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#rockbox log for 2017-08-29

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00:05:02_megbrutto cornuto
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00:14:49__builtinwhat's a good translation for narrow, as an adjective
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00:20:30iceCaltmuy pequeno
00:20:50iceCaltHm. Might be spanish
00:21:00iceCaltI was somehow able to communicate with Italians last week in spanish
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01:07:47Bilguswell they both derive from Latin, but italians use ciao for hello and goodbye?
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01:09:56BilgusI'm sure there are plenty of other differences
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01:18:42Bilgusstretto, ristretta, ristretto, angusto, angusta I think the ristre... ones are more like short or maybe like restrict guessing from coffee terms
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10:06:16BozhanHi, I think my sansa fuze+ may be “bricked”. (,51932.0.html) I tried all kind of resets and still looks like dead. Any advice how to configure what is wrong? Thank you
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11:36:17BilgusBozhan, from the forums correct?
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11:46:28Bilguswell idk when you'll be back so at the very least checkout
11:48:15wodzHmm, can't quite figure out how to use i2c block of atj213x. There seems to be single device on the bus at address 0xc0 which corresponds to TEA5767. The device ACK adress correctly. But reading from this device returns only 254 indefinitely.
11:48:22Bilgusand you'll probably need linux here is our dev vm
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11:55:29BilgusBozhan you were saying on the forum that you selected the wrong drive through the installed and now device is bricked
11:56:15BilgusI take it you selected the correct device at first and then the wrong device after restart of the device?
11:56:43Bilgussorry *through the installer**
11:59:08BozhanActualy I haven't sellect any drive, but then I noticed there are some files written on the card
11:59:55Bilgusyou are on windows?
12:00:21BozhanJust started the installer and after popup for disconnect the sansa is like a dead
12:00:48Bozhanright now, yes
12:01:19BozhanI'm downloading virtual linux now
12:01:29BilgusI don't think windows has a driver for the recovery mode but it should still try
12:01:46iceCaltThere is a recovery tool onlinux
12:01:49iceCaltphotorec or so
12:01:50Bilguswith the usb cord disconnected from PC
12:02:05Bilgusplug the usb cord into the fuze+
12:02:19Bilgushold the volume up button down
12:02:28Bilgusand plug into the pc
12:02:52Bilgusdo you get a message about device installed or even failed to install
12:04:21BozhanYes, sometimes not recognizable sometimes successfully.But I can’t see the device.
12:05:27Bilgusok go into device manager
12:06:24BozhanI tried this one too: rmmod usbhid modprobe usbhid quirks=0x066f:0x3780:0x0004
12:06:40BozhanI'm there
12:07:03BilgusIs the fuze plugged in as well?
12:07:26Bilgusdo you see any devices with a red x ?
12:08:19BozhanI have unknown device
12:09:10Bilgusah ok you in devices and printers then?
12:10:03BozhanNo, device manager
12:10:21BozhanOn USB controllers everything looks ok
12:10:36BozhanNo red x, no unknown devices
12:11:01Bilgusok if you go to devices and printers then do you have any unknown devices?
12:11:38BilgusI think it enumerates as rockbox device or rom recovery
12:12:06Bilguswhile in devices and printers un plug device
12:12:08BozhanSansa fuze+ is there but is greyout
12:12:26Bilgusdoes it disappear?
12:12:46Bilguswhile holding volume up plug it back in
12:13:15BozhanROM recovery appears :)
12:13:21Bilgusand I assume its doing the little badonk sound each time you plug unplug
12:13:38Bilgusok good that means the device is still working
12:13:48Bilgusnow unplug
12:14:33Bilgusplug it back in without holding any buttons
12:14:59Bilgusdo you get the sansa fuze+ greyed out again?
12:15:37Bilgusok you haven't gotten the boot loader on there yet
12:15:45Bilgusthat is still the stock firmware
12:15:56Bilgusgo back to device manager
12:16:09BozhanI'm there
12:16:34Bilgusif you unplug does the unknown device disappear?
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12:18:11BozhanNo, but I got a message right now that device software was not installed
12:19:44Bilgushmm I want to unstall the device from, device manager but without knowing where it enumerates that'll be a pain brb
12:21:29BozhanI uninstalled the uknown
12:21:44 Join _meg [0] (~notsure@
12:21:54Bilgusgo here most of the way down the page Download USBDeview
12:21:54Bilgus, Download USBDeview for x64 systems
12:22:07Bilgusdownload the one for your system
12:24:39Bilgusok so run it and click on the column 'Connected'
12:25:08Bilgusdo you see the fuze+ there?
12:25:26 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
12:27:23BozhanYes, but is not connected
12:27:47Bilgusthe device is still plugged in though?
12:27:59BozhanThe connected devices are unchanged , no matter the fuze is plugged or not
12:28:16Bozhanstill plugged in
12:28:18Bilgushit F5 to refresh
12:28:23Bozhandone it
12:29:02Bilgushmm ok go ahead and right click on the fuze plus that is not connected and choose uninstall device
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12:29:49Bilgusnow try replugging the fuze and see if anything shows upo
12:30:12Bozhansorry , ROM recovery is connected
12:30:23Bilgusoh disconnect
12:30:43Bilgusand when plugging don't press any buttons
12:30:48Bozhandone , disappeareed
12:31:11Bilgusnow when you plugged back in what shows up?
12:31:34BozhanROM Recovery
12:32:23Bilgushmm ok right click and uninstall then unplug and press the power button for 30 seconds
12:33:00Bilgusthen replug, still Rom Recovery?
12:34:03Bozhangot a message - usb input device installed
12:34:13Bilgusare you downloading our VM or some other linux VM?
12:34:49Bozhana have a virtual OpenSuse
12:35:24Bilgusyou'd be better off grabbing our vm since it already has everything you need
12:35:26BozhanI'm just not sure if the USB ports are shared correctly at the moment
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12:42:19Bilgussorry big storm got D/c
12:45:22Bozhaneverything ok?
12:46:08Bilgussure power just flickered and knocked my router off since its in another room and w/o a UPS
12:46:50Bilgusok so you will want to grab the VM and git the latest source
12:47:21BozhanI just downloaded the rockbox ubuntu 11.04
12:47:22Bilgusin the rockbox folder rockbox/utils/imxtools/sbtools
12:47:22Bilgustype make
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12:51:16Bilgus_IIRC you will need the Oracle guest addons
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13:07:48Bozhandownloading guest additions
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13:19:57BilgusBozhan Sorry I keep getting kicked off I have to run some errands so i'll be bback in an hour or two
13:20:20BozhanOK, I will try to install all needed
13:20:25Bilgusyou need to git the latest repository
13:20:31Bozhanis this the add on : VBoxWindowsAdditions-amd64
13:21:40 Join Bilgus_ph [0] (~Bilgus_ph@
13:22:05Bilgus_phBOZHAN yes that sounds like the right addon
13:24:03Bilgus_phalso you will need to install a few thing to build sbloader PAMAURY is our resident guru so if you see him he should be able to help you with anything you get stuck on. Someting crypto++ related iirc
13:25:06 Quit Bilgus (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
13:27:40Bilgus_phALSO the wiki has guides for most of it. Search for imxtools
13:28:03 Quit Bilgus_ph (Remote host closed the connection)
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14:02:01pamauryto build sbloader you only need libusb-1.0-dev
14:02:31pamaurycrypot++ is required to build mkimxboot (that creates the bootloader)
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14:06:36 Join JdGordon [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
14:07:26Bilgus_phAh ok thanks for the clairfication its been a few months since i've messed with anything related to the imx
14:09:24Bilgus_phBOZHAN the bigges issue you will probably have is getting the device to share usb you will need to add the devices usb_id in the vm i think its under devices/usb/add device or something along those lines
14:10:28Bilgus_phThere should also be something lower right corner of the status bar that does the same
14:11:21Bilgus_phYou might also need to eject the device from windows in order to get it to show up in the vm
14:12:18Bilgus_phOH as far as the usb id you should be able to get the id from that usb dev view program
14:12:49pamauryactually there is a windows version of sbloader from freescale I think
14:12:53 Quit Bilgus_ph (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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14:20:40BozhanI just runned the VM but I'm not sure the add on installed correctly
14:20:52BozhanI can't see rockbox folder
14:22:14Bilgus_phPamaury thats why you are our resident guru. Could you give bozhan the link? Bozhan sorry i didn't realize there was a windows version of sbloader.
14:25:28BozhanI found one here
14:25:47BozhanNot sure if it's correct
14:28:14pamauryall freescale tools are here:
14:28:22pamaurynot that they have so many ;)
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14:31:30BozhanThank you, i need to download Visual Studio 2008 Professional too, correct?
14:33:12Bilgus_phIt says bin + src so i assume its already compiled
14:34:06wodzHa, I know why i2c readback doesn't make any sense. FM chip is NOT TEA5767.
14:37:17pamauryBozhan: it contains the binary iirc
14:37:59wodzpamaury: Do you know of any fm chip with i2c address 0xc0 and 0x1f registers. The access seems to be i2c_start, i2c_write(reg_addr), i2c_restart(), i2c_read()
14:38:43BozhanSorry, I lost you here
14:39:06BozhanI tried to start the .exe - nothing happened
14:39:24Bozhannow I'm reading user guide
14:40:13Bilgus_phIts going to be a command line tool most probably
14:41:07Bilgus_phAnd you'll probably need the cmd instance run as administrator
14:41:14 Join Ruhan [0] (uid76353@gateway/web/
14:41:28Bozhanyes, 1. Open a command window 2. Enter the dir in which sb_loader.exe locates 3. Copy your image to the same dir
14:43:49 Join johnb2 [0] (
14:44:29Bilgus_phSo best bet would to make a folder in root of one of your drives with the sbloader and the boot loader
14:44:54 Quit Bilgus_ph (Remote host closed the connection)
14:47:13Bozhannew directory created and there are following files added: sb_loader.exe, src folder, and bootloader-fuzeplus.sansa?
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14:52:42johnb2pamaury: lebellium wrote on tellementnomade that you own a NWZ-E450. Have you tried RB in it yourself?
15:00:08BozhanI received following error: .CStHidDevice::Download() Error (-13) during Write data 15
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15:06:49pamaurywodz: I'll think about it, give me 5 minutes
15:07:37pamauryjohnb2: yes I think it's correct. There is a problem with the E450, I think the internal storage is flash thus we cannot install rockbox on it (although I have everything else working), iirc
15:08:06pamauryBozhan: I haven't followed the whole discussion, what is the problem with your device in the first place?
15:08:12wodzpamaury: my candidate is LV24250LS. I'am trying to figure out init sequence but this @#$@#$ driver assembles values written to registers from scratch using tons of or, and and writing and reading from temp variables
15:10:06pamaurywodz: can't you find out by looking at the PCB ?
15:10:14BozhanI tried to install rockbox. Unfortunately during the installation via rockbox utility I had a sd card in the PC cardreader and some files was written on that card not to the sansa player. Now the fuze plus is dead.
15:10:36BozhanI tried all kind of resets and still looks like dead.
15:10:49pamaurythat's seem very strange, why would writing files to the sd card brick the player?
15:11:12wodzpamaury: marking on IC is V24230 BLK9 which can be LV24230 but online parts marking database doesn't list this marking code
15:11:44pamauryBozhan: so you can reach recovery mode but the device won't boot normally?
15:12:19BozhanI'm not sure what exactly happened. I started the rockbox utility and there was a pop to disconnect the device. After that was dead
15:12:34pamaurywodz: I think the STFM1000 has address 0xc0, but the marking would not make sense
15:12:55pamaurywas the battery low by any chance?
15:12:56wodzpamaury: This one has analog output while STFM is digital
15:13:06pamaurywodz: ok so doesn't match
15:13:21BozhanWon't boot at all and ROM Recovery is all I have
15:14:13Bozhanaround 50%
15:14:49pamaurysounds like the flashing may have failed, unless the problem is completely unrelated. You should try sbloader with a recovery image, to see if that works, let me give you the link
15:15:01wodzpamaury: seems to match LV24230LP, thanks anyway
15:16:31Bozhanthank you
15:17:26 Nick uwe_ is now known as uwe (
15:17:52pamauryunfortnately I can't try it my fuze+ right now because it's at home, but I've used my recovery firmware many times and it should work assuming you device has no hardware problem
15:18:07pamauryit should boot and display things
15:18:24pamaury(I suggest you unplugged and reset the fuze+ before trying)
15:18:48 Nick uwe is now known as uwe_ (
15:21:32johnb2pamaury: well, I have installed RB on the E453 (posted this ~10 days ago) and all codecs except flac play fine, but as soon as the screen turns off, playback stutters. I just wanted to verify that it is not only me/my hardware, but still a general problem.
15:23:12pamauryjohnb2: oh sorry I was confused, the E450 is linux based
15:23:54johnb2yep, I used your NWZlinux port.
15:23:56pamauryah yeah you mentioned it, but I was abroad so I couldn't try it. I'll try on mine tonight. I might have to do with the cpu frequency, I am not sure.
15:24:08pamaurydoes that happen with all codecs?
15:24:17Bozhanhow to recover the original software?
15:24:27pamauryBozhan: does the recovery firmware works?
15:24:34johnb2I can confirm for mp3, mpc, opus, aac
15:25:29pamauryBozhan: one way to recovery is to boot the recovery firmware and then write the firmware image directly to the flash (it can be easily under linux)
15:28:56johnb2and I have no fancy EQs active, just crossfeed and replaygain.
15:29:00BozhanI can't see the device at all. I have the vm rockbox ubuntu image installed.
15:29:53johnb2I am looking forward to seeing how it behaves on your side. Thanks.
15:30:41 Join Bilgus [0] (~Bilgus@gateway/tor-sasl/bilgus)
15:31:03BilgusBozhan I'll PM you and help you get the usb workinmg
15:31:06pamauryBozhan: when you plug the device, does it list in recovery mode at least?
15:31:20pamaury(under windows or linux)
15:31:39Bilgusit does..
15:33:10pamaurybefore you go any further, in windows or linux, you must be able to:
15:33:10pamaury1) put device in recovery mode
15:33:10pamaury2) use sbloader to load (from the dropbox link)
15:33:10DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
15:33:10pamaury3) the seen should light up and display things
15:33:43pamaurysorry I can't be super helpful right now but I'm work...
15:33:45BozhanI can see it in devices and printers under unspecified as ROM Recovery.
15:34:02pamauryand what happens when you use sbloader with ?
15:39:14Bozhanwith the error is different: CStHidDevice::Download() Error(-13) during Write cbw
15:43:13pamauryhmm, that's odd, maybe you should try it under linux
15:43:27pamauryI have little experience with the windows tool
15:44:34Bilgusfirst we'll need to get USB pass through working in your VM
15:46:02pamauryone annoying thing is that the recovery mode is extremely sensitive to any "standard" request sent before sending a firmware. the problem is the recovery mode appears as a HID device so Windows may be sending a request that confuses the ROM. Recently linux have special code for this particular device to avoid sending anything that could confuse it
15:49:58BilgusBozhan PM me if you are able and i'll run you through the steps
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20:31:04Bilguspamaury Bozhan had to go but before he did he still got an error
20:31:45 Join alucryd [0] (~quassel@archlinux/developer/alucryd)
20:31:52Bilgussudo ./sbloader /home/ubuntu/Downloads/ Device: 066f:3780 @ 1.2 libusb:error [submit_control_transfer] submiturb failed error -1 errno=16 Cannot probe transfer size, using default. Transfer size: 1024 transfer error at send step 15 Error: cannot get status report
20:38:39 Join xorly [0] (
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20:58:47pamauryBilgus: ah a shame he is gone. when this happen you can do ./sbloader -x 1024
20:58:47pamauryand if it still doesn't work try, ./sbloader -x 64
20:59:55 Quit yosafbridge (Quit: Leaving)
21:00:40Bilgusah ok so force the size
21:01:09pamauryyeah, maybe I should have the tool print an advise, it's a very common error
21:04:26 Join yosafbridge [0] (
21:27:17 Quit alucryd (Remote host closed the connection)
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22:35:15 Join cc___ [0] (~ac@2001:910:113f:1:6a05:caff:fe1c:1627)
22:36:49pamauryjohn2 (logs): I can confirm your problem on my E450
22:38:09 Join __builtin [0] (
22:38:09 Quit __builtin (Changing host)
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23:03:18__builtinhmm, what is wrong with our history page?
23:03:33__builtinlooks like the header is somehow ending up at the end
23:09:50 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 55.0.3/20170824053622])
23:15:05pamauryjohn2 (logs): also now that you mention it, my E460 does it !!!
23:29:17 Quit Strife89 (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
23:30:46 Join Strife89 [0] (
23:32:25pamauryat least the E580 does not do it
23:32:42pamauryso it might specific to the older ones with the em1 cpu
23:33:13pamauryit looks like something might be lowering the cpu speed when screen is off, but I will need to experiment more before having an answer
23:39:26 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
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23:54:19 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")

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