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#rockbox log for 2017-10-15

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07:06:16johnb2That is one of the early trials. The latest ones I had already deleted again, but never ckecked if they are identical. I can do such a comparison once I have recovered from jet lag.
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08:10:06duo8is it possible for the ipod classic to start w/o a battery?
08:10:19duo8the current bootloader doesn't allow it
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12:00:13johnb2Bilgus: This time I used Knoppix from a usb stick. On the second trial I was able to dump the 32MB. I uploaded the recovery.bin with no error. See
12:01:46johnb2Unfortunately the md5 sums of the next dump still match the original one. I tried writing once more. dd aborted after 16MB. But the next dump still has the old content.
12:02:40johnb2So that flash insists on being read-only.
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13:04:44_Bilgusjohnb2 glad you were able to pull it finally I'm messing around with boosting CVDD2 to the sdcard and leaving not enabling wide bus mode let me test on my clip+ and then you might try that
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13:27:13_BilgusIts in the same folder as the other one on mediafire
13:48:48johnb2I am ready to go, when you are done.
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13:59:50_Bilgusits already up on MF
14:00:23johnb2I meant your test on your clip+
14:01:47_Bilgusyeah I tested it before I uploaded the FW I was able to pull the image and it checked with md5
14:02:04johnb2Ok, I am on my way ...
14:02:26_Bilgusyou might try with dd again the first time
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14:23:29johnb2Bilgus: For the upload it is really just " dd of= if= ", i.e. no bs or count. Correct?
14:24:47_Bilgusyes the count is handled by the size of the image and BS doesn't matter but You could probably set it with no ill effect
14:32:10johnb2I tried uploading twice + once with bs=512, but still get the old md5.
14:32:22johnb2ls -rtl
14:32:42*johnb2 is typing in the wrong window
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14:35:01_Bilgusis dd working properly no to puill the image?
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14:39:23johnb2Yes, I succeeded 3x in a row. I always get the same image.
14:40:43_Bilgusnow does that md5 match the original one you pulled?
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14:46:08_Bilguswell thats progress at least
14:46:30_Bilgusyou decent with BASH?
14:47:02johnb2Like doing this in a loop?
14:47:44johnb2While uploading I got an abort with 16MB. After that I had to reboot the clip.
14:48:24johnb2So I doubt that I can run a loop for a dozen times.
14:49:47_Bilgushmm if its getting an abort that means it failed like 200x lol
14:50:25johnb2On a different note, I have this other clip+ which had the "DC write callback error". I have the multiboot installed, and your Febuary FW, which only shows the SD.
14:51:23johnb2Sometimes after powering down, it won't start at all and I have the impression that even long Power doesn't really shut it down.
14:51:30_Bilgusif you already have the multiboot FW on there I'd probably leave it since its perfectly usable
14:51:55johnb2It only comes to live again after the battery has run down completely.
14:52:11_Bilgushmm so its hanging
14:53:15johnb2Sometimes I get the "ATA error -2" and I can walk through a few debug pages, then with longPower it gets to the state where I have to wait for the battery to run empty.
14:53:56_Bilguswait so it still gets an ATA error even with the SD onlt FW?
14:54:07johnb2yes, if it actually boots from SD everything is fine, but I am puzzled by this hanging state.
14:55:07johnb2I also had your latest MultiFW, but this gave more problems when it tried to mount the internal memory.
14:55:35_Bilgusah so when you see the ATA error it hasn't successfully booted
14:56:50johnb2correct, it appears on powering up. And then I might shut down and try again, but usually that's where I get stuck, i.e. no reaction at all when trying to turn it o.
14:57:34_Bilguswell the MB_bootloader still touches the internal memory at least initializes it
14:57:36johnb2So I have put it aside in drawer, by now it might be empty again.
14:58:39_Bilguswe might be able to use this same method to write a new MB_bootloader
14:59:19_Bilgusspecial one for that particular clip
14:59:52johnb2which would not initialize the internal?
15:00:15_Bilgusyes basically the same as your sd only firmware
15:01:19_Bilgusis it a 4gb clip+?
15:03:10_Bilgusok give me a few basically what i'll do is make it never look in internal it'll just loop in the code for loading from sd card
15:03:53_Bilgusassuming you can read and write from internal mem long enough to actually get it on to the darn thing
15:06:12johnb2I just grabbed it. It showed no sign of life. Holding center button while connecting to USB, it showed the ATA error.
15:06:20_Bilgusyou might try and get the recovery fw running and see if you can access the drive through it w/o erroring out
15:07:26_Bilgusthats kinda weird taht means it still ran the bootloader
15:08:07_Bilgusfigure though bootloader USB mode does acess the internal drive only though
15:13:46johnb2Now it shows "Eject M200Plus" when I connect it and Win10 asks to format it.
15:14:37johnb2But at least I am in a state, where it reacts on usb connection.
15:19:26_Bilguslet me know if you are able to get it to boot I have an easy way to disable the internal for the bootloader
15:20:09johnb2Right now I fail. What would be the steps I have to execute?
15:22:11_Bilguswell you'll have to have the multiboot bootloader from gerrit
15:23:14johnb2The BL or FW?
15:25:24_Bilgusthe BL
15:27:40_Bilgusand then you would just add a check for drive == INTERNAL_AS3525 and silent;y fail if so
15:27:54_Bilgusgive me a sec and i'll pastebin it for you
15:34:00johnb2Thanks, after compiling that, the challenge is how I get the BL updated: through OF or image?
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15:34:34_Bilguswell see i'd probably just do it through the image
15:36:19_BilgusI think it will work if you just write the clippa bin file directly but let me verify
15:38:11_Bilgusif this doesn't work ill have to recover this clip+ first install it and give you that image but i'm pretty sure this will work
15:40:30johnb2I checked and right now I only have the Multi_FW patches in my repo. So if you have the image ready, that would help me.
15:41:50_BilgusI don't but I can build it for you
15:42:11_Bilgusand yes I was able to write the new bootloader directly from the image to the drive
15:42:40_Bilgusso You might try on that other clip+ to just write the MB bootloader image directly
15:42:55_Bilgusits only 16 MB
15:43:08_Bilgusbut before you do let me verify it actually wrote
15:43:36johnb2I still have to get it into recovery mode though.
15:44:32johnb2Ah, why is it 16 instead of the previously 32MB?
15:45:16_Bilguswell previously we were doing the whole hidden partition
15:47:21_Bilgusbut I just wrote the bootimage directly and it worked so either that second 16mb is just where the OF puts the image first to checksum it before copying it into the real offset (0) or its junk or its a second area the device tries to boot
15:47:56_Bilgusstill before you do let me check the image i pulled to be sure it wrote it correctly
15:49:20_Bilgusand yes it matches clppa_new.bin perfectly let me do one last check and make sure it still boots the OF
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15:50:10_Bilgusyep it made me wait to refresh media but it booted into OF perfectly as well
15:50:38_Bilgusok i'll be back in a bit I'll compile that special bootloader for you
15:51:44johnb2No hurry. I will also be out for the next 2h and have to hit that lucky moment, when it actually powers up, so I can go into recovery mode.
15:53:04_BilgusI'll put it on mediafire when I'm done I probably won't be back till 12-14 hrs from now
15:53:19_Bilgusmaybe a bit earlier
15:54:39_BilgusI won't be able to test this bootloader for you as my tester clip+ has no sd slot so it'd be a brick after I put an sd only bootloader on it
15:56:22johnb2I have one more that I can test it on.
16:09:24 Join CH23 [0] (5594df77@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:09:40CH23if you want i could test it too
16:11:27_Bilgusdo you have a device that has bad internal drive?
16:12:12_BilgusI mean you can test it if you like but really no point otherwise
16:15:24CH23i expect this to come in handy if transplanting NAND fails, so it helps me as well. would it be able to reflash afterwards?
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16:18:19_BilgusAlso looking at the "Recovery Partition" it appears to have 1024 bytes (1kb) of header 15727616 bytes of firmware and at the end of that another block 15727616 bytes and finally a 2024 bytes of 00
16:18:27_BilgusAlso looking at the "Recovery Partition" it appears to have 1024 bytes (1kb) of header 15727616 bytes of firmware and at the end of that another block 15727616 bytes and finally a 1024 bytes of 00
16:18:32 Join Strife89 [0] (
16:18:54_Bilgusso it goes [HEADER][FW][FW2][00]
16:20:02_BilgusNow I wonder if FW2 is used as a backup or as a staging area when updating the firmware
16:20:34_BilgusCH23 the only problem there is that the bootloader would have to be loaded from the NAND initially
16:21:21CH23so then it wouldn't actually work for johnb2's unflasheable clip+?
16:21:45_Bilgusnot the unflashable one he has another that crashes with ATA error
16:21:45 Join Ruhan [0] (uid76353@gateway/web/
16:22:20CH23ah sorry then i misunderstood; i thought it was for the other one
16:22:36_Bilgusthe readonly one might be able to write the first 16MB portion
16:23:11_BilgusI was able to write the clppa_new.bin directly to the beginning of the drive and it worked
16:23:35_Bilgusso the second 16MB protion [FW2] is for the moment JUNK data
16:24:59_BilgusI need to do some testing with the OF and see if when it flashes a new image if it puts the old or the new there
16:26:08_BilgusI'm more hopeful its the old FW and there would be a way we could put a secondary bootloader there
16:26:47_Bilgusor for that matter even a recovery bootloader
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16:43:58 Join almog1006 [0] (4d8bf186@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:45:54_BilgusWell THE [FW2] area doesn't match the firmware that is being placed on the device or the Fw that is being replaced so not sure what it is
16:50:47 Join jhMikeS [0] (
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16:56:45CH23could it be the original firmware? i know kobo keeps the first installed version of their firmware in recovery
16:56:57CH23unrelated company, but logical step
16:59:13_BilgusIt changed between my last image and the image that I took after using the OF to load a new bootloader
16:59:41_Bilgusso it might be portions of the replaced firmware but it doesn't seem to be
17:00:09_Bilgusfor all I know it might just be a diff between them
17:00:21_Bilguslike maybe they just copy whats changed
17:00:54_Bilguswould explain why the first 1024 kb is stripped
17:01:12 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
17:01:28_Bilgussorry 1024 bytes
17:04:26_BilgusI gotta go do some real work I might screw around with it later
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17:40:22johnb2Bilgus: The one with the ATA error that registered as M200Plus on Window shows up like this on Linux:
17:42:08johnb2In other words, it looks exactly like the 32MB area when in recovery mode. The big question now is if it is writable with 'dd'. I am going to wait for your modified BL before trying this.
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18:39:49CH23is there a way to 'force' auto lock?
18:41:16johnb4What do you mean by that?
18:45:52 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
18:55:24lebelliumpamaury: don't forget the auction :)
19:02:55 Quit johnb4 (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
19:05:25CH23johnb4 : when you press 'select' and 'home' you can switch between 'button lock' 'auto lock' or 'no lock', but i want to have auto lock on and be able to lock directly instead of having to wait for screen time out.
19:05:52pamaurylebellium: yeah
19:08:58 Quit GodEater (Quit: Coyote finally caught me)
19:09:25pamaurylebellium: how much do you think I should bet?
19:10:15lebellium£15 in the last 2 minutes
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19:25:14lebelliumit's already £18 now :/
19:27:24pamaurythat's not very encouraging
19:28:05lebelliumpeople are so stupid. Why bidding hours before the end and virtually raise up the price
19:33:59CH23i don't get that either, it's people not really trying to get it, but they still bid
19:37:27pamauryI've set my current maximum to 20, but that might not be enough
19:37:49pamauryI suspect it might be automatic
19:38:27pamaurysome tools or ebay that increases the bet until the maximum that you have set
19:38:59 Quit michaelni (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:39:20pamauryI hardly ever use ebay, I don't know how the "set maximum auto bet" algo works
19:39:59almog1006pamaury: I found out that I could translate the firmware without having to extract the sql file..that means i just need to repack from sql to fw
19:40:35pamauryalmog1006: that sounds slightly suspicious, if the sql file has any checksum in it, it won't work
19:41:21almog1006I mean by HEX Editor
19:41:30lebelliumebay will automatically bid for you until you reach the maximum: looks easy for the user but it virtually raises up the price. Nobody should bid before the last 5 minutes so that even if many people are interested, there is no enough time to raise the price too up
19:43:30pamauryalmog1006: I mean, the sql file is structured data, it's a database. Databases usually have some checksuming for data integrity. Thus if you modify with an hex editor, the checksum won't match and the sql file will be invalid
19:44:51pamauryMaybe you'll get lucky and it doesn't checksum the data
19:45:42almog1006I'm ready to try..
19:46:11almog1006and after unpacking the sql there no problem to translate with hex?
19:47:15pamauryI don't know the format so I cannot answer. I suspect not, you can always try by editing the sql directly first and if it doesn't work unpack/repack the sql
19:49:37almog1006On the side that the firmware will be invalid .. will I be able to do flash the original again?
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19:49:55almog1006to flash*
19:50:08pamaurylebellium: I see, they it may have been might fault when I change my maximum :-/ though that means the other guy had set 18, I would have lost at 15
19:50:39pamauryalmog1006: I don't know, I can't be sure. I think those devices have a recovery mode but I don't know how it works. Ask wodz
19:51:28almog1006ok anyway I feel I will not lose anything
19:54:18almog1006we just need you to upgrade your "atjboottool" tool with repacking option.. I think i'll try by translating the sql file only
19:56:56 Join michaelni [0] (
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20:22:49 Join wodz [0] (
20:24:02wodzpamaury: (this is running slightly tweaked;a=tree;f=utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm)
20:27:24pamaurycool :)
20:31:07wodzit is still rather hack with most things as stubs and display system emulated to the bare minimum.
20:32:29pamaurywodz: how does it work with the lcd? Do you emulate the spi/parallel connection and the lcd registers?
20:32:52wodzpamaury: sort of
20:34:33wodzpamaury: Currently I implemented only 'write GRAM' command and transfer from bus to emulated video ram. From there qemu display update callback pickups data, transforms pixel format and displays
20:35:22 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
20:35:40wodzpretty inefficient from the emulation point of view but quite close to how this is realized in hardware.
20:44:44 Join johnb2 [0] (
20:54:47 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
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21:02:15__builtindo you know why a data abort wouldn't produce a panic screen?
21:02:49wodzin theory stack corruption could do this
21:04:05pamaurylebellium: one minute left, I'm still the highest bidder
21:04:17__builtinthe data abort is probably from an alignment fault (which I purposely enabled)
21:04:19 Join JanC_ [0] (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
21:05:21__builtinI just want an address so I can fix it
21:05:35 Nick JanC is now known as Guest41887 (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
21:05:35 Quit Guest41887 (Killed ( (Nickname regained by services)))
21:05:36 Nick JanC_ is now known as JanC (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
21:06:08pamauryI won it \o/
21:06:24lebelliumyou put 25 max?
21:06:42wodzpamaury: any progres with sony's playback stuttering?
21:07:54pamaurylebellium: yeah, I won with 22 pounds, not ncluding expedition fees, so it's a bit expensive, hopefully I can make good use of it
21:08:20pamaurywodz: no :-/ I think at this point my only hope is to add a third pcm alsa mode with a dedicated thread and blocking writes
21:08:48pamauryor try to add xrun recovery to the pcm tick task
21:09:09pamaurybut I'm not sure if we can recover in the nonblocking fashion, thus a dedicated thread might really be needed
21:10:50 Join maffe [0] (
21:12:27wodzpamaury: maybe you should discuss this with Mike
21:12:43pamaurywodz: yeah probably
21:13:21pamaurywhat's strange though is that I have no idea what is causing those xrun
21:13:56wodzpamaury: I was wondering about corelation with backlight. Maybe device reduce freq when backlight is off?
21:14:14_BilgusJohnb2 I'm sorry I had already compiled the SD only bootloader but forgot to give you the link
21:14:36pamaurywodz: that was my theory but it doesn't seem to be the case
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22:18:27johnb2Bilgus: Just trying to dd in this "M200Plus" state did not work. The download is still the old. I have to wait until I can run your recovery.
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23:40:10melissa_Hello. I'm planning to get a Rockbox-compatible device. I'm mainly looking at iPod Classic 5G and 6G. 5G has stable rockbox, but 6G has dual-boot. Can anyone help me decide between the two?
23:40:33melissa_Is it possible to dual-boot between regular firmware on 5G? And just how unstable is Rockbox on the 6G?
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23:45:16wodzmelissa_: AFAIK it is pretty stable on 6G
23:45:36wodzmelissa_: and it is possible to dualboot on 5G
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