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#rockbox log for 2017-10-23

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04:26:44*__builtin is wishing [Saint] had went ahead and made the automagic build node script
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19:16:54asymsuconIs it possible to disassemble ClipZip without damaging the case? Is it glued in or snapped?
19:21:15pamauryasymsucon: it's possible to disassemble it, probably Bilgus can give you some advise on that
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19:22:42asymsuconpamaury: Everything can be disassembled at least once, but I'd prefer it to be repeatable experiment :)
19:22:55asymsuconI would like to attempt mic swap for EM173
19:23:38asymsuconand install 1020mAh battery in the process
19:23:43BilgusI haven't attempted the clipzip but I imagine it uses snaps as the clip+ start at the corner nearest the sdcard slot with a credit card spudger or guitar pick and DONT PRY directly over the sd slot
19:24:38Bilguswork your way clockwise from that corner till you reach the next corner and then go back to the sdslot side just past the slot
19:25:09asymsuconhave you managed to keep all snaps intact?
19:25:15Bilguswhen you separate the two halves it hinges on the usb port
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19:25:28Bilgusyeah they work nicely
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19:25:45pamauryI definitely managed to disassemble my clip+ without damage, and the zip too iirc
19:26:20asymsuconI saw some photos of full dissassembly and 1/3 of all the snaps were broken in half
19:26:31Bilgusyou can't just pry them though you need to get them to release like instead of 90 degrees with the prying it needs to be more like 15 degrees
19:26:35asymsuconbut with enough care it seems to be possible to avoid damage
19:26:55Bilgusif that makes sense
19:28:20asymsuconBilgus: Speaking of which, do you need Zip for testing?
19:28:52Bilgustesting what?
19:29:57BilgusI bought some clip zips from sansa when they still had them so I have one for testing builds
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19:49:18johnb3What is the key combination to get a Sansa Fuze into Bootloader USB Mode?
19:50:35[Saint]AFAIK there isn't one.
19:51:04[Saint]Doesn't it only offers bootloader USB if the main binary is corrupt?
19:51:24[Saint]s/corrupt/corrupt or missing/
19:52:37johnb3I thought UP key on the clip+ while plugging usb takes you there. I was looking for something similar for the Fuze.
19:52:52pamaurydon't we usually offer bootloader usb mode when usb is plugged? Unless the bootloader was not updated/bootloader usb mode is not enabled.
19:53:38pamaurythe fuze has a different SoC from the fuzev2/clip+/clipzip so it's not obvious that they offer the same functionality
19:53:48[Saint]Hum. I must be misremembering.
19:54:00[Saint]I thought bootloader USB was only a failure recovery mode on these.
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19:54:22johnb3pamaury: yes, that might be true.
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19:55:51johnb3The reason why I am asking: I combined Bilgus Multiboot with g#1657 (which has some frequency scaling). Now during file transfer to USB, it consistently crasshes.
19:55:53fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1657 at : Putting "FS #11765 - Improve Battery Life on AMSv1 Sansa players" on gerrit by Johannes Rauh
19:56:19johnb3sorry; file transfer to SD
19:57:10johnb3and I thougt I might just use bootloader usb mode instead, as the runtime improvement is significant.
19:57:24asymsuconBTW, was there any progress regarding 48k pitch inaccuracy?
19:59:13asymsuconjohnb3: In comparison I don't get even 1 hour extra with Mihail's mod compared to stock
19:59:25Bilgusjohnb3 doesn't the patch even say that sd card init fails?
20:00:26johnb3Bilgus: The Fuze boots fine from SD and playback also works. The problem is file transfer to SD.
20:00:53Bilgusah ok so you just want it to transfer files
20:00:53johnb3or were you referring to the clip+ (ATA one)?
20:01:21Bilgushow about using rolo to run the release version and shut down after usb transfer?
20:01:55johnb3True, that should do the job.
20:02:25*johnb3 copying a dev build ...
20:02:27Bilgusalthough I bet the patch just need proper divisions for the sd clock to work
20:04:25johnb3I am willing to try anything, but I don't know what to change myself ...
20:08:18Bilgusthe math for SD_MAX_READ_TIMEOUT seems wrong
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20:22:02Bilgusyeah I'm not sure how the timing relates to cpu_max frequency but its way higer than originally
20:23:00BilgusI think that should be #define AS3525_PCLK_FREQ (AS3525_DRAM_FREQ/40)
20:23:38Bilgusand try changing the equation in rockbox / firmware/target/arm/as3525/sd-as3525.c back to the original
20:25:00Bilgusah ok I think the predivider takes care of the code in sd-as3525.c
20:37:56Bilgus sorry
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20:46:02[Saint]satan's crontab
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21:14:01user890104__builtin: works great!
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21:14:57user890104now mr.someone needs to write a usb host stack, so we can attach a keyboard via USB OTG connector
21:16:08user890104quake does not work for me
21:16:13user890104duke3d runs fine
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21:34:36user890104wolf3d works half of the attempts to start it
21:34:56user890104__builtin: looks like sdl isn't respecting the rockbox volume control
21:35:04 Part robertd1
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21:58:21Bilgusdid it call it a bitch?
22:11:19__builtinYeah the build I have you only has duke working
22:11:49__builtinBut it should obey the volume control, check again maybe?
22:12:57__builtinI'm surprised wolf even starts at all on that build
22:14:20__builtinDoes music and all work?
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22:34:16user890104__builtin: after i turn it on, yes
22:34:37user890104but i'm on -24 dB and it's so f'ing loud
22:34:43 Join dys [0] (
22:34:58__builtinLower it more?
22:35:13user890104duke3d has volume control in the menu, which works fine
22:35:35user890104i can try that tomorrow, time to sleep :)
22:35:41__builtinok, bye!
22:35:51user890104awesome work by the way
22:36:12user890104i'm going to fix the x86 emulator to use your sdl runtime
22:36:38__builtinthanks, it's fun :D
22:36:40user890104i never figured out the sound bits
22:37:05user890104so i have a lot of example code now :)
22:37:11__builtinjust don't expect it to work too well, the SDL port sucks
22:37:23user890104it can be improved
22:37:30user890104it's a good start
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22:58:39__builtingrrr... merge conflicts
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23:19:52fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision ef13067, 273 builds, 13 clients.
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23:29:28fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 576 seconds.
23:29:29fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision ef13067 result: 1758 errors 0 warnings
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23:34:03__builtinI know what the issue is, but the build server isn't showing the log for some reason
23:41:51fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision a644489, 273 builds, 12 clients.
23:46:15__builtinhmm, this zoom idea is pretty difficult actually
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23:56:19fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 867 seconds.
23:56:20fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision a644489 result: All green

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