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#rockbox log for 2017-07-08

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01:06:01lyra_hswhere do I need to get plugin_bss_start and plugin_end_addr if I'm compiling under sdlapp?
01:08:22lyra_hs We can have an #error here we don't use this file when build sims!
01:21:38pamaurylyra_hs: see ../apps/plugins/
01:26:30lyra_hsThere was different problem - I've handle that
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14:19:09duo8even a 9 years old 550mah battery can last 20+ hours
14:19:32duo8how come a new player with 2200mah barely last 9 hours?
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14:22:31pamauryduo8: depends on the soc and hardware mostly, how power efficiently it i
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14:48:57pamauryhoshi: ask your question, people will answer if they know
14:49:34hoshiHi, i remember you
14:50:00hoshiWhat about nwz-e474 port, also i'm curious about e37x/e38x and I got iPod Nano 5g
14:50:08hoshiI am willing to help!
14:50:12hoshi(since i got bored)
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14:57:35pamauryhoshi: the e474 will be handled by the sony linux port, not much news on this now, I need to push it to mainline but I am very busy. The e370 and e380 series are alreadys supported, except for radio. I don't know anything about ipod nano5g, I think there is no exploit to run code and/or no doc about the soc.
14:57:51pamauryunless you are programmer it's going to be difficult to help right now I'm afraid
14:58:13hoshiI know basics, but I never coded really something bigger :/
14:58:58hoshiis it now possible to disable dualboot on nwz-e3xx?
14:59:01hoshii want only rockbox
14:59:16hoshialso, what you means "handled by sony linux port"?
15:00:39pamauryIt's possible to disable dualboot on the e370 and e380 by installing a special bootloader, but I don't advise doing so because it makes it much harder to reinstall a bootloader after that.
15:01:14hoshiWhat about sony linux port?
15:01:21pamaurya bunch of player (e550, e470, a680, a10, a20, etc) will be handled by a single port that I call 'sony linux' because they all run linux
15:01:32hoshiI know
15:01:45hoshiSince sony even published source of kernel on dev website
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15:02:26pamauryyeah but the source is very limited,it does not include most of the interesting stuff
15:02:31hoshiI must learn programming and trying to help but I don't know where to start
15:03:20hoshiAs always I coded some simple stuff in PHP and it's ended here... Probably will try to work on some not original simple project to learn
15:04:20hoshiAnother question is... How about development of rockbox? Something changed?
15:04:31hoshiI mean, new features or other stuff
15:09:58pamaurypick a language and start writing small programs on your computer.
15:10:11pamauryWell we did a release but not much new stuff otherwise
15:10:41hoshilately i got lazy because i had many mental and physical issues but now i just got bored so i can do stuff now
15:11:15hoshijust curious why rockbox does not have own runtime and apps are built-in?
15:11:18pamauryWell Rockbox in written in C and we have a simulator that can run on a computer, that's easier to hack on stuff (but not everything)
15:11:38pamaurywhat do you mean own runtime?
15:12:01hoshiapps can't be run from file explorer if i remember
15:12:01pamauryBecause it's simpler, Rockbox is not intended to be a full featured operating system and that minimizes the memory footprint
15:12:07pamaurywe have plugins
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15:12:21hoshijust curious if ipod nano 5g will be sometime hacked
15:12:27hoshiit is my favourite device from all
15:12:55hoshibut even freemyipod don't got any exploits
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15:16:38pamauryhacking the ipods is difficult, and I think most people behin freemyipod have essentially given up
15:17:30hoshimaybe ios discoveries could be moved into ipods
15:19:32pamauryas far as I know, the nanos don't really run the same operating system, it's not clear discover there would apply to the ios. Also to install rockbox you would need more than jailbreak, you need a kernel exploit of some sort. But again I'm no expert, I might be wrong
15:20:07hoshiyea i know it's not iOS but maybe there are parts of code that are copied/ported from iOS
15:22:09pamauryprof_wolfff is the ipod expert I believe, he probably knows more
15:24:17hoshihow you discovered method to install rockbox on sony?
15:24:31hoshiexploit or usb method?
15:25:12pamauryI disassembled a player, removed the flash, dumped it and reverse engineered the firmware encryption method
15:27:24 Quit hoshi (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
15:27:54pamaurybut I believe on recent ipods this is not possible because the firmware on flash is encrypted too
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19:46:16rashera507bb283782ee3adb1fc9ba0c6f094108ef558c (and possibly others) should be added to the ignore list for language updates on the translate site
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19:52:47Genjunot sure if anybody remembers, i was getting ata error -4 on one of my clip+es with a µSD card, looks like the unit's µSD slot is just busted
19:52:56Genjumy two other clip+ players work fine with the same card
19:53:17Genjuand with the same rockbox dev build
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22:10:39BilgusGenju, good to hear also you might try cleaning the contacts with a nail board or fine sandpaper trimmed to the width of an SD card
22:10:58Genjuworth a try, i guess
22:11:30Genjumight try isopropyl alcohol first, less abrasive :)
22:11:40Bilgusnot like it'd work any worse
22:11:42Genjubut for now i have two working players
22:11:47Genjuhm, you do have a point, sir
22:12:41Bilgusif you use alcohole use 90+% and put it on a folded piece of card stock
22:13:12Genjuhrm, just realized my car has native ogg and aac support
22:13:20Genjui do like my mpc files, though :p
22:13:29Genjuyeah, that's the plan
22:13:37Genjui have 99% isoprop
22:13:42Bilgusthe slot is pretty porous and alcohol on the screen back will stain it (delaminate)
22:14:08Genjuhm, the slot is pretty far away from the screen
22:14:20Genjubut thanks for the warning
22:21:36Genjutried a nail file
22:21:43Genjuhasn't made it any worse as far as i can tell
22:21:59Genjuseems to be reading another µSD i had laying around
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23:05:31user890104hello, are there any plans (or progress) on porting libopus 1.2 to rockbox?
23:06:52user890104according to lib/rbcodec/codecs/libopus/README.rockbox it should be pretty straight-forward, unless they changed the API
23:07:33user890104this is why i'm asking:
23:28:20pamauryI am not aware of any plan at this stage, maybe send a email to the mailing list or submit a bug report, I don't know who ported opus
23:29:56pamauryapparently it's Nils Wallménius, maybe try to send him an email
23:30:59pamauryor come by another time see if he is on IRc (his nick is nls)

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