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#rockbox log for 2017-10-30

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09:17:23Bilgusjohnb4 I moved the disk underclocking to g#1709 its still a WIP but I'll probably move the I2C underclocking there as well
09:17:25fs-bluebotGerrit review #1709 at : As3525 v1/v2 Add power savings menu by William Wilgus
09:19:40BilgusIt should work in its current form but it still needs some safety code
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11:30:14wodzpamaury: ping
11:32:10pamaurywodz: pong
11:36:57wodzpamaury: how far did you get in exploring usbip?
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11:38:19wodzpamaury: I see fundamental problem that you need to know vid:pid before you export device. It is done either by setting in configFS (to create virtual gadget) or with usbipd in case of real hardware.
11:38:37pamaurywodz: I've never used usbip, I only ever used vhci
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11:39:32pamauryis that a problem though? That sounds like a rather small detail if it's just the VID:PID
11:41:16wodzpamaury: I am not sure. From the scarce documentation I can't figure out how enumeration is actually performed.
11:42:45pamauryit was my impression that usbip is not very well documented
11:43:48pamaurywodz: some googling gives
11:50:05wodzpamaury: Not very verbose description what it does and how to use it :P
12:01:53wodzAnyway the interesting thing is enumeration process which seems to be skipped in this case (statically allocated descriptors).
12:03:21pamauryindeed, it looks like you have to emulate the enumeration level on the client side
12:04:50wodzthis is not something which cannot be done but it complicates the things considerably :/
12:06:09pamauryI am not sure it's so complicated, basically you need the client to first make a bunch of control request to get all descriptors, cache them, and then attach with usbip no?
12:09:38wodzbasically yes
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14:23:38wodzpamaury: The link you found is the best source of usbip documentation I've seen
14:25:36wodzpamaury: Can you remind me what is the sequence of requestes during enumeration?
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14:29:45pamaurywodz: iirc, get dev desc, reset, set address, get config desc
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14:31:07pamauryoh and set config after that
14:31:56pamaurythe device is usually reset at the very beginning even before the first device request I think
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14:34:08wodzwhy double GET_DESCRIPTOR (DEVICE) ?
14:34:12pamaurythen SET_CONFIGURATION, but I'm not sure if that counts as part of the enumeration
14:34:54pamaurywodz: historical reasons mostly, usually the very first GET_DESCRIPTOR (DEVICE) will only ask for a small amount of data (ie not the whole descriptor), then reset, then ask the full descriptor
14:35:23pamauryWindows does it like that and thus most devices expect it and most OSes copy that to make sure device work. Usually windows hell
14:35:24wodzIsn't driver loaded based on enumeration responsible for SET_CONFIGURATION ?
14:36:19pamaurywodz: usually yes, although the number of devices that actually support several configuration must be close to 0
14:36:30pamaurybut technically yes
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14:39:44pamauryyou probably can use a different enumeration, the minimum is: reset, SET_ADDRESS
14:40:37pamauryyou are allowed to read the device descriptor before SET_ADDRESS, and read the remaining descriptors before the SET_CONFIG
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18:52:19BilgusjhMikeS, when you get a chance could you look at g#1709 specifically the sd drivers line 972 & 966 I was wondering about the position of the mutex locks if it would work as I expect or do I need it after the wait for interface disable or if it would even work at all
18:52:21fs-bluebotGerrit review #1709 at : As3525 v1/v2 Add power savings menu by William Wilgus
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20:11:57jhMikeSBilgus: For v1, just lock the mutex. It appears that if it's not locked for a transfer, then controller isn't enabled.
20:15:41jhMikeSBilgus: I guess it's the same for v2. My only concern is sd_enable (on both) which could turn it on and then your code would get stuck. If you own the mutex, just disable it and restore the state.
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20:16:37Bilgusexplain that a bit more stupidly for me please
20:17:40jhMikeSit turns the interface on and off for every transfer, yeah?
20:19:32Bilgusyes and in v2 at least it holds a mutex before the call to enable
20:19:50jhMikeSso, take the lock and if the interface is enabled, just disable it and restore the state to what it was. sd_enable can turn it on externally.
20:19:56jhMikeSso does v1
20:21:06jhMikeShow could the clocking thing help if it's really off most of the time anyway?
20:21:53BilgusI'm not sure it will on v2 as of yet on v1 though its never truly disabled
20:22:53 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@irssi/staff/TheLemonMan)
20:23:17Bilgusby setting MCI_POWERSAVE it turns off the clock when bus is inactive on the v1 devices
20:24:01jhMikeSI guess it doesn't do quite the same action in enable_controller(). shouldn't really matter
20:25:09BilgusI don't have a v1 device to test but johnb tells me its a 4hr runtime increase
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20:26:04jhMikeSBilgus: I guess that's significant
20:27:01Bilgusyeah the patch he pulled from flyspray that shits all over the clocks nets him 8hrs but I think I can get close to that without destabilizing the whole system
20:27:41BilgusI just happen to have v2 devices to test so I figured I'd test some of the ideas there as well
20:29:24jhMikeSthe caller has to acquire the mutex to really guarantee things happen at the right time
20:29:31BilgusSo am I correct in assuming with the v1 code I can just hold the mutex and not wait for the enable==false and in v2 hold the mutex and set enable = false and set to its previous state when I'm done?
20:32:03jhMikeSsd_enabled being non-static is tweaking my interest. that should be nuked.
20:34:11Bilgusits defined extern in the debug menu
20:34:57Bilgusmakes sense I suppose when disabled the registers are all 0
20:34:58jhMikeSdebug should call a function
20:35:23jhMikeSso, really that variable doesn't do much
20:35:45jhMikeSI guess just shut the interface off and leave it off. if anything needs to happen it'll get turned on again.
20:36:29Bilgusafter holding the mutex..
20:38:38jhMikeSof course
20:38:51jhMikeSactually, the debug menu can conceivably mess things up
20:39:20jhMikeSthat's implemented completely wrong
20:39:32BilgusI'll work on fixing that next I need to do something similar with CPSR_0 as well
20:40:03BilgusThe I2c Registers only display for a fraction of a second when the interface is enabled
20:40:17jhMikeSor, maybe....(got other things on my mind) . I guess it can't touch it if it's transferring something.
20:41:01jhMikeSbetter to just have a debug info function that handles the details, really
20:41:26jhMikeSan internal one
20:41:34pamauryI think I finally manage to connect the usb stack code to the mmc code in the clip+ ROM \o/
20:45:10Bilgusok I'll work on the I2c one first since its the most broken and do something similar for the sd driver as well
20:46:14Bilguspamaury did you find anything interesting as far as the boot prommer?
20:46:31jhMikeSon further thought, the interface could end up off again by the time sd_enable returns because unlock a mutex can task switch
20:47:24pamauryBilgus: not yet, I still have many methods to reverse before I can tell what is going on
20:48:50Bilgusso I should still store the state and restore it then
20:50:11BilgusI really can't depend on it getting disabled once I hold the mutex
20:51:26 Join johnb4 [0] (
20:52:42pamauryit's kind of scary to think that after reversing over a hundred classes, I think I'm actually started to understand how the designer of the code thought
20:54:32Bilgushmm, in the v2 code sd_enable is never read so I think its just kinda hanging out for no reason
20:55:07johnb4Bilgus: I am still running the build before you did the latest changes (on my Fuze), i.e. MCI&SD&i2C. No problems found so far. I have the impression that the device takes a little longer to register on USB on windows. I will try recording next. Anything else I should test?
20:56:41Bilgusno not for the moment I have a few things I'm switching around And I would like to try lowering the IDE clock for your v1 device once I get it to a decent state
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20:58:36Bilgusthough on your device when you go into the debug menu if you go down to the actual registers in HWinfo does I2C2_CSPR stay 0000000 most of the time and only flash values once every 30 seconds or so?
20:59:44johnb4saratoga has a Sansa E2xx if I am not mistaken. That one suffered from the FS patch. Maybe he is willing to try your stuff on his device.
21:00:03johnb4let me check
21:05:57 Quit Ruhan (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
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21:06:17 Part ZincAlloy
21:06:52jhMikeSBilgus: agreed. the debug screen and grep confirm that
21:07:31BilgusI'll add it back for my use and see if it breaks anything
21:07:35johnb4Bilgus: from what I can tell it stays at zero all the time
21:08:33jhMikeSBilgus: I see no use for it whatsoever :)
21:09:34Bilgushow else would I know its status to restore it when I'm done?
21:10:13Bilguscheck CGU_SD_SLOT?
21:11:08Bilgusor are we back to don't worry about it when I get the mutex it is of no consequence to disable it?
21:11:27 Quit LjL (Quit: You can't break me, for I have no spine)
21:11:35Bilgusjohnb yeah the i2c controller needs to be enabled to get the value of the registers the debug menu misses that
21:16:19jhMikeSBilgus: If you make the debug info stuff right, then just disable it and leave it disabled.
21:16:49Bilgusok will do
21:19:35pamauryurg, the sd/mmc code on that thing is just horrible :(
21:21:06jhMikeSBilgus: I just did a patch just now :)
21:21:58BilgusIs it already pushed?
21:25:57jhMikeSnot quite, checking that it compiles
21:26:31Bilgusah ok thanks :)
21:30:29 Quit johnb4 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
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21:35:13jhMikeSI only compiled it but it's (maybe, probably?) fine
21:36:38BilgusI'll test it when I get the 12C code worked out
21:38:34 Join LjL [0] (~ljl@unaffiliated/ljl)
21:39:00Bilguslooks better though
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