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#rockbox log for 2017-11-02

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01:40:58__builtinhmm... maybe I can get the usb stack to work with an OTG keyboard
01:41:37__builtinjust to play quake properly
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02:03:05Bilgus_PH__builtin: I wonder how far down in to ultrasound the microphones could register or even just a click counter
02:03:26__builtinI was thinking through the standard USB interface
02:03:39__builtinmaybe a raspberry pi in between to play the middleman
02:04:37Bilgus_PHI know a few of the devices have OTG but I was thinking the mic could probably do decently given the right error correction
02:07:15__builtinI suppose it wouldn't be proper OTG, just the general idea
02:08:54__builtinit'd be computationally cheaper to do it over USB than the mic, too
02:09:03__builtinespecially since the device needs to play duke at the same time
02:13:36Bilgus_PHyeah true unless you had an adc
02:15:20__builtinwe support LED sensing from the host
02:15:40__builtinthe 3 common caps lock, etc. LEDs + Kana
02:18:41__builtinhmm, I can just modify the HID to push button events to the queue based on the LEDs
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02:28:57Bilgus_PHI've been thinking about adding action or button injectionseveral times now
02:29:18Bilgus_PHPersonally I think action is better than button
02:38:33Bilgus_PHonly because you don't have to worry about what buttons the device has
02:47:50__builtindang, I don't even remember writing some of this code I apparently wrote
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02:50:17__builtinwhat they say about commenting is too true
02:53:16__builtinalright, I've figured out extremely basic host->device communication
02:53:27__builtinthe device can sense when the numlock LED is enabled
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03:02:28__builtinit seems my attempts to manufacture a button press have failed
03:02:41__builtinI'm doing queue_post(&button_queue, BUTTON_SELECT, 0);
03:02:49__builtinBilgus: any idea what I'm doing wrong?
03:09:40Bilgusit needs a release event to let it through
03:10:44BilgusI don't remember if you can do BUTTON_SELECT|BUTTON_REL the first time or if you need to do the press and release
03:14:57Bilguswell release or repeat event
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03:47:00Bilgus__builtin you could just insert something like this in get_action int spoof_action(int action, bool read)
03:47:00Bilgus static int spoofed_action = ACTION_NONE;
03:47:00Bilgus if (spoofed_action != ACTION_NONE)
03:47:00Bilgus {
03:47:01***Alert Mode level 1
03:47:01Bilgus action = spoofed_action;
03:47:02***Alert Mode level 2
03:47:02Bilgus if (!read)
03:47:04Bilgus spoofed_action = ACTION_NONE;
03:47:06Bilgus }
03:47:08Bilgus else if (!read)
03:47:10Bilgus spoofed_action = action;
03:47:12Bilgus return action;
03:57:03***Alert Mode OFF
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14:39:18johnb2Bilgus: I have not found any real issues with the Fuze or clip+. Note that I tested only audio playback and FM radio. For the Fuze to startup and show my Recent Bookmarks screen takes about 10s after that I see no significatn delay. Probably part of that is creating the directory cache (internal + SD).
14:39:34johnb2True, w/o SD it is about 7s.
14:41:07johnb2But we need more people to test V1 devices, not just my single Fuze ;-)
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15:24:27Bilgusjohnb2 true, when you get back to the other settings could you compile w/ test plugins and test_disk with the setting on/off to quantify the difference?\
15:27:18johnb2That's the second step in configure instead of Normal?
15:29:53johnb2I mean I compiled with plugins but don't find any test_*.
15:30:12johnb2and what do you mean with other settings?
15:31:09johnb2ok, now found it in configure: Advanced -> Test plugins.
15:32:49Bilgusah ok
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16:08:44Coucou123Hi everyone ! Is there a recent digital music players on which I can install Rockbox ? It seems that all rockbox compatible players are quiet old...
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16:20:44BilgusLots of sonys are pretty close to done
16:26:52Coucou123Can I find these kind of informations on the site ?
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16:40:47pamauryBilgus: I did not update TargetStatus with the new Sony though
16:41:11gevaertsAlso, TargetStatus doesn't really show anything about activity
16:41:34Bilgusmaybe it should?
16:41:38gevaertsSome targets have been "nearly ready" for a decade
16:41:52gevaertsThe question is how
16:42:11gevaertsPeople tend not to update the wiki to tell the world they have no time for rockbox things
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16:59:30Coucou123OK, thanks. Nothing about the SONY NWZ-E390 series (maybe I 'll buy the NWZ-E393).
17:03:32pamauryCoucou123: the E390 is not supported and a priorio will not be supported
17:04:21pamauryrecentish players that are supported include E380, E580, A15 (in increasing order of price)
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18:10:27Coucou123E380 series means that the E384 is fully campatible with rockbox, I'm right ?
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19:25:01lebelliumCoucou123: the last number (here 4) only refers to the storage capacity. When a series is supported, all models (capacities) are supported
19:25:56lebellium"fully compatible" it depends on what you mean with that
19:26:10lebelliummost things work for a daily use but not necessarily everything
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19:28:24johnb2Bilgus: Should I run all setting combinations (Disk_I2C) like off_off, on_off, off_on, on_on or just the first two?
19:29:40pamauryCoucou123: the radio is not supported, otherwise I think everything works
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19:33:44lebelliumpamaury: is the battery really not calibrated as stated on wiki?
19:34:37pamauryI don't remember, it's quite possible, but if anyone runs a battery benchmark we can update it. Mine is kind of old so it doesn't make sense to calibrate the curve with it. Anyway that's a minor detail
19:34:39Coucou123Ok, nice, I don't need the radio :)
19:37:45lebelliumI miss the radio on the E580/A10
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19:40:10BilgusI suppose just the disk low speed
19:40:22pamaurylebellium: this one should be supported eventually
19:42:12lebelliumwith RDS?
19:43:05 Quit Coucou123 (Quit: Leaving)
19:44:00pamauryif the hardware supports it
19:44:29pamauryI think it does but I haven't checked
19:47:17lebelliumthe SI4708 on E460 doesn't (need SI4709)
19:47:32lebelliumyou didn't write down the hardware for the more recent devices
19:47:43lebelliumbut I think all modern FM chip support RDS
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19:50:31pamaurywodz: nice :)
19:51:39pamaurylebellium: all Sonys use si470x, I guess we'll see which one support RDS and which don't
19:51:45 Join chrisb [0] (
19:52:33wodzpamaury: Are you going to dive into sony's fm driver?
19:53:07pamaurywodz: at some point yes, did you write your findings somewhere?
19:53:25wodzpamaury: I think only on irc
19:53:28pamauryI tink we concluded it's better to poke directly at the registers no?
19:55:21pamauryso basically I need to confirm it works and find out how to power down/up the radio
19:57:36wodzIt is amazing how much you can omit in emulator and still something useful can be booted.
20:11:25johnb2Bilgus: no power savings (except voltage scaling) on Fuze:
20:11:47johnb2with low disk speed:
20:25:11Bilgusit's definitely working, I don't think it'll work on HS cards as it is now but maybe thats not such a bad thing
20:26:15pamaurywodz: do you know how the tuner is powered up and down on the sonys? is there a standard way to do so using the v4l interface?
20:27:09wodzpamaury: can't remember, sorry. I may try to find .idb and check
20:27:25 Quit _meg (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:27:25johnb2test_disk runs on internal memory only or also SD?
20:29:37*pamaury will start hacking the radio code on Sonys
20:30:03lebelliumnice :)
20:30:19 Join _meg [0] (~notsure@
20:34:22wodzpamaury: Strings suggest that fm is always on.
20:35:10wodzIt seems it is put in sleep mode when not needed
20:35:13johnb2Anyone around owning a Sansa Clip to test g#1709 ?
20:35:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #1709 at : As3525 v1/v2 Add power savings menu by William Wilgus
20:39:27Bilgusjohnb2 I'm not sure if test disk will run on the sd I haven't tried, I suppose if there isn't some option in the code You could run it with a multiboot fw and then It'd have to
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20:42:57BilgusI also added the e200v2 and c200V2 to that patch
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22:10:49pamauryarg, the fmradio_i2c interface is really suboptimal on nwz :-/
22:11:39 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
22:13:04pamauryI don't know if I want to hack the code to make it look like it's doing i2c (especially the weird "start reading at register 0xA" and "writing starting register 0x2" stuff) or if I change the si470x code to support a higher level interface
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22:40:20pamaurywodz: actually it's a bit horrible, the ioctl private interface is almost entirely different on older devices. I think get/set reg is the only common part...
22:41:31wodzpamaury: But we want to access raw registers anyway, no?
22:42:03pamauryyes, but I mean it was not even clear that there would be an overlap :)
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23:38:45pamauryso the E580 has the si4708, no RDS
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23:51:40pamaurycool, tuner is detected and seems to seek, I don't have audio yet because I haven't implement tuner audio routing

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