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#rockbox log for 2017-11-05

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00:24:45CH23can i test a bootloader via simulator?
00:26:19pamauryCH23: no
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00:35:48fire2199pamaury : for which player is the code you have with the tms320dm320?
00:46:05pamauryfire2199: Creative Zen Vision:M, mrobe-500 and sansa connect
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00:49:00Guest91723Hey guys. Is there any backup of themes till server is unavailable
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00:53:01pamaurynot that I know of
00:53:44__builtinzed187: ^
00:55:41zed187i cant find any rockbox themes there
00:57:36CH23you're doing it wrong then :P
00:57:43zed187ok great
00:57:45zed187thank you
00:59:09fire2199pamaury : do you have the entire code source open?
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01:11:52pamauryfire2199: all our code is there:;a=summary
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01:12:24pamauryspecifically in firmware/target/arm/tms320dm320 for the soc part
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01:35:51CH23i get an error when building the sansa clip plus bootloader : [ERR] Packed data (134205 bytes) doesn't fit in the firmware (134136 bytes)
01:36:36CH23error comes from mkamsboot, using latest dev build of mkamsboot
01:38:14__builtinlooks like it's a handful of bytes too big
01:38:39CH23i build bootloader from source without changes
01:39:42CH23./mkamsboot clipplus01.02.18/clppa.bin rockbox/build/bootloader-clipplus.sansa bootloader2017-11-05.01\:00\:00/clppa.bin
01:39:59CH23bootloader-clipplus.sansa is also latest release
01:40:32__builtinit's probably some recent changes that increased the size beyond the threshold
01:41:45CH23that's probable
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02:05:12Bilgus_phCh23 look at my commits either reduce dia critic or disable codepagw that will free up some bytes
02:06:47CH23Bilgus_ph: thanks, i mostly wanted to make sure it's known to do this currently.
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02:09:38Bilgus_phJhmikes mentioned something that was unneeded that freed up some bytes but I don't remember what it was after his last commit to the file system
02:10:38dandelsDoes rockbox support (re)binding keys?
02:11:08__builtindandels: what exactly do you mean?
02:12:25dandelsThe zen mozaic has a "wildcard" button which the stock firmware allows binding to things such as "Now playing". I couldn't find a way to get that functionality on Rockbox.
02:13:49dandelsIf that didn't make sense then it's because I should be going to sleep
02:14:15__builtinif you don't mind modifying the source it's totally possible
02:14:31__builtinI'm not sure about doing it purely within rockbox, though
02:14:39dandelsI had hoped for an easier way to do it, but I'll look into modifying the source
02:15:21CH23dandels: you mean a shortcut key? like, you can set the key to go to a certain screen or app?
02:15:46__builtinBilgus_ph might know more; I'm not too knowledgeable about that
02:16:00dandelsCH23: yes
02:17:05Bilgus_phWe don't have that functionality as far as I know but you can set a shortcut using the quick menu so close...
02:17:12CH23dandels: if you want the less inconvenient way, you can add shortcuts to the 'home' menu
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02:17:55CH23otherwise you'll have to modify source
02:19:21dandelsI'll look into hacking at the source. It appears that one of my buttons doesn't do anything right now.
02:21:53dandels-> sleep
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05:27:30jhMikeSBilgus (for logs): The secret sauce was not defining HAVE_PRIORITY_SCHEDULING for the bootloader
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14:56:42copperI'm pretty much done porting my PodOne theme to the Mini:
14:58:57copperAny ETA on the theme site?
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15:39:25johnb3Bilgus: I have started to test "Power Saving" also on Clip+, Zip and FuzeV2. So far: all fine on clip+. Display low speed on the zip slows down screen refresh and also drops key presses (not queuing them) to an extent where I feel it doesn't make sense. I was about to say that the FuzeV2 doesn't show such effects, when I decided to check the register value. Going to the second screen in HW Info I get a Divide by Zero crash: deja vu. ;-)
15:40:11johnb3I am currently running the battery bench on the Fuze with all saving active.
15:42:11johnb3However, with all active I also got crashes during USB data transfer (data abort). I need to verify that all is fine with the regular dev build and then figure which settig does this (after the bench).
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15:58:42vflysonhello. I’m planning to purchase ipod classic to put rockbox on it, but am not sure if the 7th generation is supported or not, on the website only 6g is mentioned
15:59:26vflysonis 7g only related to the hard drive and not the actual hardware of the player?
16:23:27gevaertsThey're mostly the same, yes
16:23:51gevaertsOne of the 6G sizes has a weird disk, apart from that I don't think there's any real difference
16:23:55gevaertsSo they all work
16:30:51__builtinstarting with the 6.5G it has hardware for the inline mic
16:32:18__builtincopper: unfortunately no
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16:59:00*pamaury is finally making some sense of the mmc code in the clip+ ROM...
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17:09:39Saratogapamaury: awesome!
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17:48:10regnargHi, I have a Creative ZEN that won't boot because of low battery (as decribed on I wanted to try the charge firmware but the dropbox link for the zen version is dead (404). I tried to build it myself, but mkimxboot requires original firmware in sb format and I do not know how to get it (I have the exe updater and the _rk.bin file extracted by zenutils
17:51:48pamauryregnarg: the ZEN should charge itself even with low battery I think
17:52:03pamauryhave you try to plug the cable and let it charge for some time?
17:52:27pamaury(I will upload a new file, be patient)
17:54:13regnargI think I have tried it last time it happened, but it was a long time ago and the player was replaced since then. I will try it again, thanks.
17:54:16vflysonthanks gevaerts
17:56:17vflysonwhat has the longest battery life by the way? I assume it’s 7g... I’m going to replace the hdd with a flash storage so do not care about the stock disk size really
17:57:13__builtinthe 6G has a larger stock battery capacity, but it's probably to compensate for the larger disk needing more power
18:04:59pamauryregnarg: I'm working on create a charge firmware again, I must have written the code at some point but lost it, it shouldn't be too long
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18:26:28pamauryregnarg: I updated the link on the wiki
18:26:46pamauryit's untested but there isn't much that can go wrong anyway
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18:30:25fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision ee2eb13, 273 builds, 13 clients.
18:31:17pamauryregnarg: and for info, this is the code: g#1722
18:31:20fs-bluebotGerrit review #1722 at : mkimxboot: add support for the ZEN (recovery/bootloader) by Amaury Pouly
18:31:20pamaurylet me know if it works
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18:43:08fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 763 seconds.
18:43:09fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision ee2eb13 result: All green
18:43:20regnargpamaury: Thank you very much, I'll let you know
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18:47:47pamauryso regarding clip+ ROM, I believe the two scsi vendor command allow one to send arbitrary SD/MMC command
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19:27:37vflyson_builtin: so does it mean 6G would last longer because of having a bigger power bank comparing to 7g, if both used with the same flash drive?
19:29:47__builtinvflyson: I can't be sure, but I would think so
19:29:56 Join alexweissman [0] (
19:30:39vflysoninteresting... and they have the same hardware inside, as in 6g is not much slower than 7g, wouldn’t you happen to know?
19:31:03__builtinthey're virtually identical; they share 100% code
19:31:42sthis this about the ipod?
19:31:59sthif so 6g and 7g is the same pretty much
19:32:31sth6g lacks headset controls
19:32:51sth6.5g and 7g has it, plus mic support
19:32:56__builtinapart from some minor differences like that, they're identical
19:33:02sth7g is just slim 160gb iirc
19:33:39sth6g also has screwed up audio, not sure if they fixed that in newer versions
19:38:00sthis there hope for the x1000 app port?
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20:27:12_BilgusjhMikeS, I see in export/config.h #ifdef HAVE_BOOTLOADER_USB_MODE
20:27:12_Bilgus #define HAVE_PRIORITY_SCHEDULING
20:27:37_Bilgusis removing this going to cause usb problems or is it a relic?
20:32:38jhMikeSIt was originally defined for gigabeat S because I wanted priority in the bootloader (for safety reasons because battery management is very much at the mercy of software)
20:33:17jhMikeSFor other targets, if it has no negative effect, it's should be irrelevant
20:34:18_BilgusI'm testing the clip+ now I have a fuze+ and a clipzip to test on but thats about it
20:34:21*jhMikeS should probably see the history for what happened there
20:36:02jhMikeSI don't think you'll have any bad effect.
20:37:12_Bilgusseems to work fine for the clip+ and zip, knocks off 2k too
20:38:09jhMikeSShould probably just add the #define to the beast's config file to activate priority, otherwise just don't set it for bootloaders
20:38:56__builtinjhMikeS: regarding your PCM rework, are you planning to support different sample depths?
20:39:28jhMikeSon the DMA end or the input end?
20:39:41__builtininput end
20:39:56jhMikeSI'm already supporting mono, so it's all pretty much the same
20:40:39jhMikeSjust need converter functions that shift the input when it doesn't match the output
20:41:29jhMikeSpcm_play_data takes a format structure with the type code and channel count
20:41:53__builtinah, I see
20:42:12__builtinlike what SDL does; that makes sense
20:42:35jhMikeSit just sets mix_samples and write_samples to point to the right converter
20:42:52__builtinare you planning on merging it soon?
20:43:27jhMikeSnot too soon. it's still being put in a compilable state.
20:43:52__builtinok, thanks
20:43:54jhMikeSsome things I'm a bit indecisive about
20:47:40_BilgusIt looks like the bootloader is using the scroll engine as well I can't think of anything that scrolls there though
20:48:43jhMikeSit isn't removed by the linker
20:50:09__builtin_Bilgus: that's odd
20:50:44__builtinI can confirm it with the ipod6g bootloader as well
20:52:20__builtinlooks like firmware/drivers/lcd-color-common.c calls scroll_init() unconditionally
20:53:12 Join ender [0] (
20:53:46_Bilgusall of the lcd drivers do
20:56:06jhMikeSit's called by the viewport code
20:56:12 Quit [7] (Disconnected by services)
20:56:21 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
20:57:01jhMikeSlcd_clear_display calls lcd_clear_viewport
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21:00:35 Join SuperChickeNES [0] (~ChickeNES@
21:00:39_Bilgusah so its forcing it to load?
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21:00:49jhMikeSin a couple places apparently
21:01:05jhMikeSbtw, maybe try building with thumb code too and see what happens
21:03:09 Join Marex_ [0] (~Marex@
21:06:01 Join dandels [0] (~dandels@unaffiliated/dandels)
21:08:51_Bilguslike with -mthumb?
21:10:30_Bilgusit causes some of the I assume hand written asm to fail
21:11:08jhMikeSwhat? it should have the proper return sequences
21:11:15jhMikeSclip uses thumb
21:11:34jhMikeSI just tried and it saved 13244 bytes on e200
21:11:40 Quit ender` (*.net *.split)
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21:12:00 Quit ruskie (*.net *.split)
21:13:11jhMikeSthumb and no priority gives -16564
21:14:13jhMikeSyou can't just add the compiler option. there's a special way of configuring so it compiles with the
21:14:21_Bilgusmaybe I'm doing something wrong
21:14:26 Quit sanchaez (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:14:27_Bilgusah ok
21:14:38jhMikeSI don't know what it is though :)
21:14:44_Bilguslol ok
21:15:47jhMikeSI just hand-modded the makefile
21:17:25 Join sanchaez [0] (~sanchaez@
21:19:29 Join ruskie [0] (~ruskie@sourcemage/mage/ruskie)
21:27:41_BilgusjhMikeS, ../tools/configure −−thumb
21:29:23jhMikeSyeah, but it's the default for clip-v1. no options needed
21:29:25_Bilgus~2k saved and 4k with no priority
21:30:16_Bilgusthe clipv1 was like already over with head months ago
21:31:26jhMikeSI guess the line " if [ "$ARG_ARM_THUMB" != 0 ]; then ARG_ARM_THUMB=1; fi"
21:32:13_Bilgusreally? all the thumb capable targets have that though
21:33:44jhMikeSwill the compilation fail if the bootloader is too big? I just compiled clip v1
21:34:34jhMikeSwhich one(s) is/are oversized?
21:35:36jhMikeSnot sure what you mean though. all the arm targets are thumb capable.
21:36:11_Bilgusno its based on makeams I mean I suppose there truly is a maximum limit but its strictly limited on using the OF file size, the OF is compressed and the rb bootloader is packed in there with it
21:37:43_BilgusI'm saying it looked like all the arm targets had that line "if [ "$ARG_ARM_THUMB" != 0 ]; then ARG_ARM_THUMB=1; fi"
21:38:11jhMikeSI see from the logs the clip plus was the one
21:39:19jhMikeSdefinitely not. almost all targets are ARM and most don't have it
21:39:39jhMikeSnothing with large ram has it
21:41:45jhMikeSeverything with it is memory=2
21:46:08_Bilgushere are all the sansa firmware badger accumulated
21:46:37 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
21:53:05_Bilguswitht the new fs code and have priority the clipv1 is 1.2k too large it already had thumb and with no priority it has 747 bytes free
22:01:42jhMikeSit's mkamsboot that throws the error, right?
22:03:19_Bilgusbut because the new firmware won't fit in with the compressed OF
22:04:27jhMikeSbeen a loooong time since I did this thing
22:05:20_Bilgusit goes [(OF)] = xyz MB -> compression [(rbblc)(OFc)] = xyz MB
22:07:01_BilgusI imagine there is a real maximum of ~16 mb but thats sorta arbitrary as well since it would be based on the SANSA_AMS_OF size in the driver code
22:08:05_Bilgusfrom what I can tell the device uses magic headers to actually delineate the bounds
22:14:06jhMikeSI get 786 remaining without priority
22:14:50_Bilgusi got 747 so probably you have a different firmware
22:15:09_BilgusI don't rem which one I have laying around
22:15:31_Bilgusits been like a year since I messed with it
22:17:04 Quit _meg (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:17:18 Join fire2199 [0] (~fire2199@gateway/tor-sasl/fire2199)
22:19:14regnargpamaury: The charging fw does not seem to help. I uploaded with ./sbloader -d -u 066f:3700 -p hid -x 64 (after reconnecting usb and with blacklisted usbhid) and it seemed to go well:
22:19:14regnargDevice: 066f:3700 @ 1.22
22:19:15regnargTransfer size: 64
22:19:15DBUGEnqueued KICK regnarg
22:19:15regnargStatus: Passed
22:19:18jhMikeSI did the last one
22:20:01regnargAfter that, I let it charge for an hour and tried resetting, no difference (still boots into hw recovery with black screen)
22:20:23pamauryregnarg: maybe your battery is dead
22:21:07 Join _meg [0] (~notsure@
22:21:09regnargWe used the player a week ago on bat with no issues. I will probably try to disassemble it and charge the battery with an external li-ion charger
22:21:21regnargThanks for the help anyway
22:21:24pamauryregnarg: another option is to try and upload Creative's bootloader, it is in the firmware if you have the tols to extract it, other I can upload it somewhere
22:22:01pamaurythen maybe something else is broken? As I recall, the ZEN doesn't boot into hardware recovery mode unless battery is extremely low or battery is disconnected
22:22:14regnargI have extracted the firmware using zenutils and I have:
22:22:15regnargZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e.exe ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e_rk_FRESC ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e_rk_Hdevicon.ico ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e_rk_Hjukebox2.jrs ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e_rk_0xa9544c20
22:22:15regnargZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e.opt ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e_rk_HCreative_S.TTF ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e_rk_Hdevlogo.png ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e_rk_Hsplash.jbm
22:22:15regnargZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e_rk.bin ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e_rk_HCreative_T.TTF ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e_rk_Hjukebox.grs
22:22:15***Alert Mode level 1
22:22:15regnargZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e_rk_CINF ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e_rk_HDeviceInfo.xml ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e_rk_Hjukebox.opt ZEN_PCFW_L22_1_21_03e_rk_NULL
22:23:03_BilgusjHmikes, it looks like most of the space used up by scroll_engine is in the line buffer and thread stack
22:23:09[Saint]*cough* pastebin *cough*
22:23:32pamauryregnarg: it's the FRESC file, try to upload it with sbloader
22:24:54_Bilguseh nm I suppose at init that would all be 0 therefore easily compressed
22:25:23_Bilgussounds like no priority is the way to go barring a rewrite of the scroll stuff
22:25:42regnargScreen stays black and interestingly, the recovery usb device is still there. I can send the firmware twice and it always says ok and nothing happens.... possibly an issue with sbloader?
22:26:06CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:26:06*[Saint] senses _Bilgus is thinking highly about breaking things
22:26:27_Bilgusme?? NO
22:26:44[Saint]scroll_engine is...not fun.
22:26:48regnargMaybe a different transport size? (i guessed it as both 48 and 1024 suggested in help give transfer errors)
22:26:53[Saint]ties to the skin engine make it a bit of a nightmare.
22:27:34_BilgusIts getting included with the bootloader just trying to free up some bytes looking at things that aren't really needed at boot
22:28:21pamauryregnarg: it seems more likely your device resets in between the runs I would say but that's very hypothetical
22:29:14regnargpamaury: You're right; I see the reconnect in dmesg, silly mistake.
22:30:51[Saint] is?
22:31:14[Saint]Is that just by process of accidental/unnecessary function inclusion, or do we actually use it?
22:31:22pamauryregnarg: I can't be certain but it sounds like there is a hardware problem, at this stage I would bet on the battery
22:31:35[Saint]Offhand I don't think I've seen the bootloader scrool anything, ever.
22:31:37pamauryeither dead or disconnected
22:31:41[Saint]bah *scroll
22:32:16***Alert Mode OFF
22:32:48_Bilgusjhmike was saying it gets included because viewport clear
22:33:16regnargpamaury: Ok, thank you, I'll try to somehow charge/replace the battery and see what happens
22:35:11pamauryregnarg: sorry I can't help more :-/ if you are willing to experiment more, we could try to upload hwstub, it's a small piece of code I use for debugging, we could try to read the battery voltage, see what we get. But if you have a multimeter, you may as well open the device and measure it directly
22:35:42[Saint]...why the hell is it even using the viewport subsystem?
22:35:50[Saint]Oh. Shit. I remember.
22:36:02[Saint]Skinning the bootloader was an idea tossed around about a decade ago.
22:36:10[Saint]Probably a legacy of this.
22:37:18fire2199pamaury : do you think for an mp3 cd player it will be a big work to write code that will handle only screen and touch buttons and audio cd playing?
22:37:28[Saint]In the SKIN_ALL_THE_THINGS period, the USB screen got /some/ support, and the bootloader didn't make it out unscathed. Of course, this was a very long time ago and I take a lot of drugs, so take that with a grain of salt.
22:37:48regnargpamaury: Thank you, I'll try the battery first... it should not be too hard to open. If that does not help, I may investigate further. If it does, I can try discharging it again and reproducing the issue. Either way, I'll try to let you know.
22:40:04pamauryfire2199: screen and buttons don't sound too difficult, however I have no idea for cd reading, and in any case you will need to do some audio decoding which is non trivial (unless you can find some code optimised for this DSP)
22:40:07_Bilgusits nbd I was just looking through for a few bytes of no consequence
22:45:45_Bilguslike 424 bytes 7k in bss though but like I said thats all very compressible
22:48:27 Join wodz [0] (
22:50:53regnargpamaury: An unexpected turn of events: we managed to get the player to boot using the Windows firmware update tool (after about a dozen reconnects while the updater was "waiting for device")... but it seems to be very fragile because last time it did not work, even after about thirty reconnects
22:50:59wodzpamaury: I found out what made this 'special visual effect' on atj with mmu. I forgot to update function calculating PMA from VMA. It was used in setting up DMA transfer from SD.
22:51:27regnargnow it seems to have booted, the storage is visible over usb and it seems to be charging
22:53:26 Quit pystar89 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:53:40 Quit EmanueleSorce[m] (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
22:53:59pamauryregnarg: good, yeah sounds like a hardware problem if it's random
22:54:14 Quit walle303 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
22:54:16pamaurywodz: nice :)
22:57:42regnargI remember another Zen behaving very similarly... dead after battery discharged, impossible to get it to boot but then after many retries the updater managed to bring it back to life. And another one which died in a similar way (black screen, hw recovery), but that one was replaced in warranty. It does not seem to be a single piece issue.
22:58:44pamauryit could be a flash failure as well, as least a transient one or an almost-dead storage
22:58:57wodzpamaury: Working on this I came across interesting issue. According to simplified sd protocol docs card deselect has response R1b but most common response type used is no response. ATJ doesn't mount properly if I set response to anything else then no response for deselect.
22:59:38pamaurywodz: iirc, select has response type R1b but deselect has no response
23:00:43wodzpamaury: I thought so too, but docs doesn't destinguish the two other then if RCA != own RCA that means deselect.
23:00:48***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:01:33 Quit PimpiN8 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:01:51pamaurywodz: well yeah, all deselected card will no answer (otherwise several would try to answer at the same time) and the one selected card answers
23:02:03wodzpamaury: anyway NRSP makes sense since card should automaticaly deselect when other card on the bus is selected and in this case it should not interfere.
23:02:58wodzdoc is super vague in description
23:03:03pamaurythe only special thing about deselect is that selecting address 0 deselects all cards (because no card can have a RCA of 0 after init)
23:03:17jhMikeStime to flay the bootloader
23:03:56 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:04:50pamaurywodz: why do you need to deselect the card by the way?
23:05:00pamaury(that's not really needed unless you have two cards on the same bus)
23:05:20wodzpamaury: card enters power save mode when deselected
23:05:44 Join PimpiN8 [0] (~textual@
23:06:49pamaurywodz: yeah but select can be very slow as well
23:07:27wodzpamaury: just as hdd spinup yet we spin it down
23:09:05pamaurywodz: just checked by the way, on imx233 I don't expect a response on deselect, and on select there is one case where I wait for the answer and one where I don't (because then I wait for TRAN mode so send SD_STATUS, not sure if that's really legal)
23:09:08 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
23:09:11 Quit lebellium_ (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.93 [Firefox 56.0.2/20171024165158])
23:19:01 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:19:36 Part robertd1
23:26:55 Join CrashBash-Kun [0] (~CrashBash@unaffiliated/crashbash-kun)
23:28:35 Join walle303 [0] (walle303ke@pisg/dev/walle303)
23:28:48pamauryman Sony is braindead
23:29:16pamaurythe first thing the radio driver does when one opens the device file is to mute *all audio* from all sources
23:29:48pamauryand of course it won't unmute on close but it will unmute when you set the tuning frequency using Sony's magic ioctl
23:32:15pamauryyeh \o/ now I have radio working on the NWZ \o/
23:43:51_Bilgushow important is the usb serial descriptor?
23:46:40pamaury_Bilgus: it's quite useful actually, especially on windows, why?
23:47:39_BilgusI was jw what the consequence of hardcoding a device descriptor for the bootloader would be across the sansa AS3514 devices would be
23:48:09_Bilgusatm we are pulling in ascodec to read that one sting
23:49:12pamaury_Bilgus: ideally you want the descriptor to be unique per target at least (otherwise windows may take two devices with the same serial and believe they are the same and it will not rescan the devices, this may be confusing
23:49:39pamaurymaybe unique per storage size also, not sure
23:49:53pamauryfor the bootloader it is not crucial that it is unique per device
23:50:35_Bilgusits only like 1/2 a KB doesn't sound like its worth the extra trouble tbh
23:53:55*pamaury goes to bed
23:58:04 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

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