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#rockbox log for 2017-07-31

00:02:12lebelliumpamaury: no, I don't have any S7xx, they are too rare and expensive!
00:03:14lebelliumdid you manage to do something with the A860?
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00:14:03pamaurylebellium: really? I got it for a very reasonable price actually
00:14:11pamauryno I had no time to hack on rockbox for a month
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01:50:51jrmuprof_wolfff: thanks for your advice. I will take a look and see if I can find those models. Unfortunately it's a bit hard to find some of the rarer models
01:51:52jrmuI'm debating between a rockbox player and a replicant phone
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02:03:03jrmuthe benefit of the phone is it can have a pdf reader and a phone number. The downside is it's really insecure. I wonder if rockbox players can read pdf files...that would be perfect for my use case
02:07:07jrmuSeems like a pdf viewer will never come to rockbox: , but there may be workarounds (converting pdf to jpg, or uploading txt files)
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09:20:46duo8is it possible to have the charger on the ipod classic take more than 500mA?
09:25:05pamauryduo8: I don't know the hardware but I suspect not, because the battery probably can't handle more than 300mA or something of that magnitude
09:25:47duo8it seems it's "programmed" though a resistor, so it'd require a hardware mod
09:26:15pamauryI mean, if you go above the battery designed current, you are asking for your device to explode ;)
09:26:24duo8i have a 1900 battery and it doesn't seem to be charging, so i thought increasing the current would help
09:27:36pamaurymaybe the battery is dead?
09:27:56duo8it's at 3.7V now
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09:28:48duo8but even after hours plugged it it doesn't seem to charge, did get warmer though
09:30:06pamauryis it an old battery?
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09:32:23duo8no idea when it's manufactured
09:32:35duo8can't find details on it either
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09:33:00pamauryI mean that sounds typical of an old battery that has very low capacity because it's old
09:34:13duo8i don't think it's that old
09:34:21duo8it's definitely not used
09:36:48pamauryusage is not the main factor for Li-Ion iirc, you basically loose 30% capacity per year
09:37:15pamaury(depends on how full charge the battery is and also temperature)
09:38:00duo8it came at around 3.8V iirc
09:38:51SammysHPduo8: increasing the current if a battery doesn't charge as expected is always a bad idea ;)
09:39:17SammysHPIf it starts getting warm and the voltage does not increase, immediately stop charging
09:39:38booty_i want a custom hd650 cable but not $80 badly
09:39:47booty_just something braided might try making one myself
09:40:10duo8oh wait it did increase
09:40:22duo8according to rb, 45% -> 51%
09:40:24SammysHPIn that case it is dead and should not be used any longer (and probably stored in a fire/explosion proof container)
09:40:25duo8in 2 hours
09:40:57duo8i'd be more worried about the tight fit it's in
09:41:10SammysHPIf you have access to a lab power supply or a good li-ion charger, I'd try to charge it externally
09:41:13duo8i basically repeated the note7 thing
09:42:05SammysHPWell, it's your pocket where the player will sit
09:42:29duo8actually it's either my hand or some surface
09:42:37duo8it's too large for my pockets
09:45:07prof_wolfffduo8: there are two limitations, 1) the USB port current limit, actually it is 500mA if you charge from USB, i am not sure if you charge from external USB charger (IIRC it depends on USB_DETECT_BY_REQUEST define), this 500mA limit can be increased to 1000mA (see power-6g.c) but to do that the external charger type should be detected using the D+/D- resistor configuration on each charger, it is planned to be done in future
09:45:07prof_wolfff. 2) the battery charge limit, IIRC it is ~330mA and possibly it depends on a resistor connected to the 4066 IC
09:45:12duo8my last player has a 2A input, whenever it charges it gets very hot
09:45:49duo8prof_wolfff i use a samsung tablet charger, 2A
09:46:54prof_wolfffduo8: the charger detection is not done at this moment
09:48:04duo8can it also have a manual selection menu because i remember having a hard time finding a charger that wires D+/D-
09:48:28duo8apparently samsung does it differently too
09:51:05prof_wolffftry to charge using an USB 2.0 port to get the maximum 330mA, you are not going to get more current for charge even if you increase the limit to 1000mA, the iPod is going to consume more than 500mA if the HDD is spinning, (for maximum power consumption LCD must be at full brighness and CPU boosted, it should be ~700mA IIRC)
09:53:05prof_wolfffthe 700mA peak is when HDD spins-on, not while reading/writing
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13:00:11duo8prof_wolfff what is the charging current in low usb current mode?
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13:10:54prof_wolfffduo8: the USB input limit is 100mA for USB 1.1 and 500mA for USB 2.0, if the USB limit is 100mA then you must subtract the iPod power consumption to get the maximum battery charge current, lets say it should be ~80mA at best (LCD off, no HDD operation, and CPU unboosted)
13:13:45SammysHPprof_wolfff: 500 mA after negotiation ;)
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13:13:51SammysHPotherwise only 100 mA
13:14:14duo8so at 100ma it will take 26.8 hr to charge
13:14:30duo8(80mA charge current)
13:15:32duo8is there a way to determine the current charge current?
13:17:44SammysHPwith a multimeter? :)
13:17:59prof_wolfffSammysHP: yes, after negotiation when USB_DETECT_BY_REQUEST is defined (it is defined for iPod), but not sure when it is not defined, IIRC then the USB is detected by voltage on Vbus and not sure if RB selects 100mA or 500mA, i think the later but not sure
13:19:51prof_wolfffduo8: you can get an USB voltimeter/ampmeter for a low price, but note that some models i bought does not measure current below 50mA
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13:28:06prof_wolfffduo8: to get the charge current then you must subtract the iPod power consumption (IIRC it is ~15-20mA when the iPod is quiet and LCD on sleep)
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13:43:24prof_wolfffduo8: when the battery voltage is low then the first stage charges a very low current, once the voltage raises then the charge is done at constant current (the maximum the charger can give and limited to ~330mA), when 4.2V are reached then the charge is at constant voltage while the current drops slowly to 0mA (to see the exact numbers you can see the 4066 datasheet)
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18:28:11duo8what is the ipod classic battery pinout? can't find it online
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