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#rockbox log for 2017-11-07

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03:28:05__builtinwell, wolf3d and duke3d both pretty much work at this point
03:28:26__builtinI'm definitely *not* pushing Duke, but I'm not sure about Wolf
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08:01:01shortcut23Hi There! Anyone knows why the server for themes and the forum is down?
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09:13:22gamerayou guys would be fairly clued up on audio equipment since you compile for so many devices yeah?
09:14:10gameraand are probably varying degrees of headphone audiophiles
09:14:20gameraif not addicts
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09:26:08sthactually i don't think they're very audiophile
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09:50:30[Saint]I feel like an idiot, I can't remember where themes/fonts/etc. for the SDL app go.
09:50:36[Saint]ANyone know?
09:52:14[Saint]ah, derp. nevermind.
09:52:33[Saint]I'm an idioit. I do remember. I just don't set permissions properly, apparently.
09:52:36[Saint]too strict.
09:56:45copper[Saint]: hi
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10:23:45[Saint]copper: hi, so - right.
10:23:57copperwhere's the dope
10:24:04copperI need mah fix!
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10:24:57[Saint]Have you ever stumbled across any form of logic in your experimentation that can determine the width and height, and/or glyph count for a viewport with arbitrarily defined bounds?
10:25:10[Saint]like -,- or 30%,20%
10:25:50[Saint]Can we ever know how many glyps wide (for any given vont) a viewport is without it being hardcoded?
10:26:04copperall my designs use absolute pixel values but that's partly due to the number of bugs the theme engine used to have 4 years ago
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10:26:28[Saint]I'm having another stab at resolution-agnostic themes.
10:26:41[Saint]well..../reasonably/ resolution-agnostic.
10:26:56copperfor Android?
10:27:06[Saint]To make it slightly easier I'll do small, medium, large, and maybe extra-large.
10:27:16[Saint]No, for rockbox-proper. FOr everything.
10:27:33[Saint]Well...fuck greylib and charcell. They can go to hell.
10:28:42[Saint]It would just be *really* nice if I was able to know the possible glyph and row count of a given viewport without it being predefined.
10:29:35pixelmafor charcell you'll know the glyph count...
10:29:42[Saint]But, nevermind. I'll give you a holler when I'm closer to done. This thing is still an infant. It's about the thirs or maybe fourth time I've tried to do this.
10:30:02[Saint]pixelma: hah, yeah, good point.
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10:30:39coppercan't remember if negative x,y coordinates are valid (e.g. -30 would be 30 pixels from the right edge of the viewport)?
10:30:51[Saint]they are.
10:31:03[Saint]you can even do weird shit like a negative percentile.
10:31:09[Saint]like -90%
10:31:41[Saint]that makes tying objects to a given arbitrarily large surface pretty easy.
10:32:05[Saint]the way I'm doing some of the object backdrops is pretty neat.
10:32:21[Saint]finally making some really good use of the 9seg bitmap format.
10:33:03[Saint]that way an asset is the same loaded size for 320,240 as it is for 1280,1024
10:35:25copperI know it doesn't really help, but you can always produce 3 different versions of your theme (using relative positioning and sizing to make your code adaptative) and let the user load them one after another and decide which one looks best on their device
10:41:48[Saint]I think I have to do that anyway for want of efficiency, because it's literally impossible to preload all the fonts for the wide variety of device resolutions we support.
10:42:47[Saint]so I have to do small, medium, and large really.
10:43:28[Saint]but that's cool. three is better than 40.
10:43:38copperand your code will be shorter
10:44:09[Saint]significantly more complex though.
10:44:25[Saint]it's not really going to serve well as the "theme engine example syntax" anymore.
10:44:27coppermore complex than without testing for size?
10:44:53[Saint]yeah, because there's a fucktonne of logic for defining viewport/assets.
10:45:45copperI'm not sure it's worth it.
10:47:36[Saint]for the sdl app, where I have significantly more freedom to piss about with RAM unless the system has a max allocation per process governed I can do some crazier shit.
10:47:56[Saint]it doesn't matter there if I preload ~400MB of assets.
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10:48:52[Saint]but ideally the small theme should look /reasonable/ on a medium or large device, medium should look reasonable on a large device, etc.
10:49:31copperI think it's easier to make your design flexible enough that you can easily generate three different versions
10:49:47[Saint]I just don't want to have to account for devices where there's anywhere from only 2 to up to 200 swing in y,y resolution.
10:50:20[Saint]having to have a different theme for 240,320 and 246,320 is bonkers.
10:50:51maraztime to implement CSS!
10:51:03[Saint]I just want to finally sort it out with a reasonable fix and have it looking vaguesly modern, not like something out of 1996
10:51:05copperwith support for CSS grids
10:51:29[Saint]I'm pretty much blatantly ripping off the material design guidelines.
10:51:55[Saint]I figure I can even implement an FAB in the touchscreen/SDL/app targets.
10:52:11[Saint]I'm already using the Roboto font set.
10:52:43[Saint]got a tonne of antialiased fonts generated.
10:53:21[Saint]everything from 8px to 96px
10:53:37[Saint]8, 12, 16, 32 ...96
10:54:25[Saint]I am limiting the amount of glyphs I load in any given viewport if I can though.
10:54:44copperoy, theme site is back online!
10:55:02[Saint]like, for the time for instance I only load 15 characters.
10:55:58[Saint]err, 18 sorry.
10:56:35maraz[Saint]: consider generating sizes according to a scale, it will make designers happy :)
10:59:15[Saint]maraz: I have all the sizes in the classic typographical scale.
10:59:24[Saint]this ain't my first rodeo, lol.
10:59:38marazApparently not :)
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11:08:28gamerawhich is a higher end dap
11:08:32gamerathat you build for
11:09:24gameraI would like the most technical information in text on the screen as possible on my h300, where can I look at themes?
11:09:46gameraand can I do any patches to make it work better with the huge ssd I put in it
11:09:54gamerait draws slightly more current than the hard drive
11:10:44gamerait's an msata through that maze of converters
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11:41:33[Saint]ok, so I have:
11:41:59[Saint]do we want anything elsethere's regular/condensed/monospace on top of that.
11:42:30[Saint]does that satiate you maraz
11:42:32 Join dandels_ [0] (~dandels@unaffiliated/dandels)
11:42:51[Saint]I shall package it soon and place it on the extras page.
11:43:20[Saint]Unless someone interjects and wants more sizes or variations.
11:48:54marazif they're not included by default, it could be useful to have 9, 10, 14, 18, 21, 28, 36, 42, 55, 63, 73 and 84px too
11:49:14marazerr, px/pt/whathaveyou.
11:50:22maraz8 to 12 is a big jump on small screen devices and 48-96 is even bigger even if they'd only be used on large screens
11:50:27[Saint]I think what I'm going to end up doing is packaging a statically compiled convttf and a script to generate arbitrarily sized .fnt files from a given .ttf
11:50:39marazthat sounds like a good solution
11:50:54[Saint]for the moment I've got the ones listed above as a 'default' set.
11:51:19[Saint]I figured people would want regular/condensed/mono, and bold/italic/regular/light
11:51:33[Saint]all in all there's 96 fonts
11:53:30[Saint]The Roboto font family is really very pretty.
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12:15:12gameraare there fonts for the iriver h300
12:15:56gameraI measured the impedance of these hd25 1-ii cans I just got
12:16:26gameraone side is about two ohms less
12:17:02gameraboth are under 70 ohms, why does it say 72 ?
12:17:11gameraI mean 70
12:18:09gameraI've seen reports that the steel cables are up to 4 ohms
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13:11:33sthsteel cables?
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18:25:36copper[Saint]: /msg me please
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20:28:53copperfigured it out
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20:32:01lebelliumpamaury: I tested the FM radio on the A10. Basically it works indeed!
20:32:14lebelliumthe keymapping should be improved (volume keys unused)
20:32:25pamauryyeah I noticed that
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20:32:26 Quit petur (Changing host)
20:32:26 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
20:32:34pamaurypatches are welcome for keymapping :-p
20:33:16lebelliumafter using the FM radio, if you turn off rockbox and turn it back on
20:33:34lebelliumit looks like the FM radio is loading for a few milliseconds
20:33:37lebelliumthere is a strange sound
20:34:52lebelliumand I don't understand why my FMS theme is not working (working on Fuze+ Sim)
20:36:59lebelliumreloading the theme works
20:37:14lebelliummaybe it didn't like adding the FM feature without reloading the theme
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20:40:17johnb4Bilgus (logs): the battery bench for the Fuze with all savings active gives 15:15:30h vs. 10:25h with regular dev build.
20:41:07johnb4This way less than I would have expected, unless my battery is quickly dying which I don't believe.
20:41:30johnb4*This is
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22:46:53pamaurycela (logs): I updated the bootloaders for zenxfi2, see wiki page, tell me if it woks for you
22:50:56fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 63eae43, 273 builds, 13 clients.
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23:02:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 667 seconds.
23:02:05fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 63eae43 result: All green
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23:32:39celapamaury : bootloader v2 upgrade process went smoothly for zen-xfi2, works correctly on my device, thanks
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