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#rockbox log for 2017-07-02

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09:09:44duo8how does the volume indicator in rb work?
09:09:52duo8does 0db means line level?
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10:35:48pamauryduo8: it depends on the hardware, it usually indicates line level but some player may have some fixed amplification on the headphone line so you can't really be sure
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18:42:25hoshiIn what state is NWZ-47x port or iPod Nano 5g?
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18:42:40hoshiI know pamaury was involved in it.
18:43:24hoshiHi :)
18:43:28__builtinn5g is in a very early stage, I believe
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18:44:29hoshin5g I know was never hacked
18:44:31__builtinno code execution, even
18:44:32hoshiBut it's great device
18:44:49hoshiI got nwz-e474, e384 (or 374 not sure), nano 5g
18:45:05__builtinafaik, nobody's actively working on it, so the possibility of a port is remote
18:45:41hoshiHuh... I could help beta testing or so. I maybe learn to RE in next two months but I don't see myself as nano hacker :/
18:46:11hoshiNwz474 was in work from far I know. What about it?
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18:55:30__builtinhmm, I'm not too sure
18:55:47__builtinit seems from the wiki that it has a different SoC than the currently supported NWZ models
18:56:20hoshiI sometimes feel like rockbox is dead :<
18:56:22__builtinthat would mean more work for a port, but I'm not sure about its progress
18:56:54__builtinthat's hardly the case, we still have numerous active developers
18:57:14*__builtin isn't sure if he counts
18:57:22hoshiYeah, but... no new ports
18:57:54hoshiMP4 are pretty much dead nowadays, and with more number of ports the rockbox user group should grow.
18:58:58hoshiWhat is best, accessable, /cheap/ (not really matters) mp4 for rockbox?
18:59:25__builtinthat's only the most subjective question ever ;)
18:59:32hoshiHaha :P
19:00:05hoshiI see iPod Classics are pretty much good-looking, nice MP4 but for that price... I could buy OpenPandora :(
19:00:14*user890104 really likes his 120 GB ipod classic for 60 EUR (used)
19:00:36__builtinyeah, ipod6g is definitely my personal favorite
19:00:52user890104it also runs Alley Cat
19:00:57hoshiI use iPhone, got two Hackintosh, so maybe apple is way to go.
19:01:09hoshiLet's check local shops that sells used things.
19:01:14__builtinuser890104: did you get it working on the device?
19:01:20user890104__builtin: yes
19:01:43user890104controls are a bit tricky to handle (get_buttons() to scancode mapping)
19:01:51user890104and the code needs some cleanup
19:01:59hoshi60 EUR = ~275 zł in Poland... Not bad price
19:02:06user890104that's why i haven't submitted it yet
19:02:06__builtinnice, I couldn't recall
19:02:24hoshiPretty much costly thing to buy :/
19:02:52hoshiHmm, maybe not-polish websites? What you recommend
19:05:14user890104bulgarian websites :)
19:05:29hoshiPretty much I don't have for anything money, GPD Win/Pocket is my fav target device, but it's overpriced
19:05:39user890104 ~35 EUR with possibly bad hdd sectors
19:05:45hoshiTime to find work :/
19:07:54user890104a working 6g is about 85 EUR, which is pretty expensive
19:08:15hoshiTime maybe to wait for ports for my current devices lol
19:08:25user890104well, on the other hand a new one is about 300 EUR
19:08:41hoshiI dreamt always about an pocket Linux device
19:09:00hoshiBut pretty much if I find one, it's overpriced or not available
19:09:14hoshiQwerty + small 5-7 screen
19:09:23user890104get an ipod before 6g and install ipodlinux :)
19:09:38user890104if you can still find a working mirror of the website
19:09:48hoshiCurious if newest Henkaku Permament hack on vita will make linux possible
19:10:06hoshiYeah, but iPod with Linux is not usable at all - for example OpenPandora/GPD is
19:11:42hoshiAt other hand - what attack/exploit vectors we have on Nano 3-5g?
19:11:56hoshiSomeone tried to buffor overflow an game savedata?
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19:12:34user890104the last thing i remember, was springboard crash on nano 6g
19:12:50user890104if you remove an icon using the xml config
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19:13:19user890104i don't remember anything nano5g-related
19:14:29__builtinuser890104: ipodlinux on the 6g?
19:14:30user890104we only know the SoC i think - S5L8730
19:14:48hoshiWhy the pocket devices are so expensive
19:14:48user890104__builtin: no, ipodlinux on 5g and previous
19:14:59hoshiEven PSP and Vita are not so expensive like Pandora/GPD is
19:15:01user890104i think it supports the PP devices
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19:16:50sulfasalmy Sansa Clip is giving me grief. Sometimes it just quits, sometimes it plays the same tune over and over, sometimes it plays two tunes at once, other stuff I don't recall. I ran it through RockBoxUtility; didn't help. Any ideas? ps I've had it a few yrs and bought it used, if that means anything...
19:17:15__builtindo you have it on shuffle?
19:17:34sulfasalyes, as a matter of fact
19:18:19__builtinI'm not sure if shuffle allows repeating a track twice, let me check
19:18:53sulfasaldidn't used to do this stuff, this is fairly recent
19:19:03sulfasalbut I always shuffled
19:22:21duo8unrelated but hoshi, you can already port linux to the vita with current henkaku, no one has even attempted though
19:23:35hoshiI want to start to learn dev soon so maybe
19:23:45hoshiI know basics of programming but thats all
19:24:37hoshiduo8: how linux could be portable without access to bootloader?
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19:29:29user890104hoshi: the most complete article about nano 6g i can find, is this:
19:29:37user890104no word about nano 5g
19:29:59hoshiBy the way what about old games on nano 5g?
19:30:04hoshiThey are available, downloadable?
19:30:15hoshiOr just got forget forever.
19:30:23user890104someone needs to try iphone explits on the new nanos
19:31:04hoshiI got bored because I have big amount of free time, so maybe I will try
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19:32:01duo8hoshi you got kernel code execution already, you can bootstrap linux from there
19:32:23hoshiAny resources?
19:33:19duo8idk, look up how linux boots and go from there i guess
19:33:35duo8there's a similar project for the 3ds, check that as well
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19:41:17 Part duo8
19:41:24 Join duo8 [0] (~ZNC-SRV-H@
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19:47:35__builtinhmm, I should look into finishing up my SDL port
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20:16:35onurrrrhi guys. I wonder will be there a version of Rockbox for sony nwz-a15 soon?
20:17:07lebelliumthere is already one. But it's still in development
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20:18:28onurrrrokey. thank you. can it be used then? like a beta version because this machine gives me cancer when I tried to open high-res files
20:19:41 Join Strife89 [0] (
20:20:25lebelliumI put some install instructions in French here
20:23:23onurrrrthank you again.
20:24:47 Join Strife1989 [0] (
20:24:49lebelliumnot everything is working properly yet
20:24:56lebelliumpamaury is still working on the port
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20:41:19duo8i would still get a a25 over an ipod anyday tbh
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20:53:03sulfasalis linux fsck safe for Sansa Clip?
20:53:18sulfasalhow bout parted?
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21:38:01hoshi_Oh, so pamaury is still active?
21:38:21hoshi_Great to hear :)
21:38:31 Join johnb4 [0] (
21:38:53hoshi_I will stick here, but if any developer wants get help, just contact me
21:39:04hoshi_For testing/debugging
21:39:54 Nick hoshi_ is now known as hoshi (
21:40:07hoshijust curious
21:40:18hoshiany of you do use mp3/mp4 for other stuff than listening music?
21:44:57onurrrrthis site reminds me old days on Internet. Today, only useless things are the content to get extra hit for google ads money.
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