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#rockbox log for 2017-11-04

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01:31:42fr33domloverWhat's the difference between Music and ##Music## ?
01:31:50fr33domloverOn the player
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03:22:35_BilgusI think ##music## is generated by the device
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11:06:47copperWoohoo, got delivery of the firewire charger for my iPod Mini. It charges!
11:07:15copperThe double USB + firewire to 30-pin dock connector cable is ridiculously long
11:07:31copperfirmware update completed as soon as I plugged it in
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14:56:13ProudroosterGood morning, does anyone know where will be back up?
14:58:39__builtinProudrooster: there's no timeline right now
14:59:11__builtinwe're aware of the issue, though
14:59:52ProudroosterIf there is anything I can to to help, would be glad to lend a hand. Thanks for response. Great project!
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15:51:41copperDoes gapless playback work on the iPod Mini with Rockbox?
15:52:41copperMore generally speaking, are there devices supported by Rockbox, on which gapless playback doesn't work?
15:52:50copper(running Rockbox)
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16:00:17jhMikeScopper: it's just a thing RB does by default and it should be that way on any device unless someone went through pains to make it not work
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16:04:41copperIf it works with Rockbox, I wonder why it wasn't introduced on the iPod until the 2nd gen nano in 2006
16:07:40copperthe OF keeps rebooting after every few songs
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16:14:33fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 7f1dd6f, 273 builds, 13 clients.
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16:22:51copperand it's HFS so I can't install Rockbox yet
16:25:27fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 654 seconds.
16:25:28fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 7f1dd6f result: All green
16:25:30copperunless I try the manual procedure
16:40:32copperwow, gapless playback does work
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17:00:21__builtindamn, bugs :(
17:09:37fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision d9a55ac, 273 builds, 14 clients.
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17:19:44fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision d9a55ac result: All green
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17:33:45wodzpamaury: I figured out why my MMU code didn't work. VMA calculation was wrong because of mips asm peculiarities. Guess what does addiu t0, 0x8000 :-)
17:33:55celaFound the code change that caused the files to not read from the microSD on my Zenxfi2
17:34:10wodzpamaury: Without emulator I am not sure I will figure this out.
17:34:41wodzcela: great. Which one it is? pamaury would be interested for sure
17:35:12cela1f4f736: imx233: add support for sd/mmc probing zenxfi2: add support for internal storage on the SD version on 4th Feb 2014
17:41:37celaFor pamaury info. my device is Zen X-fi2 device model DVP-FL0015
17:42:50celaNow work ok with into sdmmc-imx233.c
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17:47:24pamaurycela (logs): I don't know which problem you are referring to
17:47:54pamaurywodz: haha, addiu t0, 0x8000 adds 0x8000000 no?
17:50:25wodzpamaury: no it substracts :-) Immediate field is signed
17:50:34wodz16bit signed
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17:53:06pamaurywodz: add indeed that's weird
17:53:53pamaurylike why would you sign extend for an unsigned add?!
17:55:36wodzIt is out of my mind. addiu is described as add immediate unsigned (without overflow exception). But qemu and atj213x agree on what it actually does. Maybe it is a bug in assembler. Don't know.
17:55:44 Join cela [0] (330609cc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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17:57:21pamaurywodz: yes the but the manual says "Adds a register and a sign-extended immediate value and stores the result in a register"
17:57:40pamauryso basically addi is the same as addiu except for the overflow behaviour, I had never realized that
17:58:02pamaurycela: did you see my comment?
17:58:20celaHad a problem when I installed Rockbox 3.14 on my Zenxfi-2, it would boot up but not read any files from micro-sd, I had been using an old version from 2013
17:59:08celaBisected the problem back to the code change mentioned
17:59:41pamaurycela: what do you mean "not read any files from micro-sd" ?
18:00:55celaCouldn't see any media file or fonts or make changes to the config.
18:01:20celaFrom the rockbox file browser
18:02:57celaProblem started with 1f4f736: imx233: add support for sd/mmc probing zenxfi2: add support for internal storage on the SD version
18:03:30pamauryhmmm, strange, I'll have a look at the commit, I don't remember if my SD based ZEN X-Fi2 still works, one of my zenxfi2 is broken
18:04:39celamy device is Zen X-fi2 model DVP-FL0015 is yours the same, if so you should see the same issue.
18:05:07pamauryI have the two models but one of them is broken, I'll have a look tonight
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18:25:42pamaurycela (logs): I cannot reproduce your problem, I booted my Zen Xfi2 with the latest build, I can see the content of the internal storage and the content of the microsd card in <microSD>
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18:28:50almog1006Is there a problem connecting to forums?
18:30:03pamauryyes forums are down
18:41:27 Join cela [0] (330609cc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:43:12almog1006pamaury: Btw after extracting with "force atj2127 decryption mode" command I can't dump the file
18:43:35dysi found an equalizer buried deep in android's settings dialog. does anyone happen to know if one can deep-link it for easier access?
18:43:39celaI am installing Rockbox on the microSd card, is that still a must for Zenxfi2
18:44:07celaor can Rockbox go on internal storage?
18:44:10pamaurycela: no, on devices with internal storage, this commands changes the behavior and runs rockbox from the internal storage
18:44:49pamauryalmog1006: we discussed that I think, the file format is not the one atj2127, just don't force it and let the tool figure it out for you
18:45:10pamaurycela: priori to that command, rockbox only supported the sdcard and thus would boot from it
18:45:32celaAhh I didn't know the wiki says "Warning, the internal storage is not working so you must install Rockbox on a microsd card !!" makes sense now thanks.
18:45:54pamaurycela: yeah that's not entirely accurate, it's only true for NAND based devices, sorry about that
18:46:14pamauryI will change the message
18:46:31celaThanks bye.
18:46:41 Quit cela (Quit: Page closed)
18:49:42dysfound a way: f-droid has something called "Activity Launcher" that can create deep links into all settings dialogs, including the qualizer
18:50:04almog1006pamaury: Oh I thought the file is based on atj2127. Ok thank you
18:51:49pamauryalmog1006: I made progress on the repacking but still no done, I'm committing changes as I increase my knowledge of the file format
18:56:42almog1006pamaury: these are really good news:)
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19:10:53pamauryjhMikeS: ping
19:14:43pamauryjhMikeS: I've having trouble with RDS on the fuze+. I don't know if the issue comes from the parser being too strict or the si470x driver/my code not doing the correct thing. Essentially the problem can be observed here: pamaury/4dd60ff56b5a7b294029e866493819a9"> the format is PS[X/Y]=CD where X is the segment indicated by the packet, Y is the segment expected by the parser (ps_segment), CD are the two characters
19:14:50 Join CH23 [0] (4dfa0218@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:15:31pamauryAs you can see, each packet is either transmitted twice or three times on a raw (which sounds strange), or the driver is reading the same packet many times. Have you ever observed either behaviour when you worked on RDS?
19:17:15CH23_Bilgus: what exactly has been integrated in main, regarding multiboot? 1552, 1556, 1557, 1558, 1613?
19:17:16pamaury(note that the fuze+ uses the interrupt line of the tuner to detect when there is an event, I call si4700_rds_process() every time, but maybe it's wrongly triggered on non-RDS events)
19:20:14 Join wodz [0] (
19:27:11pamaurynevermind I found the problem, the tuner keeps the interrupt line low for 5ms, I was triggering on low instead of falling edge...
19:28:47fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8a925d2, 273 builds, 13 clients.
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19:42:08fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 801 seconds.
19:42:09fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 8a925d2 result: All green
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20:52:48celaWell the ZEN X-Fi 2 is working ok only if .rockbox build is on both the internal storage and the microSD!
20:53:02celaBootloader appears to be launching Rockbox from the microSD and storing the config.cfg on the internal storage.
20:54:01celaIs it supposed to work that way for now? or will it need a bootloader update in the future?
20:55:49celaRe-installed the bootloader from the wiki, still only works correctly if .rockbox build is on both the internal storage and the microSD
20:57:28celaThis is using the latest unaltered 3.14 dev build for Zen X-Fi 2
20:57:56pamaurycela: the bootloader was not updated since that change
20:58:08pamauryso yeah it needs a bootloader update
20:59:45celaOk I'll use it this way until the update is posted, thanks
21:00:01pamauryI'll try to update the bootloader tonight
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21:12:59wodzpamaury: I have weird problem with rockbox and mmu. Since this is in emulator it is not timing issue. Icons and fonts are rendered correctly. Initial rockbox splash screen is renedered correctly. Any idea what it can be?
21:13:25 Join _meg [0] (~notsure@
21:16:24 Join dandels [0] (~dandels@unaffiliated/dandels)
21:22:23 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:25:56pamaurywodz: cool video effect ;)
21:25:56 Join Rower [0] (
21:26:15wodzpamaury: thanks :-)
21:26:15pamaurynot really no :(
21:26:32wodzThe same is on actual device
21:45:52_BilgusCH23 only 1613 & 1556 are needed now
21:46:40pamaurywodz: arey
21:46:46pamauryare you sure it's related to te MMU?
21:49:13wodzpamaury: well the only changes between ok version and not ok version are: 1) crt0.S added mmu setup part 2) changes in linker script to accomodate VMA 3) change in function calculating PMA from VMA
21:56:30pamaurycould it be a problem with cache?
21:59:11wodzI'd expect cache problem ruin everything
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22:45:26dandelsI'm trying to install rockbox on my zen mozaic and apparently the md5sum of the firmware I downloaded doesn't match that which is hardcoded in the source. The version that's hardcoded in the source appears to be for France only..?
22:46:35dandelsThe version I have is 1.06.01 as opposed to 1.06.01e, so I suppose I could just change the md5sum in the C source?
22:46:55 Join fire2199 [0] (~fire2199@gateway/tor-sasl/fire2199)
22:47:43pamaurydandels: let me have a look
22:47:59fire2199have there been some development on mp3 cd players like iriver's?
22:48:09pamauryI don't remember what the file format is, just changing the md5sum might not be enough
22:48:20pamauryfire2199: wodz is working on the iriver E150 I think
22:50:27dandelsWell, I changed the hash and mkzenboo returned Result 0. Don't know if that means it'll work, though.
22:50:28pamaurydandels: changing the md5sum should work, although ideally adding a new entry would be better, I am trying to download the upgrade to get the su,
22:50:42pamauryyes Result 0 means ok
22:51:49fire2199the iriver e150 does not seem to be a cd player
22:52:54pamauryfire2199: ah sorry, no there is no way will support a cd player, those are ancient
22:53:06fire2199mp3 cd players from iriver usually start with imp
22:53:09pamaurydandels: can you give the sum of the file? that way I can add it to the tool
22:54:03dandelspamaury: 8441402a8db9f92659b05f05c0abe8fb
22:54:13fire2199is there some material I can use to help hacking such devices?
22:54:44pamauryfire2199: the first step is to (partially) disassemble it to know what kind of cpu it has (if it has any programmable)
22:54:44fire2199the player I have has a well known dsp from TI
22:55:50pamaurywhat is the dsp chip part or name?
22:58:37fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 5a3b30d, 273 builds, 14 clients.
22:58:58pamaurydandels: I've just added the md5sum to the tool, thanks for the report, tell me if you run into any problems
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23:00:54dandelspamaury: thanks & no problem, will do.
23:05:37fire2199pamaury : TMS320C54xx
23:08:42pamauryfire2199: there seems to be plenty of ressource on that processor online, although it's not a very beefy processor, we certainly don't support it
23:10:27fire2199I know TI seems to have given all the necessary documentation to programme it.
23:11:06fire2199they have also given info about boot with this processor
23:12:09fire2199pamaury : what do you mean by "beefy"?
23:12:33fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 836 seconds.
23:12:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 5a3b30d result: All green
23:15:41pamauryfire2199: it's only a 16-bit processor with a small amount of RAM I suspect
23:18:41fire2199yes it seems to be a 16-bit dsp, the RAM 128 K
23:19:50fire2199the player can read mp3 and wma and was boasted to be upgradable to read future formats
23:21:02fire2199i know one similar cd player from iriver, though I think it was superior to mine, was upgraded to read ogg file up to 256 Kbps.
23:21:14fire2199mine is not from iriver
23:24:07pamauryadding functionality to an existing firmware without the code will be almost mission impossible
23:24:27fire2199which code?
23:25:07fire2199the matter is to write an entire custom code.
23:25:25pamaurythat will be a huge task if you start from scratch
23:26:25 Quit michaelni (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:27:14fire2199isn't there any open code for similar product anywhere?
23:28:50pamauryTI has released a lot of documentation and code for it's TMS320 line, but I don't know what exactly
23:30:37pamaurythtis for example:
23:38:04fire2199I'm not sure whether it could be applied to mine which is tms320vc...
23:38:29 Join michaelni [0] (
23:38:37fire2199the "v" is missing in the list of devices on that page
23:38:50pamauryyou said yours is TMS320C54xx
23:42:30fire2199that's a typo; it is "TMS320VC5416"
23:43:44pamauryI see, I've never heard of this line of processors
23:45:07fire2199i know it was used in cell phones in the 90's
23:48:25fire2199anyway i don't think things are very different from c to vc
23:49:30fire2199in the wikipedia page about the TMS320 they listed a tms320vc as a sub branch of the tms320c
23:50:49fire2199you said this will be a huge work, do you have an example of fully open code for a similar product of the same time period
23:52:25pamaurynot really, rockbox is probably the closest thing to what you are looking for
23:53:06pamauryand we do have some code for the tms320dm320 but that's a vastly different chip, 32-bit and ARM based

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