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#rockbox log for 2017-11-11

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01:48:42__builtinso I've found MuPDF, but it's AGPLv3-licensed
01:49:10__builtinis this compatible with our GPLv2?
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06:55:03BilgusjhMikeS (logs) maybe you know the answer to this? #define DEFAULT_CP_STATIC_ALLOC what effect would this have on the bootloaders?
06:56:06BilgusI assume it means it just takes a big old chunk of ram rather than using buflib
07:02:56Bilgus12.3k to be specific , but it knocks out 1.6k in the clip+ bootloader and 1.4k in the clipv1
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07:18:38jhMikeSBilgus: I'm here. Isn't it bss section?
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07:20:13BilgusI'm sure it is since its static
07:20:48jhMikeSI'm confused how it would save much size. The other way uses buflib, sooo...
07:22:09BilgusI think buflib_compact..
07:22:43jhMikeSwhy would that save image size?
07:23:04Bilgusmemmove and a bunch of other one off function
07:23:12Bilgustry it and see..
07:23:19jhMikeSalso, the various interrupt stacks are not BSS. I think they're just a big heap of zeros in the image.
07:26:20jhMikeSfor pp it's 1k, for AMS it's 2k
07:28:20jhMikeSyep, there's a big heap of zeros right after the startup code in the image
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07:29:53Bilgusclipv1 122073 bytes vs 123478 bytes
07:29:53Bilgus, clip+ 132418 bytes vs 134003 bytes
07:31:51BilgusIt looks like it was originally set up that way so I'm not sure what the implications would be in the bootloader but it looks like you know..
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07:35:27jhMikeSmaking them .bss saves 2074 bytes in the image
07:35:43jhMikeSfor clip
07:36:41jhMikeSwhy's my clip-v1 bootloader build only 59336?
07:37:03Bilgusmine is after packing it
07:37:38jhMikeSso after packing it saves 1400-1600
07:37:47Bilgusso the same
07:38:24Bilgusit looks like define CP_STATIC_ALLO does this no?
07:39:41jhMikeSwait, are you adding it instead of using buflib?
07:40:45jhMikeSbootloader isn't considered PLATFORM_NATIVE?
07:41:25BilgusI was looking through the mem map and followed it back
07:41:39jhMikeSit should use state CP table for native, obviously from the define, so I'm confused as to why it wouldn't already be static
07:43:07jhMikeScrap, it's late. native _doesn't_ define it
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07:43:38*jhMikeS facepalms
07:44:06BilgusI had done something to that effect months ago not realizing that the mechanism was already in place
07:44:21jhMikeSSo, there's a list of changes 1) No priority 2) .bss - based interrupt stacks 3) static code page 4) ?
07:45:11BilgusI think any one of them is enough but together should free up some bytes
07:48:08Bilgusoh you are asking for ##4?
07:48:23jhMikeS5) profit
07:48:48BilgusI haven't found anything else major like more than a few 100 bytes that can be removed
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08:07:55Bilgusyeah together it adds up to ~3.5k saved
08:08:06BilgusI'll test it sunday
08:08:25Bilguswell on the clip+
08:13:14jhMikeSI tried it with the fuze-v2 firmware and it runs just fine. There's no real significant difference
08:13:32jhMikeSno difference in the principal between fw and bl, I mean
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08:15:20jhMikeSI think 4) was thumb code, at least in the bl where it isn't already used
08:15:57Bilgusah yeah I already forgot about that
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08:18:51BilgusThat brings it to 5.3k
08:19:49Bilgusfew warnings about unused functions but nbd there I'll go ahead and see if it boots
08:22:53Bilgusworked fine if anything booted a bit faster
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08:32:11BilgusOh hell no wonder the first changes knocked off 5k the thumb option knocked off 20k more
08:32:48Bilgus(on unpacked size)
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08:47:45johnb4Bilgus : Regarding the abort on USB transfer with the Fuze v1, I don't believe it is solely due to the power savings, but it seems to be pretty unstable also on HEAD for the Fuze. My Australia parcel with Fuzes arrived. I RBed another Fuze V1 and it shows the same instability with both HEAD and your patch. Note, this is when copying to SD.
08:49:01Bilgushuh I thought the USB issues were fixed quite a while ago
08:49:08johnb4Copying multiple podcasts with gpodder (size 5 -50MB each) and also copying larger files causes the copy process to get stuck.
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08:49:29Bilgusis this separate sd cards?
08:49:29johnb4I believe this was for AMS v2
08:49:56johnb4I tried with a Sandisk 64GB and a noname 32GB.
08:50:19Bilgushow about the pc?
08:51:13johnb4I still have to try my laptop or use Linux. This was Win10 so far.
08:51:59Bilgusthere was something I noted being funky about the sd code on either the v1 or v2 but i've been through so many files the last week I don't remember what it was atm
08:53:59BilgusI'll revisit it when I make the debug menu div0 safe and maybe I'll try coming up with an elegant way to underclock the cpu
08:54:28johnb4On windows I noticed, the drive content e.g. of F: disappears in Explorer, on the player the USB logo is still there and I have to power off.
08:56:14johnb4Thanks. I will be on a business trip next week, so my response will be delayed ...
09:01:31BilgusIt wouldn't surprise me if it was only windows causing the issue tbh
09:02:15johnb4I am going to test within the next 2h.
09:03:23*johnb4 typing in the wrong window
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09:31:27johnb4Bilgus : Booting from SD should not make any difference, right? That's what I am doing right now working with the laptop, but had tested from internal on my desktop before.
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10:30:28johnb3Bilgus : see
10:31:26johnb3The regular dev build behaves better on the laptop. The powersaving build has problems even with all settings off which seems weird.
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11:21:23JdGordon[Saint]: what were you asking yesterday?
11:21:32JdGordonim not sure where in the log to start understanding from
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13:23:50pamaurysaratoga: re AMSv2: yes my conclusion is that the ROM has three vendor SCSI requests and those essentially allow to send arbitrary SD requests to the storage
13:24:39pamauryI haven't found out yet what is the difference between this mode where the ROM exposes the storage and when it exposes this 30MB fake disk
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13:24:48pamaurythe sd/mmc code is horribly complicated
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13:39:52pamauryif people are interested I can try to write a tool to send arbitrary sd request to the ROM, see if that actually works
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15:17:51BilgusJohnb4 it shouldn't but It could..
15:19:41johnb4Do you have a suggestion, how or what else I can check? I probably can live with using a card reader, but if it can be improved that would be great.
15:22:35Bilgusjohnb when booting from the sdcard you are using a WIP filesystem also figure the sd card gets disconnected from the firmware during so there could be something that gets stuck
15:24:23Bilguslike the playlist control file that it complains about
15:25:36johnb4Alright, then I put the powerSav FW on the internal drive and test again.
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15:36:20Bilguspamaury , this tool how would you quantify what it did? I have a clip+ that I don't mind testing stuff on though it doesn't have access to the sd slot
15:41:11pamauryBilgus: I don't understand your sentence :)
15:44:24Bilgussend arbitrary sd request to the ROM what would it do?
15:44:54pamaurywhatever the request you send do...
15:45:44Bilgusso what you are saying is we could use that as the sd driver?
15:47:03pamaurynot sure what you mean by sd driver but yeah you could using recovery mode to everything a SD driver can do, including read/write
15:48:30Bilguswell the code is on the chip right so we could use it during normal use as well no?
15:49:15pamaurythat's a very bad idea
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15:51:08Bilgusoh I figured it became sorta like having the code in ram at that point
15:51:59BilgusI take it you plan to copy it to ram?
15:52:33pamauryyou can't really use the ROM code, it read/writes to RAM, it's undocumented and overcomplicated
15:53:14BilgusAH ok you mean send sd commands from the usb?
15:53:15pamauryat least we understand our sd code and we can easily fix/edit it, there is little point is trying to reuse the ROM code, it's not meant to be reused
15:53:22pamauryyeah, in the special recovery mode
15:53:40Bilgusgot it sorry just a bit dense before coffee
15:54:18BilgusI think that is a very important tool indeed
15:55:50Bilgusit won't save the totally read-only sansas but it will help the people who wiped out the beginning of it
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16:39:08johnb3Bilgus : it really makes a difference.
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16:47:56Bilgushmm but it still fails at the end huh
16:48:46Bilgusis that a ams 3525v1 or v2?
16:49:04johnb3the second time with an even lager file set (~700MB) it completed. But yes, not completely stable.
16:55:27Bilgusare your card high speed cards by chance? when you get a chance try line(425) ->> MCI_CLOCK(drive) = (hs_card ? MCI_QUARTERSPEED : MCI_QUARTERSPEED);
16:56:28Bilgusthe setting from power save gets overwritten each time the sd card initializes due to an oversight on my part in the handling on the 3525v1
17:00:30johnb3No, it's Sandisk Ultra 64GB class10
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17:03:51BilgusI'm pretty sure class10 is a HS device
17:05:01johnb3I just compiled the update (make bin is good enough right?).
17:07:52 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
17:09:38BilgusI almost bet thats it I had noted it last week when I said it probably wouldn't work with HS cards
17:12:16 Join fasdgadahsg [0] (6db70bfe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:12:42fasdgadahsgHi there
17:15:50johnb3just say what you have to say ...
17:17:08 Join JdGordon [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
17:20:56johnb3Bilgus: it got stuck at 91% of 800MB. I will retry ...
17:29:08 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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17:32:22johnb3No luck, aborted @ 69%.
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18:00:10johnb3A noname SD worked.
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18:19:47fasdgadahsgthe install process for ipod classic 6th failed upon transfer of the image
18:20:13fasdgadahsgwhat should I do to make it work? I already recovered the ipod with Itunes
18:23:53 Quit johnb3 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
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20:02:14 Join Peppe__ [0] (6db70bfe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:02:33Peppe__Hi, how can I completely remove the bootloader?
20:07:09 Join JdGordon [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
20:08:27Peppe__Hi JdGordon , can you help me with the bootloadeR?
20:09:42 Join advcomp2019 [0] (
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20:20:15 Join JdGordon [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
20:21:20 Join johnb4 [0] (
20:25:31Peppe__hi johnb4 , I fucked the Rockbox bootloader. I manager to restore with Itunes, but now I cannot get anymore to install the bootloader. What can I do?
20:25:51 Quit johnb4 (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
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21:31:00PeppinoHi just a question, how can I hide in windows the partition created by rockbox? It asks to format it everytime
21:41:31pamauryPeppino: which player? Otherwise people can't know what you are talking about
22:08:31PeppinoHi pamaury , I have an Ipod 6th gen classic
22:08:40 Quit derf (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
22:10:02PeppinoAt my first attempt, I followed win adive - deleting it and at the next boot of the Ipod there was no mountpoint.
22:10:18PeppinoI suppose then that I have to keep it, but I wonder if I can at least hide it
22:10:35pamauryI don't know anything about the ipods unfortunately
22:10:49pamauryhopefully someone who knows will answer
22:10:59Peppinothat's ok, thanks for your kindness anyway!
22:13:03 Join johnb4 [0] (
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22:15:39 Join derf [0] (
22:22:25miqlasPeppino, i got 7th gen with rockbox.
22:22:40miqlasNo problem with the partitions
22:23:26miqlasIt was an hfs ipod, and that1s why i had to restore it with itunes on windows and just only then was i able to install rockbox.
22:23:52miqlasWorks ok and i get no warning or notification about the partitions in windows.
22:24:04miqlasmaybe you should start from scratch.
22:26:06 Quit johnb4 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
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22:47:16Peppinomiqlas: thanks. How many partition do you have now, when you plug it?
22:51:45 Join JdGordon [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
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23:27:50__builtinugh, mupdf pulls in far too many dependencies
23:44:09miqlasPeppino, lemme check it for you
23:44:32miqlashave to wait a bitas it have to charged a lil bit
23:47:42pamaury__builtin: are you trying to a port a PDF reader?!
23:57:35__builtinprobably not the best idea now that I think about it

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