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#rockbox log for 2017-11-01

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06:18:06scorchesorry folks - i had to switch IPs on my server
06:18:18scorcheneed to get the new one to the swedes
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07:58:28Rick314The Rockbox forums at have been unavailable to me for over 6 hours. OK for others?
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12:43:44fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 07d3b3c, 273 builds, 13 clients.
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12:56:20fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 757 seconds.
12:56:21fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 07d3b3c result: All green
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14:23:46Gamerawhat's one of the better sounding DAPs around now
14:24:05GameraI have a sentimental h300 with solid state drive and some other stuff
14:24:24Gameramy phone sounds worse
14:27:03Gamerabut something else MUST sound better
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14:34:44copperiPod Classic and SanDisk Clip+ are pretty good
14:34:56copperold but rockboxable
14:35:22copperthe last iPhones with a headphone jack are also good
14:36:47copperYou can run foobar2000 on those now
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15:08:52Gamerabikes continue to cost
15:09:20Gamerahow the fuck did I ever manage an alcohol problem and fast cars
15:09:48Gameraoh sorry wrong channel
15:10:19shrizzaHaha, meant for #winners?
15:10:20copperbetter than a coke problem!
15:10:31Gameracopper, the ipod classic isn't any better than the iriver h340
15:10:44Gameramy only minor grips is the very slight noise floor
15:11:05copperthat makes the Classic better then, no noise
15:11:36Gameraslight hiss, I get less out of the line out, and I use an amp because it's got a really good volume knob, it's a portable soundcard, and I like the sound
15:11:49GameraI got it for my phone but it sounded terrible
15:12:57Gamerano noise? everything has noise
15:13:03coppernot audible
15:15:42copperI've measured the Classic with RMAA, got 94.9 dB of dynamic range out of it
15:15:45Gameraok, what's a better one around that is anywhere near affordable
15:15:51copperthat's nearly perfect for 16 bit audio
15:15:56Gamerasurely everything has a noise floor
15:16:04coppersimilar performance
15:16:17copperthough they're more expensive now that they're no longer produced
15:16:27GameraI have an attachment to this player/recorder
15:16:40Gamerathese are still like 200 bucks
15:16:55copperyou can get a classic for less than that on eBay
15:16:57Gamerarecording is a good function but barely anything is going to do that
15:17:08Gamerathe recording function is what I like
15:17:15copperand a Clip+ for 100 EUR maybe
15:17:33copperWhat's your phone?
15:18:18Gameras5 but for some reason it doesn't sound as good
15:18:49Gamerasecond hand, might be dodgy
15:19:16Gamerait's a phone, not an everything
15:21:28GameraI don't have my cans, I'm pretty sure there was clipping
15:21:40Gameraalso hd25 are 70ohm
15:22:14johnb4Bilgus: I tested the removal of the "#if 0" and udelay. No crash or any other weirdness. Startup (boot) and sometimes starting of song when selected from the file browser seem (slightly) delayed. I have not noticed a major difference with or without the udelay.
15:22:14johnb4I used a hires file for stress testing (192kHz, 24bit). This is 4936 kbps in FLAC and plays fine, as wav (9216 kbps) it causes buffer underruns and stutters.
15:22:20johnb4The frequencies now really go low: I have uploaded a screendump of HW Info : and the registers:
15:24:46Bilguswhich settings cause buffer underruns with the wav file?
15:25:21johnb4FCLK stops for several seconds (i.e. is at 0).
15:25:44johnb4Uh, I had them both turned on.
15:25:55johnb4Let me try to sort it out.;
15:26:17Bilgusit's probably I2C but it could be the disk holding it up too
15:27:28Bilgusand I assume thats with the IDE underclocked as well?
15:29:20johnb4that's with 'if 0' in both files removed.
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15:31:17Rikuwhat are the bass cutoff settings in terms of Hz?
15:31:44Rikuthe menu shows 1, 2, 3, 4 where higher is a higher crossover frequency but what are those frequencies? I want mine set to 50Hz
15:32:25johnb4with I2c disabled I still get the underruns (boost is at 100%, 248Mhz).
15:34:02Rikuthe manual says that the actual cutoff frequency used for each setting varies with sample rate so that's not much help
15:34:11RikuI have my iPod set to 48KHz though
15:35:05johnb4i.e. disk low speed enabled. Basically all three lower bars are almost empty.
15:35:47Bilgusso if low disk speed is disabled its fine though?
15:36:09johnb4and with i2c enabled.
15:36:13BilgusI'd try adding back the #if 0
15:36:53johnb4well, in real life I won't play any song at that bitrate, so I don't mind.
15:37:28johnb4I am back in 15min.
15:37:57BilgusI mean we can either clock it slightly higher or just say thats the nature of the beast I mean its in the power saving menu so I think if it doesn't work for 'your' use case don't enable it
15:39:05johnb4I would vote for the latter.
15:40:21BilgusIve also added display underclocking It really goes low on the v2 players like 7 kHz but I still need to test all of these things to see if they actually save power
15:43:54Bilgusoh one last thing could you try commenting out bitclr32(&CGU_PERI, CGU_NAF_CLOCK_ENABLE); & bitset32(&CGU_PERI, CGU_NAF_CLOCK_ENABLE); and see if it still lets you change the clock?
15:44:18BilgusI wasn't sure if itd let you set the clocks while active
15:45:00BilgusRiku give me a few and i'll try and see what I can find about the bass cutoff
15:46:49Rikuoh you meant a few minutes my bad
15:51:09 Quit PimpiN8 (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
15:54:55BilgusRiku what setting exactly are you wondering about?
15:56:37Rikubass cutoff
15:56:52Rikumanual just says the frequency depends on sample rate and doesn't give any numbers
15:57:56BilgusBand 0: Low shelf filter?
16:00:01Bilgusok better yet which Ipod and can you paste the manual entry for the setting?
16:00:05johnb4Bilgus: all 4 occurances of "bitclr32(&CGU_PERI, CGU_NAF_CLOCK_ENABLE);" ?
16:00:27Bilgus2 are bitclr and 2 are bitset but yes
16:01:22johnb4;-) got it. Where do I check? In HW Info? which item?
16:01:39Bilgusthe IDE frequency should still change
16:02:37BilgusI think it'll probably allow setting it on the fly the others seem to
16:03:51BilgusAlso I have the latest patch up on gerrit that allows slowing down DBOP and SSP, SSP shouldn't have any effect on the v1 devices but dbop should make the screen slower where as v2 devices the reverse
16:05:17johnb4I soon will lose track of my local versions / changes :-)
16:05:56Bilgusthats what branches are for
16:06:28Bilguswhere ever you are now just type checkout -b ,NEW branch> and do your thing
16:06:39Bilgus<New branch>
16:07:55Bilgusonce I figure out what actually works I'll clean this all up and make it more generic
16:10:12BilgusRiku after looking through the manuals you must have an Ipod video its probably implemented by the device since the others don't seem to have it
16:11:20Rikualso I have an iPod Classic
16:16:07Bilgusyeah there are no indications of what the frequency might be its literally a setting for the hardware itself
16:17:32Bilgusyou might be able to look up the hardware and find what it implements it as or wait for one of the IPOD devs to answer, its probably easier to test it with an oscilloscope
16:17:38johnb4Shouldn't the rbversion string change if I comment those lines (even if not commited) or is it only based on commits (plus the M at the end for modifications)?
16:18:31BilgusIdk john I can do small changes and the version string stays the same
16:19:00Bilgusnot sure how exactly it is calculated
16:19:05johnb4so it seems to be based on commits.
16:21:25johnb4Bilgus : IDE still goes down to 15MHz
16:21:56Bilgusso can you disable it and enable it and see the freq change then?
16:22:25johnb4you mean disk low speed?
16:24:00johnb4If disabled it says 49Mhz actual (instead of 50MHz set).
16:36:40Bilgusbut it does change back and forth?
16:37:02johnb4If I enable/disable: yes
16:37:15Bilgusdid it say 50 MHZ actual before?
16:37:33Bilgusthat sounds like a rounding error
16:37:34johnb4I think so.
16:37:48johnb4 let me turn it off and reboot to check.
16:40:30 Join johnb5 [0] (
16:40:49johnb5no, it also says 49.
16:42:30 Quit johnb4 (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
16:45:39 Nick diox_ is now known as diox (
16:47:02Bilgusok thats just the division being a fractional value and its rounded down rather than up
16:57:09BilgusOk I just pushed one last thing that adds the SSP_CPSR to the debug menu and cleaned up the CGU_IDE code a bit this should be about all till I figure out the results of each setting
16:58:04Bilgusassuming dbop and ssp only affect the display I'll probably put those together under display_underclock
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16:58:52Bilgusthat and I'd like to figure out just how generic I can make the settings so other devices can use the menu assuming they have similar oprions
17:08:55musicsucksah dang now the ipod won't even take the battery
17:09:02musicsucksstuck at 2251mV
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20:04:12johnb5Bilgus: What gerrit tasks and in which order are now required for g#1709 ?
20:04:15fs-bluebotGerrit review #1709 at : As3525 v1/v2 Add power savings menu by William Wilgus
20:04:52johnb5I failed 2h ago and now again with the latest update ...
20:05:10BilgusI think still the same ones but hold on a second I cleaned everything up now
20:06:00Bilguslet me check that it still compiles and I'll commit the last of my changes
20:07:12Bilgusit'll be update to master g1712 g1714 and then g1709 still
20:17:45BilgusIs there an option to de-select plugins from the build?
20:17:56BilgusIf not we need one these things take forever
20:18:37johnb5I disable the plugins by changing the line in tools/configure.
20:19:01johnb5that's all of them
20:26:34Bilgusok I committed the latest it built clean for the clip+ and fuzev1
20:27:18BilgusUnless theres some error or something needs changed for making manual entries this should pretty much be it
20:28:24BilgusI still need to do runtime tests to see what actually makes a difference but a few things have changed, the cpu undervolt setting is now cpu low voltage and I merged sbop and ssp into display low speed
20:44:21 Join cela [0] (330609cc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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20:47:57celaBuilt version for Zen X-Fi 2 - 4519027: Actually bump version to 3.14 from 30th Apr 17:33, Still having issues with selecting music from the file browser
20:48:39 Quit Rower (Client Quit)
20:49:24Bilguswell at least we know its not something recent but now its hard to say what it might be
20:50:30 Join utrack [0] (~utrack@unaffiliated/utrack)
20:50:56Bilguswhen the forums come back up or maybe on flyspray you'll want to put in a bug report
20:51:51Bilgusmake sure you are very specific before you do though can you explain to me exactly what is happening vs what you expect it to do?
20:51:59celaNewest build I have for Zen X-Fi 2 that works ok is 193c5df from 2014! Do we have any builds in between I can try to bisect?
20:52:18 Join Rower [0] (
20:54:29Bilguswell 3.14 covers 4 years I'm not sure where you would find them but someone might
20:58:06celaSeems to be a file access problem as I cannot select fonts in rockbox either, if someone can point to some old builds I'll try to bisect the issue. thanks.
20:58:20 Join johnb6 [0] (
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20:59:14johnb6Bilgus: the Display Low Speed doesn't work on the Fuze: selecting Yes takes a long time and then the display gets smeared.
20:59:32 Quit cela (Quit: Page closed)
20:59:39 Quit johnb5 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:59:40johnb6with all other disabled.
20:59:50Bilgusthat means its probably not letting it set it was it working before with dbop?
21:00:29johnb6this was the 1st time I compiled with this feature.
21:01:22Bilgusah ok
21:04:48Bilgusit might just be too low for it in clock-target.h try changing #define AS3525_DBOP_DIV_SLOW 0x7 to 0x2 and see if it changes anything
21:05:56Bilgusif not I probably need to disable the clock while I set it
21:17:16johnb6It's different: it stays alive, there are changing dots on the display ( like stars in the sky) and the display has a huge delay updating when I move through the menus.
21:18:05johnb6and now after the screen turned off, it's totally smeared again.
21:18:29johnb6kinda completely white
21:18:53Bilgushmm let me read the data sheet some more but I think its probably not going to let it be lower does it work with 0x1?
21:21:35Bilgusthat would be half the speed
21:22:10Bilgusand if that still doesn't work try it with 0x0 just to be sure its not messing up writing the register
21:26:40 Quit alexweis_ (Remote host closed the connection)
21:28:40johnb6with 0x1 it is always recovering, but in between has tremendous artefacts
21:30:25johnb6and lagging
21:31:27Bilgusyeah so it pretty much can't deal with any slower clock
21:32:11BilgusI'll remove the display low speed option from v1 devices
21:32:20 Nick johnb6 is now known as johnb2 (
21:33:01BilgusThanks for testing :)
21:33:08johnb2No problem.
21:39:23Bilgusah. Time constraining for the module should be done with 65 MHz, if there is a demand the time constraints for the output pads can be reduced.
21:39:42Bilgusnow to figure out how to do that
21:43:14johnb2BTW, as for the MBOOT BL, will this now automatically picked up by Rockbox Utility or has this to be set on the server side explicitly?
21:43:38johnb2when patching the OF ...
21:44:17johnb2*be picked up
21:44:55BilgusI think the new bootloaders still need built and put there
21:45:32BilgusYeah the timing on the output pads changes across each device I think i'm going to leave well enough alone
21:46:25 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:46:39Bilgusjohn is the SSP_CPSR in your debug menu all zero?
21:48:30johnb2going to HW Info gave me a divide by 0 :-)
21:49:50johnb2even when disabling all power saving options
21:50:27johnb2Previously like patch 09, it was different to 0.
21:51:06johnb2never mind, I was talking about a different parameter. So I don't kn ow.
21:51:35johnb2I never looked at SSP_CPSR.
21:52:19Bilgusthats probably ssp doing that
21:52:39Bilgusgive me a second i'll commit the fixes
21:56:02Bilgusok done
21:58:19 Join ntd [0] (~ntd@gateway/tor-sasl/ntd)
21:58:48ntdanyone know whether Tobias Diedrich/ranma is here on freenode?
21:58:59ntdI've seen some chanstats from here indicating so
21:59:58 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
22:03:00johnb2Bilgus : yes, SSP_CPSR stays at 0
22:03:24Bilgusyeah I kinda figured when you said it gave you a divide by zero
22:03:56BilgusI went ahead and left the register in the debug menu but defined out the actula clock
22:05:21Bilgusthose v1 devices don't leave much for the power save menu hopefully i2c/disk along with power save gives a pretty substantial improvement
22:06:19johnb2I will run battery bench on the weekend when I am back home.
22:06:55johnb2But I feel we get close to the 18h of the FS patch.
22:07:12Bilgusabout the only other thing would be to lower the max clock on the cpu which isn't out of the question
22:08:00johnb2No voltage scaling was involved so far, was it?
22:08:31Bilgusbut the v1 devices don't have voltage scaling as of yet
22:08:58BilgusI don't know if that means its not capable or if it just isn't implemented
22:11:27Bilgusyeah the flyspray patch wasn't switching voltage either
22:12:30 Part ntd
22:19:30Bilgusah while it wasn't voltage switching it did drop the voltage though
22:20:17BilgusI wonder if it just takes too long for the voltage to settle or if it just wasn't added to the clipv1 and fuze v1 devices
22:20:56 Join Ruhan [0] (uid76353@gateway/web/
22:21:40Bilgusjohnb2 could you try defining HAVE_ADJUSTABLE_CPU_VOLTAGE in firmware/export/config/sansafuze.h
22:22:03 Quit dys (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:23:18Bilgusits odd the code is there for it and its a as3525v1 so I'm not sure why they don't have it
22:24:00Bilgusunless it makes it unstable and in that case we could probably get away with setting it highish and drop it a bit in the powersave menu
22:24:47 Join alexweis_ [0] (
22:31:07Bilgushmm there must be something else that depends on that flag brb
22:32:51Bilgusthats kinda stupid /* If SD card present Boost cpu for voltage */
22:33:12Bilguslet me look and see what card_detect_target is actually doing
22:36:02Bilgusmove static inline bool card_detect_target(void){.....} to just before static void enable_controller(bool on){...
22:36:37Bilguswtf must have just gotten missed since HAVE_ADJUSTABLE_CPU_VOLTAGE wasn't defined
22:41:01johnb2it's compiling now. Should I disable the other power saving setting for testing?
22:41:36Bilgusmight try both and see if anything gets funky
22:41:58Bilgusin the data sheet it says you only need 1.2v for the max cpu speed
22:42:04 Quit alexweis_ (Remote host closed the connection)
22:42:15Bilgusand can drop it to 1.10v for lower speeds
22:46:14 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 56.0.2/20171024165158])
22:46:24johnb2Is this now enabled with the flag?
22:48:12Bilgusyeah though I took out the option in the power save menu so its gonna be 1.10v at unboosted cpu
22:49:00Bilgusif it acts funny we can try adding back the option and that will make it 1.15v unboosted with cpu low voltage == disabled
22:51:41johnb2yeah, now Cpu Frequency shows also voltage in the debug menu like for V2 devices. And it's at 1.1V unboosted as you said.
22:52:41Bilgusnice You might test it out a bit and see if it works properly Now I bet we are at 18hrs
22:53:27johnb2How would I stress test? Eqs, high bitrate Opus, ...?
22:53:31 Join PimpiN8 [0] (~textual@
22:54:21Bilgusit affects quite a bit probably those plus some heavy codecs
22:55:12BilgusAAC-HE if it even played them before
22:55:50Bilgusbut I think most of that would probably boost the cpu anyways so IDK
22:55:54johnb2Any sample files around?
22:56:11Bilgusyeah up on the site brb
22:56:21johnb2ok, then I will use my opus ones.
22:57:45BilgusI'll go aahead and commit the changed code and assume its good unless you find an issue
22:58:07johnb2ok, I will report back tomorrow. Good night.
22:58:27BilgusI should probably look and see if/when it was removed from the clip and fuze and why
22:58:47***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:59:23 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
23:39:46 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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