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#rockbox log for 2017-10-17

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00:33:18[Saint]Any ideas __builtin?
00:33:30[Saint]It's been a while since I've run
00:33:45[Saint]pamaury: ?
00:34:33pamaury[Saint]: apt-get install libtool
00:35:03[Saint]did you read the pastebin?
00:35:03pamauryah, you have it, hmmm, give me a minute
00:35:10[Saint]right, thanks.
00:35:35pamaury[Saint]: try libtool-bin
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00:36:16__builtin`which libtool'
00:36:29[Saint]pamaury: that did it, thanks.
00:36:34[Saint]I'll update the wiki.
00:36:54[Saint]__builtin: I got it, thanks you.
00:38:41*__builtin tries to avoid APT entirely
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00:41:45[Saint]OK, I just changed the LinuxSimpleGuide wiki page from libtool to libtool-bin
00:42:01[Saint]because libtool-bin is required and libtool is a dependency.
00:42:11[Saint]two birds one stone.
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05:43:32_BilgusJohnb2 tomorrow when you get a chance could you try this firmware and tell me if it states that the temp or perm write protect bits are set?
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07:49:58johnb2Bilgus: on the read-only player?
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07:57:00johnb2Btw, you were right : 200 rounds without success.
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09:14:34_Bilgusyeah on the readonly player
09:15:04_BilgusI doubt it is implemented but was wondering if it has either write protect bit set
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13:07:44fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 9a8a52c, 273 builds, 12 clients.
13:23:06fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 921 seconds.
13:23:06fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 9a8a52c result: All green
13:28:30pamaurywodz: ping
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13:35:22fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1eab18c, 273 builds, 12 clients.
13:47:52fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 750 seconds.
13:47:53fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 1eab18c result: All green
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15:07:58_Bilguspamaury fuze+ mutexfix 20 hrs, mutex+noautoslow 19hrs, mutex+nas+hbus200 18h 50m
15:08:42_BilgusOnce the device charges and runs for 25 hrs I have a final one mutex+hbus with auto slow
15:14:53_Bilgusraw battery bench files:
15:17:17_Bilgusso with nas -5%, nas+hbus -6% on runtime
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15:21:41pamaury_Bilgus: thanks, I can't remember if someone benchmarked the codec performance of nas+hbus vs nas
15:22:15pamauryit seems like we want auto slow off anyway though, because its hurts performance. Or fix it
15:22:28_BilgusI think I did but I saved the builds so brb
15:44:01_Bilgusnero_hev2_64.m4adecode time/%realtime/Mhz mutex 149.40s/117.82%/385.96Mhz; mutex+nas 96.94s/181.58%/250.43Mhz; mutex+nas+hbus200 88.32s/199.30%/228.16Mhz; mutex+hbus200-NAS 119.79s/146.94%/309.47Mhz;
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16:04:39pamauryok so 10% improvement, that may be worth it for 1% less battery life
16:10:44_Bilguswell once I run mutex+hbus200-NAS during a battery bench that should be a reasonably complete picture
16:12:31_Bilgusthat is a 20% speed increase
16:13:09pamaury_Bilgus: we most probably want to disable auto-slow, it seems to kill performance in its current state
16:13:42pamauryI'll try to avoid a better look at the doc, see if I can change the auto-slow settings to make them more useful
16:13:48_Bilgusbut an hour less battery life
16:14:41_Bilgusa better bet would be to disable auto slow only on maxcpu
16:15:11pamaurywe could do that, but I'd like to understand why auto-slow is not working as it should
16:16:54_Bilgusimx233_clkctrl_enable_auto_slow(frequency 1= MAXCPU); or something along those lines
16:17:23_Bilgusyeah that would be preferable to figure out how to get it working rihgt
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16:17:55_Bilgusoh *!=*
16:21:09 Part robertd1
16:21:32_BilgusOn another note those vendor assigned requests do they happen to be SD Commands? i was thinking 60-63 are MFG reserved sc commands so maybe there is a way to write to the flash chip with them
16:22:36_Bilgus(in the clip+ fw)
16:26:14pamaury_Bilgus: I have no idea at the moment, I have 0 clue about what they do, I'll tell you when I know
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16:49:15duo8is the ipod classic maintainer in?
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18:29:28_Bilguspamaury I see HW_DIGCTL_L0_AHB_ACTIVE_CYCLES & _STALLED could you then monitor the difference at the start of each frequency switch and disable enable auto slow based on that?
18:32:17_Bilguslike still check it in if(cpu_frequency == frequency){en_autoslow(!stalled) return;} or does that not work the way I expect?
18:37:42_Bilgusoh nm I see you already set TRAFFIC_JAM_AS_ENABLE, and TRAFFIC_AS_ENABLE I imagine thats the same functionality
18:45:26_Bilgusah but you are triggering based on a whole bunch of parameters I wonder how they interact
18:48:28_BilgusAS far as I can see you have the imx clocks set up exactly how the datasheet describes I don't think there is any getting it to work better
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18:59:34_BilgusTraffic as enable and traffic jam as enable are both checking for the same condition latter just waits for 3
19:00:02_BilgusI'll try disabling the jam as enable and see if it makes a difference
19:07:16 Join atsampson [0] (
19:14:46_Bilgusmutex+as+-trafficjae 149.46s/117.77%/386.12Mhz so no difference at all
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19:23:29_Bilgusimx233_clkctrl_enable_auto_slow(frequency != CPUFREQ_MAX); 95.93s/183.49%/247.82Mhz
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19:39:37johnb2_Bilgus : It reports Temp 0, Perm 0
19:41:53_Bilguswell that sucks Id say its truly readonly I was hoping it had set some kind of protection bit
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19:43:23_Bilguswhat is weird is that it didn't give any error messages on fail to write
19:44:27johnb2No, it really didn't. If I recall correctly Mihail also had a read-only clip+.
19:45:23johnb2If we can summon him, he could give it a try, too.
19:48:19_Bilgusyeah there are a few people floating around but I suspect the write protect bit isn't going to show on any of them as it probably isn't implemented
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19:52:37_Bilgushave you tried active@diskeditor to see if you can filp any bit on the drive?
19:53:09_Bilguslike not even in the protection area..
19:54:29johnb2Nope. I did not really get what you wanted me to do back then. So I should open the drive, try to change anything? Any suggestion for the range?
19:55:05_Bilgusno anywhere convenient
19:55:36_Bilgusprobably at least 512 bytes away from the first one you try
19:56:30 Join michaelni [0] (
19:57:23_Bilguslike maybe there are only certain sectors that are readonly and since they are 512bytes itd make sense to try a few not in the first 0xFFFF sectors
19:57:46_Bilgusso you could hook up the device without even exposing the 'hidden' partition
19:58:18johnb2ah, that seems kinda safe ;-)
20:09:22_Bilgusjohnb2 do you or your son have access to an oscilloscope? the nand chip has its own write protect enable (on low) I wonder if the device is not setting that line high and causing the chip to stay write protected
20:10:15_Bilguseither that or you could use a resistor to force it high and see if it accepts any writes
20:10:45_BilgusI'll take mine apart and see if its broken out on the board anywhere if you are interested
20:10:51johnb2We do have them in the labs at work, but I would need to ask a colleague to help.
20:11:58johnb2On the other hand, I am a little hesitant to break it completely.
20:12:21johnb2After all it is still usable launching RB from the sdcard.
20:13:37johnb2However, this one has also the intermittent screen problem, i.e. 98% dimmed at times. If this is due to an mechanical issue on the board ...
20:14:09johnb2Right now, the backlight is completely ok.
20:14:53johnb2I have two more with a completely black display, which I used voiced only.
20:15:17johnb2One of them is open right now.
20:18:36johnb2I have not heard of any indication in the forums/irc what the reason for the dark display could be. Mechanica problem or dead lcd controller?
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20:49:49_Bilguswell the chip enable line isn't broken out to the board anywhere it'd be possible to test it but i doubt soldering a resistor would be too feasible but holding one there temporarily might be enough to write the chip
20:54:39 Quit Boltermor (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
20:57:35johnb2As for the diskeditor, I tried to write changes to various sections. It always failed in writing sector xyz.
20:58:50 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
20:59:41_Bilgusyou did set the image to edit more right ?
21:00:05_BilgusIIRc it starts out in readonly mode
21:02:59 Join johnb2 [0] (
21:03:19johnb2yes. Before that I could not edit any fields.
21:05:09_Bilgussorry I was writing out memory card part numbers
21:06:06johnb2Yep, I also feel defeated and quit for today. I will experiment with the ATA one in the next days, but will compile a MBOOT FW w/o voltage shutdown first.
21:06:32_Bilgusoh does it have voltage issues too?
21:07:39johnb2No, but it usually comes to life if it has run out of battery, but then RB would shut off before I can load your EXPOSE FW.
21:08:18johnb2So ideally it would be MBOOT with EXPOSE and NoVoltageShutdown :-)
21:08:23 Join maffe [0] (
21:09:04_BilgusI can add that here in a bit if you want after i solder this battery wire back on this clip+
21:09:43johnb2I would appreciate it, but no rush as I won't try it today anymore.
21:10:27 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
21:10:30_Bilgusok ill put the loader up on media fire once its done
21:34:09 Quit _meg (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
21:35:54lebelliumpamaury: where did you get the NW-A40 info from?
21:37:20 Join _meg [0] (~notsure@
21:40:08pamaurylebellium: someone sent it to me
21:40:35lebelliumI thought it was not released yet
21:41:07pamauryapparently it is
21:43:10lebelliumat least it looks like people are not able to connect to IRC but can send emails
21:44:28pamauryyeah, people don't use IRC, they don't even know what it is
21:44:56lebelliumyou'll get overflowed by emails since you add it to the wiki but finally we get users helping \o/
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22:27:35pamaurywodz: ping
22:27:41wodzpamaury: Do you know of a way to connect virtual device to usb in linux?
22:27:45wodzpamaury: pong
22:27:56pamaurywodz: you mean have a fake client?
22:29:30 Quit _meg (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
22:29:34wodzpamaury: basically I am interested if it would be possible to run hwstub in qemu (considering of course I implement usb controller model in qemu)
22:30:07 Join _meg [0] (~notsure@
22:30:31pamaurywodz: I've looked at atj encryption again and there is something a bit confusing. Most firmwares have an extra 512 bytes at the end tht notably contains a signature FwuTail and I think a checksum. BUT some firmwares include it in the "file" (ie it's within the first N bytes where N is the firmware size given by header) some don't. Also I don't really know what the upgrader checks about it. Some grepping revealing in iriver E150's UPGRADE.DRV,
22:30:31pamauryFwuTail string appears. However I can't make sense of it, it calls some weird addresses
22:32:43wodzpamaury: I may take a look at UPGRADE.DRV if thats what you wanted to ask :P
22:32:44pamaurywodz: well afaik qemu doesn't implement that. On linux there is a project called that I once used to implement usb in the simulator (don't remember if I ever finished). Otherwise there is which I think can do the same and is in mainline but I never used it
22:33:03pamaurywodz: yeah that would be nice. The point is that I don't really know what I'm looking for
22:33:17pamaurybecause the code in ProBatch doesn't check FwuTail
22:33:39pamaury but it contains code to create firmware and then it adds it at the end
22:35:19 Quit Ruhan (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
22:44:29 Quit bray90820 ()
22:52:39wodzpamaury: UPGRADE.DRV is using RTC for something. It uses in a few places function which returns minutes*60 + seconds obtained from RTC
22:53:37pamaurywodz: can you tell what it is checking and what checksum it is using?
22:54:16wodzpamaury: I'll try to make some sense out of this
22:54:33 Quit _meg (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:55:11wodzit is using quite a few syscalls as well which complicates the thing because I don't have complete list of syscalls
22:56:17wodzhmm, and there is a code activating DSP
22:59:12 Join _meg [0] (~notsure@
23:01:27pamaurywodz: could it be for checksum or encryption?
23:01:39wodzpamaury: don't know yet
23:02:23wodzI know one of the recovery steps sends DSP program
23:05:40_BilgusJohnb2 in this folder is everything we have done over the last couple days included are a NO_internal Multiboot bootloader and NOINTernal, No low voltage Multiboot bl, you will still need to compile a multiboot FW that blocks reads/writes to the internal drive
23:06:25 Join Ruhan [0] (uid76353@gateway/web/
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