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#rockbox log for 2017-09-03

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09:38:50CH23Bilgus: you said i could run rockbox from the micro SD of the clip plus, but i needed to flash the bootloader. could this be done from within rockbox itself? i don't have write access via USB but from within it still works.
09:39:03CH23and what is the cost for my micro SD?
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12:54:16[Saint]CH23: I'm confused, if you don't have access via USB and you don't have an SD card, what exactly we're you planning on flashing, and how?
12:55:11[Saint]Oh... I think I've got it. Weird wording.
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12:59:31adilixhi all
13:00:05adilixneed help, is anyone in knowledge which DAC does this MP3 player use?
13:00:13adilixcan't find anything about it
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13:05:04pamauryit uses ATJ2127
13:05:58CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:05:58*[Saint] is still a little bitter about that whole thing
13:05:58adilixpamaury many thx
13:06:25adilixis that compareable with wolfson dacs?
13:06:54[Saint]Wolfson DACs get a lot of unnecessary praise.
13:06:58adilixor is it worth to get this mp3 player? or should i go directly for an wolfson based player
13:07:23[Saint]The audiophile community seems to want to think they're comprised of unicorn farts and magic.
13:07:39[Saint]I've never understood this.
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13:11:40adilixreads not bad
13:11:47adilixbut how does it sounds
13:11:52pamauryadilix: I don't have any opinion on the matter, I am sure some googling will give you some reviews
13:11:56adilixany suggestions
13:13:03pamaurythe link I gave above has some "review" on the audio part
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13:27:32CH23[Saint]: sorry, yeah i meant i can't write to the internal NAND via USB.
13:28:11[Saint]Well, that's a big problem.
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14:06:00adilixanyone for a suggestion of an good wolfson player? non ipod please
14:12:23pamaurysamsung yp-r1
14:12:36pamauryhas a WM8978
14:13:13pamaurythere are other players (and many more not supported by rockbox) but they are old
14:13:46adilixyeaahh it's very difficult to buy one
14:15:31adilixthose old players are very hard to find
14:17:30pamauryhonestly I don't know why you want a wolfson codec in particular
14:17:57adilixi don't know any other , do you know any other good
14:18:45[Saint]Just because a player has a particular DAC doesn't mean they can't make it sound terrible with other hardware.
14:19:23adilixi know but i don't know about other DACs
14:19:40pamauryseems to me there are many good DACs and the analog wiring is going to make more of a difference than the DAC
14:19:52[Saint]pamaury: absolutely
14:20:10adilixtell me some other DACs to search for
14:20:24[Saint]A DACs no good if the NAND, sdcard, or voltage regulator is screaming at you.
14:21:06[Saint]Hi SanDisk!
14:23:24pamauryI wouldn't focus on the DAC at all, just pick a player than suits you and has good audio reviews for example
14:24:05adilixok that means for , SONY SONY SONY
14:24:12adilixfor me
14:24:40[Saint]Well, you can't buy good taste. ;)
14:26:17pamaurySony players are a bit expensive but I find they sound good and have a very decent firmware
14:27:08adilixyes, only a few are not so good made, i am looking forward to get the NW-A35
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14:36:53adilixanyway many thx for help , CYA
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15:37:07egrainwhen i try to mount my rockbox thingy it doesn't give me an sdb1 to mount. lsusb says it's connected, but it says there is no partition on it. also rockboxutility doesn't find the mountpoint either.
15:37:38egrainanything i'm missing here?
15:37:57egrainoh, it's an Apple, Inc. iPod Classic, but i had no problem with it so far.
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15:42:23egrainoh, nevermind. i just mount /dev/sdb without a number.
15:48:13egrainthough rockboxutility still doesn't find the mount point. nothing in the manual selection bar.
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15:50:28egraindo i have to be in some group, maybe?
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18:00:34sinHi guys~
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18:01:00Guest53005I wonder if I can install rockbox on YH-925 MTP version
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19:20:06__builtinwhat do you think about g#1581?
19:20:08fs-bluebotGerrit review #1581 at : Harmonize plugin keymaps by Franklin Wei
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19:40:27pamaury__builtin: can you explain what is the purpose of the patch?
19:40:27 Quit __builtin (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:41:03*pamaury just realizes the file starts with "The purpose of this file is" and learns how to read
19:43:31pamauryok so if I understand correctly, this is essentially a low-level alternative to PLA ?
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19:46:18pamauryI don't like the name BTN_FIRE and BTN_PAUSE though. Could you elabroate on the expected meaning? Wouldn't BTN_SELECT and BTN_MENU be more descriptive?
19:46:57pamauryAlso I wonder if we could add optional keys on targets that support it. Typically volume up/down and a BACK button
19:47:18pamaurythat way plugins can #ifdef BTN_{BACK,VOL_UP,VOL_DOWN}
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19:52:51pamaury__builtin: saw my messages?
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20:08:02__builtinno, connection issues :(
20:08:30pamauryyou can look on the logs
20:08:48__builtinyeah, got it
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20:24:55__builtinpamaury: I'll rename BTN_FIRE and BTN_PAUSE, yes
20:26:26__builtinI don't think adding more than what's already there is a good idea though
20:27:15 Join lebellium [0] (
20:27:47__builtinsimply because I want a plugin to be able to use these without having to worry about too much about the target specifics
20:37:31pamauryI think your patch would be more "convincing" if you converted several plugins to show the benefit. Also is it possible to implement PLA using those? (so that there is only one place to edit per port)
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20:40:23__builtinit would be possible to implement part of PLA with them, but not all
20:40:26__builtin(I think)
20:40:51__builtinit doesn't have keymaps for some targets
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21:50:36*pamaury feels like he is going to commit the NWZ port
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22:23:48saratoga_is the 2nd gen fiio X1 that guy posted about in new ports actually different then the X1 2 mentioned in the X1 thread?
22:23:53saratoga_i can't keep all the fiio revisions straight
22:25:29pamaurysaratoga_: no, it's the same thing afaik
22:26:07saratoga_ok then i'll close that thread
22:26:26saratoga_unless you're replying
22:26:46pamauryfeel free to close the thread
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23:28:13BilgusCH23 (logs) if you can copy the bootloader to root of internal memory from your SD card and get the player to update then sure, see the forum post in unsupported builds,51844.0.html
23:29:12BilgusCH23 (logs) your sd card will then receive all writes instead of internal memory if thats what you mean by cost to it
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