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#rockbox log for 2017-07-26

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18:49:11slyraHello! I'm wanna to use rbcodecs in my own project. You know already) I've succeeded to building all libraries and codecs on STM32, I've wrote own wrappers and other things to get codecs work with minimal rockbox system sources. And now is everything fine! Codecs working ok from MCU's memory, metadata and decoding is fine! Everything is awesome. But when I wanted to use dsp - I've faced with a problems - DAC output is crazy - whistles a
18:50:01slyraWhere can I set DSP depth? Is DSP's depth depend on source depth? Can I disable signess?
18:50:24slyraI didn't found that settings.
18:53:14 Join dys [0] (
18:53:22slyraYeah bit depth of output stream
18:53:28slyraper sample
18:53:49slyraI found DSP_SET_SAMPLE_DEPTH
18:54:24slyrabut it is source depth(of audio file) I think
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19:05:46duo8i think it's fixed to 16 bit
19:05:49duo8not sure
19:11:58slyraHow is that possible and why?
19:12:05slyraI'll wait for pamaury
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20:22:57__builtinwell, I managed to get sgt-mines to work
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20:23:33__builtinturns out the bugs were the result of some weird memset calls, with a negative fill value
20:24:01__builtini.e. memset(state->grid, -1, wh)
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20:26:44gevaertsWhy would that cause issues?
20:29:48__builtinmy bad, it actually works with -1
20:30:00__builtinbut with different values it doesn't
20:31:35__builtinI'm not sure exactly why, but trying to use memset to fill it with -2 would actually end up with some bytes having the value -1 instead
20:31:48slyra__builtin: Do you know about what about output bit depth of the DSP? How can I configure that?
20:32:13__builtinslyra: sorry, not my area of expertise
20:32:30__builtinbut I *think* we only do 16-bit
20:34:08TheLemonMan__builtin, looks like your memset isn't discarding the top 24 bits of the fill parameter
20:34:31__builtinwhich memset does rockbox use? GCC's built-in one?
20:34:39slyraOkay, thanks
20:35:21__builtinTheLemonMan: ah, that explains it
20:36:30gevaertsWe do have our own memset, but I don't know if it's always used or for fallback cases where the compiler doesn't provide it
20:37:09__builtinfor now I just provided a wrapper local to the plugin, that should work
20:37:54gevaerts"The memset function copies the value of c (converted to an unsigned char) into each of the first n characters of the object pointed to by s."
20:38:22gevaertsNow I'm not sure what "converted to an unsigned char" means exactly for a negative number
20:38:27gevaertsCast? Truncated?
20:38:41TheLemonMantake the two complement and truncate it
20:38:50__builtinusually it truncates
20:39:14__builtinGCC might have an optimized version that doesn't
20:40:48gevaertsI'd hope not. Memset is a pretty fundamental function, and gcc is not exactly a new fly-by-night compiler
20:41:05gevaertsFirst thing would be to check if it's our memset or gcc's, I guess
20:41:45__builtinit *is* pretty odd to be filling with -2
20:42:21gevaertsMaybe, but not wrong
20:44:04__builtinI'll ask in ##c
20:45:33__builtinactually first, here's the memset that it was using:
20:46:51__builtinI'm not sure whether that's rockbox's or gcc's though
20:48:49gevaertsDoesn't look like a memset to me. Not that I'm a great asm reader
20:49:18gevaertsWait, what target are you on?
20:49:25TheLemonManthat's a stub that calls into the real memset
20:51:45__builtinhmm, where's the real one located then?
20:52:56TheLemonManyou have to follow the pointers, check out what's at 0x0bf9774c
20:53:21TheLemonManerr, 0x0bf912c4
20:53:58gevaerts0x0bf9774c I think
20:54:14gevaerts0x0bf912c4 is where the number 0x0bf9774c sits, isn't it?
20:54:22__builtinthe disassembly of the plugin ends before that
20:57:32gevaertsRight. It's probably called throuch rb->memset(), which would explain why there's a stub
20:57:33TheLemonManthat's rb->memset, isn't it?
20:58:55__builtinwhere's the code for that then?
20:59:36 Join PimpiN8 [0] (~textual@
20:59:42TheLemonManyou're being lazy here :) what about plugin.c ?
20:59:56__builtinI see at least 3 implementations in firmware/asm
21:04:03__builtinah, it appears it looks for a target-specific implementation in firmware/asm/$arch first, and then falls back to the generic .c ones in the same directory
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22:59:43__builtinthere are some games that sgt-puzzles provides exact duplicates of (codebuster, flipit, minesweeper)
23:00:23__builtinas well as some wiith very similar functionality (clix and sliding_puzzle)
23:00:47__builtinshould we keep them around or deprecate them?
23:03:36iceCaltMake it optional? Gotta go for a run.
23:04:08 Quit iceCalt (Remote host closed the connection)
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23:05:43saratogaslyra: most codecs output 32 bit samples (although they don't have to), the DSP engine then processes everything at 32 bit, converts to 16 bit and then passes it to the pcm mixing/buffering system and finally the dac
23:09:56slyraIs it possible to not to convert to 16bit? I just intended to develop HiFi player and I'm using good 24bit DAC(cs4398).
23:10:05slyraThanks for the answer
23:12:27saratogathe codecs don't convert to 16
23:12:34saratogawhat are you actually using?
23:18:29slyraNot the codecs - I know that they transfers data to the DSP on their own bitrate. That part "converts to 16 bit and then passes it to the pcm mixing/buffering". Where that operation is done?
23:18:38 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
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23:22:47slyraI just drag off your rbcodecs and other required for that stuff and wrote some functions to get it work on my own STM32 project. Now I'm trying to get sound from modified warble example. I've succeeded to get after DSP some recognizable song noises.
23:23:23slyraBut it was with 16bit
23:24:33 Quit mmint (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:24:33slyraI want that DSP converts stream not to 16bit but to 24bit. Is it possible?
23:25:01slyraAnd where do I need to look at?
23:25:52 Quit webguest51 (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout))
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23:29:28 Join shmibs [0] (
23:38:34saratogaif you are using warble you don't even have our PCM buffering code
23:42:05saratogai think if you don't use the DSP, you can do 32, 64.. output
23:42:42saratogaif you do use dsp, it converts to 16 bit before returning, because that is what the pcm buffering expects
23:42:43slyraOkay, that's good. How is formatted *pcm stream in that method? "static void playback_pcm(int16_t *pcm, int count)". What depth and signess?
23:42:57saratogainternally it is all 32 bit though, so you can have it return any format you want
23:43:43slyrawow. And in that *pcm samples are 32bit too? Awesome
23:46:31saratogasee dsp_sample_output_format_change in
23:46:46slyraAnd what count means? byte count, samples count?
23:46:50__builtinslyra: in that context they've already been converted to 16-bit though
23:47:31saratogathat lets you choose which function is used to copy output samples
23:47:38saratogafor example, sample_output_stereo truncates to 16 bit
23:47:48saratogasample_output_dithered dithers to 16 bit
23:48:11saratogai think you just need to define a sample_output_24bit function
23:48:34slyraGot it
23:49:39saratogain warble.c, I believe this is what is used to return data in dsp_process
23:49:52saratogaline 458
23:50:24saratogawhich is why you get 32 bit if you don't set use_dsp to true
23:50:55slyrause_dsp is true
23:52:22saratogabasically, dsp_process only has 16 bit formats defined, so if you enable DSP, you go through one of those
23:52:42saratogabut you can define whatever format you want
23:53:09slyrathnx, I understood
23:59:00saratogais this code you're working on up somewhere?

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