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#rockbox log for 2017-09-04

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00:31:49CH23Bilgus: thanks i will try this in the morning!
00:32:35CH23after doing this, will i have to patch any updated rockbox firmware as well, or can i build normally and drop the .rockbox on the sd?
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00:52:25[Saint]CH23_asleep: no, you won't have to touch the main Rockbox binary.
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01:33:34Bilgus_PhCH23_asleep: the bootloader and the firmware will need to be patched, If firmware doesn't have bootdata then the bootloader won't load it from the sd card, you can just download the one in mediafire folder if you like or patch your own, the last forum post goes through the steps
01:35:02Bilgus_Phthis post goes through the steps for both,51844.msg240296.html#msg240296
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02:41:11[Saint]Well, the Rockbox binary only needs to be patched if you intend to boot from SD.
02:41:42[Saint]It's fine if you just want to keep using it on the basis that one day you might have to boot from SD.
02:42:18[Saint]But if that's not true right now, the multiboot bootloader and a release binary are fine.
02:42:35[Saint]Are? Is? Is fine.
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02:48:58[Saint]Yeah, I'm honestly not sure, haha. I think both are technically valid, the rules for which is "correct" are kind of arbitrary.
02:51:19Bilgus_Ph@[Saint]: Yes if you don't want to boot from the sd card a standard build will work on internal memory. I updated the forum post to make it more explicit
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03:37:36__builtin hmm, I may as well port wolf3d
03:37:58__builtinprobably not to for inclusion into mainline though, it will be ugly as hell
03:53:23__builtini.e. 8 MB plugin buffer
04:05:56*__builtin is glad he ported puzzles first
04:06:13__builtinall I have to do now is copy over rbwrappers
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05:03:50__builtinargh, this is annoying
05:04:33__builtinwolf3d relies on open(), but I can't #define that to rb->open because SDL wants to have open as a struct member :(
05:06:12__builtinnor can I define it as a function macro since open has varargs
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05:11:04__builtinyay, it's linking for target :)
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05:12:43BilgusI could have sworn you can use varargs with a macro function
05:13:34__builtinyeah, but it doesn't work when there are no varargs
05:13:37__builtinI think
05:14:45Bilgusyeah it will but it requires some heroic fuckery to make it work right
05:15:43__builtinI managed to work around it
05:16:53Bilgusyea, probably a lot quicker to work around it than go down that rabbit hole
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05:18:03Bilgusoh 'heroic fuckery' should be + TM [Saint] :p
05:20:30Bilgusbtw __builtin your rb_wrappers looks pretty neat I assume plugins don't share code though are there any RB dlls or something similar?
05:20:51__builtinthere's pluginlib/*
05:21:04__builtinnot dynamically linked, but similar
05:21:27Bilgusoh is rbwrappers exported through that?
05:21:39__builtinit's local to puzzles
05:21:45Bilgusah ok so it would have to be in core to share it then
05:22:51BilgusI suppose space is pretty easy to come by
05:23:00__builtinwell, pluginlib isn't exactly in the core
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05:25:10__builtinthe code is included in the .rock file, I think
05:25:10__builtinso it doesn't take up space in the main image
05:27:00Bilgushuh I assumed it was since its just a bunch of wrappers
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05:34:06__builtinHOLY FUCK
05:34:08__builtinit worked
05:36:30[Saint]gevaerts mentioned a plugin wrapper for providing config support.
05:36:35[Saint]Was that your doing?
05:37:14__builtinno, Bilgus was referring to the compat functions supplied with sgt-puzzles
05:37:15[Saint]I'm starting to consider how I'm going to be glueing all this together now.
05:38:50[Saint]I don't quite know how I'm going to get it done, and obviously I'd prefer to not reinvent the wheel.
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05:40:00[Saint]It occured to me that I don't need to get checkwps involved if I store theme configs in the root of the storage.
05:41:03__builtinI think gevaerts was referring to apps/plugins/lib/configfile.c
05:41:26__builtinwhich is from way before my time
05:42:22[Saint]Oh for fucks sake.
05:42:36[Saint]Not a single bloody comment or function description in the whole damn thing.
05:42:54[Saint]well, *useful comment, I should say.
05:45:40[Saint]Hmmm, now to try and track down an example of it actually being used when I don't have a local copy of the source here and now.
05:46:46Bilgusoh I hate trying to search for things with git :/
05:47:43[Saint]I've spent so much time in Java/RUST land lately that ~15 year old C looks foreign to me.
05:48:33__builtinit seems to be just a couple functions for working with config files
05:48:34[Saint]There's at least two bits in that that I have legitimately no clue what they're doing.
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05:49:42[Saint]There's someone I can blame. :)
05:53:37[Saint]Hey! I finally found a plugin that uses it.
05:55:45[Saint]Fuck it. Surely I don't want this for calling from a skin engine function?
05:57:14__builtinI don't think you can use pluginlib from core
05:59:31[Saint]Yeah, that's exactly what I was trying to verify just now.
05:59:39[Saint]And it seems you're exactly right.
06:00:14[Saint]I /also/ can't use the existing config system because it assumes that every config entry is going to have a menu entry/voice/etc.
06:00:41[Saint]Well, shit.
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06:12:03BilgusI think as long as you add it to settings.c/.h and settings_list you can use it without actually adding a menu entry
06:15:18Bilgusfor instance I don't have an actual menu entry to the mask variable
06:24:01Bilguson top of that iirc it doesn't do any 'bounds' checking on the values on save / load either
06:25:59Bilgusso you could use TEXT_SETTING to store your cfg values in one big string if thats still what you want
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07:50:59[Saint]Yeah, I thought about that and while I can parse out config values from a string...I'd obviously rather not.
07:54:07[Saint]not actually checking the config values are in any sort of accepted range is actually a good thing, and I hadn't considered that.
07:54:33[Saint]because ideally I'd like settings_set and settings_get to be able to pass and return arbitrary values or strings to it.
07:55:15[Saint]I figure I need about 10 config entries for it to be widely useful.
07:55:28[Saint]The skin stuff, I'm well comfortable with.
07:55:43[Saint]Skin engine/parsing, and general menu fuckery can go to hell, though.
07:55:55[Saint]The skin engine and parser is a scary place.
07:59:16[Saint]I don't know if or when it will change, but right now I have the attention span and thought processes of a goldfish. So new/different is unappealing to me, I'm barely even comfortable with or able to fucus on things I know well.
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08:51:16CH23_asleepdid just go down?
08:51:41CH23_asleep...apparently not
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09:43:05CH23Bilgus: 'patch -p1 <a767c3a.diff' (4th patch) fails to complete, it tells me there's a previously applied patch detected.
09:43:22CH23"Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n]"
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09:49:42[Saint]CH23: that usually means it's already in mainline
09:50:14[Saint]Or... enough of it is to convince fuzzing that it found it.
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10:06:47CH23[Saint]: how do i make sure? the patch i'm talking about is
10:07:06CH23which is patched after patching 3 others
10:07:20CH23according to,51844.msg240296.html#msg240296
10:08:28[Saint]Examine the patch/diff. It'll tell you the file(s), line number(s) and difference between what it expects.
10:09:06[Saint]If the patch content is already in the file(s) it's pointing to, it's done.
10:12:04CH23is that something that can be done automatically, or will i need to manually go through all (potentially) patched files?
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10:15:40[Saint]It should be telling you exactly what chunk(s) are failing.
10:16:09[Saint]It's not difficult to verify manually.
10:16:36[Saint]The patch tells you exactly what it wants to put where in a simple to understand plain text format.
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13:41:01BilgusCH23 did you figure it out?
13:44:50BilgusI think I might have duplicated everything into 1613 since its a don't commit and has several different parents i'll change the forum post once i verify
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15:55:54fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 142f80f, 255 builds, 14 clients.
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16:10:36fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 882 seconds.
16:10:39fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 142f80f result: 0 errors 6 warnings
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17:40:25__builtinalright, wolf3d gets as far as the "Get Psyched" splash, and then crashes
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17:47:50__builtinhmm, it seems to be working now
17:50:11__builtinto an extent, at least
17:50:22__builtinall it does now is spin in a circle for some reason
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18:54:23Bilguswell thats still quite some progress, you running this on the ipod?
18:55:20__builtin\o/ got it working!
18:55:29__builtinand yes, ipod6g
18:55:45__builtinit only works with multiples of 320x200 and 320x240
18:56:10__builtin(it was interpreting the mouse position as "always run to the left")
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19:23:03mendelmunkisI have a sansa fuze+ which died a few months ago, after replacing the battery there are still no signs of life. Is there a way to test exactly which component is broken?
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19:33:21Bilguspamaury would be your best bet
19:35:10 Join JanC_ [0] (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
19:36:22Bilgusstart here Bozhan just had similar woes
19:36:27 Nick JanC is now known as Guest74391 (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
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19:52:06__builtinalright, it's to the point where it's possible to finish the first level
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20:07:31__builtincrap, how do I abandon a gerrit task now?
20:07:43Bilgusmendelmunkis (logs) here is a log of the steps you need to take to get the recovery setup
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20:27:33pamaury__builtin: there is an abandom button. But because our gerrit is currently a bit broken, the interface may now work, you use it with a special ssh command
20:27:52__builtinwhat is that command?
20:28:43pamauryssh -p 29418 gerrit review <task id> −−abandon
20:29:03pamaurydocumentation is here btw
20:29:32__builtinah, thanks
20:30:01pamaurythe task id is the number, ie g#1570 has id 1570
20:30:03fs-bluebotGerrit review #1570 at : Modernize toolchain script and add generic arm toolchain by Amaury Pouly
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20:38:20__builtinhi user890104
20:38:45user890104hi __builtin
20:38:52 Join wodz [0] (
20:39:24*__builtin just got wolf3d running on target :)
20:39:35pamaurywodz: did you have time to try g#1648 ?
20:39:36fs-bluebotGerrit review #1648 at : qeditor: add better fallback mecanism for icons by Amaury Pouly
20:39:45user890104__builtin: nice, which target? :)
20:39:46wodzpamaury: Sorry, no
20:39:56 Join APLU [0] (
20:40:35wodzpamaury: Do you plan to add S32 samples support at codec/pcm level?
20:41:00user890104__builtin: does it have a proper keymap, or it just starts / plays demo?
20:41:06 Quit Moarc (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:41:08__builtinkeymap is crap right now
20:41:36__builtinit shoots whenever you try and open a door
20:41:44user890104should be better than alleycat's on my fake86 port
20:42:03 Quit evilnick (Write error: Broken pipe)
20:42:04 Quit dfkt (Excess Flood)
20:42:06__builtinthe menu also doesn't work for some reason
20:42:16user890104can you please send a zip to <my nickname> at
20:42:38 Join evilnick [0] (~evilnick@rockbox/staff/evilnick)
20:42:43__builtina whole rockbox install?
20:43:02 Join Moarc [0] (
20:43:11user890104well, i guess i can build it, but just want to see how it looks like
20:43:24__builtinok, gimme a second
20:43:32 Join dfkt [0] (~dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
20:44:04user890104i can send you my build with fake86 and proper dos disk, bios image, etc.
20:44:15user890104if you're interested
20:44:23user890104it's very hacky at the moment
20:44:59*__builtin wants to make sure he's got a working version first
20:45:01user890104i think i've pushed a version to my github fork, but it's not ready for testing at all
20:45:53user890104i need to implement a menu with keypad layout switcher, and a text input mode
20:46:09user890104which should get translated to scancodes, and feed into the emulator
20:46:34user890104otherwise it's pretty useless emulator (apart from putting a game in autoexec.bat and playing it)
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20:48:48 Join ehmry [0] (ehmrymatri@gateway/shell/
20:51:20__builtinrun Demos > sdl.rock
20:51:31__builtinthen just click through all the menus
20:52:11__builtinmake sure you're not standing in a door when you're trying to shoot, though
20:52:21__builtinit will just end up opening and closing the door :P
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20:59:49pamaurydoes someone remember how to update the build clients? I want to add a toolchain
21:00:46wodzpamaury: Have you seen my question?
21:03:00pamaurywodz: oh sorry no
21:03:31pamauryyeah I'd like to add support for more sample size, if I do it for 24-bit, it should be trivial to do for 32-bit
21:03:49pamaurythat's the question right?
21:05:18wodzpamaury: Yes. I am asking because according to my tests DAC in ATJ always requestes 32bits and discards first 16bits. So while in fact uses only 16bit of data it behaves as 32bit
21:07:52pamauryI see, indeed that would be a nice way to handle it
21:08:51wodzotherwise I'd need to copy to temporary buffer which is ugly
21:09:29pamauryyeah exactly
21:22:52 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
21:24:11pamaurywodz (logs): someone posted on the iriver E100 port (,19522.msg0.html#new), it's the device you are working on right?
21:29:15 Join dys [0] (
21:30:48__builtinuser890104: did it work?
21:31:13user890104i need to find a cable first...
21:49:54__builtinuser890104: I pushed a new patch set that makes it possible to quit :)
21:50:05__builtin(via the HOLD switch, like doom does)
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22:12:45__builtinfor some reason the demo behaves really weirdly...
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