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#rockbox log for 2017-10-21

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13:05:09NatanelionI heard there is a way to load firmware from sd card in newer versions, is that right?
13:05:43NatanelionI have a clip zip and I suspect it's internal storage is worn-out...
13:06:13Natanelionand that it may fail and I dont wanna mess with that...
13:08:13Natanelionand also- is that possible for creative zen?
13:11:50johnb3Natanelion: See;topicseen#new for the zip.
13:11:52pamauryNatanelion: we have some experimental patches for that yes on the clip+. You should ask Bilgus.
13:12:40pamauryIt's not enabled on the Zen yet
13:16:08Natanelionis it possible to do all this without connecting usb?
13:16:23Natanelionby transferring files to sd or something?
13:17:40johnb3If you have RB installed, you can place the bootloader file on the SDcard (with a card reader), and copy it over to the internal memory. Then you have to boot into the original firmware to install.
13:18:48NatanelionI dont have access to original firmware
13:19:25Natanelionwhen I try booting it, it just freezes on green screen
13:20:29johnb3What is your limitation regarding USB?
13:21:00Natanelionalso the last time I tried, I had problems making big partitions (larger then the size of minimal RB install) so I have only installed the minimal RB (I think a big part of internal memory is write- protected or something
13:23:33Natanelionoh nvm I can connect usb
13:25:06johnb3Bilgus found a way to write the bootloader directly to the flash while in a special recovery mode. I have not succeeded on my read-only clip+, but maybe yours is in a better state. Wait for Bilgus to join vor instructions. Do you have access to Linux PC (or live disc)?
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13:25:27johnb3*for instructions
13:25:58Natanelionjohnb3: I'm just afraid to change anything in the internal storage
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13:28:34Natanelionso my main limitation is I cant enter into the original firmware
13:28:52johnb3Well, if you want to boot RB from an SD installation, you need to update the bootloader. However, you can always put a copy of RB on the SDcard, got ther and launch RB from there.
13:31:14Natanelion... and to update the bootloader I have to run original firmware?
13:31:29Natanelionand I think I have access to a linux stick
13:31:51johnb3Or use the direct write approach by Bilgus.
13:32:16Natanelionwhere can I find instructions?
13:32:32Natanelionthe link you gave me asks me to launch original firmware
13:33:22pamauryjohnb3: isn't the direct write what is documented there: ?
13:33:51johnb3It was a conversation on IRC during the last week or so, you can browse the logs or wait for Bilgus.
13:34:34Natanelionyeah I *could* browse a week worth of logs...
13:35:17johnb3pamaury :Basically yes, but you need an image to write to it. Bilgus has a special RB FW that exposes the flash area without disassembling the physical device.
13:36:13Natanelioncan this be launched from sd and then used to install the new bootloader (patch)?
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13:36:35johnb3Bilgus' files are here: but for the instructions either read the logs or better wait for him to join IRC.
13:36:51pamauryjohnb3: ah yes
13:37:25johnb3Natanelion: yes you can launch it from sd, but then you have to write the image.
13:39:08johnb3 see also g#1692 ...
13:39:12fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1692 at : EXPOSE Original Firmware Area clip+, clipzip - NEVER COMMIT by William Wilgus
13:42:34pamauryNatanelion: re Zen, what I could do is change the code so that if the internal storage is not formatted as FAT, it switches to the SD card automatically. I guess that's what you want so that you can use the internal storage with the OF and SD with OF and RB?
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14:01:42Natanelionpamaury: johnb3: any of you have an idea about when can I expect Bilgus to log in? I dont think that mentioning me is the first thing he would do when he will enter the channel...
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14:04:01Bilgus_PhNatanelion when you type my name it dings
14:04:06Natanelionand about zen, I want to be future proof for this kind of situation, where flash memory corrupts and then I wont know...
14:04:20NatanelionBilgus_Ph: oh cool
14:04:47Natanelionso can you tell me what to do to auto boot rockbox from sd?
14:04:57Bilgus_PhIf you don't have access to the OF then you can write directly to the drive
14:05:00Nataneliondont have access to OF
14:05:29Bilgus_Phif you don't have access to Linux I have images for windows but it'll take a while
14:05:52NatanelionI do have access to linux
14:05:58Bilgus_Pheven better
14:06:02Natanelionraspberri pi is good?
14:06:13Bilgus_Phas long as it has dd then yes
14:06:57Bilgus_Phtype dd −−help at the command prompt
14:09:11Bilgus_Phso you will go to that forum post and grab a few files from the mediafire folder in the clipzip folder grab one of the recovery images
14:09:54Bilgus_Phthen go to the linux folder and grab
14:11:43Bilgus_Phso what you will do is put the clipziprecovery.sansa file on a sdcard, run rockbox like normal go to the file browser (long press on the filebrowser and 'show all files') then enter the filebrowser and run the new sansa file
14:12:49Bilgus_Phonce that boots you will then connect the USB and first pull off your old install
14:13:31Bilgus_Phyou'll have to wait a minute or two before it connects it should give a warning on the device screen 'Warning Recovery Mode'
14:14:05Bilgus_Phthen at command prompt type 'fdisk -l' it'll return with sdX is not a valid partition
14:14:39Bilgus_Phwe need that id so it'll be sdb sdc sde sdf sdg sdh which ever
14:15:09Bilgus_Phnext you will type 'dd if=/dev/sde of=clipziporig_image.bin bs=512 count=$((0xF000))'
14:15:24Bilgus_Phand wait for that to complete
14:15:31Bilgus_Phif you get errors stop there
14:16:07Natanelionwait a moment
14:16:15Natanelionthe 2 files are enough?
14:16:38Natanelionor do I need to download anything else
14:16:44Bilgus_Phfinally you will push the new image back dd of=/dev/sdX of=<name of file you downloaded.img>
14:16:59Bilgus_Phfor the moment the two files are enough
14:17:20Bilgus_Phyou will have to set up the sdcard next for booting from sdcard
14:20:06Bilgus_Phthat file you will unzip to the sdcard and you will create a file called rockbox_main.clipzip and open it and place in it a single '/' no quotes no enter no space just /
14:21:20Natanelion>once that boots you will then connect the USB and first pull off your old install
14:21:27NatanelionI dont think it boots
14:21:48Bilgus_Phalso Natanelion when you first boot the recovery firmware it'll come up with an init message that has to disappear before you plug the usb
14:22:27Bilgus_Phlike the device doesn't boot at all?
14:22:59Natanelionagain, trying to boot of just brigs up green screen
14:23:06Natanelionoh wait
14:23:12Natanelionit booted like normal
14:23:35Bilgus_Phgood hopefully it still has a few times left before its kaput
14:24:11Bilgus_Phmake sure when you run the recovery firmware you wait for the message to disappear before you plug the usb
14:24:15Natanelionafter running the .sansa file, it boots automatically into rockbox
14:24:18Natanelionwith a feew
14:24:28Natanelionwere too fast to read
14:25:34Bilgus_Phgood if you are at the file menu you are ready to plug the USB
14:26:10Bilgus_Phonce yopu plug usb wait for message 'warning recovery mode'
14:34:34Natanelionyeah I got this messege
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14:34:49Natanelionsorry for long wait, my setup is pretty stupid
14:35:04Bilgus_Phnbd all the info is above
14:36:00Natanelionwhen I entered "fdisk -l", it gave me lots of "cannot open ..."
14:36:47Bilgus_Phlooking for doesn't contain a valid partition
14:37:01Bilgus_Phprobably sdb or sdc
14:37:16 Join _meg [0] (~notsure@
14:37:50Bilgus_Phif you don't see that wait a few moments and try again
14:38:10 Join Soap [0] (~Soap@rockbox/staff/soap)
14:38:59NatanelionOK I ran it with sudo and now it shows me a huge wall of text
14:42:30NatanelionI dont see any "doesn't contain a valid partition"
14:42:56Bilgus_Phsometimes it takes a few minutes before it shows up
14:43:18Natanelionand I dont see any adb or adc either...
14:43:33Bilgus_Phit'll be sda sdb sdc sdd sdf
14:44:20Natanelionvery wierd... when I did it b4, it did work... tho that was on x86 computer...
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14:49:04natanelionif you care, please take a look
14:49:30natanelionand it didnt change when I did it again a few times
14:49:56Bilgus_Phit'll be something like Disk /dev/sdb: 3966MB, 40006184 bytes
14:51:08Bilgus_Phhmm yeah it's not there lots of block devices though
14:51:27Bilgus_Phsomething to do with the pi I think
14:52:20natanelionIDK what went wrong... I only have the clip zip connected
14:53:36Bilgus_Phok well I'm not home atm I have a pi and a clipzip at the house so for the moment go ahead and disconnect the device and plug it into a charger don't shut it down and i'll get back to you in an hour
14:54:26natanelioncan I just disconnect it? or something special b4 disconnecting...
14:54:37Bilgus_Phnope just disconnect it
14:55:01 Quit Bilgus_Ph (Quit: Page closed)
14:55:12natanelionand I can try to run cubuntu from a usb stick on an x86 machine if that matters...
14:56:01 Quit natanelion (Quit: Page closed)
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16:18:20Bilgusnatanelion, sure
16:26:30Bilguson my raspi I get dev/sda and dev/sdc/ not sure why yours shows block devices
16:29:38 Join smoke_fumus [0] (~smoke_fum@
16:33:14Bilgusnatanelion, if you are still on the pi type lsblk and make note of what shows up and then plug the device back in waiting till the warning message comes up and type lsusb and see if a sansa
16:33:23Bilgusdevice shows up
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16:33:42Bilgusfinally type lsblk and make note of what changed
16:39:10natanelionSanDisk Corp. is what I see after "lsusb" in one of the lines
16:41:23natanelionand the difference is both sdb and sda
16:41:40natanelionboth show up after I connect the usb
16:42:30natanelion(one with 4GB which prob. is internal storage and one with 2GB which is prob. the sd card)
16:42:33Bilgusah you probably still have the sdcard in the device
16:42:49Bilgustake the sd card out and see if sdb disappears
16:43:54 Join natanelionRPi [0] (4d8a29a2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
16:44:18natanelionRPitake out the sd while still connected to USB?
16:44:19 Join thomasjfox [0] (~thomasjfo@rockbox/developer/thomasjfox)
16:46:44natanelionRPiyeah sdb disapeared
16:47:20natanelionRPinow what
16:49:44Bilgusnow type dd if=/dev/sda of=clipzipdump.bin bs=512 count=$((0xF000))
16:49:48natanelionRPibtw partition table on the zip is fine, I just want to do it to be future proof... part of the inner storage is already read-only, I wanna do it before everything becomes read only.;..
16:50:12Bilgusit might already be we will find out shortly
16:50:45Bilgusonce that completes type head -C -n5000 clipzipdump.bin
16:50:56Bilgussorry not head hexdump
16:51:12Bilgushexdump -C -n5000 clipzipdump.bin
16:51:44Bilguslook through the output for AS3525... develop.00000.......
16:52:10Bilguswe want to make sure we have the right device before we go writing to it
16:52:19natanelionRPiit should take some time to run, right?
16:52:36natanelionRPithe dd line I mean
16:55:55Bilgusyeah probably a few minutes
16:56:16Bilgusthe pi isn't the fastest thing in the world
16:56:30Bilgusit'll give you a pass/fail message when its done
16:57:56Bilgusis it still running?
16:58:39Bilgusif it is you probably should press [CTRL] c
16:59:09Bilgusthen double check what you typed and re run with sudo
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17:01:38Bilgusnot good sign
17:01:48natanelionRPiyeah I know..
17:01:52Bilgustry it again
17:02:29natanelionRPithe zip has white-screen-ed *panic*
17:03:33Bilgusyeah that means it errored out
17:03:51natanelionRPiStkov usb pc:3006D150 sp:3 A: 30098594 bt end
17:04:10natanelionRPiso what now?force shut down?
17:04:13Bilgusstart over we will try one more time
17:04:22Bilgusyeah disconnect from usb
17:04:31Bilgushold power button a good 30 seconds
17:04:47natanelionRPiok done
17:04:53natanelionRPirun again sansa file?
17:04:54Bilgusput sd card back in
17:05:03Bilgusstart the recovery firmware again
17:05:12Bilgusand reconnect to the pi
17:05:30Bilguswait for init message to disappear though
17:05:47natanelionRPiremove sd?
17:05:55Bilgusthen when warning message comes back up type lsblk again and see if sda is there
17:06:12Bilgusdon't pull sd card this time we know its the 2gb device
17:06:51natanelionRPisda still there
17:07:08Bilgusok try dd again
17:07:32natanelionRPiwhat that dd does anyways?
17:07:54Bilgusit reads the bytes from the device
17:08:45 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
17:08:53natanelionRPiand btw mom of the commands you told me to run did run without sudo...
17:09:03natanelionRPiok done
17:09:37natanelionRPisame messege
17:09:42Bilgusnow type hexdump -C -n5000 clipzipdump.bin
17:10:20Bilgusoh same message huh well its like this then you still have a semi working device if we continue from here it might be a brick
17:10:42natanelionRPiI ran the hexdump
17:10:54natanelionRPiok it panicked
17:11:14Bilguswhat you can do is put a full install on the sdcard and run it from your rockbox install johnb does this with his clip+
17:11:44Bilgusor we can attempt to continue but chances are it becomes a paperweight although not a very good one
17:12:00natanelionRPieach time manually?
17:12:12Bilgusyep just like how you ran that recovery
17:12:48Bilguspain in the ass but it works
17:12:56natanelionRPiI mean, I did it before, but whats the point...
17:13:39Bilgusyou can get a fuze+ directly from sandisk while they last
17:13:56natanelionRPiis there a list of things that rockbox firmware runs on startup?
17:14:01Bilguslike $30-40 bigger than the clipzip but a decent player
17:14:28Bilgussure but you can't write to the drive...
17:15:00natanelionRPiyeah I dont really need a big player... I have a smartphone yknow.. I just want a small piece of hardware as a novelty
17:15:39natanelionRPiwait I think I can write to part of the drive... I did it before, after this problem started...
17:16:10natanelionRPia small part of it is still writeable isnt it...
17:17:15Bilguswhat you can try is putting on the latest dev version from the rockbox site and see if it updates
17:18:00Bilgusif that works I can build you a fw that will run the sdcard on startup but it'll be a day or two before I get to it
17:19:00Bilgusmore than likely it'll say the new fw copied to the device but when you goto the system>info screen it'll still be the old version
17:19:48Bilguswhen you do it first try renaming the existing .rockbox folder to old.rockbox
17:20:07Bilgusand then copy the new .rockbox folder
17:20:39natanelionRPi last time I messed up rockbox (some very stupid things) and it was uncrecognizeable as a usb device... then I tried manually making a partition table of a small port of internal memory and it did work, only problem was that it was so tiny only minimal rockbox could fit... how I formatted the rest of the memory idk, but it somehow works as read only memory but is recognized as part of the same thing the whole internal storage
17:21:35Bilgusreally dd doesn't care and neither does that recovery fw you tried
17:21:55Bilgusits an issue with the device not something you did or could do
17:23:00natanelionRPiyeah I know but I just happen to notice when the problems I did became apearent
17:26:05Bilgusif you want to continue type dd if=/dev/sda of=clipzipdump.bin bs=512 count=$((0xF000)) conv=noerror
17:26:39Bilgusthis part won't kill your device but we can see just how much it can pull
17:31:40Bilgusnow type sudo hexdump -C -n30720 clipzipdump.bin > clipziphexdump.txt
17:32:12Bilgusand have a look through that file with a text editor for a bunch of 00 00 00 00 00 entries
17:32:39Bilgusor pastebin it and i'll have a look later
17:33:04Bilgusbut for now i GTG i'll check back in probably 12 hrs
17:34:28Bilgusdo'nt continue any further though
17:39:00 Quit johnb3 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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17:53:53natanelionok thanks... I copied the files of dev version of rockbox over and now it does show me the new version...
17:56:25natanelionabout your suggestion to make a version for me that boots from sd automatically - thanks, I think that is what I want... and I dont really care about how much time it takes as long as I could get a notification somehow (with the forum? mail? whatever..) I appreciate the work you are willing to do...
17:57:26natanelionand dd does say it copied 1.6 mb so...
18:09:28natanelionRPithats the pastebin...
18:10:01natanelionRPiand (sorry for late response..) Good Night
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