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#rockbox log for 2017-10-25

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00:59:39BilgusSo update on natanelion's clipzip we were able to restore it
01:00:01Bilgusevery time he tried to dd data off the drive it failed at 1.6MB
01:00:28Bilgusi Had him pull it with conv=sync,noerror and had a look at the data
01:01:20Bilgusturns out the first 16 mb after the header was all 00 so it was actually using the second 16mb portion to run
01:01:59Bilgusand here I thought it was just junk data its actually a recovery mechanism for when the first blocks go bad
01:02:48Bilgusso in order to fix it I first had him dd the bootloader to that second 16 mb by using sync and skip to align to the proper sectors
01:04:13Bilgusand then for good measure I had him dd the header of the bootloader to the first count=$((0x800)) sectors
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01:06:33BilgusI figured out the offset for the first part by looking for where the firmware header began on his dump and coppied the beginning of the bootloader to it
01:06:58Bilgusdd of=/dev/sdb if="/media/pi/NEW VOLUME/clipzip4GB_RECOVERY_image32.bin" bs=512 skip=$((0x74FA)) seek=$((0xAA00))
01:07:36Bilgusdo note those offsets probably won't work for anyone they need to be calculated
01:07:52Bilgusand they are in sectors so it needs to be a whole number
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01:09:42Bilguson reboot his device worked but we wiped out some of the drive header with the new firmwares 'second 16Mb partition' and his device crashed before we could fix it
01:10:15Bilguson reboot we were able to format the internal drive (without the first OF portion exposed) to FAT 32 and all was well
01:11:32Bilgusnext time A good idea would be to limit the count to the remainder of the OF region
01:11:48Bilgusbut its also possible to make that larger if so needed
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01:17:28BilgusI'll give an instance of how I calculated 0x74FA from the recovery image
01:18:14Bilgusthe header starts as XX 06 00 00 EA the XX seems different between all of the images
01:19:07Bilgusbut it started at offset 0x750E which in decimal is 29966 bytes
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01:25:24Bilgusah sorry for the (if=) image to write back the offsets don't really matter so much it should have been 0x7200 57 * 512 to stay on the proper sectors
01:25:26__builtinhmm, can someone with a recent dev build on hand test sgt-untangle
01:26:49BilgusI ended up doing it that way because I needed to zero out the first portion that was writable on his device
01:26:57__builtinsomething broke, apparently
01:27:14Bilgushow recent __builtin
01:27:20__builtinuh, like HEAD
01:27:49__builtinI have a feeling the latest upstream sync is to blame
01:29:08BilgusNo issue at 10-4
01:29:24Bilguslet me check more recent
01:29:48__builtinI just tested the latest puzzles native build (with my changes), and it's broken there too
01:30:09Bilgustrying 10-17
01:30:25__builtinthe change in question was yesterday
01:30:35__builtinso that likely won't have the issue
01:30:47Bilgusok it doesn't give me a minute
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01:32:26__builtinah, I think I figured it out
01:33:05__builtinturns out there was somewhat of an API change upstream that interfered with my modified untangle code
01:36:09Bilgusis it that you can't select a dot to move it?
01:36:30fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 3ad9cae, 273 builds, 12 clients.
01:36:37__builtinshould be fixed in this commit
01:36:37Bilgusyep its there
01:38:06__builtinbasically Simon made interpret_move return a pointer to UI_UPDATE rather than an emptry string to indicate a redraw
01:38:28__builtinbut since I had modified Untangle to have button support, it wasn't updated there
01:38:36__builtinand it was going crazy on a drag
01:47:05fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 635 seconds.
01:47:07fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 3ad9cae result: All green
01:50:52duncan^/buffer 77
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03:57:07__builtinhmm... maybe I'm doing this wrong
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03:57:35__builtinI'm trying to get a zoom feature for puzzles
03:57:53__builtinright now I'm writing a whole new graphics layer to draw to a temp framebuffer
03:58:10__builtinbut maybe I could just modify what I have now to draw double size?
03:58:33__builtinactually, that can't work :(
03:58:44__builtinit needs to blit from other parts of the screen
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06:07:13BilgusJohnb3 ok I think I got it worked out first try and if that is successful add as well
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11:12:46melissa_Hello. Can anyone tell me which of the devices with stable ports are still available for purchase?
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11:22:14CH23i'm trying to figure out how exactly /uisimulator/buttonmap/sansa-clip.c must be read, as example: { SDLK_KP_MULTIPLY, 165, 158, 17, "Home" }
11:22:44CH23165 horizontal, 158vertical, 17 width/hight
11:22:58CH23but this seems wrong, doesn't match the simulator at all
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11:51:59CH23ah figured it out; 165th px horizontal, 158th px vertical, +16px to all sides
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12:07:53CH23Bilgus: for which players is the sansa-clip.c buttonmapping used? just the clip(v1/v2), clip zip, and clip+?
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16:53:06BilgusCH23 yep ^
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17:28:55CH23Bilgus: if i sent you a modified sansa-clip.c would you be able to merge it? currently the 'zones' are very strangely setup
17:29:32CH23i'll make sure it works for the 3 different players
17:29:54BilgusI don't have push privileges or do you mean commit it?
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17:45:20CH23also, is there a reason we're using photographs of players instead of images?
17:46:32BilgusNO clue life like perhaps
17:46:56Bilgussome are drawings
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19:19:46johnb3Bilgus: Neither the first one nor the combo crashes the player at startup.
19:19:59johnb3I am preparing the battery bench ...
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19:20:40Bilgusgood I have some more optimizations I'd like to do but want to see if this is even worthwhile
19:29:37BilgusI'm pretty sure applying and removing powersave won't affect usability but I also slowed the internal storage clock to 15.5MHZ from 31 so after you get some results if they are promising you might want to test the device out with some heavier codecs and other storage intensive tasks like transfering music to from USB or to from SD card
19:31:49johnb3ok. The runtime with the dev build was ~10h, so it ought to take longer than my morning if there is an improvement. I will report back in 24h ;-)
19:32:05pamaurywodz (logs): I'm not 100% sure but I think that atj actually uses elliptic curve crypto, just quite optimized so it's not obvious
19:32:05Bilgusawesome thanks
19:32:48Bilgusjohnb3 what was the runtime with that FS patch?
19:34:10johnb3Again I did all my benchmarks from internal only, no SD inserted.
19:34:17Bilguswow thats a big improvement but there are a lot of gotchas in that code
19:35:09Bilguswell what I've done here affects the internal the same as sd but you would see less with a High Speed sdcard
19:35:44johnb3I bought 5 more Fuzes on *bay Australia. Maybe some are v1, too. More material to test, but it will be roughly 2weeks until they arrive.
19:38:18BilgusIn that FS patch I saw tweaks to the I2c Bus have you tried running at 48khz with that patch?
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20:03:38CH23Bilgus: how are these?
20:03:45BilgusHmm I was just looking in the assembly output for the as3525 sd code It had a delay added in "Small delay for writes prevents data crc failures at lower freqs" but It was never emited the compiler optimized it right out I wonder if that is why 4channel mode was failing on some devices
20:04:59Bilgusthose look nice but they need a border the clip+ blends lol
20:05:10BilgusITS MASSIVE :p
20:05:27CH23that was with intent actually
20:08:32Bilgusmy screen is all black so it would probably look just like that on my screen just a weird floating bar
20:09:14CH23i'll make it "lighter black"
20:09:19lebelliumpamaury: did you already manage to do something with the sony cradle?
20:12:56Bilguswhy not just a perimeter of a lighter black?
20:13:13Bilgus1px wide frame?
20:13:58Bilgusthe clip in the first picture has the same effect with the blur
20:14:18CH23yeah gonna do that but keep the device shape
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20:29:28Bilguslooks good
20:30:00 Quit johnb3 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
20:30:17CH23cool, i'll upload them and the code too.
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20:35:04pamaurylebellium: no I'm away for the entire week and I left it at home
20:35:45Bilgusis that what you want committed?
20:37:04CH23it's replacement images for clip, clipv2, clip+, and changes to button zones for same devices
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21:11:13BilgusCH23 can you give me imgur links to the three images so I can put them in the commit?
21:13:27CH23Bilgus: they're in the zip though?
21:13:42Bilguswhen you do the commit it won't show them
21:14:02CH23the clip and clipv2 are same image (as they were already)
21:14:06CH23ah right
21:14:25 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:15:50BilgusCh23 g#1706
21:15:52fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1706 at : Sansa Clip+ Clip V1, V2 updated simulator images by William Wilgus
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21:17:55Bilguswhy are there doubles of the items in struct button_map bm[] = {
21:18:43CH23you can't have a rectangular field, so by overlapping 2 of the same, you can.
21:18:59Bilgusah ok
21:19:22BilgusI'll put in a comment as such
21:19:26CH23i've tested it with the simulator and it works
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22:14:07b0hoonpamaury: if it's good enough, sure, i won't be modify it, push it please, along with the #1684
22:15:09 Part b0hoon
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