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#rockbox log for 2017-09-14

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00:52:54__builtinwhat the heck, how big is duke3d!?
00:54:14__builtin104 MB on x86!
00:54:33__builtin109338652 (dec.) bytes
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00:57:09[Saint]Yeah. Lots and lots of textures and shit codec audio.
00:57:22[Saint]Like...a /lot/ of textures.
01:04:07__builtinat least that's including .bss
01:07:29__builtinah, I see
01:07:58__builtinit's allocating a 100MB audio buffer on the stack :P
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01:12:27[Saint]Put that into perspective in the 90s.
01:12:34[Saint]That was some serious shit.
01:12:48[Saint]That game was absolutely revolution a
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01:13:51__builtinwtf... Game/src/midi/sdl_midi.c:#define KILOBYTE (1024*1024)
01:14:20 Join _meg [0] (~notsure@
01:15:51__builtinI'm probably gonna have to reduce that :)
01:20:31[Saint]I'm honestly not sure there's a single non-platform-hosted target this will ever run on.
01:21:03[Saint]I just don't see it happening without nearly completely rewriting the game engine.
01:21:27[Saint]Not to be Debbie Downer or anything.
01:21:38[Saint]I just don't see it happening.
01:21:56__builtinI'm obviously not too hopeful it will work
01:23:05[Saint]I think you could do it.
01:23:21[Saint]But at that point I don't think it would still be wolf3d.
01:24:37[Saint]I guess you could crush textures...a lot. But that'll only get you so far.
01:30:46__builtinI'm not sure how reliable this is, but the game only checks that at least 3MB are available
01:32:55__builtinhmm, 6.8MB, actually
01:44:26[Saint]It's been a VERY long time since I looked through this, years and years and years, but I seem to recall it wanting to maintain at least two largeish allocations.
01:45:00[Saint]I think audio and textures/mapping are on djfferent buffers?
01:45:08[Saint]Probably misremembering.
01:47:19__builtinhmm, it can't be *that* bad, at least memory-wise
01:48:23__builtinI just can't imagine it needing more than a couple tens of megabytes to run
01:53:52[Saint]I seem to recall it doing something pretty stupid along the lines of loading every texture and every audio file into a buffer regardless of the map used.
01:54:10 Join jhMikeS [0] (
01:54:48[Saint]But I may well be misremembering this.
01:54:57[Saint]Probably. I hope I am.
01:56:11__builtinwell, it boots to the menu on target now :)
01:56:31__builtinand sound sorta-kinda works, too
01:56:59__builtinof course it crashes when starting a game, though
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02:00:14__builtinHOLY SHIT, it actually worked
02:00:35__builtinit's started the first level now
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02:02:07__builtinit seems that sound needs to be disabled for it to work
02:05:08__builtinbut it's playable :)
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02:21:42[Saint]There is no God.
02:22:37[Saint]I just found a dkms.conf file that sources a makefile that does nothing but invoke a script that picks the module up and puts it back after the kernel's done.
02:23:17[Saint]Err... whoops. Pretend this is *-community
02:26:32saratoga_pretty sure i played duke 3d on a 120 Mhz pc with 32 MB of RAM, so at least some devices should be able to run it
02:28:08saratoga_yeah recommended is only 16MB of RAM
02:29:22__builtinit's running at a nice 25FPS right now
02:34:28[Saint] should've done Heretic.
02:34:42[Saint]No one remembers Heretic...
02:35:58[Saint]The doom plug-in could likely run Heretic with pretty minimal modification.
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02:42:59__builtinehh, not as interesting
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03:02:52__builtinthis is weird
03:03:56__builtinafter the game has been started once, starting it again leads to random noise on the screen and a crash
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03:31:55__builtinhmm, do we have a built-in sample rate converter?
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03:38:00[Saint]We support 44.1/48.
03:38:06[Saint]It doesn't happen by magic.
03:41:58AldemNo 32/192 ? :P
03:44:20[Saint] theory we could support higher samplerates. It's kinda arbitrary.
03:44:28AldemJust kidding
03:44:31Aldem48 is enough
03:44:41__builtinI need to downsample in order to make audio work
03:44:55[Saint]I would fear doing so would add credibility to the audiophile voodoo nuts though.
03:45:32 Join PurlingNayuki1 [0] (~Thunderbi@
03:45:33[Saint]If anyone ever had a legitimate reason for it that wasn't "Muh HD audio!" I'm sure it would be entertained.
03:45:44[Saint]Hasn't happened yet. Doubt it ever will.
03:45:56__builtinhmm, where would I find said converter?
03:46:15AldemHead-Fi, that forum is cancer
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03:47:34Aldem"This tube added so much bass after my headphone break-in, and after I swapped the op-amps !"
03:47:39[Saint]__builtin: from memory, errr...
03:47:59Aldem__builtin: A downsampler ?
03:48:16AldemI use Foobar2000 for all my audio works
03:48:41__builtin[Saint]: doesn't look like it
03:48:56__builtinI'd guess that it'd be CPU architecture-specific
03:51:19[Saint]I'd guess it's in either pcm.c (guess not), dsp.c, codecs.c or playback.c (probably not).
03:52:20__builtinI know the wolf3d port had a really bad floating-point one, but I'd prefer not to have to copy-pasta it
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06:08:36saratoga____builtin: lib/rbcodec/dsp/resample.c
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06:10:38saratoga__if you are concerned about speed, you may want to use the older linear resampler:;a=blob;f=lib/rbcodec/dsp/resample.c;h=4a8997cc44eb95600a4e26b4be680f252f329822;hb=fce81a8a74deaa0dae504a3da190d786156a568d
06:10:59saratoga__although both are pretty fast
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10:59:53[Saint]saratoga: wasn't there a synced resampled implementation at one point?
11:00:04[Saint]Or did that never make it out of Flyspray?
11:00:15[Saint]I seem to recall one but can't find it.
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22:40:03__builtinmaybe I should port quake...
22:46:53pamaury__builtin: please don't :-p how can someone play those games on rockbox!
22:47:17__builtinit doesn't require any more controls than doom does :P
22:48:03pamaurybut the screen is minuscule and the controls awkward, also it barely has enough fps to play no?
22:48:14__builtinnot on some targets
22:48:56__builtinand I got duke nukem running steadily at 25FPS on ipod6g yesterday
22:51:17pamauryalso rockbox is not a retro gaming platform, I'm slightly afraid that it will blow up the size of source code for very little gain, I don't expect many people will play duke nukem on their devces
22:52:00__builtinI said I wasn't planning on merging any of these, didn't I?
22:52:30pamauryah I don't know, fine then ;)
22:59:18__builtinah great, I'm running into the same kind of bug in the sim again
22:59:33__builtinrefuses to reproduce it self in valgrind, but does when I run it normally :(
23:06:43__builtinhmm, it looks like all pointers are cast to 32 bits
23:16:16Bilgussaratoga, did you get a chance to test your e200v2?
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23:37:50*__builtin might as well just replace every instance of int32_t with intptr_t
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23:53:40__builtinhmm, this isn't gonna work

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