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#rockbox log for 2017-09-09

00:01:25Bilgus_it erroirs out at quantities > 333399999 so i'm gussing over a limit it gives no feedback
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02:13:46johnb3lebellium (logs): Are you familiar with the clip+ and its keymap? I am a long time user and know it by heart. It perfectly fits Sonys with volume keys. Do you think users of the "NWZ-E3xx" series are emotionally bound to current key map?
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02:17:23johnb3I just applied it to the Linux Sonys that I have, all with volume keys. On devices w/o I am not so sure, if it makes sense.
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05:34:44Milardohi i see that the Sony NWZ-E360 is in the dev builds page
05:34:57MilardoI have the sony nwz-e353
05:35:33Milardoi believe somebody was working on it here
05:35:51MilardoCan somebody tell me if it's close to completion yet for rockbox port?
05:42:41Milardois this player related to e360?
05:42:59Milardoi also see that the e360 is stable noww
05:43:18Milardohow about the e353, i can't find it anywhere
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10:21:29usviBilgus_: interesting note, comparing the packaging the v1 is sealed to the plastic casing, non-v1 is loose. also I think v1 did not contain mini-cd; instead it had a sticker to go to website for firmware upgrades
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14:19:13Bilgus_yeah that packaging was something else well sealed to say the least, as for the cd well and that software its essentially worthless lol
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15:30:51johnb3Bilgus_ : Would you mind pushing g#1609 ?
15:30:53fs-bluebotGerrit review #1609 at : Rename "Selective Backlight" to "Backlight Exemptions" and add German translation by Johannes Rauh
15:32:41Bilgus_doesn't matter to me but I don't have commit auth, in addition g#1617 need to get pushed as well
15:32:43fs-bluebotGerrit review #1617 at : FIX Autolock not working unless Selective backlight enabled by William Wilgus
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15:35:12johnb3Then we need someone else to volunteer ;-)
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16:20:36Bilgus_johnb3, also you might want to push g#1444 prior to your sony keymap or cherry pick it into your commit
16:20:38fs-bluebotGerrit review #1444 at : Fix FMS Volume-long press Up and Down button actions for SANSA CLIP derivatives by William Wilgus
16:21:51Bilgus_(assuming you are still planning on using the clip keymaps)
16:22:59johnb3Yep, I might put something on gerrit soon.
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16:43:57__builtinCould someone do me a favor and test wolf3d on their target (anything but ipod6g)? I'm interested in seeing how well the sound performs now
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16:48:24Bilgus_if you want to compile it for the fuze+ I can, IIRC it has a 320x240 screen
16:48:46__builtinI think it might work for other screen sizes as well
16:48:50__builtinbut I haven't tested
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16:49:54__builtinBilgus_: gimme a second to push the change to make it screen-size agnostic
16:50:20Bilgus_ok, ill dig out my fuze+
16:50:27pamauryjohnb3: the clip+ and nwz don't quite have the same keys though, the nwz have one more key and a hold button. Also some don't have volume keys
16:51:48__builtinok, check out g#1653 and all its dependencies
16:51:49fs-bluebotGerrit review #1653 at : Wolfenstein 3-D! by Franklin Wei
16:52:42__builtinyou might need to adjust firmware/export/config/*yourtarget*.h to enlarge the plugin buffer
16:53:52johnb3The hold button is not a problem, you simply don't need the key combo to do a soft lock. I am aware of the volume keys. It is working on devices with volume keys (tested) and in a next step I would try and put if-clauses for the ones without.
16:55:01pamauryand what is the argument for changing the keymap?
16:55:24johnb3For me the question is, if the community out there would be willing to change to a new keymap.
16:56:01johnb3My impression is that the behaviour of BACK and POWER is not as elaborate as with the clip.
16:56:23johnb3And of course I am familiar with it :-)
16:56:54johnb3So for now it is just for my usage unless others feel the same way.
16:57:21johnb3Do the NWZ-E3xx have volume keys or not?
17:01:14Bilgus___builtin, what are 'the original data files
17:02:16__builtinone second
17:04:40__builtincheck PM
17:11:43pamauryjohnb3: some do, some don't
17:11:57pamauryalso we support other NWZ
17:12:07pamaurybut all others have volume keys
17:12:27johnb3pamaury: Since there are no manuals for the Sonys today, the keymap is only documented in the source. With your NWZlinx port I expect the number of users to increase dramatically. Changing a keymap after that will annoy people.
17:13:05johnb3I just uploaded the current version g#1656
17:13:06fs-bluebotGerrit review #1656 at : Provide a clip-like keymap for Sony players (WIP) by Johannes Rauh
17:13:52johnb3Are you familiar with the clip+ or zip?
17:14:21pamauryjohnb3: not particularly, however note that the nwz can't do combos
17:14:46pamauryor rather many combos are not possible
17:14:56pamauryand some might work but I'm not even sure
17:15:06pamauryI know the clip+ keymap loves combos (which I hate)
17:16:40johnb3As for me the keylock combo is the only one I use, if at all. Other stuff is rather exotic and not really needed.
17:16:52johnb3in my opinion.
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17:18:07pamauryyou would need to ask in the NWZ E370/E380 thread to gather some opinion (note that those do NOT have volume keys though). I don't have a strong opinion
17:18:43pamauryHowever I would prefer you do not copy the keymap-clip.c file over, that's make the diff essentially impossible to follow and thus hard to know what it changes
17:19:22pamauryfor example the button_mapping button_context_standard is essentially the same but with a different order
17:19:45pamauryand obviously it needs to support no volume key
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17:37:58johnb3I confirm the useless/impossible "diff". Assuming keymap-clip in itself is consistent, I had rather copied it completely than trying re-arrange and compare the different actions, ending up in inconsistencies.
17:38:21__builtinBilgus_: pull the newest patch set
17:39:37johnb3When changing the samsung yp-R0 keymap I also found it hard to compare with others...
17:42:59johnb3I feel it would be a major effort to align the source formatting of the keymap files.
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17:46:23Bilgus_maybe do them alphabetically and just script it?
17:47:23Bilgus_only thing you'd have to watch for is changing the actual header order of each table
17:47:58johnb3As for "asking in the NWZ E370/E380 thread", that's a good idea, but I would only do that once I have a solution for the 'no vol key devices' available, so people can try themselves.
17:49:25johnb3Bilgus_ : yeah, and you have to identify the different context sections and only sort in there. Also the contexts then would need sorting.
17:49:54johnb3I am not good at text parsing :-(
17:52:16johnb3Bilgus_ : Did you mean having a list of actions and the create the context sections with a script?
17:55:22Bilgus_I think thatd be a bear to keep track of no just sort them once with a script
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18:00:11__builtinBilgus_: I just tried it in the sim, it seems menu drawing isn't working
18:00:21__builtinbut the game does, just press volume up (I think) a bunch of times
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18:10:28Bilgus_I didn't get any sound at all, also tried 'test sound' and it tells me 'couldn't init video, no mode large enough for 320x240'\
18:10:47Bilgus_runs pretty smooth though otherwise..
18:12:31__builtinit's off by default
18:12:42__builtinyou need to navigate the menu blindly to get it
18:12:53Bilgus_ok w/o a menu how do I turn it on?
18:13:08__builtinstart the game
18:13:19Bilgus_a list of the menu options would help
18:13:36__builtinthen press -, down, +, down, +, down, +, down +, -
18:13:42__builtin(based on the sim)
18:13:57__builtinalso I made a mistake and it plays about 2x faster than normal
18:14:09Bilgus_not a bad thing imo
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18:14:31__builtin(the sound)
18:22:17Bilgus_no I get sound enabled and menu sounds come through but then can't get out of the menu
18:26:18Bilgus_the menu sounds sound 'ok' bloop and 'ricochet'
18:26:49*__builtin should probably get the menu working
18:27:18 Join scorche [0] (~scorche@rockbox/administrator/scorche)
18:35:43__builtinah, it seems it tries to scale everything by a certain "scale factor" when drawing
18:35:52__builtinbut when LCD_WIDTH < 320, it truncates to 0
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20:45:18__builtinBilgus_: I figured out a hack to make the menu work
20:45:51Bilgus_ok did you commit it?
20:45:57__builtinnot yet
20:46:27__builtinin apps/plugins/sdl/tests/wolf3d/id_vl.c, insert the line "if(!scaleFactor) scaleFactor = 1;" on line 145
20:46:41__builtinunderneath where scaleFactor is first set
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20:47:29__builtinit will probably crash at some point because it will be attempting an out-of-range access
20:48:54Bilgus_it already had a DIVZ error but since I couldn't see the menu and what I clicked I ignored it
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20:51:54__builtinit might work if I add some bounds checks though
20:59:53__builtinhmm, maybe not
21:00:51__builtinI suppose I could go a bit lower-level and implement scaling on the SDL driver level
21:00:57__builtinit would look like crap, but it would work
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21:17:43saratoga__anyone understand cue sheets well enough to understand fs#13128?
21:17:43fs-bluebot rockbox doesn't show correct song/artist name when playing file with CUE sheet (bugs, unconfirmed)
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21:39:12__builtinBilgus_: I pushed the scaling code
21:39:17__builtinit should work now
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21:42:06__builtinI'm not sure how fast it'll be though
21:43:11Bilgus_ill try it
21:45:25__builtinwait, that last one wouldn't compile
21:45:42__builtinpull it again if you already did
21:46:14 Quit johnb3 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
21:47:57saratoga__jhMikeS: are cue file tags used in rockbox?
21:48:25Bilgus_CC apps/plugins/sdl/tests/wolf3d/wl_atmos.c
21:48:25Bilgus_CC apps/plugins/sdl/tests/wolf3d/wl_cloudsky.c
21:48:25Bilgus_cc1: error: invalid option argument ‘-Og’
21:48:26DBUGEnqueued KICK Bilgus_
21:48:26Bilgus_make: *** [/home/ubuntu/Desktop/rockbox_gerrit/rockbox/buildfuze+/apps/plugins/sdl/tests/wolf3d/wl_atmos.o] Error 1
21:48:26Bilgus_make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
21:49:09Bilgus_ill try a clean build again bbiab
21:51:49__builtinpull it again
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22:53:42jhMikeSsaratoga: no
22:56:23jhMikeSsaratoga: never mind that. of course they are since they show in the wps. duh
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23:08:30saratoga__i'd forgotten we even had that, i never use CUE files
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