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#rockbox log for 2017-10-14

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01:35:36melissa__Hello. Does Rockbox have an alarm clock feature and if so, will it go off even if the device is in standby (low-power) mode?
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02:04:29man_in_shack << who wants? not me selling
02:08:14user890104__builtin: which datasheet?
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05:10:39__builtinuser890104: S5L8700X
05:11:21__builtindo you know how the GPIOCMD register is used?
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05:12:46smellypoohPLEASE CALL L0DE RIGHT NOW!!!
05:12:47smellypoohhis live show @
05:12:52smellypoohkugel nlogex [Saint] Ruhan alexweissman sielicki Acou_Bass jhMikeS The_Prospector bzed michaelni sparetire man_in_shack mmint CH23 MrZeus deevious _meg [7] Rondom munch sanchaez tchan Slasheri JanC ender| Jinx copper Rower robertd1 Marex paulk-gagarine Huntereb Soap prof_wolfff prg318 yosafbridge
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05:19:49__builtinOh, pleasant
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06:56:44man_in_shackthe fuck was that
07:01:28shrizza_The geek equivalent of a drive-by.
07:02:38man_in_shackexcept no one died
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12:08:45fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 81f5a22, 273 builds, 13 clients.
12:21:42fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 776 seconds.
12:21:43fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 81f5a22 result: All green
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14:22:41pamaurylebellium: I have the S760 \o/
14:27:08pamauryit's very nice sleek and with bluetooth
14:27:25pamauryif only I could the stutter problen when backlight is off...
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15:07:16Bilguspamaury I'm still running a battery bench but in a 3hr period where they overlap so far no auto slow has 18% worse battery life 181min vs 222min
15:08:02BilgusI'll have to run with autoslow enabled again to get a full 10 hours of overlapping data to compare
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15:10:47Bilguswell I suppose not I'll just have to run this ench longer till they match
15:13:08pamauryit would make sense that no auto slow has worse battery life
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15:19:05BilgusI'm going to have to run it longer In the last 3 hours it looks like its actually in the lead by ~5%
15:20:27Bilgusits probably a better idea to just run them both from full to dead
15:20:39Bilgusor darn near
15:23:05pamaurydamn, I can't seem to find what the OF when it turns backlight off
15:29:14Huntereblol wtf
15:29:25HunterebThat's the first time I've seen a spammer on irc
15:29:34HunterebI must be too new
15:36:44pamaurylebellium: I just noticed something very odd
15:36:57pamaurythe usb cable of my A15 doesn't work with old devices like E580 or E460
15:37:16pamauryactually if you look at the pins, you can see that it has one pin that is not populated compared to older cables
15:40:38lebelliumboth cables in front of me have 9 pins populated
15:40:44lebelliumbut I don"t remember where they come from
15:41:06pamaurythis one only has 8 populated!
15:41:17lebelliummaybe the A15 cable is still in the original box
15:41:19lebelliumI check
15:41:47pamauryinteresing, so if I use Sony's test_backlight binary to switch off backlight and use aplay to play music, it doesn't stuter when backlight is off
15:42:27lebelliumaha yes the cable is still brand-new unused in the A15 box. And yes there is one pin missing
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15:52:57pamauryit's annoying, a bought some cheaper VMPort to jack and AC VM port charger in hope to get a VM port with all pins but no
15:53:17pamauryI want one to experiment with the UART but Sony seems to make a point of having unpopulated pins
15:53:25pamauryI think I need to rip off a dock
15:53:32pamaurybut those are expensive and rare
15:56:11pamaurylebellium: do you have any Sony dock you don't want anymore? ;)
15:58:00lebelliumI don't have any Sony dock, sorry
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16:23:01johnb2Bilgus: One more question before I try to write the image to the read-only clip+: Would it make sense to increasee the supply voltage for the flash in your particular build? If the read-only is due to cell aging ...
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18:23:11Bilgusjohnb2: I thought about that but I figured we'd wait and see if it worked or not
18:26:04johnb2ok. That player has the problem that sometimes the backlight is barely visible. I need to recall how to get from the recent bookmarks ot the .sansa file on the SD or wait for my son who knows it by heart.
18:26:57johnb2Right now it shows that screen problem :-(
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18:46:40CH23johnb2: are you trying to flash a disk image to the clip+? i had a read only clip+ as well, but i could copy within rockbox from my µSD card to the internal memory still, and installed multibootloader that way.
18:47:26johnb2I tried copying from sd before, but the file never persisted.
18:48:21BilgusI wwon't be back for a few hours but i'll check in when I get a chance
18:49:12Bilgusjust make sure you read back after each try and make sure what you read back either matches the backup you made at start or the new image
18:49:33Bilguslike I said before I'm pretty sure it will be all or nothing but you never know
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18:49:51Bilgusyou just don't want to leave it in a corrupted state
18:57:52BilgusIf we are going to make a real recovery firmware we should probably set up a way to do it from within rockbox like make it not pop up the usb screen and lock it to a debug menu
18:58:48Bilgusright now I just lock the buttons so no one gets confused I really don't want them accidentally formatting that drive if they plug it into a windows pc
18:59:21Bilgusso maybe it should have a message
18:59:28Bilgusand a prompt
19:01:18Bilguseven better would be to figure out how to do a NAND test and bad blocks marking from within the firmware but I fear thats above my abilities
19:02:06Bilgusespecially without knowing anything about the SD<>NAND interface
19:02:18johnb2while doing the dump I get this: dd: reading `/dev/sdb': Input/output error
19:02:28johnb2not good, right?
19:02:45johnb230944+0 records in
19:02:45johnb230944+0 records out
19:02:45johnb215843328 bytes (16 MB) copied, 226.791 s, 69.9 kB/s
19:03:00Bilgushow did you invoke that?
19:03:07Bilgusit should be 32 MB
19:03:21johnb2dd if=/dev/sdb of=orig_image.bin bs=512 count=$((0xF000))
19:04:44johnb2Disk /dev/sdb: 3933 MB, 3933732864 bytes
19:04:44johnb2122 heads, 62 sectors/track, 1015 cylinders, total 7683072 sectors
19:04:44johnb2Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
19:04:44DBUGEnqueued KICK johnb2
19:04:44johnb2Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
19:04:44johnb2I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
19:04:45***Alert Mode level 1
19:04:45johnb2Disk identifier: 0xffffffff
19:04:45***Alert Mode level 2
19:04:45johnb2Disk /dev/sdb doesn't contain a valid partition table
19:05:17johnb2This is what I got for fdisk -l
19:05:32Bilgusyeah that all looks right
19:05:40Bilgussounds like dd errored out
19:05:56johnb2Ok, I will redo it.
19:07:58Bilgusif you can't get a good read off I don't think I'd continue
19:08:13Bilgusbetter a readonly player than a brick
19:08:18johnb2How would you do the comparison step? bdiff, md5 ...?
19:08:25BilgusI did md5
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19:09:12johnb2Yeah, I agree. I am using the RB VM. It got really irresponsive for a while. I am rebooting the VM now.
19:09:34 Join _meg [0] (~notsure@
19:09:57BilgusI believe I did md5 -b /IMAGE.img
19:10:05 Quit dys (Remote host closed the connection)
19:13:20BilgusI set that image up to have really high timeout counts like X100 the original so that might be why the VM is hanging after
19:14:08BilgusIll check back in about an hour good luck
19:14:46***Alert Mode OFF
19:21:41 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
19:28:40johnb2Bilgus: same story, see
19:29:27johnb2What I can try after dinner, is to use a Knoppix live disc rather than the VM.
19:30:45johnb2BTW, after dd, the /dev/sdb is no longer available.
19:40:42 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
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21:12:04wodzpamaury: I started to write emulator of atj platform (extension of qemu). Currently I am at the stage that I can run;a=tree;f=utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/timer_irq
21:12:33johnb2Bilgus (logs): no luck. Even on a Linux live CD dd errors out.
21:13:04johnb2I will read the logs tomorrow.
21:15:21pamaurywodz: interesting, is the code somewhere?
21:15:49wodzpamaury: not yet. I'll put it once I clean it up a bit.
21:16:59wodzpamaury: the lack of qemu documentation AND various device models at various stage of transition between the oldest/older/super fancy new APIs makes it really a pain
21:17:16 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
21:17:56wodznot speaking about weird custom OO model crafted in plain C + macro magic
21:18:40pamauryyeah last time I looked it was horrible
21:18:58pamaurythere are so many different APIS and nothing is documented
21:20:57wodzI'd say the worst thing is that codebase is mix of various APIs and styles doing basically the same at the end.
21:21:26wodzso a bit similar to rockbox codebase :-)
21:22:07pamauryyeah, in some sense it's worse than rockbox though, because of the never finished transition to the new device model, it's not clear how you should write drivers
21:38:42pamaurythis audio problem on the nwz is really weird
21:39:11pamauryas far as I can tell, no underflow is happening, yet audio still stops for like .25s randomly when baklight is off
21:42:20wodzpamaury: what is this sony's test binary doing?
21:42:50 Join PimpiN8 [0] (~textual@
21:43:44pamaurywodz: just calling the ioctl for backlight
21:44:10pamauryI've done a hacky test and if I disable our pcm-alsa code and call aplay to play a file, it seems fine
21:44:27pamauryso I suspect this is related to ALSA, maybe it's an ALSA bug, or some bug in Sony's implementation
21:44:46pamauryI just don't underatand why it's related to backlight
21:45:04 Quit _meg (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:46:36wodzhave you checked what backlight ioctl is actually doing?
21:46:59 Join _meg [0] (~notsure@
21:47:47pamauryyeah, they don't seem to do anything special, I mean they call into the backlight code
21:48:47pamauryI'm still working my way through the lcd/backlight code but somehow I can't see why it should be related
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21:55:58pamaurythe weirdest thing is: if I use pcm-alsa async mode I get this behavior, and if I use the old pcm alsa tick code, it essentially dies the moment backlight turns out and never recovers
22:00:34wodzwhich mode sony's aplay is using?
22:01:27pamauryit doesn't use async mode as far as I can tell
22:01:46pamaurybut it's implementation is hell-safe, it will recovery from virtually any error you can throw at it
22:02:28pamauryI'm currently trying to add error message to our tick based code see why it dies
22:03:08 Quit Acou_Bass (Quit: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
22:03:25lebelliumit's an old one but there is a docking station
22:03:42pamaurymaybe we should at a third mode: blocking writes with a dedicated thread
22:03:47pamauryinstead of using a tick task
22:04:20 Join Acou_Bass [0] (
22:05:05pamaurylebellium: problem is, I'm not even sure which docking stations have all the pins, this only looks like it may only be a fancy usb, that won't do
22:05:49lebelliumwhy would the docking station have more pins?
22:05:59lebelliumwhat are the additionnal pins for?
22:07:32pamaurythey could have an accessory mode that controls the player I think, like apple accessory mode
22:07:56pamauryI'm not entirely sure, there definitely is an uart port in the wm port but it's unclear that is its purpose
22:08:06 Join almog1006 [0] (4d8bf186@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:08:54pamauryhaha, so the pcm tick implementation, there is an xrun that happens apparently, and we don't recover from that
22:10:41 Join JdGordon_ [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
22:11:42pamaurywhat is strange is that in async mode, we don't seem to get an xrun, either our code is wrong or the driver doesn't send the event
22:12:42lebelliumhum it's only a charger
22:12:56pamauryyeah same problem
22:13:18lebelliumactually you want a docking station with speaker?
22:14:01 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:14:40 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
22:16:32pamaurylebellium: I don't know exactly what I need
22:16:41pamauryI want the uart pin, the rest I don't care ^^
22:16:58lebelliumso basically you just want money to buy all possible docking stations just to check :D
22:17:21pamaurywell if only I could buy the connector... but it seems extremely hard to find
22:17:40lebelliumthe connector?
22:18:10pamaurywm port connector
22:23:20lebelliumlooks like there are many pins?
22:23:44 Join jonas [0] (129994c4c6@unaffiliated/horrorcat)
22:26:18lebelliumnot too expensive
22:27:20pamauryah yeah but no guarantee to get it though
22:28:08pamauryhow much do you think I should bet? Surely people will bet more than 20 bucks on this
22:28:13 Part jonas
22:28:51lebelliumI'm actually surprised some people are still interested in. The shape only fits for old models
22:30:35lebelliumtry bidding £15 tomorrow a few minutes before the end
22:31:06lebelliumI'll donate you €5 if needed
22:34:23pamaurythis one will sell for over 100 EUR
22:35:37CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 1 day and 3 hours at the last flood
22:35:37*pamaury goes to bed
22:40:52lebelliumSo many Sony docking stations for iPod/iPhone
22:40:59lebelliumkinda logical but still ironical
22:41:06 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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23:12:32Bilgusjohnb (logs) can you upload what dd did manage to pull somewhere for me to look through also there is a disk hex editor for linux you might try
23:14:17Bilgusit isn't the most user friendly first you need to close the open prompt that opens at startup then go File>Open click on the disk in the left pane and click [OPEN] on the right IIRC
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