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#rockbox log for 2017-08-10

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02:31:04walle303I compiled the bootloader for the Cowon D2 and it's giving me a `Incorect CPU mode in mutex_lock (0x12!=0x1F)` panic. Anyone know how to fix it?
02:35:46__builtinwalle303: on boot?
02:35:56walle303Yeah, Instantly on boot
02:36:05__builtinI'll take a look
02:36:23walle303If it matters, It's a D2 using the D2+ firmware 3.10
02:37:08walle303It boots into stock fine when hold is set though.
02:37:22walle303"stock" being the D2+ firmware
02:37:42__builtinI'm not an expert on the D2 though
02:39:37__builtinanything else on the screen, maybe an address?
02:41:20walle303Yes, sp=21F00558, pc=21F0A124
02:41:44__builtinwhich bootloader and rockbox version are you using?
02:43:40walle303It crashes before it searches for the rockbox version on the sdcard/memory so that doesn't seem to matter, but the bootloader is 3e1c8cca / the latest from the github mirror
02:46:26__builtinare you comfortable with making some changes to the source and testing?
02:47:24walle303I'm not too versed in C and ARM ASM though, so keep that in mind.
02:48:21__builtinI'm basically going to look for all the mutex_(un)lock calls which are D2-specific
02:48:30__builtinwhich hopefully shouldn't be that many
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02:50:14__builtinhmm, I'm not sure if splash() works in bootloader
02:50:35walle303It crashes before the splash screen, so that's a possibility
02:51:40__builtinI have a suspicion it's one of the mutex_(un)lock calls in sd-tcc780x.c
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02:52:30__builtinbut I want to be sure before blindly removing every one of those
02:53:41__builtindoes the backlight work?
02:54:09walle303I can give you more of the pointers listed on the screen if you want
02:54:21walle303probably should've done that to begin with actually
02:55:06*__builtin is stupid
02:55:28__builtinyeah, I could use those
02:56:09__builtin(I'm used to stack traces not working)
02:56:26walle30321F0EB1C / 21F0DC78 / 21F09610 / 21F09400 / 21F04CB0 / 21F04DC0 / 21F0DE80 / 21F082EC then it repeats 21F10FC4 over and over again
02:56:43walle303Oh, stack traces don't work sometimes? that kind of sucks
02:57:05__builtinon ipod6g for some reason I haven't bothered to debug
02:58:52walle303I had an ipod6g for a while, lent it to someone, should probably see if i can get it back now lmao
02:58:52__builtinah, I think I found it
03:00:36walle303watch, there will probably be another crash after this one is fixed
03:00:50__builtinthat's possible
03:01:16__builtinfor now though, comment out all the mutex_* calls in firmware/target/arm/i2c-telechips.c
03:01:38__builtinso line 43, 155, 166, 175, and 196
03:01:46walle303all? it's all of them?
03:01:55__builtinwell just in that file
03:02:29walle303for C, you use /* and */ for comments right?
03:02:53walle303yeah, duh, there's others in the file
03:02:56__builtinyeah, you can do that
03:03:14__builtinalso // for single-line comments is acceptable for testing purposes
03:03:54walle303building and flashing, hold on
03:05:41__builtinchances are you'll run into another crash or two before it works
03:05:56walle303yeah probably
03:06:16walle303ok, the splash screen works now, let me put the sdcard in and see if it boots
03:07:24walle303well uh, it's doing what it did before i upgraded the bootloader, which is to say, it just goes to a black screen and does nothing
03:07:39walle303darn, i was hoping upgrading the bootloader would fix that
03:07:55__builtinso it won't boot?
03:08:07walle303It gets past the bootloader and then sits on a black screen
03:08:25__builtincan you read anything on the screen before that point?
03:08:31walle303so we're into something to do with rockbox now, same 3e1c8cc version
03:09:11walle303great, i think something flashes for a frame then poofs
03:09:31walle303hmm, can't tell
03:09:56__builtinit's probably the bootloader giving its progress
03:10:06walle303let me see if it's turning the backlight off
03:10:54walle303yeah, nothing, solid black screen
03:11:48walle303it's on though because I have to hit the reset button on the side before i can get it to come back
03:11:55__builtinlet's try and see for sure whether if it's the bootloader or rockbox itself
03:12:33walle303The older bootloader from the installation instructions does it too
03:13:05__builtinthat probably means it's rockbox itself
03:13:22walle303If it can't find rockbox it just says the version, that it mounted the storage, and that it can't find it
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03:15:21walle303I have an idea, let me copy the TTS stuff to it and see if it's working without the screen
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03:20:05__builtinwhat's the last rockbox version that successfully booted?
03:20:06walle303yeah, i think it's crashing before it re-initializes the screen or something
03:20:33walle303um, the last time i used rockbox on this thing was 2-4 years ago, so i'm not sure
03:20:59walle303let me see if last month's build is still broken
03:22:16__builtinit'd be a better idea to try release 3.13 (not 3.14)
03:22:55walle303I don't think there's release builds for this device on the website, i guess i could build it myself though
03:23:07__builtinoh duh, it's unstable
03:24:29__builtinpick a commit in the timeframe that you remember it working and test
03:24:42__builtinand then give me its sha1
03:26:35__builtinor even better, try and bisect it yourself
03:27:28__builtinyou'll probably end up testing about 10 or so different versions at most
03:38:33walle303The nightly build system should probably be reworked to exclude days where no changes occured
03:39:33__builtinit should, I think
03:39:54__builtinI don't think it's "nightly", either
03:40:17*walle303 uploaded an image: Attachment (145KB) <>
03:40:23__builtinyeah, it's on every source change
03:40:36walle303well the website shows lots of duplicate builds
03:40:44__builtinhmm, where?
03:41:08walle303 or that screenshot i sent [did the matrix irc bridge handle that properly?]
03:41:09__builtinah, never mind
03:42:11__builtinI want to believe that the swedes have a clever solution to avoid doing that
03:43:13__builtinbased on the timestamps on, it seems that the zips are just copied over from the on-demand build system at a fixed time each day
03:44:34walle303Yeah, looks like it, should probably check to make sure the build has changed though before adding it, the build history on the website would go back a bit further if it did
03:45:14__builtinthe change that introduced the issue is probably much older than the build history available there
03:45:16walle303anyway, 84e13d5 is broken too, so i guess i'll have to build older ones myself
03:45:26__builtin(like, *years older*)
03:45:31walle303i think the D2 thread in the forum mentions it working late 2016
03:46:33__builtinare you ok with bisecting?
03:46:50walle303not entirely sure how to do that
03:47:18walle303is that just hopping back and forth between commits and splitting the difference in half every time
03:47:27__builtinyes, exactly
03:47:32walle303if so then yeah i've done that before, usually i pick a commit by hand though, i think there might be a command that does it
03:47:44__builtinyes, git (our version control system) does it for you
03:47:59walle303yeah i'm fairly familiar with git
03:48:12__builtinbut you still need to supply it with a known-good and known-bad commit
03:49:31walle303When did 3.13 come out?
03:50:20__builtin2013, but since the D2 is unstable it doesn't matter too much
03:51:33walle303i think 3.13 might've been out at the time i tested it last so i'll start around there
03:51:53walle303eh, i'll start early 2015 since the forum thread seems to imply it works then
03:52:21walle303is it possible to view only commits that may have affected it?
03:53:06__builtinnot really, nearly any change to the code could have affected it
03:54:12__builtingit will automate nearly the entire process if you use its bisect feature
03:54:46__builtinjust run `git help bisect' and follow the examples
03:55:42fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision ca228d3, 255 builds, 13 clients.
04:09:28walle303My internet is down right now, so idk how long it'll be before you see this, but 6e5f2876 works, so the issue was introduced sometime this year
04:09:33walle303and my internet is back now
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04:15:06__builtinok, that's good
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04:21:04GremuchnikGood evening, I would like to find one which of the many devices supported by Rockbox is the "best" one in terms of hardware (CPU speed, storage, expansion, sound, built quality, etc.). If there one more or less (if unofficial) "flagship"?
04:21:52__builtinwe don't really favor any one device over another
04:21:56walle303every device has its own quirks
04:22:04Gremuchnikmy SanDisk Sansa Clip+ si getting very old and they don't make them any more I think. Besides it has a tiny screen.
04:22:23GremuchnikAnd I know nothing about all the others. So some pointers would help :-)
04:22:43walle303rockbox worked pretty well on the ipod series when i tried it last
04:23:01__builtinmy personal preference is the ipod6g
04:23:05walle303i've ran it on a 2g, a 4g, and a classic
04:23:41Gremuchnikthat is what I heard, but I have to confess that I really don't like Apple/Mac/iStuff (sorry, no offense intended). Any other candidates?
04:23:51walle303oh, i've also set up rockbox on a sansa clip+ and a clip zip
04:24:08Gremuchnikit works very well on the sansa clip, I love it.
04:24:10fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1707 seconds.
04:24:11fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision ca228d3 result: 4 errors 7438 warnings
04:24:19walle303and of course the thing i'm trying to get it working again on now, the cowon d2
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04:26:01__builtinthis is weird
04:26:14__builtinthe build chart isn't showing which ones have errors
04:26:15walle303in the process of bisecting
04:27:07Gremuchnikthanks for your replies, I need to step out. if you have any other suggestions, please pm me. thanks
04:29:01__builtinwalle303: good night, I will read the logs
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04:29:28walle303ok, see you __builtin o/
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09:03:28MaartenWas just looking at the Fiio X1 port, but not sure how I can help
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17:30:24__built1nwalle303: any progress?
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17:48:09saratogawalle303: check for mutex was added in;a=commit;h=3e738661108fb2a8e3474c6336c2a5c2668f82b6
17:48:48saratogathe D2 hasn't been developed in a long time, so probably no one noticed that it was hitting that check
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18:22:51walle303__builtin: Sorry, was asleep, i'm down to 076cf0aa9bc484e9dbaee17660c2e77c16f46b13 and it's still functioning though
18:23:02walle303inb4 heisenbug
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18:29:11walle303oh yeah, it's got to be
18:29:16walle303it doesn't show up when i build it myself
18:39:36walle303oh wait, i was just being stupid
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19:34:31walle303ok yeah, __builtin, saratoga was right, that commit is the first one to have the blackscreen
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21:35:35zloHi, I have a Sansa Clip V2 which shows Boot 5.0 then Ver 3.14 and then ATA error: -2. With a little trying I somehow managed to boot into the USB keypad mode, but now I'm back to ATA error: -2, what can I do to fix this?
21:38:45zloit behaves differently when I press the home button during boot, it seems that started the keypad mode
21:39:31zlounfortunately no storage device is added when it is connected to the PC
22:03:09zlohm, in the meantime i somehow managed to enter the USB boot mode and I could reinstall rockbox (with the bootloader)
22:03:31 Join saratoga [0] (86ae6e0e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:03:54zlothen it started once quite normal (but no files where shown even though I think there should have been files)
22:04:06saratogazlo: reboot into the sandisk firmware or the usb bootloader mode (both of which do not depend on the installed rockbox version), and then try updating to the current development build
22:04:20zlonow after a second restart I'm back at ATA -2
22:04:57zlosorry to ask, but how do I boot into the bootloader mode? I landed there acidentally
22:05:43saratogahold some button on power on
22:05:43zlook, I managed to do it
22:05:53zloI'll try the update now
22:05:56saratogai forget which is which, but push some and you'll end up in one of the two usb modes
22:08:53zlook, same situation, now it displays the new version and then ATA error: -2
22:10:10zloshould I try to boot into the original firmware or even uninstall rockbox? Or would that make things worse?
22:10:23 Quit saratoga (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:14:01zlobtw. when I unplug the player after the update it always displays *PANIC* Unhandled masked IRQ 03: INT_USB (status 0x00000008)
22:25:59***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:28:14 Join iceCalt [0] (~iceCalt@
22:41:29zlowell, no matter what I try, after unplugging the player it displays *PANIC*. So it seems it is never doing a firmware update. The Rockboxutil also failes to remove the bootloader. It recommends to do a "normal" firmware update with the OF but that does not work.
22:42:16zloWhen restarting after removing the rockbox files from the player results in "Loading firmware - file not found".
22:42:31zloreinstalling rockbox results in ATA error: -2
23:19:48 Quit zlo (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:24:06 Quit _meg (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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