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#rockbox log for 2017-08-24

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00:21:31__builtinI think that's it, unless you want a cloak or forum badge
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00:29:46ulmutulHm, I think a cloak wouldn't be bad.
00:31:15ulmutulgevaerts: Can you cloak me?
00:35:36__builtinscorche's the channel admin
00:35:55__builtinbut you'll need to register your nick first, I believe
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00:43:49__builtinulmutul: so just /msg NickServ register <password> <email>
00:44:23ulmutulI searched my old rockbox mails, and there stood that gevaerts can do this.
00:45:04ulmutulOk, I think I'll do this tomorrow. Bedtime for now o/
00:45:28ulmutul(And I hope the build system has finished then :))
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00:49:47Bilgus_I got my confirmation email on the clipzip
00:53:23__builtinit's not on backorder or anything?
00:56:15Bilgus_yeah I'll keep you all updated when it arrives Maybe this is old stock or maybe they are sending me a clip sport or some shit
00:57:18__builtinthe Fuze+ is in stock too, apparently
00:57:37Bilgus_already have one of those though
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08:31:08usviBilgus: too bad blacks are not around, but I could live with this still if they are actual zips
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08:31:39Bilgusi'll let you know when I get my hands on it
08:32:06Bilgusthe blue seemed to be the least ugly of the colors
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18:25:18_meg'Rockbox Pi' released ?
18:27:11__builtinunfortunately we haven't had reason to release 3.14.1
18:29:07_meg3.14.1 should be 'Rockbox Pee'
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18:34:44saratogaSandisk shipped me that 4GB clip zip i ordered
18:35:03saratogaor at least they shipped something, i got a tracking number
18:36:11usviI also ordered 2 units, v1 and non-v1 via my USA minions
18:36:28usviI so hope this works
18:36:39saratogaits a shame they only have the zip, I already have like 3 or 4
18:36:56usviBilgus_: sorry I jumped the gun, but keep me posted still, this is exciting :P
18:37:05usvisaratoga: do you happen to have black?
18:37:07__builtinthey have the Fuze+, too
18:37:35saratogano, i have a red, purple and maybe some other colors
18:37:46saratogaoh wait yes i do have a black one :)
18:37:54_megwhat so good about this sansidk clip zip ?
18:37:57_megshown as 'Discontinued by Manufacturer'
18:38:14saratogatiny little player with good battery life and an SD card slot
18:38:31saratogawe also spent most of the last decade hacking the hardware so it works pretty well at this point
18:39:37usvi_meg: for me: 1) ability to run rockbox 2) usb micro charger (fits all my other gadgets) 3) external memory card slot 4) radio (for emergency purposes) 5) sound recorder (I record all my communications with officials)
18:41:02_meghm.. is it a water/splash proof ? what the op-amp onboard?
18:42:54usviI have used some silicon covers from ebay for it. it is not rain-proof. but I rejuvenated mine after a local monsoon by drying it thoroughly
18:43:34_meghow handy is the recorder ? supports huge cards?
18:45:04usviI read ebay listings that it supports 128 GB
18:45:09usvibut dunno really
18:45:53_megcan i run midi in background in modern rockbox versions?
18:46:19usvirecorder sound quality for me is excellent, but I'm no hifi listener. damn handy and people who I am recording don't have a clue what I'm doing
18:46:49usvi(recording one's own communications, even with governmental officials is legal in my jurisdiction)
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18:50:15_megim ok if you are recording yourself 24/7
18:55:13saratogaeverything supports 128GB SD cards, you just have to reformat them to fat32
18:55:22saratogathe hardware limit is 2 TB IIRC
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20:58:28Bilgus_the clip zip has the same chip as the clip+ which has pretty good sound quality, not as good as an I pod but damn close plus its tiny
20:59:30_megi want tiny recorder to hang on a drone for engine sound recording
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21:06:30Bilgus_I think I'd go with something else, I mean while it is possible to change the microphone its not the best recording quality while stock and is going to pick up all unwanted noise as well
21:07:10Bilgus_well nm if you want it to record engine noise it'd pick that up well
21:07:49_megfor daily recording i normally using rockbox ipod6G+belkin mic or 4s+iM2
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21:12:49_cerealwhat a pity, a great chance to buy a Clip Zip, but citizens outside the U.S are at a disadvantage...
21:13:28Bilgus_So with all there people who ordered the clipzip including me I wonder if they are new old stock, refurb, or maybe sandisk got their heads out of their butts and started making them again
21:13:43Bilgus_all the*
21:14:44Bilgus_I really wonder what significance the (V1) has in the model name
21:15:52_megclipzilla mania
21:18:48Bilgus_With offerings of the AGPtek and all the great stuff their product wasn't this is just what this community asked for a small cheap rockbox capable player
21:19:58__builtinBilgus_: btw, you've been made an Expert on the forums :)
21:20:06Bilgus_I just hope its not a sansa sport, jame either directly or in disguise
21:20:47Bilgus_yes thanks for noticing __builtin :)
21:21:31_cerealcongrats Bilgus_
21:21:58_cerealthe AGPtek player has no color screen, so not that nice
21:22:39_megeh.. if possible to run rockbox on fiio X3, im gonna try to fix the broken and stuck power button, otherwise it is a brick with squared firmwares and unfriendly interface and so
21:27:37_cerealBilgus_: regarding your post about the D2, you're right, but I still hope, that there will be a proper read-only support, or even proper write support
21:28:37_cerealin the meantime the workaround to remove the block around panicf() in dc_writeback_callback() in fat.c works
21:30:43Bilgus_Without a Dev with the device in hand I doubt much work will get done on it, but It wouldn't be too very hard to change the order of the drives in the firmware, it would be hard to add read-only support to RB as we don't have it
21:31:17_cerealsaratoga suggested to disable the internal storage entirely, but how can I do that, I have limited experience in compiling
21:34:31_cerealnot to speak of coding
21:43:20Bilgus_if you just set i = 1 instead it would skip the internal drive completely
21:43:53Bilgus_but rather than doing that i'd just flip the order so it mounts the internal drive last
21:47:12Bilgus_int i = NUM_VOLUMES - 1; i > 0; i−−
21:47:50_cerealwhat's the benfit of mounting the internal drive last?
21:48:37Bilgus_no that'd be int i = NUM_VOLUMES - 1; i >= 0 or the previous and subtract 1 from storage_present(i-1)) and mounted += disk_mount(i-1);
21:49:36Bilgus_well it would allow you to still have access to the internal drive, RB will mount the first drive as its storage
21:50:02Bilgus_as in the first drive you mount will become the 'Primary' drive
21:52:34_cerealand rockbox always writes to the 'Primary' drive?
21:58:42Bilgus_yep afaik
22:02:01_cerealok, thanks. I think for me the easyier way would be to change i = 0 to i = 1 in line 261
22:04:58 Part _cereal
22:07:27Bilgus_well as long as you don't want to access the internal drive that'll work
22:07:43saratogawe should just change the D2 port to use the SD card as the primary storage if its present
22:18:18 Quit Ruhan (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
22:19:05Bilgus_we could just add it to the multiboot loader
22:19:38Bilgus_changes its install a bit but it'd at least be consistent
22:21:13Bilgus_I'm still waiting for jhMikeS to finish up his file system rework but it'll eventually get done
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22:35:06__builtinso I emailed Sandisk about whether or not the "legacy" players were available
22:36:09__builtin was their response
22:39:05 Join CH23 [0] (5594df77@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:39:38CH23the suspense.
22:40:15Bilgus_well its not listed in their legacy players list is it?
22:40:17CH23would it be possible to use a clip zip mainboard as replacement for a clip plus?
22:41:10CH23it's basically the same pcb layout, apart from a colour display, right?
22:42:10Bilgus_doubt it
22:42:43Bilgus_might be able to shoehorn the whole thing in though
22:44:26CH23i really like the no-nonsense 1bit oled display of the clip plus
22:45:18__builtinBilgus_: hmm, true
22:45:51__builtinperhaps the Zip and Fuze+ aren't really legacy players but just unlisted?
22:46:32 Join Ruhan [0] (uid76353@gateway/web/
22:46:52Bilgus_I thought I read somewhere they were being discontinued but I couldn't say it was an official announcement
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22:55:08gevaertsulmutul: no. I don't have any special irc powers
22:55:11gevaertsYou need scorche
22:55:27*gevaerts is fairly sure those old mails didn't say that :)
22:56:00ulmutulHm, maybe I misread, and it was about something else :) Thanks anyway!
22:56:11gevaertsI can do forum stuff!
22:56:11scorche|shit was me all along!
22:56:24scorche|shi think the old emails just said me for everything
22:56:40gevaerts(and in theory gerrit stuff, but my login is as broken as everyone else's)
22:58:56 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 55.0.2/20170814072924])
22:59:17ulmutulProbably it was the forum sticker than.
23:00:04ulmutulscorche|sh: what must I do to become cloaked by you?
23:00:10gevaertsHmm, that needs to be done too I guess :)
23:00:36*gevaerts promotes ulmutul's forum account
23:00:59ulmutulOMG, I'm become famous :D
23:03:25saratogamy guess is they had some old stock on hand for RMAs and they're selling it off now
23:04:13scorche|shulmutul: you are a new developer? Sorry for being a bit out of touch :)
23:05:06saratogahas anyone tested out playlists in 3.14 when using SD? I thought jhMikeS recommitted my old fix for the ambiguous paths, but someone in forums said it was still broken
23:05:34gevaertsscorche|sh: more than a year, actually :)
23:05:38gevaertsWe're slow these days
23:05:45__builtinfor longer than I've been one
23:05:48ulmutulNo, it's quiet some time ago, but I was happy with just having commit acces until __builtin talked to me ;)
23:06:16gevaertsHe does have that effect
23:06:20saratogai think the email i sent you tells you to ask scorche :)
23:06:39CH23saratoga: like an .m3u8 file?
23:07:07CH23i play using an m3u8 playlist i keep on the sd card
23:07:12saratogalike if an m3u says "C:\mymusic" where does the player look for that folder if you have internal and sd storage
23:07:50saratogashould look on the same volume as the .m3u file unless the logic got broken
23:07:54CH23ah. since i keep the m3u8 in the root folder of my music, i list starting the direct directories in that folder
23:08:20saratogatry putting a C:\ and see if it still works
23:08:24scorche|shulmutul: you need to register your nick first
23:09:56CH23saratoga: could you give me an exact example of a full path?
23:11:23saratogaso if your music is on the SD card in /<microsd1>/myfolder/myfile.mp3, try changing the path to "C:\myfolder\myfile.mp3" with the m3u file stored on the sd card
23:11:46saratogait should be smart enough to figure out that the "C:\" means "whatever storage the playlist is on"
23:12:24saratogawhatever storage the playlist m3u file is stored on more specifically
23:17:09CH23works for me
23:17:40CH23i can't test it with anything on the internal memory sadly, as the internal flash locked up last week
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23:30:51ulmutulscorche|sh: I'm registered now. Can you cloak me?
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23:45:33scorche|shulmutul: you should be good
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23:46:20ulmutulGreat, thank you!
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