:38kugeluh, can anyone confirm FS #13121?
08:17:39fs-bluebot iPod Nano 2G crashes in version 3.14 (bugs, unconfirmed)
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09:37:50wodzjhMikeS: ping
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11:34:19wodzjhMikeS: I think there is a bug in pcm_output.c in mpegplayer. Basically pcm_get_buffer() assumes linear buffer (which is needed by the way for dma) but pcm_commit_data() wraps around in circular manner. This may create corner case if the allocation crosses end of the buffer.
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11:59:44jhMikeSwodz: The buffer is exactly twice PCMOUT_BUFSIZE. The pointer wraps to the amount of overlap past the end after the data is committed, not to the beginning.
12:02:38wodzjhMikeS: Ok. While you are around - any special thing is needed to use timestretch in plugin? Is there a way to activate timestretch from withing plugin or it needs to be ON from the settings? Basically when I try to use it dsp_process() crashes.
12:02:53wodzpitch does work as expected
12:04:06jhMikeSIf it's on in the sounds settings it should be on for the DSP
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12:04:49jhMikeSI know of no reason right now it should crash with timestretch
12:05:30wodzjhMikeS: is there a way to activate this setting from within plugin?
12:09:57jhMikeSI don't recall if the function to do the enabling is there. mpegplayer configures things to force pitch shifting off though, but not disable it.
12:10:32jhMikeSsound_set_pitch/dsp_set_timestruct all get set to 100 there
12:11:38wodzjhMikeS: if it is set to 100 it works. Setting to anything else crashes for me
12:12:55wodzjhMikeS: Do I assume correctly that sound_set_pitch() changes both speed and pitch, while dsp_set_timestretch() should change speed without affecting pitch?
12:13:43jhMikeSI think that depends on if timestretch is enabled. Might check the pitch screen for clues :)
12:15:04wodzmeh, I hoped you will save me from that :-)
12:20:03jhMikeSthe screen does calcs based on speed and limiting to keep it in range. GET_PITCH appears to do the math (wherever that happens to be defined)
12:22:28jhMikeSI guess those macros are in lib/rbcodec/dsp/tdspeed.h
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12:56:58MarcAndersenHi. How do I get to adjusting the time stretch on the pitch screen, and get to the quick screen on the zen x-fi? on my sansas I use the home button but the zen doesn't have that button as far as I know.
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13:07:36pamauryMarcAndersen: I don't remember if I mapped the pitch screen directly on the zen x-fi. You can always go to the settings in the main menu
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13:08:00pamauryI don't have the device next to me right so I can't check easily
13:09:40MarcAndersenBut when I use the up and down arrows in the pitch screen it adjusts the pitch in smaill steps and the left and right in large steps. How do I get it to adjust the time stretch, in other words, the tempo?
13:13:31pamauryMarcAndersen: I just looked at the code and I think I forgot to map the button that toogle between pitch and timestretch
13:14:17pamauryIf you have a suggestion for a button I can push a commit now and you can try use the next dev build
13:16:32MarcAndersenpamaury: I don't know, it has a lot of keys so you can just choose one.
13:17:39MarcAndersenI mainly got back to Rockbox because of my victor reader stream 2 crashed and I wish rockbox had a daisy player.
13:24:12pamauryI will map it to menu
13:25:11MarcAndersenpamaury: Thanks
13:26:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f9198ba, 255 builds, 16 clients.
13:27:40pamaurydone, I tested it in the sim and it works: enable timestrech in setting, go to pitch screen, hit menu to toggle mode, one of the mode has timestretch (it's left/right to change speed)
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13:39:16fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision f9198ba result: 0 errors 6 warnings
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14:58:08wodzIf I set timestretch and pitch from pitchscreen (and do not reset settings in plugin) everything works.
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15:00:02MarcAndersenIt works here too, thanks.
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23:42:13AldemIf rockbox can break the uSD size limit on my Sansa e280v1, it makes you wonder what's stopping Sandisk of doing it on their own firmware.

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