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#rockbox log for 2017-10-22

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00:31:56Bilgus<natanelion>, <natanelionRPi> that dd doesn't look like the clipzip's drive or at least not the right portion of it could you try a different version of linux either a live cd or the ubuntu distro you said you had?
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13:56:54pamaurylebellium: I have the sony cradle
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14:19:54lebelliumpamaury: did you enjoy it or already disassembled ? :D
14:21:51pamauryI didn't even try and went straight to disasembly ;)
14:22:18pamaurythe whole is going to be super tricky yo hack though, the pins are super tiny, and the port is connected to the main board with some flat cable
14:26:12pamauryI don't know if I have the proper equipment to hack it to be honest, we'll see
14:27:21lebelliummaybe worth asking around you before damaging it?
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14:59:47Bilguswhat changed with the build system since the last time I updated? cc1: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-Wimplicit-fallthrough=0’
14:59:47Bilguscc1: warning: unrecognized command line option "-Wno-expansion-to-defined" [enabled by default]
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15:12:25BilgusI'm guessing I need to update GCC -Wno-implicit-fallthrough works as expected
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15:29:54johnb3pamaury: on the Sonys, would it be a difficult for "idle power down" to do the full shutdown instead of entering the BL menu? Right now it is doing a loop BL menu-> 10s TImeout -> RB-> Idle off -> BL menu -> ... unless the hold switch is activated.
15:32:17pamauryjohnb3: I plan to make some changes, but doing a real power down sounds like a bad idea, a full boot takes ages. I will make it suspend by default, and add entries in the system menu to reboot/shutdown/return to bootloader
15:32:49johnb3That sounds great.
15:33:31pamauryI just have too many things to do!
15:35:47fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision e441c26, 273 builds, 12 clients.
15:48:15fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 748 seconds.
15:48:16fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision e441c26 result: 1 errors 0 warnings
15:48:17fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 7a8c9da, 273 builds, 12 clients.
15:49:32gevaertsuser890104: there's a problem on your build client
15:49:41gevaerts"Disk quota exceeded "
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15:59:13pamauryBilgus: that's what I do for the fuze+ frequency scaling experiments ;) speaking of that, we should push changes. We clearly want to disable auto-slow at max frequency
15:59:33pamauryand what about HBUS?
16:00:02fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 706 seconds.
16:00:03fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 7a8c9da result: All green
16:00:57pamaurygevaerts: did you change something on gerrit? I can now submit stuff! You didn't merge my two accounts iirc
16:01:38Bilgushbus increases performance as well with a cost of about 2% runtime
16:04:16pamaurymaybe we can leave hbus untouched for now then, we don't really need more performace
16:04:25Bilgusso overall between the two we gain 3% on runtime with what 34% increase in performance for that particular decoding case
16:04:43Bilgusin that case we gain 5% runtime overall
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16:06:11Bilgussorry thats backwards thats a 3% decrease for 34% increase
16:06:43Bilgusor no change for a 18% increase in that specific circumstance
16:07:00BilgusI was mixing up hbus and no autoslow
16:07:17gevaertspamaury: I didn't
16:08:02BilgusI'm sure with tasks depending heavily on a boosted state there would be some decrease in runtime disabling autoslow
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16:41:46johnb3How do I ammend a commit on my branch that is not the last commit, but e.g. n-3 in "git log"? To be concrete, I would like to ammend g#1656, but in the meantime I have done 2 unrelated local commits.
16:41:48fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1656 at : Provide a clip-like keymap for Sony players (WIP) by Johannes Rauh
16:42:37pamauryjohnb3: interactive rebase
16:43:31johnb3You mean on the gerrit website?
16:44:33pamauryjohnb3: no it's a git operation
16:45:12Bilgusgit rebase -i but it ends up being less trouble to make a patch of your new commits and start from the new one and add the others back
16:46:33BilgusI guess that would be start from the 'OLD' one
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18:11:20__builtinBilgus: that would be my fault
18:14:45__builtinwhat's the gcc version?
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20:09:45user890104gevaerts: thanks, should be fixed
20:10:07gevaertsccache growing?
20:10:55user890104no, i had some leftover stuff in another home dir
20:11:04user890104which i was too lazy to clean up :)
20:11:18user890104namely, the TNT2 toolchain build
20:11:53copperWell, I just pulled the trigger on a used iPod Mini from eBay. I'm excited.
20:11:56gevaertsI'll admit that I was relieved when I saw the actual error :)
20:12:08user890104(it's the machine, which has svn hooks that auto-build the source on commit)
20:12:16gevaertsUsually a single error means the build system has yet another weird issue
20:13:09user890104does the build script use multiple cpu cores?
20:13:27user890104if so, i can grant it a few more
20:14:01__builtinuser890104: I think so, yes
20:18:29user890104i guess i need to restart the client after changing the number of cores then
20:20:17user890104Welcome freemyipod-user890104. Your average build speed is 872 points/sec. Your average upload speed is 3318 KB/s.
20:20:27user890104is there a top score sheet? :)
20:21:35gevaertsNot really, although at some point we did have some sort of slowest machine competition :)
20:22:01gevaertsPeople with a raspberry pi thought they stood a chance!
20:22:22user890104well, if the values are saved somewhere, it's a matter of selecting rows from a DB and printing an HTML table
20:22:37user890104and a JSON API for the interested people
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20:23:50Bilgus_PH__builtin: gcc 4.9
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20:24:07__builtinthe configure script shouldn't add that flag for certain versions, let me check
20:24:45gevaertsuser890104: if you click on the time column on, you get the scores for all clients in that round
20:24:56__builtinyeah, it's guarded by "if test "$gccnum" -ge "700"; then..."
20:25:07gevaerts(the Est "speed" column)
20:25:12gevaerts*"Est speed"
20:25:57__builtinuser890104: that's not very fast :P
20:26:17__builtingevaerts: is omsk a rpi?
20:26:29gevaertsNo, that's an atom box
20:26:43gevaertsNo rpi in the current set I think
20:27:19gevaertsI'm trying to remember if anyone "beat" my geode box
20:28:15gevaertsIt's easy to get slower, but it's not very easy to get slower and still produce builds
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20:36:01__builtinuser890104: did you ever try my duke port?
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20:41:26user890104__builtin: not yet, but found the patchset
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23:07:04__builtinuser890104: does it work?
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