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#rockbox log for 2017-07-13

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00:11:18iceCaltUnder >RockBox Info I found MSD. Which means it does detect microSD cards. Let's see if it even plays them.
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00:12:21iceCaltWoah. Under >Files it shows a bunch more stuff. I can't remember if this used to be like this after all these years, but this is what I can live with. Is it even possible to move the 'update' on a microSD and run it from there?
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00:28:57__builtiniceCalt: I believe so
00:29:03__builtinBilgus_ should know the details
00:29:17iceCaltThanks! I will tinker with it later. Really late here :d
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00:40:00iceCaltRemoving the µSD, plugging it into a laptop and add a single new track onto it, inserting it into the Sansa and I need to scan the SD card again under Rockbox Info. Normal procedure?
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00:44:28iceCaltHm. Didn't show anything, had to re-insert it. Then it works. Might be just the old FW I have running.
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00:45:11__builtiniceCalt: when you press the select button in the Rockbox Info screen, it automatically starts scanning
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00:48:52iceCaltHad the case it showed <microSD1> or similar with nothing in there. Also in the Rockbox Info screen a wrong information about free storage on the sd card. Well. All I should do is to update the rockbox version instead of writing my remarks down :s
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00:49:25__builtinare you still on the 2007 version?
00:50:40iceCaltYes :d
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01:03:34Bilgus_phiceCalt: unfortunately the e200 bootloader won't compile at head although I have some patches that will shrink it down and even add enough room to allow us to add multiboot if you are willing to test
01:05:03iceCaltBilgus_ph: Sure! But let me find the usb cable first. Might take some time.
01:05:49Bilgus_phnp ill get it ready in the next day or two
01:06:34iceCaltI'm sure I need more time than that. It's located in some of many boxes in my room :/
01:09:31Bilgus_phmaybe ill add the c200, and m200 while i'm at it but have yet to find anyone with those to test
01:10:39Bilgus_phHuntereb: all of those settings are both a blessing and a curselol
01:11:41HunterebYeah, because some of them wouldn't exist if it weren't for annoying hardware "features" :P
01:12:25HunterebOh, and just it being overwhelming in general I suppose, but I don't feel that way so much
01:12:57iceCaltBilgus_ph: Perhaps I'm able to score some of them for cheap.
01:13:27Bilgus_phIf there are any left lol
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01:21:56iceCaltI stick my eye out in case of any flea market occurs.
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03:43:34Bilgus_@ iceCalt logs I doubt I'll able to do anything with the e200 and c200 V1 players bootloaders I'm sure they have a maximum size and even with removing everything that can be safely removed I 'm still like 30KB larger than the bootloader in 2009 which may be ok but without someone with information I'd rather not brick your device
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11:34:57tomflintugh. The battery pins on my ipod video just broke... I only finished a big upgrade on it a few weeks ago.
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11:35:22tomflintanyone have a suggestion for another player that can take multiple SD cards?
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15:19:56duo8tomflint fiio x5, ak100
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15:26:05SammysHPduo8: and one with rockbox support? :)
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19:39:43tomflintman, everybody wants $100+ to solder these pins
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20:22:22iceCalttomflint: Might be best to check out your local hacker club who might be able to do it for a small donation?
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20:32:44tomflinticeCalt: yeah, that is an option. Its pretty fine soldering work though.
20:34:07tomflintthe best pricing I've found is about $70 (Canadian). I might just cut my losses and go back to my clip.
20:34:16iceCaltOtherwise try teaching yourself how to do it, if nobody wants to do it. Sucks, but only reliable option in the end.
20:34:37tomflintyeah −− its like soldering six pieces of hair though. They're so fine.
20:35:01tomflintI can do normal soldering −− but not this precise
20:36:35tomflintwhich DAP are you using with rockbox, iceCalt?
20:37:16iceCaltWhat's DAP?
20:37:32tomflintwhich audio player?
20:37:38iceCaltSansa e250 iirc
20:37:43iceCaltAbout 10 years old.
20:39:58tomflintmost of the players now have big, flashy screens and other features I'd like to avoid. ~2007 was a good time for these devices
20:40:15iceCaltI got tired of my mobile phone.
20:40:43iceCaltIt's such a hassle to unlock and to select another music track nowadays. Unless you use a streaming app which can skip a track in a locked state.
20:40:57iceCaltAlso the boot time is likely non-existant with the music player
20:42:26tomflintdefinitely. With whatever I go to next, it'll have to have good battery life. Anyway, its a sad day.. I might just buy a new logic board.
20:43:14iceCaltMight keep it and try fine-soldering till you feel confident to do it yourself.
20:43:26tomflintyeah, that's definitely a good option
20:43:52iceCaltAs a kid I used to throw away hardware pieces that might be easy to fix.
20:44:00iceCaltBut as a kid nobody told me. And Internet wasn't a thing back then :s
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20:52:52tomflintI think I'm going to go with a xDuoo X3. There's an unoffical rockbox port too
20:54:31iceCaltHonestly I have no clue about music players. I'm happy to re-vived the device I have sitting here unused for five years. Totally surprised the battery still works good.
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22:29:54__builtinhmm, I'm getting odd freezes on USB connect on the ipod6g
22:30:06__builtinno panic, just a freeze :(
22:31:33iceCaltUsing Windows?
22:32:21iceCaltStrange then. Happens all the time or just not on fresh reboots?
22:32:39 Quit ender` (Quit: C++ is a modern language where your parent can't touch your privates but your friends can!)
22:34:11__builtinit's not very consistent
22:36:28__builtinheh, it hasn't happened since I mentioned it here
22:37:55HunterebIs there an audiophile guide on the sansa line? Eg, how good the dacs are and stuff? I got some sony headphones from Wallyworld yesterday and they sound a lot better to me than the reviews described, so I thought maybe it was that I configured my audio settings very well, or maybe my device is just better in general at audio output lol
22:38:54 Quit iceCalt (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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22:39:14HunterebLike as in, maybe reviews said they were bad at bass, but they're not bad at all. I'd say even a tiny step up if anything, for in-ear headphones at least.
22:54:32 Join iceCalt [0] (~iceCalt@
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22:57:29Bilgus_you also have to think of the people reviewing those things
22:59:31Bilgus_like I pull up next to people that think their stereo sounds awesome even though it distorts on every bass line, all the consumer headphones I've bought in the last few years have way too much bass I think 'Beats' is to blame
23:01:08HunterebBilgus_ yeah, true... Consumers just assume that if something is more expensive, it sounds better tho, so the fact that I see "Eh, it's ok" on relatively cheap headphones probably doesn't tell me much.
23:01:33HunterebThough, I can't say I'm a master at audio or anything, after all the standard for my audio library is mp3 v0 lol
23:02:54iceCaltHeadphones are best if they keep the outside sound away.
23:03:12iceCaltI had once some beggar following me across a parking lot. He wanted 50 cents. I was on my way to a train.
23:03:31HunterebOh and I just heard the beats brand uses the cheapest shit ever and the brand is all that brings the value up, I've seen reviews talking about them being distorted and awful consumer-tier headphones with rediculous pricetags.
23:03:34Huntereb>apple shit
23:04:15iceCaltIt was the same before apple bought beats
23:04:37Bilgus_iceCalt I'm not going to mess with your bootloader unless I can get someone with some knowledge of them as I don't want to brick your player
23:04:45iceCaltI heard a prof saying "his friend" at bose was just moving cables away and made a progress in sound.
23:05:07iceCaltBilgus_: isn't there an unbrick tutorial available? :d
23:05:50Bilgus_sure but why risk it
23:06:14iceCaltIf I get hands on a cheap one, might risk it
23:06:39Bilgus_you should be able to use the latest release and if not then we can worry about it
23:07:13iceCaltSure. Still didn't find the usb cable.
23:07:40Bilgus_all I know is I pulled out everything non essential and it was still 30kb larger that the bootloader in 2009
23:07:42Bilgus_and not knowing the size limit I'd rather not brick your player
23:08:15iceCaltDo you know when the syntax changed for the version numbering?
23:08:41Bilgus_now if we get someone that knows the e-200 V1 then I'd feel more confident
23:09:21iceCaltThe dev for it not on board anymore?
23:09:38 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
23:09:41Bilgus_before my time..
23:11:43Bilgus_yeah no clue I'm sure there are a few around but who knows lol
23:12:23iceCaltI'm sure I didn't think on logging into irc back in 2007
23:12:37iceCaltAnd I don't know what made me getting rockbox onto my device
23:12:44Bilgus_I really don't like messing with bootloaders without a device to test on before I send it out to other people
23:13:23iceCaltI'll check market places for cheap devices when I have time for this task. Then we could kinda cooperate on this :D
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