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#rockbox log for 2017-10-19

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00:04:38__builtinjhMikeS: I think g#1702 is a good idea
00:04:40fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1702 at : Globally convert PCM to use frame counts instead of size by Michael Sevakis
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00:51:05_Bilguspamaury maybe you'll get further than I did but here is most of the code you'll need;topic=14064.0;attach=2814
00:56:19_Bilgustook me a minute but I found the flyspray entry
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02:09:05jhMikeS__builtin: pretty much a necessity imo. Maybe I should push that and just monitor the weather as usual. It's nearly always simple goofs that can be found and fixed quickly if someone has an issue.
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02:51:15__builtinjhMikeS: yes, and you can always revert if it's really bad :)
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03:01:11Milardohi does rockbox support wma music files?
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03:05:21saratogaMilardo: yes, i ported the decoder ten years ago
03:06:03Milardook for some reason although it's an experimental build my nwz e350 is crashing when i play a wma file
03:06:13Milardomp3 is fine though
03:08:36saratogado you have a link to the file? i can take a very quick look
03:08:57Milardosure hold on thanks i need to upload it
03:16:36Milardodid you get the link
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03:22:45saratogaMilardo: plays fine for me
03:23:42saratogaif you want to test wma in general, you can try one of our standard files on your player:
03:25:08Milardook thanks
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03:30:54__builtinMilardo: does it show anything on the screen when it crashes?
03:31:12Milardobus error gt 40b0fb60
03:31:28Milardoeven with the rockbox file
03:31:56Milardoaddress 0x00000000
03:33:15saratogasounds like a problem with the port then
03:37:01Milardoi didn't see it on the known problems
03:37:06Milardofor that player
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08:05:42_BilgusPamaury (logs) I tried again to set up the nand using those source files and still I can't get a strobe to fire so I suspect its either not enabled, not hooked up to the nand interface or I'm not configuring it right I have some sloppy code if you want to check it out rather than writing it yourself
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13:02:49JdGordonI dont suppose anyone has used a cowan D2 in the last few years? :)
13:04:49pamaurythere was a thread about the D2+ recently on the forum I think
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14:38:44Guest33620JdGordon: I often use my D2+ and I know of at least 2 other persons who do so too.
14:40:23Guest33620The UI with Rockbox is very smooth compared to my SSD modded iPod Video and the lack of write support is not a problem when using the unsupported build from the forum
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15:07:29wodz_workpamaury: I had a look at UPGRADE.DRV. It is rather hard to follow mostly because it use a lot of syscalls (and I have very limited list of syscalls reverse engineered).
15:09:13wodz_workpamaury: What I can tell is that it allocates 3 buffers 0x3c00 bytes each, and a few of 0x200-0x1000 bytes sized.
15:09:46wodz_workpamaury: It has routines to run code on DSP and retreave results from data memory of DSP.
15:10:44wodz_workIt seems it exports 2 functions but one looks like simple flags assignment (init?)
15:12:48wodz_workpamaury: I tried to back follow from this Tail signature but this doesn't give me anything interesting yet
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20:28:11slyraHello! I'm using rockbox codecs for my project: Test video: Now I'm actively develeping it and reformatting everything. And I wanna use DSP from rockbox too, but I can't find how to use equalizer - there isn't anything in warble.c. Can you help me?
20:35:52 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
20:36:46jhMikeSslyra: it's all in the dsp subdirectory, particularly eq.c
20:38:46slyrajhMikeS: I've seen. But how can I use DSP? Simply dsp_set_eq_coefs() and then dsp_eq_enable()? Everything else will be done by DSP system?
20:39:53jhMikeSyeah, to use the various filters and effect you have to call their setup functions
20:40:41jhMikeSusually that's done by the settings code and menus
20:43:01slyraAwesome! Thanks!
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20:51:02johnb3Bilgus: ping
20:51:57*pamaury wonders how many level of inheritance it takes to define a USB endpoint, so far the clip+'s ROM is at 7
20:52:21johnb3I got the player hooked up in rec mode: now it show the regular 3.9GB plus a 993MB drive.
20:52:41johnb3Do I dd to thhe 3.9?
20:53:02Bilgusit shows both thats interesting
20:53:20johnb3coming right out of the fridge ...
20:53:33Bilguscan you pull the first 0xF000 off each and put them up so I can look at them?
20:53:45johnb3I will try
20:57:10Bilgusmaybe after you pull them put it back in the fridge so its cool enough to write back the image
20:57:34Bilgusit sounds like a freking harddrive lol
20:58:17johnb3It seems I hesitated to long: going back to the other computer, the player disconnected (though still showing the usb logo). fdisk doesn't report it anymore.
20:58:21pamaurywhy did you put your device in a fridge?!
20:58:31johnb3I will pastebin the fdisk output.
21:02:09johnb3I felt a few months ago the situation turned worse after I had used it out in the sun. If it gets stuck after the ATA -2 error and I try to long power off, it seems dead - until the battery is empty. If cooled down I have the impression, it is more likely to start up again.
21:02:51johnb3Maybe placebo, but the little statistic I have to far points to that.
21:02:56Bilgussdg is the right one it has the right ID and says no valid partition
21:03:48Bilgusits weird that sdh shows the a valid drive maybe knoppix searches for a valid partition
21:04:40Bilgussdh also has some really weird numbers 969728 cylinders, total 1939456 sectors
21:07:04TheSevensounds like 1GB
21:07:31TheSevensalesmen's gigabytes...
21:07:33johnb3Now I had to power it down and it is completely unresponsive again ...
21:07:54 Join wodz [0] (
21:08:19Bilgussure in count but what its reading IDK there are some extra fat entries spead around in the FW area so maybe its grabbing one of those
21:09:22Bilgushow long are you holding the power button down for Ive had it take up to two minutes
21:10:26johnb3I guess 50s max.
21:11:22johnb3I put it back into the fridge. If it doesn't react, I can try for 2min.
21:16:01wodzI see licensing problem with Our code is GPLv2 which means linking our codecs with their BSD codebase means basically GPL for all.
21:19:27Bilgusemail the dev and ask them to add GPL v2?
21:22:29Bilgusoh its going the other way lol
21:28:12Bilguswhat part of that project is actually BSD I also see MIT, GPLv2
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21:49:02Bilgusany reason we don't have a w ay to spoof actions or recall the last action in the action system?
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21:56:55johnb32min power didn't help. After cooling I got an ATA -2 again. I guess I call it a day.
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22:02:20saratoga_it should be ok to put that project in BSD license and use our GPLv2 code, just have to make it clear that the binaries become GPLv2
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