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#rockbox log for 2017-08-23

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00:04:01ulmutulSolved it! I was wondering why I suddenly ended up whith a detached commit, but I forgot that I was in the middle of a rebase :)
00:04:45ulmutulCan a native speaker look, if the manual entry for g#1346 is OK?
00:04:48fs-bluebotGerrit review #1346 at : FS #11922: Lua game - Pixel Painter by Sebastian Leonhardt
00:05:09__builtinsure, gimme a sec
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00:08:05__builtinthe instructions are a little bit unclear
00:09:54ulmutulOk, I'll make it a bit more detailed.
00:11:19__builtinit's mostly the sentence, "Select a colour to paint the top left pixel and surrounding of the same colour." that's the issue
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00:14:15__builtinI'd suggest, "Select a colour to flood-fill the board with that colour, starting from the top-left square (meaning that any pixel which has a path to the top-left through other pixels of the same colour will be changed to the selected colour)."
00:19:08ulmutulThanks, sounds good to me. Maybe change "has a path to" to "is connected to"?
00:20:11__builtinthat works too
00:21:03ulmutul"has a path to" sounds a bit too theoretical to me :)
00:21:24ulmutulThanks anyway!
00:22:27*__builtin was kind of cheating:
00:26:15ulmutulOk, pushed it to gerrit.
00:27:01fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 28ae700, 255 builds, 13 clients.
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00:38:43__builtinthat's two new game plugins since 3.14!
00:38:56__builtinonly 8 to go
00:43:54fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1011 seconds.
00:43:55fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 28ae700 result: 6 errors 10300 warnings
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00:48:21ulmutulHm, where can I find the Errors on the build page?
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00:56:46ulmutulIs there a raw log of the build server anywhere? Maybe including the manual builds?
01:00:26__builtinit's probably not a result of your commit
01:00:37__builtinseeing as it's in lua
01:00:57fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 492dda0, 255 builds, 13 clients.
01:01:09pamaurysorry, ulmutul
01:01:29pamauryit looks unrelated to the commit
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01:02:27__builtinamiconn: we're getting a bunch of warnings from your client
01:02:38__builtinanything you can do?
01:03:08ulmutulI wonder why the Build Server reported 6 errors, but I see only the warnings on the web page.
01:03:43__builtinit has been acting weird lately
01:04:19__builtin apparently took 5 days
01:05:02ulmutulThat's a lot!
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07:10:11usviBilgus: I want mah cheap player!
07:10:41Bilgusme too :)
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11:09:34usviBilgus: I'll try to get my girlfriend's USA contacts to order that here Finland. I'll order both v1 and non-v1. I'll try to have Rockbox on both
11:10:09usviif it doesn't work on one of them, i can try to analyze what is the problem, I'm embedded systems programmer / test designer by trade
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16:36:53Bilgus_usvi, I'm sure it'll work on both of them, but that is assuming the order goes through at all it still reads as 'Order Status: Order in Process' for me
16:40:23usviBilgus_: oh you :D
16:41:12usviBilgus_: tell me how it goes, so I can coordinate my USA-based minions better in this :)
16:41:58Bilgus_will do
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16:56:00Guest50632Bilgus_: I am also interested in a ZIP, will sandisk ship to EU?
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16:58:30Guest50632can't find that information on the website
17:02:01Bilgus_Being that they have a EU store and it isn't listed there probably not, And at this point I'm not convinced that the product I bought even exists
17:03:53Bilgus_2 weeks from now i'll probably be recieving a clip sport or some shit
17:04:49Guest50632hmm, ok thanks
17:04:58Guest50632wish you good luck
17:05:29usviBilgus_: they have 2 weeks delivery time?
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17:09:11Bilgus_it doesn't even give a firm delivery time on the order confirmation it states:
17:09:12Bilgus_NOTE: Orders for in-stock items placed Sunday-Thursday normally ship the next day. Orders placed Friday-Sunday normally ship on Monday. Deliveries are made Monday-Friday.
17:09:49Bilgus_You will receive separate e-mail notices if any of your products are on backorder as well as when any of your products are shipped to you. Your credit card will not be charged for any products until they actually ship to you.
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17:20:11duo8does it say it's a refurb or something?
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17:39:03duo8no way it's a zip then
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18:00:44__builtinBilgus_: is there any plugin you have in mind which could use g#1567?
18:00:46fs-bluebotGerrit review #1567 at : Add functions to plugin api by William Wilgus
18:04:19Bilgus_atm I want it for a lua script I made for someone more advanced sleep timer;,51615.msg239148.html#msg239148
18:05:06Bilgus_currently I have to pull from config.cfg and it's not the current volume level
18:06:41__builtinare you planning on including that lua script as an official plugin?
18:09:08Bilgus_no probably not as that was a stop gap but I'd like to finish my fade to sleep plugin which would have use of it
18:11:03__builtinI think it's best to wait until there's a plugin that actually needs those functions
18:15:33Bilgus_well there will never be a function that needs those functions if they aren't accessible? why have max min and default if you don't have current?
18:16:00Bilgus_I'd rather see default removed and current in its place seems more useful
18:27:21__builtinthey're currently accessible on gerrit; if a plugin author needs them, it's a matter of just cherry-picking the commit and submitting their change on top of it
18:27:40__builtinI just don't see a point in adding something that's not currently used
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18:56:54amiconn__builtin: Looks like those warnings are due to gcc 7
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18:58:56__builtinhmm, I suppose we could modify the configure script to silence those
18:59:13amiconnSo I can't do much. I could try to make rbclient use an older gcc for simulator builds, but (1) this will break if the older gcc gets removed from my system and (2) we'll probably see those warnings pop up on other build servers whenever they're upgraded to gcc 7
19:00:48__builtinit looks like gcc ignores -W flags it doesn't understand
19:03:14 Join MrZeus1 [0] (~MrZeus@2a02:c7f:7066:fb00:adfe:ce00:b0d3:3036)
19:05:16__builtinso it shouldn't break anything to add some -Wno-* flags
19:07:49 Join cc___ [0] (~ac@2001:910:113f:1:6a05:caff:fe1c:1627)
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20:36:36__builtinhmm, the build system has been running since yesterday...
20:36:52*amiconn thinks the fallthrough warning is braindead, as imo fallthrough is intentional most of the time
20:38:02__builtinit does help catch the occasional bug
20:39:31amiconnAh, __attribute__ ((fallthrough)); // C and C++03
20:41:37amiconnComments are also possible when setting the proper value for -Wimplicit-fallthrough=
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23:23:29ulmutulYay, only 2 and a half hour until the build server has finished :)
23:24:41__builtinulmutul: by the way, you should probably add yourself to the irc/committers.txt file in the www repo too
23:25:45ulmutulWhere do I find the www repo?
23:27:00__builtinyou treat it like the ordinary rockbox.git repo
23:27:11__builtinso set the push target to your gerrit account
23:30:09ulmutulSo I have to clone the www repo first? Or is there a shortcut to edit the file?
23:30:18__builtinyeah, clone it first, sorry
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