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#rockbox log for 2017-10-10

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01:28:19Tony_does rockbox come with an NES emu?
01:28:45Tony_in its current build
01:34:03BilgusNot that I recall
01:36:46BilgusIt looks like there are a few WIP nes emulators scattered around someone else might know more
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02:34:06almog1006I extracted a firmware file and got unrecognized files that I tried to edit with Hex Editor but I can see only a few individual lines from the file binwalk identified the file as an .xml file ( But I do not know how to read it .. (there is a text file in the firmware files that mentions the name of the software XPAT XML Parser) Anyway, I uploaded the file:
02:38:47__builtinTony_: I'm aware of a port of infoNES
02:38:55__builtinit's unmaintained and IIRC it's pretty buggy
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11:45:01wodzpamaury: After figuring out the thing with caches hwstub works in vma. Rockbox still fails to boot however and I don't know why.
11:47:12pamauryI guess it counts as progress
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11:49:28wodzsort of
11:49:53wodzI definitely have too many things uncommited
11:51:27pamaurywodz: by the way, do you remember what I used to reverse engineer the atj encryption?
11:51:47pamauryI can't find my idb files anymore, I suspect I may have lost them in my old virtual machine
11:51:59wodzpamaury: yes, PC recovery tool for atj
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11:53:03*wodz searches
11:54:19pamauryDid I send you the IDA files by any chance? I'll keep looking on my old computer
11:55:48wodzpamaury: No, I don't have IDA db of this for sure
11:56:14wodzIt was called 'Product Tool 5.01' AFAIK
11:58:51pamauryCan't find it on my hard drive
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15:05:42*man_in_shack looks around
15:05:55man_in_shacktime to dismantle my sansa clip+
15:06:24man_in_shack"The flash of the player can be directly accessed via USB with the following method: 1) Take the player completely apart"
15:06:33man_in_shackdetailed instructions :P
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15:28:35man_in_shack"It should report a drive without partitions, with a size of 979.75MB" it's reporting 30MB. does that mean it's dead?
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15:51:02*man_in_shack flails
15:57:58man_in_shacki don't think it's even powering off properly
15:58:21man_in_shackis there a way to force sansa clip+ to power off by pins on the pcb?
15:58:33man_in_shacki don't want to have to desolder the battery if i can avoid it
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16:21:00pamaurygevaerts: did you contact Zagor about updating gerrit?
16:29:09man_in_shack99% sure my clip+ is completely dead :(
16:29:46man_in_shackonly reporting 32MB device (30.6MiB), "UNDEF" listed as vendor
16:35:25gevaertspamaury: I did
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17:08:44*man_in_shack sighs
17:09:06man_in_shackdon't suppose anyone has a spare clip+ they don't want any more?
17:38:09shrizza_In some circles, those are like golden nuggets.
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18:26:24man_in_shackshrizza_: you have a golden nugget you don't want anymore?
18:52:15man_in_shackfound a bunch of fuzes on ebay
18:52:21man_in_shackand a clip+ in uk
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22:40:11Bilguspamaury on the fuze+ if I were to set the defines for IMX233_CPUFREQ_ 454_MHz , 320_MHz, 261_MHz all to 64000000 would that guarantee the device would be actually running at 64MHZ or is it just what is shown to the user?
22:42:37Bilgusman_in_shack pretty sure we discovered if it shows 32 mb its dead but you can try... also I put images of the clip+ and clipzip on the forums
22:42:53Bilguslike disk images not pretty pics
22:43:09pamauryBilgus: if you want to run at 64Mhz, just set CPUFREQ_MAX to IMX233_CPUFREQ_64_MHz in arm/imx233/system-target.h
22:43:29Bilgusyeah Thats what I did
22:43:31pamaurythough I'm not sure why you would want to run at 64Mhz all the time
22:43:46pamauryand didn't it work?
22:43:57Bilguswe/I are testing a bug in AAC_HE decoding
22:44:36Bilgussaratoga insits taht 64 MHZ isn't enough to decode it so I was making sure that was the actual freq
22:44:47Bilgusinsists that**
22:45:02pamaurythe frequency displayed in the debug menu is the actual frequency
22:45:25pamauryyou can go in HW Info > clock if you want to see all frequencies (cpu, buses, dma, etc)
22:45:28BilgusIts strange the test file skips when MAX freq is set but I locked it to 64 and it plays fine
22:46:00Bilgusat this point I'm thinking its perhaps a voltage issue
22:46:12pamaurydefine 'skips'
22:46:23Bilguslike the buffer runs out and it stutters
22:46:53pamauryI would be surprised it's related to voltage, it seems more likely it's related to switching the frequency and maybe the buffer under-runs
22:46:58Bilgusbut you skip to a different file and back it works fine or play a different file first and then the AAC-HE file and it works fine
22:47:24pamauryBilgus: try the following:
22:47:41pamauryin system-imx233:c, ~line290
22:48:03pamauryset EMIFREQ_MAX to IMX233_EMIFREQ_64_MHz
22:48:12pamaury(warning: the whole device may feel a bit slow)
22:48:42pamauryand leave CPUFREQ_MAX to IMX233_CPUFREQ_ 454_MHz
22:48:51pamaurythat way the cpu will scale frequency but not the ram
22:48:53Bilgusah ok
22:49:36pamauryif it still stutters, it's a likely indication that the problem is related to the fact that to switch memory frequency, I need to disable the ram for a very small amount of time
22:49:52pamaurythat can be enough to cause an underrun for audio since it's fed by dm
22:50:18Bilgusodd that it only happens with that particualr decoder though isn't it?
22:50:57BilgusI'll try that and a few more things and get back to you thanks..
22:51:11pamauryI've never experienced any audio issue with frequency scaling on imx233, so I doubt it's hardware related but hey
22:52:27Bilgusif you have a fuze+ to test its pretty easy to reproduce
22:53:00Bilgusfiles are on the forums in AAC-HE_BUG
22:53:53pamauryI may have a try tomorrow
22:54:51pamauryis this codec particularly cpu intensive?
22:56:23BilgusI think saratoga would know more about it but it sure sounds like it is
23:24:56man_in_shackhi Bilgus
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23:27:57Bilguspamaury it acts just the same with EMIFREQ_MAX IMX233_EMIFREQ_64_MHz but if I comment out the boost and cancel boost code it still happens but when I go back to setting all frequencies to IMX233_CPUFREQ_64_MHz it works perfectly.. so IDK yet I'll keep screwing with it
23:29:04pamaurythat's weird
23:29:14pamauryBilgus: what happens if you set all frequency to the maximum
23:29:21Bilgusgood question
23:29:29pamauryie CPUFREQ_DEFAULT to IMX233_CPUFREQ_454_MHz
23:34:12BilgusI just defined all the others to the one in question
23:36:23 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
23:41:48Bilgusand still works just fine weird
23:45:00pamauryBilgus: when you said you commented out the boost and cancel boost code, you mean what exactly?
23:45:47Bilgusvoid trigger_cpu_boost(void) ;//boost_thread(__running_self_entry(), true); and same for cancel
23:46:12pamauryhmmm, they are other ways to boost I suspect though
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23:47:36Bilgusyeah but none I saw in the codec code though but ill try further up
23:47:51__builtinfor what ARM versions is the U bit in the CP15 CR1 register effective?
23:50:31pamaury__builtin: is that the unaligned bit?
23:55:19pamauryit's basically supported start from ARMv6, I think ARM1136 was the first processor to support it
23:57:10man_in_shackBilgus: you know what lsusb should say if sansa clip+ is in recovery mode?

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