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#rockbox log for 2017-11-10

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00:01:42*pamaury goes to bed
00:01:47CH23wait just a b it
00:02:18CH23can i edit a theme to show the rds data we can now pull, or does other stuff still need to happen?
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00:06:16[Saint]CH23: You can.
00:06:39CH23time to figure out how to add this
00:06:45[Saint]If you were "doing it right(TM)" you'd just check to see if the data was available first anyway.
00:07:07[Saint]That's one of the core reasons as to why we have conditional asset checks.
00:07:38CH23the RDS data is now available using the patch Pamaury made earlier
00:07:41[Saint]%?tx<we have RDS, do RDS stuff|we don't, don't>
00:07:47[Saint]yes, I'm aware.
00:07:50CH23oh like so
00:07:57[Saint]it doesn't change anything from theme perspective.
00:08:51CH23i couldn't find a page showing what exactly anything means in the themes, so i'd have to do a lot of guessing
00:09:10[Saint]this is detailed very clearly in both the manual and the wiki.
00:09:30[Saint]If you need any support with themes in general, give me a yell.
00:09:37[Saint]I'm kinda "theme guy" around here.
00:09:52[Saint]%aR%?pv<|%?Sr<dB%bl|%pvdB>> %?bl<|%?Sr<%%%bl | %bl%%>> %?cc<%?cf<%?Sr<%cM:%cH | %cH:%cM>|%?Sr<%cP%cM:%cI | %cI:%cM%cP>>>
00:09:55[Saint]ah, fuck, sorry.
00:10:41[Saint](Incidentally, that's what a RTL/LTR failover-safe time/volume/battery display looks like :))
00:12:46[Saint]CH23: "best practice (TM)" is to always throw a check for everything instead of assuming it exists. Most target resolutions are shared between two or more devices with possible differing hardware, so even if you know an asset is going to be present on your target the best practice is to test for it anyway.
00:16:45__builtinoff-by-ones are the worst
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00:25:06[Saint]Hah, tell me about it. The skinned list/viewers icons consistently drive me insane.
00:25:20[Saint]Perhaps worse because all the math surrounding the logic is correct.
00:32:32[Saint]%aR%?Sr< dB%bl|%bldB >%?Sr< %%%pv|%pv%% >%?cc<%?Sr<%?cf<%cM:%cH|%cP%cM:%cH>|%?cf<%cH:%cM|%cI:%cM%cP>>>
00:32:36[Saint]shit, sorry again.
00:51:33__builtin[Saint]: yeah, I'm trying to cache a file partially in RAM
00:51:55__builtinhandling the boundary condition of a file being both in RAM and on disk is annoying
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01:31:17__builtinhmm, do we have any file caching on the FS level?
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01:42:25CH23[Saint]: if you're still here, i tried changing a theme, by using the following code: %?tx%V(8,25,58,-,6)<%ty - %tz>
01:42:36CH23it's not working
01:42:42CH23and i'm not sure why not
01:50:50CH23if i read the documentation correctly, '%?tx' checks if RDS is available, '%V(x,x,x,x,x)' tells where on the screen the data must be shown, and with what font, then '<%ty - %tz>' should show rds name and rds text
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02:32:20[Saint]Bah, he left.
02:32:38[Saint]If you're here, but under a different nick for some reason, that's not even remotely close to valid syntax.
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02:36:50[Saint]Can someone do me a favor and confirm the hex for "Rockbox Yellow" please?
02:37:14[Saint]On my end it's looking like FFC000
02:39:18__builtin[Saint]: that's right
02:39:28[Saint]excellent, thank you.
02:42:18[Saint]Heh, the Tango! icon set really loses a lot of visual information at 6x8px
02:42:34__builtinhmm, git makes it really hard to track history across renames
02:44:52[Saint]Man 'Roboto' is a nice font.
02:45:13[Saint]And it has a GPL compatible license, so, my mind is pretty much made up.
02:45:46 Join Ruhan [0] (uid76353@gateway/web/
02:45:59[Saint]I've done Roboto[Condensed|Mono] Bold/Italic/Light/Regular from 8pt to 96pt
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03:15:33[Saint]OK. I now have a *very* basic .sbs that works across arbitrary resolutions.
03:16:16[Saint]it's perfectly functional on everything from 320x240 to 4K
03:16:47__builtindo you happen to know the origin of the little faded-out text on the corner of our logo?
03:17:23__builtinjust out of curiosity
03:20:48[Saint]I think it's just there "to look cool", from memory.
03:22:03[Saint]If you're wondering what it says, from memory it's <something>, 6034MB,customize. mp3playlistrandom
03:22:31__builtinyeah, I have the SVG version zoomed in right now
03:22:47[Saint]If I remember correctly, and this is going back about 15 years now, it was someone's terminal output at the time.
03:24:13[Saint]__builtin: what do you think is the "smart" thing to do when we can't detect (which is unlikely) the battery level/voltage and/or volume in decibels?
03:24:24[Saint]At this point I'm leaning towards "do nothing".
03:24:34[Saint]"?" or "unknown" looks messy.
03:24:48[Saint]At this stage I'm just displaying nothing and concatenating the empty space.
03:25:11__builtinnothing seems better to me
03:25:24__builtinis there an icon near it?
03:25:33[Saint]No, it's just text.
03:26:12__builtinyeah, definitely just leave it blank then
03:26:14[Saint]I can't figure out how to send fake readins to the SDL app.
03:26:57[Saint]I guess I'll switch to the simulator, as that fakes charging and a charge/discharge cycle.
03:27:56[Saint]the only thing I need to do now is make it so that the theme tries to match assets and text from the current userfont.
03:28:06[Saint]simple, is the word of the day.
03:28:34[Saint]If I only do one more thing for this project I'm going to drag the user interface out of 1999.
03:40:19 Join CH23 [0] (4dfa0218@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
03:41:01CH23[Saint]: i read your message in the log; i don't understand how i'm that bad at this
03:42:54[Saint]CH23: You'd want to do something like:
03:42:54[Saint]%?tx<%ty - %tz>
03:43:14CH23not in a single line?
03:43:23CH23oh lol
03:43:48[Saint]use - for fint_id if you just want to use the current userfont.
03:44:05[Saint]I doubt whatever theme you're using had 4 additional userfonts loaded.
03:44:12[Saint]I mean, it's possible, but I doubt it.
03:45:01CH23'balanced' for clip+ defines 3 fonts
03:45:33[Saint]0 and 1 are always defined, you can't have those.
03:45:57[Saint]0 is the systemfont, 1 is the userfont, and 2~99 are theme loaded userfonts.
03:47:09[Saint]Just to make it absolutely clear, your RDS display code only has the 'true' bracket of the variable set.
03:47:29[Saint]So it will only ever display when the target has RDS, not sure if you wanted this or not.
03:48:06CH23it's only for myself, but i should make it so that it would still work without; i agree.
03:52:51[Saint]The values you have displaying there are fine, but I'd do it a little differently. Like so:
03:52:51[Saint]%?tx<%?ty<%?ty<%?tz<- %tz>|%?tz<%tz>>>
03:53:12[Saint]That'll make sure that if either value is missing it won't leave a blank space.
03:53:22[Saint]and if both are missing it won't display anything.
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03:55:24[Saint]Oh. I could do that better...hmmm.
03:55:24[Saint]%?tx<%?ty<%?tz<%ty - %tz>|%?tz<%tz>>>
03:56:31[Saint]If we can do RDS, check for ty, if ty is present, check for tz, if both are true, display both, if ty isn't true, check for tz, if tz isn't true, do nothing.
03:57:07[Saint]that'll make it so you don't end up with a viewport with just "-" in it if the target is RDS capable but can't get any data.
03:57:23[Saint](which can certainly happen)
03:58:04[Saint]This is where yu'll find all the goodies.
04:01:18CH23thanks, it's a lot of info, will take some time for sure :P
04:03:50[Saint]basically, you have two pieces of data you want to display, both of which depend on a single variable.
04:03:50[Saint]If that variable "do we have RDS?" isn't true, we don't want to do anything.
04:03:50[Saint]If that variable is true, we want to display the two other pieces of data.
04:03:50DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint]
04:03:50[Saint]If both of them are available, we display both.
04:03:50[Saint]If a check for one fails, we'll check for the other and if that fails, we'll do nothing.
04:05:57CH23it fails completely
04:06:19CH23using :
04:06:31CH23%?tx<%?ty<%?tz<%ty - %tz>|%?tz<%tz>>>
04:09:07[Saint]Hum, I've got to run but I'll think about it a little more while I'm out. I've probably overthunk myself for the day.
04:09:07[Saint]Just try it without the conditional failover for now:
04:09:07[Saint]%?tx<%?ty<%ty> %?tx<%tx>>
04:09:44[Saint]or if that falls over the really simple version:
04:09:44[Saint]%?tx<%ty - %tz>
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05:05:47[Saint]copper: ping?
05:06:31[Saint]copper: did you ever work out a failsafe way to define the height of the userfont via substring and/or if?
05:11:39[Saint]CH23: did you end up working it out?
05:11:56[Saint]I was thinking some more about it and I can't see any reason why:
05:11:56[Saint]%?tx<%?ty<%?tz<%ty - %tz|%ty>|%?tz<%tz>>>
05:11:56[Saint]shouldn;t work.
05:39:54[Saint]If my font is called "blah-de-blah-fucky-fuck-96.fnt", then why the fuck doesn't:
05:39:54[Saint]%?if(%ss(0, 2,%St(font), number),=,96)<true|false>
05:39:54[Saint]return true?
05:40:53[Saint]I'm /guessing/ that it's because %?if and %ss/%St weren't ever supposed to work together? _should_...
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09:14:31copper"It gets trickier when evaluating arbitrary numbers. When testing for font size, you need to test (value + 1)."
09:14:50copper%?if(%ss(0, 2, %St(font), number), =, 15)<font size is 14px|font size is not 14px>
09:15:23copper"%?if() weirdness will evaluate that number as (number + 1): the above example returns true when the font is "14-Nimbus", even though we tested for the value "15"."
09:15:54coppergawd, I can't believe it's been 4 years
09:24:46[Saint]copper: yeah, thank you, I found that. Not before diving into the source to reconvince myself that we did in fact have a substring match function.
09:25:26coppercan't remember what the reason was
09:25:30[Saint]I also noticed that you did find a way to evaluate if we have enough room to display a given string too.
09:25:38[Saint]Which is going to come in useful.
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09:26:22*[Saint] is shamelessly ripping off the Material Design language.
09:26:47copperI did?
09:27:07[Saint]I was looking for FOSS media icons, and I found a site that allows arbitrary colouration and resizing of the material design assets.
09:27:10[Saint]yep, sec.
09:28:04[Saint]Oh, fuck...hmmm. Nope. Not quite what I wanted...
09:28:29[Saint]It's evaulation of string length, but I guess that's not entirely useless if you know the glyph width.
09:28:45copperif your font is monospace
09:28:58[Saint]monospace is best space.
09:29:13copperI think I tried to do that but abandoned the idea
09:29:47[Saint]This thing is starting to look a hell of a lot like an Android native GUI.
09:29:53[Saint]I guess that's not a terrible thing.
09:31:42[Saint] really saved me a _lot_ of work.
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09:52:57[Saint]I think I could replace the entire Tango! iconset with these icons.
09:53:15 Join johnb4 [0] (
09:53:23[Saint]The full Tango! set looks a bit much with everything else flat.
09:54:36[Saint]There's a couple of those icons in the Tango! strips that I just think "What the flying fuck is that, and where does it ever get used?"
09:55:26[Saint]There's a couple in the Tango! set that don't have exact matches in the Material Design set...but I think I can make close enough approximations.
09:55:53[Saint]I shant distract myself for now though, else I'll never get this finished...for the 5~6th time.
09:59:42CH23[Saint]: it works, now!
10:00:25CH23i hope the original author won't be too upset that i botched up their aesthetic
10:00:34[Saint]CH23: nice, FYI, we have a native screenshot function available through the debug menu.
10:00:45[Saint]It activates on USB plug when active.
10:00:58CH23oh right
10:01:13[Saint]That actually looks pretty nice BTW.
10:01:38CH23the theme is called 'balanced'
10:01:41[Saint]It's amazing how information-dense themes on the Clip(s) can be.
10:02:07CH23normaly the clock is larger, and i moved the disk access down next to the mono/stereo thing
10:02:47CH23yeah it might be low res but you don't need much to show text; 4x8 is all you need for the alphabet
10:02:47[Saint]Yeah, that looks really nice.
10:03:14[Saint]for the /western/ alphabet.
10:04:42[Saint]I'm tying myself in knots at the moment trying to make the thing I'm working on locale safe.
10:05:25[Saint]Though, it looks like I'm winning. It should be able to handle any supported LTR or RTL locale and switch accordingly.
10:06:04[Saint]It's a pain in the ass doing conditional alignment though, sheesh.
10:06:06 Quit johnb4 (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
10:06:58[Saint]Anyhoo, very well done, CH23. That looks very nice, and you should be proud of your work.
10:07:13[Saint]I'm very pleased for you.
10:07:29CH23i did see some frustration from you about 4 hours ago, but you probably solved that already?
10:07:38CH23thanks, [Saint] :)
10:08:02CH23that's very handy
10:08:27 Join prg318 [0] (~prg@deadcodersociety/prg318)
10:08:28CH23the screendump tool, that is
10:09:42[Saint]yeah, it's neat huh. I particularly like the way it emulates the split colourspace and adds in the "missing" 2px thread through the middle of the screen.
10:10:09 Join dandels [0] (~dandels@unaffiliated/dandels)
10:10:16[Saint]I always thought it was cute some of the ways themers managed to encorporate that blank section of screen and the colour split into their designs.
10:10:22[Saint]Some of them are very clever.
10:10:36CH23yeah indeed
10:10:58CH23still, i plan to replace the screen with a single colour one
10:11:37[Saint]That'll be a lot of work in software and hardware.
10:12:26[Saint]The original firmware would be out of the question. But Rockbox could handle it without too much issue.
10:13:32[Saint]unless by some miracle there's an OLED with the same form factor using the same LCD controller and the same resolution.
10:13:44CH23not miracle
10:14:05[Saint]Such a thing exists? People are doing this?
10:14:09[Saint]I was unaware.
10:14:42CH23there's 3 types that i know of; white, blue, and blue/yellow
10:15:18CH23the only difficulty is the ribbon cable
10:15:37[Saint]Well, yeah, but there's a lot more to a given OLED/LCD than just matching the size and resolution.
10:15:37[Saint]Software needs to know how to talk to it too. It might have an embedded controller, it might not, etc.
10:15:57[Saint]It's not the kind of thing you can swap out without significant effort.
10:16:24[Saint]Rockbox is _extremely_ targeted.
10:16:28 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
10:17:13CH23iirc the clip+ uses i2cs to communicate
10:17:34CH23i did a limited amount of research in the past on this
10:19:34[Saint]Bilgus and wodz are both extremely knowledgable about the Sansas and may be able to shed some light on this for you regarding feasibility.
10:19:40[Saint]pamaury may be able to as well.
10:21:23pamaurywhat is the question exactly?
10:21:49[Saint]Changing out the OLED on a Clip(+?) w/ $ARBITRARY_OLED
10:21:58CH23how does the main board communicate with the oled screen
10:22:31CH23i posted a link about 8 minutes ago with similar screens
10:22:33[Saint]At the very least I'd expect you'd need to discard the magic we have going on there to accomadate for the missing 2px strip in the original OLED.
10:22:49[Saint]pamaury wasn't here then
10:23:02CH23yeah but log :P
10:23:42CH23the software actually has to take into account the 2 strips? so they are actual LEDS?
10:23:52[Saint]My gut tells me that after you value your own man hours at cost, that you'd almost certainly be better off buying a DAP that suits your purpose.
10:24:27pamauryI think it uses SPI
10:24:28CH23the clip+ is my weapon of choice; i went from a FiiO X7 to that
10:24:39[Saint]CH23: it needs to take into account the _lack of them_, because no other target in our range does that, so there's specific magic going on there.
10:25:22CH23i expected the device to just see it as a 128x64 screen
10:27:08[Saint]From memory, it's more like two distinct OLED displays, but I may well be misremembering this.
10:28:13pamaury[Saint]: the clip+ has two variants on the LCD indeed
10:28:41[Saint]Woo! I remembered something!
10:29:08CH23so technically i have a dual screen DAP. neat.
10:31:17pamauryIt's extremely common for players to have two or more LCD variants.
10:31:58CH23sure, due to different manufacturers, or parts availability
10:33:19[Saint]it's pretty common for any given DAP to have 2 or more different versions of everything, really.
10:33:28[Saint]they seem to get "binned" quite a lot.
10:39:29pamauryanyway, if you want to swap the LCD of the clip+ you need an LCD that: 1) has the same form factor and 2) has a compatible pinout. Also be careful about backlight. Then obviously you will need to write a driver for it.
10:49:20 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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11:09:20CH23ah. sorry i was AFK. thanks Pamaury.
11:20:30 Join asaba_ [0] (~asaba@
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11:52:22[Saint]copper: did you ever fuck around with touchscreen much?
11:52:39[Saint]Like, is it just me, or is there no "back" touch area?
11:53:34[Saint]You _have to_ have the list titles displayed, as that's the only way to go "back" on "touch" targets like SDL that don't have soft buttons or dedicated HW keys.
11:53:47[Saint]Seems I never noticed this before, fuck knows how.
11:54:36[Saint]JdGordon: you've any idea how trivial (or not) that would be to add? I've kinda wedged myself into a corner and I really kinda need it.
11:55:02[Saint]I felt sure that 'prev' worked as a back button, but it seems not.
11:59:57pixelmais this actually something that exists in the way you'd expect it to work on non-touchscreen targets?
12:01:24*[Saint] has a very hard time parsing that
12:01:30[Saint]sorry pixelma, come again?
12:06:41 Join dandels [0] (~dandels@unaffiliated/dandels)
12:09:45pixelmaI wonderer what do you expect a back button to do (in the various parts of Rockbox)? And is a target with buttons behaving this way? For some reason I thought that there was more than one possibility (maybe I just misunderstood what you wanted though), not so sure now anymory myself the longer I think about it
12:11:32[Saint]pixelma: I'm guessing you don't use touchscreen much or at all?
12:12:02[Saint]With touch targets, the list title is the "back" button, and it's the only possible way you have to exit out of a menu structure.
12:12:13[Saint]...unless you have a physical back button.
12:12:24[Saint](which SDL isn't necessarily going to have)
12:12:47[Saint]So if you want to get fancy with skinned lists, and want to hide're fucked.
12:13:08[Saint]The only touch area definition that's even remotely close just takes you back to the toplevel of the main menu.
12:13:37[Saint]So it's impossible to go "back one" without the list title displayed, because the list title is and always has been a back button for touchscreen.
12:14:13[Saint]To make it even worse, if you display the list title outside of the info viewport, it doesn't function as a back button.
12:16:14pixelmayes, I was thinking in another direction (not sure why anymore. maybe because the brain was also busy with work things) and I also thought that something like a "go to previous screen" touch action existed
12:16:54[Saint](remember that touch targets don't have directional buttons available as touch areas outside of the horrible 9-segment mode for skins that don't declare a touch area)
12:17:37[Saint]So without a list title (which I _really_ don't want!), if you navigate into a menu stracture the only possible way to go "back" is to go back to the toplevel main menu.
12:17:42[Saint]WHich is annoying as hell.
12:20:16copper[Saint]: no touchscreen experience, no
12:20:33[Saint]Yeah, bugger. No worries mate.
12:20:44copperfoobar2000 makes more sense on smartphones now
12:20:56copper(though I admit, I haven't actually tried it yet)
12:21:08[Saint]wait, what!?!
12:21:14[Saint]that's a thing?
12:21:20copperyes, foobar2000 mobile is a thing now
12:21:27copperactively developped
12:21:46[Saint]well, fuck me.
12:22:08[Saint]they even beat us with the hibernation<->release stagnation.
12:22:31[Saint]I'm going to buy them a beer on principle for that. I hope they have a paypal.
12:23:02copperDEATH has a bad history with PayPal
12:23:27[Saint]Oh, yeah, right. I vaguely remember that.
12:24:53 Join johnb4 [0] (
12:33:19[Saint]pixelma: yeah, I just checked to make sure I wasn't insane ( least in this context), and there's no "back" or "previous" touchscreen function whatsoever.
12:33:57[Saint]WHich admittedly does seem odd, because if a theme doesn't declare any touch regions on a touchscreen get that horrible 3x3 grid which /does/ have a back function.
12:49:07 Quit johnb4 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
12:49:16 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
12:57:53[Saint][Saint]: you're putting this here to remind yourself to update the wiki and the manual to bring them both up to parity wrt/ theme tags.
12:59:33coppercopper: copper: copper: wake up dude, this is a dream within a dream within a dream
13:00:42[Saint]I found that errant touchscreen area.
13:00:45[Saint]So, woo!
13:01:01[Saint]I figured it had to exist, because the fallback touch navigation uses it.
13:01:27[Saint]Turns out "cancel" == "back/previous".
13:01:38[Saint]I only tried it on a whim, I thought surely based on the name it wouldn't do what I wanted.
13:01:59[Saint]Glad I don't trust my rationalization, or Jonathan's naming schema. :p
13:02:28[Saint](sorry Jonathan :p)
13:03:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
13:06:44pixelmaI guess "cancel" isn't that bad of a name choice, IIRC in the keymaps it's called BUTTON_CANCEL too
13:07:05pixelmamaybe I don't RC though
13:07:37[Saint]Huh, no, you're right. I guess in that context it does make some sense.
13:12:32 Quit deevious (Quit: deevious)
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14:42:11 Join nlogex [0] (
15:00:14 Join deevious [0] (~Thunderbi@
15:01:50pamaurywodz: are all your mips fixes on your github repo?
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15:16:22 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@irssi/staff/TheLemonMan)
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17:29:23__builtinhmm, will storage_spin() spin the disk down after a while?
17:32:55*[Saint] can see pixels when he blinks...
17:33:15[Saint]I've been squinting at SVGs for the better part of ~6 hours
17:33:55[Saint]Everything looks tessalated. Time for bed, methinks.
17:34:02[Saint]Before the sun comes up proper.
17:35:01[Saint]On the plus side, the WPS/WRS/SBS icons are all done.
17:35:50[Saint]I'm pretty confident I'll never want to see FFC000 again after all this. I mean, it's a nice colour...but, not ~10h nice.
17:36:36__builtinhmm, apparently it's a bad idea to set the spindown time to 0
17:36:39 Join johnb3 [0] (
17:37:45 Join johnb4 [0] (
17:39:06[Saint]I have my spindown set very low, but my use case is pretty specific.
17:39:38[Saint]I'll flood the playlist with 20K of random full albums and then just forget about it.
17:39:50[Saint]I very rarely hit skip/seek.
17:40:13[Saint]So for /my/ use case, a very abrupt spindown time is beneficial.
17:40:27__builtinmine seems vastly different from yours
17:40:44[Saint]If you're the type that pulls their DAP out and tutus with it every couple of seconds and skips.seeks a lot, so much.
17:40:57[Saint]that'll hit you pretty hard in the battery.
17:41:03[Saint]Spinning back up is very expensive.
17:42:08[Saint]I dunno what the solid state classics are set to, whatever default is I guess. I haven't touched it I don't think.
17:42:59*[Saint] eye twitches in a calm seething rage
17:43:50copperThere's a U2 special edition iPod from 2004 fitted with a 64 GB SD card on eBay right now
17:43:57copperit's so sexy
17:44:36copperno spindown there!
17:44:38[Saint]I spent the better part of an hour making beautiful AOSP-esque repeat {1|shuffle|a-B} icons, but on the smaller screen devices when it scales the differentiation between 1|shuffle|a-b just scales down to a blurrly blob mess.
17:45:16[Saint]well...there's an hour down the shitter.
17:46:54CH23couldn't there be a different layout for larger and smaller screens, or, at the least, a seperate icon set?
17:46:58[Saint]copper: lol, I saw a while ago someone was selling the U2 "special edition" iPod Classic case backings on TradeMe (NZ's answer to eBay and Craigslist rolled into one) for $4 each.
17:47:30[Saint]CH23: there is, and, it's four distinct icons.
17:47:32copper[Saint]: but this one is properly scratched!
17:47:53[Saint]I think when it gets down to the point where scaling makes it illegible I'll just use text.
17:48:55 Quit CH23 (Quit: Page closed)
17:49:33 Quit johnb4 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
17:55:58[Saint]Who even uses A-B repeat anyway?
17:56:07[Saint]*How* do you use it?
17:56:59 Quit MrZeus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
17:57:26lebellium[Saint]: for language learning I assume
17:57:53lebelliumrepeat the same sentence until you understand the strong accent \o/
17:58:42lebelliumI used to use it for guitar learning too
17:59:51pixelmadepends on the target, there are some which have dedicated "set A marker" and "set B marker" buttons. And there are others where you need to enable the AB-repeat mode, then set the A marker and the B marker with the same button. Would need to look up myself which target has which - not sure if there's a touch screen adaptation of it
18:01:36miqlasi actually had A-B repeat on my portable casette player. It was great, seeking noise all the time.
18:03:20 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
18:04:03 Quit GodEater (Quit: Coyote finally caught me)
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18:49:42 Join duncan^ [0] (UNKNOWN@unaffiliated/yulax)
18:53:09copperSo, I got about 6 hours of playback with my 1st gen iPod Mini, playing Ogg Vorbis files
18:53:29coppernot bad, considering the advertised battery life of a new item was 8 hours
18:53:38 Quit Rower (Quit: Hmmm...)
18:54:26copperwhat a bargain
18:56:34 Join JdGordon_ [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
18:59:38 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
19:02:54[Saint]copper: is that still with the original disk or did you jam a CF in there?
19:03:09***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:03:28copperoriginal HDD
19:03:55[Saint]colour me impressed.
19:11:17 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:8b80:1700:de9:bfe0:26d3:68b4)
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21:56:22 Join Harbec [0] (
21:57:20Harbechi, installing rockbox with the rockbox utility program on an ipod 6th gen. Installation completed successfully however I just see the itunes interface, what's wrong?
22:12:46 Join johnb4 [0] (
22:19:26 Quit johnb4 (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
22:32:41Harbecgot it right with this tutorial:
22:34:00 Quit Harbec (Quit: Harbec)
22:37:20 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:38:07saratogapamaury: did you get any further with the AMSv2 firmware?
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23:18:18 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:26:16 Quit ZincAlloy (Quit: Leaving.)
23:29:19__builtina PDF viewer for rockbox wouldn't be bad
23:34:51__builtinI can't seem to find any libraries written in C though
23:40:32__builtinapart from GNU PDF

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