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#rockbox log for 2017-07-10

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00:11:40TorC__builtin: Ah, that's right. Does bluebrother pick up pings about fsbluebot on IRC, or do you have a better way to ping him about it?
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01:13:09__builtinhe should see this eventually
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10:30:31duo8anyone have a 64bit linux binary of convttf?
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10:35:58everthmm, I'm getting very regular panics on my sandisk clip+ (
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10:40:31jhMikeSevert: my first thought is that it's possibly a bad block in the flash
10:41:30evertjhMikeS: would using a micro SD card fix the issue? Not sure where/what it is trying to write
10:42:42jhMikeSthat error is in fat.c and it failed to write back a dirty cached sector
10:43:34jhMikeSSD card may fix some of it but there's still information written to the volume .rockbox is on
10:45:34jhMikeSthe storage driver told the FS driver that it failed, fat.c line 367
10:46:37jhMikeSmight try to scan it and mark for bad blocks
10:48:47evertthanks, I'll try that first
10:53:28jhMikeSwhat is the volume size?
10:53:59evert8gb, it seems the storage is broken indeed
10:56:25jhMikeSokay, that sector number is near the beginning then
10:57:00evertbadblocks was giving a lot of sectors already
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11:11:40Lord_XetroVi have my old iPod Classic 6G 120GB
11:12:01Lord_XetroVi once used very early version of rockbox on it, and it seemed to remove EU volume limiter
11:13:03Lord_XetroVso it's firmware limitation, not hardware like some ppl claimed
11:13:38gevaertsTechnically it's a featue, not a limitation :)
11:16:12Lord_XetroVgevaerts, in the past all iPod classic devices sold in European Union territory had to have mandatory volume limitation to prevent hearing damage or some other excuse they made up
11:16:41Lord_XetroVmany people claimed that in 6G model this limitation is hardware and impossible to remove
11:17:02Lord_XetroVbut as i flashed rockbox firmware on my 6G it worked without volume limit
11:17:09Lord_XetroVso im 100% sure it's firmware limit
11:18:26gevaertsWell yes, it's a firmware limit, but not a firmware limitation
11:18:36*gevaerts likes semantic pedantry :)
11:22:34Lord_XetroVi forgot how to flash rockbox on iPod Classic 6G though
11:22:45Lord_XetroVtomorrow im going to Egypt via plane
11:23:05Lord_XetroVand i can't use smartphone in plane, so i need to put all my psytrance music on iPod Classic to listen
11:23:35Lord_XetroVi need to flash rockbox asap
11:27:14gevaertsI believe is the best place to start, but I don't have a Classic myself so I don't know the details
11:28:01gevaertsI think these days the beta bootloader mentioned there is the one to use, not the "old
11:28:22gevaerts" emcore way, which while working does a bit too much for simple rockbox use
11:28:33Lord_XetroVyes, i remember that automatic option didn't work with classic 6G
11:41:02Lord_XetroVokay, apparently firstly i have to install itunes (hate it)
11:43:24Lord_XetroVhave to reboot
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11:58:10Lord_XetroVok gevaerts
11:58:11Lord_XetroVit's working
11:58:12Lord_XetroVthanks a lot
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12:07:15Lord_XetroVnot sure if rockbox supports flac so im converting all to cbr 320 kbps mp3s for my ipod
12:07:25Lord_XetroVi dont have time for experiments now sadly, lol
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12:10:08copperRockbox supports FLAC
12:11:07Lord_XetroVbut i wont notice any difference on my ipod between flac and mp3 cbr 320 kbps anyway
12:11:15Lord_XetroVand i can fit more songs in mp3
12:12:07gevaertsI suspect you might get better battery runtime with mp3 on a device with fast cpu and spinning disk as well
12:12:21copperI don't think you need iTunes
12:12:29copperin fact, I think you need to NOT have iTunes running
12:13:03Lord_XetroVbut i needed to install itunes so it would install drivers for ipod classic 6g
12:13:16Lord_XetroVotherwise rockbox utility didnt detect drive letter
12:14:18coppergevaerts: IIRC FLAC is much faster and overall less taxing on the battery
12:15:20coppereven though files are larger
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12:15:37copper(and thus more I/O intensive)
12:18:33gevaertscopper: yes, but I'd expect both to be nearly negligible on a fast CPU like the one in the classic, which would make the I/O cost dominate
12:18:44gevaertsAnd spinning up a disk really eats power
12:18:54gevaertsI could easily be wrong :)
12:19:01coppersadly I no longer have my battery benchmark results
12:19:11copperI did a bunch of them a while ago
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12:20:49Lord_XetroVflac encoded with -8 compression level is more cpu draining
12:20:58Lord_XetroVthan mp3
12:21:28gevaertsNot doubtful. Just wrong :)
12:21:29copper-8 makes encoding slower, but makes decoding only marginally slower
12:22:14gevaertsDecoding flac -8 takes 8MHz on the Classic CPU. mp3 takes 20 to 30 MHz depending on bitrate
12:23:21Lord_XetroVi hope they have european power sockets in Egypt
12:25:46Lord_XetroVi filled almost 90 GB already with psytrance mp3s
12:26:00Lord_XetroVon ipod
12:26:19copperThat's a lot of psytrance!
12:26:33Lord_XetroVgenerally on my HDDs i have over 14 TB
12:26:35Lord_XetroVof music
12:26:51Lord_XetroVim collector
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12:28:41Lord_XetroVflac rips from private trackers on separate HDDs
12:28:53Lord_XetroVand warez scene releases on separate HDDs
12:29:14copperrest in peace,
12:29:21Lord_XetroVyeah was good
12:29:28Lord_XetroVnow redacted, rutracker, apollo
12:29:35Lord_XetroVand p2p programs like soulseek
12:30:12 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
12:30:13Lord_XetroVDC++ private hubs & topsites for scene releases
12:31:06Lord_XetroVand other private places
12:35:30Lord_XetroVnowadays most people dont even bother to download music
12:35:40 Quit Moarc (Quit: i znowu NADMUCHAŁ BALONA)
12:35:41Lord_XetroVbecause spotify exists and they can stream music
12:35:46Lord_XetroVbut im oldschool and i like to collect
12:37:20Lord_XetroVi hate streaming to be honest
12:37:38Lord_XetroVi like to own files on my HDDs
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13:59:53Lord_XetroVgevaerts, i connected my iPhone Classic 6G to charger of LG G3 android smartphone
13:59:56Lord_XetroVand it seems to work
13:59:59Lord_XetroVbattery is charging
14:00:19Lord_XetroViPod * i mean
14:00:25Lord_XetroVi lost original charger of it
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14:10:32Bapt_Hello there!
14:11:28Bapt_I'm looking for help with a newly iFlash switch iPod Video 5,5G, using a 128 GB SD card, along with Rockbox 3,14
14:12:01Lord_XetroVhehe Bapt_
14:12:11Lord_XetroVi have just flashed rockbox to my iPod Classic 6G
14:12:16Lord_XetroVbut idk about 5,5G
14:13:42 Join PimpiN8 [0] (~textual@2a02:a454:38ea:1:b1ba:e083:a345:e4ef)
14:13:47Bapt_oh okay, does it work well for you?
14:14:03Lord_XetroVit also removed european volume limit
14:14:11Bapt_Because with mine, some albums run flawlessly, and other put the iPod into a deep lag which is no fun
14:14:14Lord_XetroVwhich was in all iPod Classics sold in EU
14:14:37Lord_XetroVah, i had this problem
14:15:00Lord_XetroVon some songs iPod is lagging but in my case it's because too large .jpg covers were embadded into flac/mp3 files
14:15:23Lord_XetroVuse mp3tag to remove covers or change their size to 500x500 px
14:15:25Lord_XetroVand check
14:15:29Bapt_nice information!! i'll check that :o
14:16:00Bapt_also, I prefer to transfer files when iPod is in original firmware USB mode
14:16:11Bapt_Rockbox USB mode seems buggued
14:16:41Lord_XetroVmy iPod Classic 6G was unused for years, but tomorrow im going to Egypt and i won't be able to use my smartphone in a plane to listen to music
14:16:48Lord_XetroVyou know, you have to turn off your phone in a plane
14:17:03Lord_XetroVso i grabbed my old iPod and flashed rockbox
14:17:55Bapt_I had the 6G before, but sold it for 170 euros, and got a 5,5 brand new in box without headphones though for 35 euros, people can sell that one for 100/200 sometimes 500 if all very new!
14:18:39Lord_XetroVi would stick to original apple firmware IF not that stupid european union volume limit
14:18:58Lord_XetroVi like to listen to my music loud so i hate this volume limitter
14:19:11Lord_XetroVit's embadded in apple's firmware
14:19:50*gevaerts doesn't really believe the USB stack being buggy
14:19:54gevaertsThe disk driver, sure...
14:20:00Bapt_I don't think mine has a limit with original firmware, it's very powerful
14:20:16Lord_XetroVif you bought it in UK or USA then you don't have volume limit
14:20:25Bapt_anyway I hated the 6G because the soundchip is really awful
14:20:26Lord_XetroVbut if you got it from some EU country then you will have limit
14:20:40Bapt_where are you from?
14:20:47Lord_XetroVim from Poland
14:21:03Bapt_and I guess you listen to Iron Maiden
14:21:26Lord_XetroVyeah, i still listen to their old albums sometimes
14:21:32Lord_XetroVi listened to metal for many years
14:21:44Lord_XetroVbut now im more into underground electronic music
14:21:44Bapt_GEVAerts, what do you mean?
14:21:51Lord_XetroVsuch as psytrance
14:22:10Bapt_anyway, LordXetroV, you were right!!!
14:22:23Bapt_the artwork in my first album is 3000*3000 large
14:22:30Bapt_I guess the iPod doesn't like that
14:22:44Lord_XetroVyeah, takes too long time to decode picture and it's lagging
14:23:03Lord_XetroVchange size o 500x500 and it should be okay
14:23:06Bapt_let's modify all of this today lol!
14:23:12gevaertsBapt_: I mean I'm not aware of any issues with the USB stack, but I do know that many people have issues with flash adapters and rockbox
14:23:33Bapt_time to grab food... I'll love to come to Poland soon! there's a apple unofficial museum near warsem that's just opened
14:24:21Bapt_Which issues do you know about? In fact the issue I'm having were somehow present with the original HDD
14:27:09Lord_XetroVi just flashed it ~1 hour ago or so, didn't test carefully yet
14:27:44Lord_XetroVbut so far it's good for me, i only need it to listen to my musick in a plane, lol
14:28:20Lord_XetroVi bought my iPod Classic 6G in 2009 or 2008 (don't remember) and it was unused for years
14:28:23Lord_XetroVcovered in dust on attic
14:30:05Lord_XetroVi just cleaned it with distilled water (because it was yellow from nicotine) and flashed rockbox
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14:48:55Bilgusevert, you would be the perfect case for the Multiboot Firmware
14:50:58evertBilgus: a quick search does not reveal what it is?
14:52:43Bilgus you'll need clppa_Mboot and whatever is the newest multiboot fw for the clip+
14:53:43BilgusIts still a work in progress but the bootloader part is good so even if you want to use the old firmware its still able to boot a sdcard once the flash is mostly dead
14:53:50Bilgusor you know start using it now and save whats left of your flash
14:54:37evertBilgus: so it will enable me to put rockbox on the micro sd card?
14:55:16evertthe boot firmware is on the same flash memory that's acting up now, or is it seperated?
14:56:46Bilguswell it is and isn't it's in its own portion of it
14:56:54Bilgusas always a risk but should have a lot less writes than the rest of the thing
14:57:30evertcould you point me towards some documentation how to proceed if I want to give it a try?
14:57:47Bilguslike maybe copy it on and check crc before you reboot it
15:00:51Bilgusits the same as putting on a bootloader take the file INSIDE (the .bin) place it in the player root as clppa.bin and reboot
15:01:52Bilgusas far as the sdcard you'll need the multiboot firmware and you just unzip that to the root of the sdcard and if it doesn't exist it'll boot the fw fromn internal flash like always
15:04:29duo8is the sony e470 rockbox capable?
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15:31:14Bapt_I'll really disappointed that iFlash and rockbox doesn't work good together
15:41:27duo8does rockbox work with CF adapters/
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18:53:03johnb3Bilgus: evert: I believe you forgot to mention that you need a file "rockbox.clip+" in the root dir of the SD.
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20:03:43Lord_XetroVitunes suck
20:03:50Lord_XetroVmy iPod 6G was connected to PC because it was charging
20:04:05Lord_XetroVand itunes removed rockbox firmware that i flashed and it restored original apple's firmware WITHOUT ASKING ME
20:05:39Lord_XetroVim gonna flash again
20:05:45Lord_XetroVand then i disconnect ipod and i will remove itunes
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20:47:05__builtinLord_XetroV: hmm, are you using the rockbox bootloader?
20:48:06 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:8b80:1700:61b4:b8bd:9301:65e5)
20:57:16 Join cc___ [0] (~ac@2001:910:113f:1:6a05:caff:fe1c:1627)
21:00:40 Part ZincAlloy
21:07:19__builtinhmm, you have accidentally entered OF from the bootloader then
21:07:23__builtin*may have
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21:18:19 Join SPLESH_2015 [0] (~SPLESH_20@
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21:19:55 Join Lord_XetroV [0] (
21:20:13SPLESH_2015ok got the photos of NWZ-A35 board but where is the best place to upload them?
21:21:07 Join PimpiN8 [0] (~textual@2a02:a454:38ea:1:b1ba:e083:a345:e4ef)
21:24:43__builtinthe wiki
21:25:26SPLESH_2015is there a page for that player or I have to create one
21:28:00 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
21:28:40 Quit bray90820 ()
21:33:51__builtinI'm not sure, you may have to create it
21:37:20 Join parchd [0] (~parchd@unaffiliated/parchd)
21:44:03SPLESH_2015ok I registered on wiki my login is SergeyErmolaev for now I can not create topics on wiki
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21:48:14HunterebHey! I obtained a Sansa Fuze+ from my grandmother who was tricked into purchasing one from a "traveling salesman"(?) or something a while back, and she had no use for it. I installed rockbox on it immediately because I knew the Sansa line was well supported, and I do indeed like the level of configuration available. Other than a few crashes I've experienced, and getting used to some odd controls, the software works fantastically!
21:49:31HunterebSoooo, I have two questions. 1. theme recommendations? Anyone know of some themes that are just stunning and very good for daily-driver use? And 2. Is there by chance an aoption to make fonts black-on-white for backgrounds with a mix of dark and light? Text can be hard to read sometimes...
21:51:28HunterebOh and maybe another... The touchpad is awful, I used it realistically at work to listen to a podcast for the first time today, and that was the most annoying thing ever. Is it possible to make the "lock buttons" command that the power button on top issues only affect the touchpad so I can control volume still with it active? The touchpad is very heavily responsive and can often detect my body through my pants!
22:04:45__builtinHuntereb: it should be possible to change font colors, let me check
22:05:43HunterebBut are font borders possible? A different color would suffice, but black-on-white bordered would be ideal and universal.
22:05:45__builtinyeah, Theme Settings > Colors
22:06:40__builtinas for borders, I don't believe so
22:07:08__builtinour fonts are all bitmaps, which makes nearly impossible to draw them with a border
22:09:30 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 54.0.1/20170628075643])
22:09:57HunterebI figured... That's unfortunate. I'll see about finding a color that doesn't blend and won't look too off-putting. As for my request on the functionality of locking, is there any configuration surrounding that behavior, or would I have to go about modifying source code to make it work how I want?
22:10:11***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:10:11__builtinthere might be
22:10:49__builtinso you want to control volume while locked?
22:13:08 Quit cc___ (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
22:15:13HunterebBecause the touchpad controls are disgusting so I'll have it locked almost always in my pocket to avoid interupting playback, and I have to unlock it to control volume and sometimes the touchpad will get triggered as soon as I unlock it and start working on its own :/
22:21:58__builtinBilgus was working on a similar thing a while ago, but it was limited to backlight control afaik
22:22:33 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:24:01HunterebIs it possible then to rebind keys to specific functions through configuration then? Eg, the "power button" to disabling the touchpad alone? I'm completely new to this software, getting a feel for its built-in capabilities.
22:24:44HunterebOtherwise if Bilgus has an idea of something similar to what I want to achieve I'm all ears.
22:26:24__builtinhmm, actually it looks like it does exist
22:26:53__builtin"Selective Screen Lock"
22:29:30HunterebOh? Really! Is there documentation on this?
22:29:43__builtinyes, our fine manual
22:32:34HunterebJeeze, I'm sorry, I should have done research myself instead of bugging you... Thank you so much for the help though, __builtin!
22:33:10__builtinoh no, don't get me wrong, I'm glad to help! :)
22:39:08 Quit utrack (Ping timeout: 275 seconds)
22:40:37HunterebWorks exactly as I wanted it to behave now, __builtin! Woohoo! The amount of configuration options available on Rockbox impresses me once again!
22:40:38 Join utrack [0] (~utrack@unaffiliated/utrack)
22:41:07__builtingood to hear :)
22:42:20 Join bray90820 [0] (
22:46:31Bilgusyeah Selective screen Lock was inspired by the infernal Fuze+ touchpad!
22:47:29BilgusJohnB3 I helped him in PM but I'll make a forum post tonight outlining the steps for the future
22:47:39*__builtin has never wanted to torture himself, so he doesn't have a Fuze+ :)
22:48:31Bilguswell it was the last sansa I found to RB at a reasonable price so I figured i'd tweak it
22:49:41BilgusIts really not too bad now after you tweak the sensitivity and I did a little patch to change the size of the touch square makes it almost perfect but I still prefer my clip+
22:51:14HunterebBilgus makes sense! And pretty funny to hear that's the inspiration haha
22:51:35HunterebI got this thing free like I said, I welcome a device to replace blowing up my phone battery during work, though.
22:52:09HunterebHopefully it won't die quickly like I hear some people say the sansa line can tend to do with flash memory... Also, the battery is soldered! ;(
22:53:09HunterebBut it also looks like an easy thing to detach and re-apply. Oh, and the plastic scratches very easily I noticed but I'm not really unhappy as scratches are expected on a fully plastic device, and in my work environment...
22:53:36BilgusIts a very nice player really but It needs a damn case with a clip the battery seems quite good 20+ hrs last I checked
22:53:42 Join jhMikeS [0] (
22:53:57__builtintry to protect the screen from excessive pressure, I cracked two e200 screens that way
22:54:31HunterebYikes... I wouldn't like the screen completely gone, but I won't sweat scratches on it as long as it's still readable.
22:54:37Bilgusyou can install the Multiboot bootloader too and run it from the SD card if you like I'll put up a compiled version for it as well
22:55:19 Quit PimpiN8 (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
22:55:37Bilgusscreen completely gone?
22:55:45HunterebI do mainly use the SD card... But doesn't the device boot from internal memory already? Is there a benefit to that besides possibly increasing the lifespan of the flash chip by only booting and doing nothing else with it?
22:56:12HunterebAnd "screen completely gone" as in what __builtin said about his screens breaking! :x
22:56:49Bilgusthats about it but if you put the Multiboot BL on there now it'll already be there if it starts getting flaky
22:58:06HunterebSo wait, does the device have a memory reserved exclusively for firmware or is it just another partition of the main flash chip?
22:58:39HunterebOtherwise, what's the benefit of having the multiboot bootloader if the internal memory dies?
22:58:47BilgusI don't remember the last time I compiled the BL for the fuze+ so I'll re-compile it along with a current FW tonight and put it in the forum
22:59:41Bilguswell its a hidden partition but if it starts getting flaky you can stop reading and writing to it and use only the SD card
23:00:42Bilgusmain issue is that once its going you are probably not going to be able to put the new bootloader on there so its better if its already there
23:03:08HunterebOh, so you're saying that if the flash memory dies, it generally goes the way of not allowing writes instead of all-out dying.
23:03:13__builtinyeah, both their screens are totally dead
23:03:42HunterebIf that's the case then I'd totally be down for installing it... Do I have to use the OFW to install the new bootloader like I did originally?
23:05:57Bilgusyeah same thing
23:06:49BilgusI'll write up a forum post about it tonight
23:08:30HunterebAlright, link me here and mention me! Thanks a whole bunch for all the info and help, I wanna try my best to like this device lol
23:09:52HunterebOh, and Bilgus... What's the best touchpad sensitivity setting?
23:12:45 Quit SPLESH_2015 (Remote host closed the connection)
23:13:17 Join SPLESH_2015 [0] (~SPLESH_20@
23:17:58 Quit SPLESH_2015 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:20:26 Join SPLESH_2015 [0] (~SPLESH_20@
23:26:19 Join mendelmunkis [0] (6b4da10b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:32:03mendelmunkisGiven a fuze+ battery so badly drained that i cant get the bootloader should it be possible to jumpstart from another fuze+
23:35:10 Quit SPLESH_2015 (Remote host closed the connection)
23:35:13Hunterebmendelmunkis you can't charge it? What's the situation?
23:35:44 Join SPLESH_2015 [0] (~SPLESH_20@
23:40:52mendelmunkisI cant get any signs of life from it
23:42:34HunterebDamn, that's unfortunate. As they said, I highly doubt it's the charger as the device would pull as much power as it needs, not an over-abundance. Maybe the battery just finally gave out?
23:42:41 Join PimpiN8 [0] (~textual@2a02:a454:38ea:1:b1ba:e083:a345:e4ef)
23:42:46 Quit SPLESH_2015 (Remote host closed the connection)
23:42:53HunterebWould be worth testing with another fuze+ battery if you have one
23:43:19 Join SPLESH_2015 [0] (~SPLESH_20@
23:45:05mendelmunkiswhat would happen if you plugged it in w/o battery?
23:46:33 Quit parchd (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:47:05HunterebProbably nothing, the circuit would probably be incomplete. You can try it, though.
23:47:25 Quit SPLESH_2015 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:47:35mendelmunkiswhat about hooking up another battery inline?
23:47:51mendelmunkisas in lin up the wires and overlay it
23:48:34 Join SPLESH_2015 [0] (~SPLESH_20@
23:52:27HunterebUncertain. Although I wish I was, I'm no expert on how general pieces of hardware handle batteries. I'd advise against it and just trying a single one.
23:53:34HunterebFrom what I've seen it's only two small points to solder and put back, if you're capable of removing them I don't see the problem with trying to replace it temporarily.
23:57:45 Quit SPLESH_2015 (Remote host closed the connection)
23:57:50 Quit smoke_fumus (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium

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