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#rockbox log for 2017-10-27

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03:12:23__builtinhmm, is there any point in disabling certain sgt-puzzles plugins based on screen size at this point?
03:13:08__builtinthey all *run*, just some of them aren't easily playable on super small screens
03:13:43__builtinI suppose if you follow that logic, all the game plugins would be gone on small screens...
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06:17:03saratogajhMikeS: this is file system related right?,52039.msg240833
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06:46:31WineI am running rockbox on a Sansa Clip + that has a 128GB micro SD formatted to FAT32. I uninstalled rockbox, reinstalled original sansa firmware, and then reinstalled rockbox earlier today. I then reformatted the card. I then loaded a lot of music back onto the SD. Things seemed to be going well and I ran into no issues on my windows computer at work but after attempting to add more files from my Mac at home, many files will not play fr
06:48:46WineSometimes, I will open the folder for the artist and nothing will be in the folder, and other times I will open the artist then album, and will see a track list. Then if i select a track the screen will say (root) and nothing will play. Also worth noting, if I copy the same artist/album folder to the sansa internal drive there are no errors.
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06:54:15WineI went through the uninstall/reinstall because this problem happend in the past and I wanted to correct it
06:55:24WineI will continue to research this issue on my own. Thank you all for the massive amount of work that has been done on rockbox, and also for the massive collection of information on it. I'm sure the solution to my problem is out there somewhere.
06:56:54WineIf I have logged off the IRC, please still reply as I will be checking the log later to see what I missed. Also, please let me know if you think my question is better for the forums where I can explain more fully. Thank you.
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06:58:00saratoga_Wine: first message got cut off at "many files will not play"
07:01:40Wine"from the sansa/rockbox." finished off that first message
07:03:15saratoga_is the problem only with the database or does it happen from the file browser too?
07:03:47saratoga_or was this was the file browser and not the database?
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07:06:31WineThis was via file browser, but I'm pretty sure it would happen through the database as well. Testing now.
07:06:46saratoga_yeah if the file browser has the problem then the database will too
07:07:14WineOkay. Kinda thought so
07:07:21saratoga_if you look at the card on the PC are the files there and playbable?
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07:07:55saratoga_basically, is the problem that the card isn't being recognized in rockbox, or is it that the files on the card are being corrupted somehow
07:10:02Winei believe the files are being corrupted. I have something like 10GB on the card of music that I successfully added earlier today that does play both on through rockbox and via the PC. The files that don't play on rockbox also do not play if i try to play them from the PC
07:12:57saratoga_is the card fake?
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07:14:54WineUh, how do you mean fake? It's a SanDisk Ultra 128GB XC I
07:15:43saratoga_dummy card relabeled as a bigger card
07:15:53saratoga_counterfit basically
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07:21:29WineWell, I bought it pretty cheap on ebay a few years back and the seller is no longer on ebay so it's entirely possible. But when I formatted it it said 134GB or something like that. Also when I 'Get Info' on my Mac it says Capacity 134.17 GB
07:21:45saratoga_probably fake
07:21:55WineAny good way to check?
07:22:03saratoga_yeah check google
07:22:19saratoga_there are tools that write to the card then read it back to see if it actually stores data
07:22:40saratoga_usually those fakes are a much smaller card programmed to look like a bigger one
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07:24:58WineOkay, thank you very much. This sounds very possible. One thing that makes me think that is the first few albums I coppied when I got home worked fine then in the middle of coppying a 7 disk compilation the first few worked then the remaining did not and nothing after that worked.
07:26:28saratoga_it'll work fine until you exceed however much memory is actually in the card
07:26:32saratoga_if its fake
07:28:31WineDo you think the fact that it's telling me 134.17GB when I look at the drive on my PC but has '128GB' printed on it is suspicious?
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07:54:47johnb4Wine (logs): this here is a perfect tool to test the capacity of the SD:
07:55:31johnb4eventhough the descriptio is in German, I believe the screenshots are kinda self-eplanatory.
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07:57:38johnb4Delete all content first, as it will only test 'free' space. Select the drive and run.
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12:43:25copperSo, my second-hand iPod Mini was delivered to me, and of course the battery is completely drained. When I try to turn it on, it goes into a boot loop that doesn't go past the Apple logo showing for a couple of seconds.
12:44:06copperI plugged it into a wall socket and I somehow got the iPod to show the empty battery icon without interruption.
12:44:13copperMy question is, is it charging right now?
12:44:48copperthere's no animation or indication that it is
12:45:20 Join Strife1989 [0] (
12:46:25copperAh, it is now showing the "ok to disconnect" message
12:46:36copperI guess I'm on the right track.
12:47:08 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
12:47:22 Join johnb4 [0] (
12:48:49copperExcept there's no battery charging animation and it looks like it's actually draining again.
12:54:50copperOK, got it into disk mode, plugged into a USB port, and I see the battery charging animation now
12:54:56copperfingers crossed
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12:58:34Bilgusworst design ever
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13:03:10CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
13:03:10*gevaerts disagrees!
13:03:38gevaertsThe worst device I've encountered charging-wise is the nokia n900
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13:08:24BilgusIve seen a few android devices that do stupid crap like that as well
13:08:40copperyeah it's a bit of a drag
13:08:57 Quit JanC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
13:09:14copperit means I will have to keep it on a charging dock if I don't want to go through this again
13:09:18Bilguswell if it gets to dollars to dimes time charge the darn thing externally
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13:10:27Bilgusjust be sure you either watch it very closely or use an lithium ion charging circuit
13:10:31 Quit johnb4 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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13:11:23Bilguslike literally disconnect the battery and charge it with a fixed voltage 3.3v or use an actual lithium ion charger in something else
13:12:00 Join Strife89 [0] (
13:12:12Bilgusfirst way watch the voltage levels very closly well no too close protect your eyes second way not too bad
13:12:16copperit's an iPod, they're a bitch to safely open up
13:12:33copperI already destroyed one iPod that way, I'm not doing it again
13:13:41 Join Strife1989 [0] (
13:14:25Bilgusthat sucks
13:16:58gevaertsMini isn't *too* bad
13:17:23gevaertsThe thing that tends to bite with minis is that people put CF cards in them and then the buttons stop working
13:17:41 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
13:17:41gevaertsAnd the fix to that is to add some cardboard to make up for the missing thickness
13:18:14*gevaerts suspects the battery won't be just "completely drained" but "mostly dead". Minis aren't exactly new
13:18:31Bilgusthat is engineering there
13:19:01 Join Strife89 [0] (
13:20:27copperDunno, I'll consider myself happy if I get an album's worth of autonomy
13:20:48gevaertsThat would be a *good* battery!
13:21:08BilgusI doubt it was engineered to make the buttons fail if it had a cf card but more like we can make this $0.030 cheaper by using the drive as the backer for the button pad
13:21:48copperthe iPod itself is in very good condition
13:22:04 Quit Strife1989 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
13:27:05gevaertsThe main advantage in the mini is that a flash mod is fairly trivial, so I'd definitely recommend that
13:27:22gevaertsAnd *if* you do that, you'll have it open anyway, so I'd replace the battery as well
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13:58:16copperiPod Mini is alive. Music still on there, the previous owner had very good taste!
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14:14:25copperFuck. I tried to update the firmware, now it's stuck on "plug the ipod into a wall socket charger"
14:14:40coppertried an iPhone charger, an iPad charger, nothing happens
14:15:09copperdunno what tot od
14:15:13copperdunno what to do
14:21:29 Join robertd1 [0] (
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14:26:15copperlooks like it will only accept a firewire charger to get past this
14:30:08Bilgusjohnb there is new commits up on gerrit to go along with the new storage driver code you might want to update to that the logic changed a bit and might be better batterylife as well
14:30:31Bilgusthere are * :\
14:31:40Bilguswhere the hell do you find a firewire charger now a days?
14:31:59coppereBay :(
14:32:10copperthat means having to wait another week
14:32:15copperthis is so lame
14:32:30BilgusI'd bite the bullet and order a new battery too
14:38:23 Join johnb4 [0] (
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15:02:44 Part robertd1
15:03:35copperThis is so fucked up, I could never have guessed that I would need a firewire cable when the USB cable charges the iPod just fine
15:04:09copperthe only kit I can find on eBay costs more than what I paid for the iPod Mini
15:05:23Bilguswhy doesn't that surprise me
15:08:50gevaertsIIRC there might be a way to bypass this
15:09:11gevaertsBut it's been *years*...
15:09:56coppergevaerts: how?
15:15:40*gevaerts finds indications that this requirement was removed in newer firmware, which would mean that the way to bypass it would be to update the firmware...
15:16:06copperupdating the firmware is what got the iPod Mini stuck in this state
15:16:11gevaertsHmmm, do you have an Apple store nearby?
15:16:32gevaertsYes, I know
15:16:46copperAn official Apple repair shop, called them already, they don't have what I need
15:17:11copperI'm not surprised, this is 2004 tech
15:17:19gevaertsThe reason I thought it could be bypassed is that I don't have a firewire charger, and I never got stuck
15:17:38gevaertsBut apparently it's possible I just got lucky and had recent enough firmware
15:18:26Bilgusrather than doing this though get some paper and cover up the two inner pins and plug it into a decent usb brick
15:20:10gevaertsAh yes, maybe a charge-only cable will work
15:20:29gevaertsDefinitely worth a try
15:21:08 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
15:23:17 Join johnb4 [0] (
15:30:27copperdoesn't seem to work
15:30:47 Quit robertd1 (Quit: Leaving.)
15:32:28copperI know power is going through because the iPod reboots when I plug it in
15:32:41copperwith a piece of cardboard over the two center pins
15:34:06Bilgusyou are using a good beefy power supply right?
15:34:55 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
15:35:00Bilguslike a 1.5 - 2.0 A plug in brick?
15:35:25copper5.1 V, 2.1 A
15:35:44copperApple 10W USB adapter
15:36:18Bilgushmm that sucks maybe leave it plugged like that for a while and retry
15:38:19BilgusI wonder if the apple version needs negoiation to put out the full wattage maybe try a no name one or at least non apple
15:41:17 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
15:41:55pixelmawere there differences between the 1st and 2nd gen Mini wrt firewire?
15:42:35copperdunno but the battery life was doubled on the 2nd gen
15:43:56copperthis is so aggravating
15:44:12copperI shouldn't have updated it
15:45:24pixelmacopper: where are you located, in case some fellow rockboxer could and would like to help out?
15:45:49copperPerpignan, France
15:46:01BilgusHey whomever is in charge of the website the manual download for 3.14 is not complete/corrupted Obvoiusly I used the manual installation. I tried then to manually install the v.3.14 but the zip file dowloaded from the releases archive,, strangely contains only a 'lang' directory, no other.
15:46:03coppersouth of france
15:48:27gevaertsThat's not the release
15:48:35gevaertsThat's a voice pack
15:49:03Bilgusyeah I just realized that lol
15:53:20 Quit robertd1 (Quit: Leaving.)
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15:59:20copperIs there no way to force the iPod into another mode?
16:01:35 Quit alexweissman (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
16:02:04pixelmahmm, maybe try to get hold of lebellium. I could imagine that he has an Ipod firewire cable in his collection, I just don't know which region of France he lives in currently.
16:03:44copperI can't remember seeing an iPod in his collection
16:04:26pixelmamaybe you're right... I started to question this myself now
16:04:50gevaertsThat means that *if* he has an ipod firewire charger, he'd want to get rid of it!
16:05:28copperor just lend it to me
16:05:38copperwhat about TheSeven?
16:05:55 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
16:07:26 Quit johnb4 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
16:09:53copperI don't get it, this guy says it worked fine with a USB charger
16:11:50copperaccording to THAT guy, it's the voltage that's too low
16:13:44copperAll my adapters deliver 5V, and the mini would need 12V
16:13:57copperI wonder if I can buy such an adapter easily?
16:14:29gevaertsCareful there
16:14:40gevaertsYou'd need 12V, but not on the same pins!
16:15:50gevaertsWhich basically means an ipod firewire cable+charger
16:17:22copperI don't understand?
16:19:19gevaertsThe ipod connector has 5V pins and 12V pins. They aren't the same
16:19:36copperthe 30 pin connector on the iPod's end?
16:19:48Bilgusman putting too much voltage sound scary, I think he's saying firewire puts out 12v on diggerent pins
16:23:04 Join lebellium_z3c [0] (~AndChat73@
16:23:39lebellium_z3cHello guys. I do have iPods in my collection but unfortunately not the old firewire ones :(
16:25:19 Join alexweissman [0] (
16:27:10 Quit lebellium_z3c (Client Quit)
16:29:35 Join pystar89 [0] (
16:36:39 Join PimpiN8 [0] (~textual@
16:36:59 Quit robertd1 (Remote host closed the connection)
16:40:51 Quit deevious (Quit: deevious)
16:52:39copperI'm screwed then.
16:58:24 Quit PimpiN8 (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
16:58:55 Join PimpiN8 [0] (~textual@
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17:08:22 Join amayer [0] (
17:10:24 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
17:13:21pixelmaI think amiconn has such a cable/charger. I'm not sure when he's got the time to take care about such a request (and if he wants to) and what shipping costs from Germany would be.
17:17:39 Quit johnb4 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:17:49 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
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17:58:27copperobviously I would pay for shipping
18:03:22copperI managed to put the iPod into diagnostics mode
18:03:36copperis there any way I can salvage something from there?
18:06:58 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~Thunderbi@
18:09:43copperDamn it. Selecting "disk mode" just reboots the thing, which goes straight to the dreaded wall adapter icon.
18:13:09 Join johnb4 [0] (
18:26:11 Quit wodz (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
18:33:50 Quit dys (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
18:37:26 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
18:46:41 Quit Acou_Bass (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
18:47:22 Join Acou_Bass [0] (
18:50:38 Quit PurlingNayuki (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
18:56:00BilgusThe low voltages on the AMS players sure do seem to cause an awful lot of problems any one know what kind of runtime increases it provides?
18:56:48 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~Thunderbi@
19:01:39 Join JdGordon [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
19:38:35johnb4Bilgus: Saving was quite significant. Mihail mainly drove the freq. and voltage scaling, I ran lots of benchmarks, as I used to have v1 & V2 Fuzes and clip+ variants.
19:39:30johnb4some of it is recorded in,51616.0.html
19:46:42BilgusI guess we start raising it when people have issues but some of this is probably leading to drive corruption when it crashes at that exact wrong time
19:47:50 Quit krabador (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
19:49:47johnb4I thought of a persistent setting in debug, to bump up the voltage for those devices that seem to be more flimsy, keep the lower ones as default. Or the other way round.
19:50:33Bilgusyeah I thought of the same thing but I kinda circled back around to if the margin is that close all devices should probably be running it
19:50:40johnb4I had no problems with the lowest values that got pushed.
19:53:03 Quit PurlingNayuki (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
19:54:16BilgusI think a better idea would be to have it disabled by default or at a higher level and allow the user to lower it
19:54:24 Join dys [0] (
19:54:39Bilgusbut I too have had no problems on clip+ or zip
19:54:48johnb4That sure is the conservative approach ;-)
19:55:06johnb4Maybe we get Mihail to comment ...
19:55:17Bilgusneeds to be conservative where users are concerned
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19:56:28 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
20:01:30Bilgusmight even make it a yes or no deal, battery saving yes/no which we know it'll always have a lower bound during unboosted state but bring it up a few points from the very bottom if it isn't enabled
20:02:52 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~Thunderbi@
20:03:38Bilgusjohnb4, speaking of jHMikeS pushed some new driver code and I updated that sd code accordingly its also changed a bit in the process
20:07:26 Quit PurlingNayuki (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
20:07:47coppergevaerts: How bad does the backlight drain the battery? I've left the mini in diagnostics mode with the backlight continuously on for over an hour now, and it's still on
20:11:52copperthe battery wasn't even full
20:21:01 Quit krabador (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:22:10 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
20:24:48 Quit robertd1 (Remote host closed the connection)
20:27:45 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~Thunderbi@
20:29:10johnb4Bilgus: yes, I have seen your notice, not updated yet though. So far I had no problems even when stress testing, only copying data seems to be a little slower (also deleting a directory in the file browser), which doesn't really bother me.
20:30:06Bilgusthats just the lower clock of the internal memory though it should be pretty much the same as a non-highspeed SD card
20:30:16johnb4I thought of applying the i2c patch, so I have a reference for the benchmark, before updating to the latest patches.
20:31:16Bilgusprobably a good idea but i'd do each individually like remove the sd ones and do just the I2c one
20:32:03 Quit PurlingNayuki (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:32:15johnb4Does g#1705 also need to be rebased with jHMikeS' push?
20:32:17fs-bluebotGerrit review #1705 at : AS3525v1 Lower unboosted I2C frequency by William Wilgus
20:33:47johnb4ok, then will try this one.
20:35:16Bilguslet me know if you have issues with it like you might try listening to a song or two and browse some menus at the same time and we can raise the frequency a bit but I think I2c is pretty forgiving
20:35:52 Join PurlingNayuki [0] (~Thunderbi@
20:37:08 Join johnb3 [0] (
20:40:25 Quit PurlingNayuki (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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20:45:36 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:8b80:1700:e9d6:d79e:a8c0:a878)
20:57:16johnb4I don't see any issues. I am charging the battery right now.
21:01:06 Quit krabador (Quit: Leaving)
21:25:28 Quit PimpiN8 (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
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