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#rockbox log for 2017-11-16

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00:59:37Bilgushmm I wonder if that guy ever did anything with that Brainfk parser I wrote
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01:44:18[Saint]Sorry for the disconenct/reconnect noise.
01:44:32[Saint]Though, at least mine was deliberate.
01:45:03[Saint]I've no idea what's been going on with Freenode and/or a bunch of users lately.
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08:28:39duo8is the t6/rocker port still stuck?
08:28:56duo8was hoping running linux would make them easier to port
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10:37:12pamauryduo8: as far as I know no one is working on a port for the rocker (maybe ask wodz)
10:37:38wodzI suspended my work
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10:40:09duo8aww but why, is that bug impossible to work around?
10:40:30duo8so much for a potential clip replacement lol
10:43:25wodzduo8: Basically I was pissed of by Agptek attitude. I have other interesting things to do. Maybe I'll come back to this once I push forward atj213x stuff
10:45:39duo8you can do a atj port now?
10:46:28duo8i mean a port to atj platforms
10:47:15wodzI am doing this port for 2 years now or something :-)
10:47:27wodzmy spare time is rather limited
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11:21:52[Saint]I have updated the unofficial font packs based on both GNU Unifont and Roboto font families at
11:22:35[Saint]The GNU Unifont font pack is quite large, too large for GitHub, so source is available on request for that and it is hosted on my Google Drive.
11:23:35[Saint]GNU Unifont is built with Unifont 10.0.06
11:24:48[Saint]There are sizes 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 48, 64, and 96pt available
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11:26:35[Saint]I'll also add an icon pack with icons and viewers in similar sizes based on the Tango Icon Library icon set
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12:03:22[Saint]Now I'm remaking the iconset and viewers iconset with assets from
12:03:59[Saint]As much as I like the Tango icon set, it's time to say goodbye to it and have fresh, clean, elegant and flat icons.
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12:05:16[Saint]I shall do that tomorrow morning though, as that means finding a match for, downloading, unpacking, converting, and hand stitching about 60 icons by hand.
12:06:35[Saint]pixelma: am I right in remembering that there's a "magic hex" colour to use in bitmaps if you want it to use the system foreground or background colour?
12:07:09[Saint]I know there's the magenta magic hex for transparancy, I do seem to remember there being one for foreground/background colour too.
12:07:11pixelmayes, "full" cyan
12:07:26[Saint]is that foreground?
12:08:05[Saint]That's very neat, and very good to know. Now I can have the theme coloured by user preference.
12:08:56[Saint]I would ideally like the icon colours (they're flat) and the main status bar and footer, as well as the line selecter to be user configurable.
12:09:04coppergood to know indeed
12:09:05pixelmayes, for the foreground, the only thing that is not working was a combination with an alpha channel. That would have been neat for antialiasing
12:09:22[Saint]ohhh, really? does it not work with alpha?
12:09:41[Saint]I'm using 32bit ARGB icons
12:10:22[Saint]I suppose I could just use "magic magenta" instead.
12:10:25copperAn image that is full cyan takes the user defined foreground color?
12:10:32copperDid I get this right?
12:10:54[Saint]copper: yes, I knew the function existed but I couldn't remember the magic colour
12:11:00[Saint]it's a very handy feature.
12:11:05copperadd it to the wiki
12:11:20[Saint]I shall.
12:11:40[Saint]I've set a reminder on my phone to do it tomorrow morning. very tird tonight. been at this a long time.
12:11:57copperWhat time is it over there?
12:12:05copper12 past noon here
12:12:23pixelmaI once experimented with this (picure had a plain cyan foreground and the form was only defined in the alpha channel which). I just got a cyan bitmap with alpha transparency
12:12:35pixelma[Saint]: 1bpp bitmaps work too
12:12:57gevaertsI'm sure the alpha thing can be fixed :)
12:13:14pixelmaIIRC kugel knew something about it back then
12:15:02[Saint]My GNU Unifont font pack based on 10.0.06 is ~400MiB lol
12:15:21[Saint]Damn GNU Unifont is huge, but the glyph coverage is so immense.
12:15:54gevaertsNothing like fonts that are big enough for them not to even fit on some of the supported devices :)
12:16:25[Saint]I'm using Robot as the default font because it has full Latin coverage of the usual suspects, and providing GNU Unifont as an external download in case the user has more exotic needs.
12:16:40[Saint]Shipping with GNU Unifont would waste far too much bandwidth
12:17:37[Saint]gevaerts: they're fine /if/ the theme author is sane and sets a glyph cache max
12:17:53pixelmagevaerts: I believe the alpha transparency code does not know about the "magic" colours, in case of magenta it doesn't need it (because it provides a better replacement)
12:17:59gevaerts[Saint]: tell that to Ondio users with a 128MB card!
12:18:10[Saint]while there's ~27K glyphs, you're only going to need ~100 of them at any given time
12:18:23[Saint]I see.
12:18:40[Saint]Well, they won't be using this theme anyway one imagines.
12:19:05[Saint]monochrome, greyscale and charcell can get fucked.
12:21:02[Saint]This theme is really going to shine brightest on medium to very high resolutions on hosted/app platforms
12:21:36[Saint]There's no real way to include it as the default for anything because it breaks a lot of rules from checkwps
12:22:02pixelmaI like monochrome and greyscale for readability. Transflective colour displays are better but only the later colour display Ipods have these IIRC
12:23:43copperwhat's transflective?
12:24:08copperdidn't know there was anything special about my Classic's display
12:25:35[Saint]copper: did you see the murdershow of syntax I accidentally dropped in the channel earlier for the status bar volume|battery|clock logic to justify left/right when any or all of the items are missing or unknown in both left-to-right and right-to-left locales?
12:25:43[Saint]"%aL %Lt %aR%?Sr<%?cc<%?cf< %cH:%cM| %cP%cM:%cI>%?bl<%?pv<| dB%pv| dB%pv| dB%pv>| %%%bl%?pv<| dB%pv| dB%pv| dB%pv>>|%?bl<%?pv<| dB%pv| dB%pv| dB%pv>| %%%bl%?pv<| dB%pv| dB%pv| dB%pv>>>|%?cc<%?bl<%?pv<|%pvdB |%pvdB |%pvdB >|%?pv<|%pvdB |%pvdB |%pvdB >%bl%% >%?cf<%cH:%cM |%cI:%cM%cP >|%?bl<%?pv<|%pvdB |%pvdB |%pvdB >|%?pv<|%pvdB |%pvdB |%pvdB >%bl%% >>>"
12:25:49[Saint]ah, yeah, sorry.
12:25:57[Saint]it's a doozy.
12:26:01copperit is
12:26:13[Saint]I couldn't think of a way to slim it down much more than it is.
12:26:25[Saint]I think I could but right now it works so I don't want to touch it.
12:27:08[Saint]I really do like you Pod theme.
12:27:12[Saint]It's very elegant
12:27:19copperthank you!
12:27:26copperPodOne? PodTwo?
12:27:35[Saint]I like PodOne personally.
12:27:44copperI need to upload PodMini
12:27:53copperwill do later
12:28:47[Saint]I made a pixel perfect apple clone "back in the day" but I think I ended up asking to have them all taken down because I got some morals and ethics.
12:29:23pixelma[Saint]: did you see my remark about 1bit bitmaps for the foreground/background thing? I used this all the time, together with different viewport colours it makes for nice colour changes on stat changes (e.g. red for low battery)
12:29:31[Saint]it used blatant pixel perfect rips of the original firmware artwork and a font with a license I really shouldn't have been using.
12:29:48[Saint]it was /almost/ impossible to tell between it and the original firmware.
12:29:59[Saint]Barring the menu items and layout.
12:30:43[Saint]pixelma: so 1bpp icons/bitmaps will automagically use foreground/backround colours?
12:31:03pixelmait has the same effect as using the two magic colours and even saves a bit of disk space (probably not very noticeable but it does)
12:31:36pixelmayes, like the non-aliased fonts basically
12:32:03[Saint]I believe I shall use this for my "material design" ison set then, as the flat icons are seem as though they could be very easily converted to 1bpp
12:32:15[Saint]*icon set
12:33:17[Saint]I have decided to call this theme "immaterial", because I like to name projects in with a pun or wit, as is tradition.
12:33:44[Saint]and I figure it fits, because the theme takes heavy material design cues, and is extremely dynamic.
12:35:03 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
12:35:13[Saint]there are very few hardcoded values and I use negative offsets and percentages to pin items.
12:35:48[Saint]the .wps is still mostly unfinished though, I'm using the .sbs as a playground as that's much easier to test.
12:38:42[Saint]copper: pixelma: if you had to think really hard, about what two functions you would like on a "floating action button" in a touchscreen .wps for both press and long press - what would those actions be?
12:39:01[Saint]currently I have context menu on short press and quickscreen on long press.
12:39:46 Join lebellium [0] (
12:39:56[Saint]I'm toying with the idea of the fab behaving more like an fab should and deploying another set of function icons, and possible swapping the progress bar for a volume bar
12:41:00[Saint]perhaps using it to toggle between playback controls and progress bar, and repeat and shuffle controls and volume/mute.
12:42:25[Saint]but then I have to arrange things quite differently for touchscreen and non-touchscreen as all the icons need to be visible to non-touch devices. on tochscreen I can get a bit more creative.
12:45:17[Saint]yes, I suppose I shall do that
12:46:14[Saint]toggle playback control and progress with repeat and shuffle control and volume on short press, and bring up the .wps context menu on long press.
12:46:32[Saint]I'll toggle the quickscreen with long press in the list title
12:47:00[Saint]or maybe I'll swap contextmenu and quickscreen around, that might make more sens.e
12:47:19lebelliumpixelma: I didn't try that
12:47:21lebelliumI will, thanks
12:49:52lebelliumJust tried %?if(%cs, =, 2)<%V(2,17,60,60,0)%T(0,0,60,60,browse)|%V(2,17,60,60,0)%T(0,0,60,60,resumeplayback)>
12:49:57lebelliumthat doesn't work
12:50:00lebelliumis that what you meant?
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12:55:50[Saint]lebellium: no
12:56:14 Join dandels [0] (~dandels@unaffiliated/dandels)
12:56:51[Saint]define two viewports %Vl(foo) and %Vl(bar) and then switch them with %?if(%cs,=,2)<%Vd(foo)|%Vd(bar)
12:57:19[Saint]encapsulate the touch areas you want in viewports foo and bar
12:57:50[Saint]then switch them conditionally with the current screen
12:58:12[Saint]That's "the right way" to achieve this.
12:59:08*[Saint] offline for a bit
12:59:39 Quit [Saint] (Remote host closed the connection)
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13:08:44pixelmaI imagined it in the way [Saint] explained
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14:27:06lebellium[Saint] pixelma : ok got it work, thanks
14:27:38lebelliumRBNB if you read this, it's possible to get what you want with a short press only ;)
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15:00:20edhelaspamaury hi :)
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15:37:45pamauryedhelas: hi
15:45:36edhelasI see that you're working on USB Audio again :)
15:45:52edhelasI can try to test your PR on my iPods and give you feedbacks
15:47:22pamauryI haven't changed much so far, I don't expect any change at the moment, it's just work toward usb audio done right
15:47:46Horrorcatso, my h320 broke for good, and there are no Creatives on the ebay market right now. all I could find were some Sansa {Clip,Clip+,Clip Zip}. Suggestions?
15:48:58Horrorcat(I heard the Sansa ones have audio issues, e.g. )
15:50:14pamauryHorrorcat: what are you looking for? In other words, what are your criterions
15:51:32HorrorcatI actually wish my h320 back to life, but going for irivers seems to be a lost cause at this point, since the hardware is inevitably getting hard to maintain. Aside from that, it should have 60GB+ storage (or be extensible via SDHC), reasonable audio, I like hardware keys much more than touch keys, a hardware keyboard lock/hold button would be amazing.
15:52:59HorrorcatI’m not sure what kills my iriver really, I tried several replacement batteries (but I was unable to get hands on an original battery), it either is the connector of the battery to the board or another hardware failure on the mainboard itself (it regularly simply turns off). Maybe I also fried some power supply part with the SSD I put in. (CF adaptors never worked for me, unfortunately)
15:59:04pamaurypeople seem to like the sansas a lot, main problem is that they are harder to find, quite expensive, you may need to change the battery and on some the jacks gets brokem over time (I think)
15:59:48Horrorcathm, that’s ironic. The sansas are the only I can currently find on ebay, and I’ve been looking (on and off) for weeks now.
16:00:07Horrorcatchanging batteries is fine with me if decent replacements are available.
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16:30:15 Quit dovber__ (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
16:31:41Bilgussandisk has the fuze+ still for like 40-50 USD it meets those criteria
16:32:11Bilgusexcluding 'like hardware keys'
16:32:13alexbobpthe fuze+ is absolutely horrible to use
16:32:23Bilgusits not too bad now
16:32:31Horrorcathardware keys are kinda important though.
16:32:36alexbobpif you say so >_>
16:33:11alexbobpif you can get a used fuze, that's still my favorite DAP of all time :P
16:33:12BilgusI still prefer my clip+ but thats more a size thing
16:33:20alexbobpand yeah the clip+ is fantastic
16:33:24alexbobpand clip zip
16:33:57Bilgusyeah I bought a few of them family love them I kept one for dev
16:34:24Horrorcatalexbobp, clip zip has that audio issue, doesn’t it?
16:34:34Bilguswas going to sell them but everyone kept asking for one
16:35:08alexbobpwait what audio issue? I dunno, maybe
16:35:12alexbobpI've used clip zips though
16:35:17BilgusHorrorcat thats probably a voltage issue
16:35:21Horrorcat that one
16:35:52BilgusIve never heard anything like that across any of my sansas even through high power amps
16:36:06alexbobpoh interesting
16:36:15alexbobpyeah it's probably a qc issue
16:36:27alexbobpI imagine it wouldn't happen with every single unit or they would have noticed before mass producing them :P
16:36:46HorrorcatI thought the OF doesn’t have that issue.
16:37:03Bilgusits also from 2014 at the latest
16:38:27Bilgusand maybe that guy listens to quiet passages with like hawk hearing idk
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20:00:00 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:00:50Damnedhello. My sansa clip+ is unresponsive (doesn't turn on and my pc does not detect it). After holding the power button for at least 30 seconds, my PC detects a 30MB partition and asks to format it. Is the device bricked?
20:01:02 Join dys [0] (
20:04:20 Join MrZeus [0] (~MrZeus@2a02:c7f:7066:fb00:7106:debd:78cc:fd54)
20:15:06 Join dfkt [0] (~dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
20:15:12Bilgussounds like the internal nand went bad, probably bad but it might not be forever we just haven't had any success as of yet. check back in a few weeks
20:18:24 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:8b80:1700:292a:5fd0:18e6:d156)
20:19:13Horrorcatis anyone intimately familiar with the iriver h3xx hardware?
20:19:43HorrorcatI’m rather confident that something between the battery cable and the power distribution on the board is broken.
20:19:59Horrorcatquite possibly the connector itself
20:33:05Damnedsorry, Bilgus, was that an answer to my question or someone else's? (I joined a moment ago)
20:33:31BilgusDamned, yours
20:34:34Damnedthanks. Did you mean there hasn't been any success in resolving an issue like mine?
20:35:23 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
20:35:54 Join smoke_fumus [0] (~smoke_fum@
20:37:53BilgusDamned, no success on devices showing the 30mb partition leading theory is that it is a ram disk, writes to it just don't persist pamaury has made headway with the internal rom on a way to send commands but as of yet don't know if it'll work
20:39:37pamauryI didn't have time to write the tool to send custom commands yet
20:40:39pamauryand the sd/mmc code is so complicated I haven't yet figured out how/why this 30mb partition shows up
20:42:40 Quit shrizza (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
20:43:01 Join shrizza [0] (
20:54:50 Quit mmint (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:58:47 Join mmint [0] (~mmint@unaffiliated/mmint)
21:00:07duo8maybe it's just a bogus partition
21:04:18Bilgusmy bet is a mirror of the ram we just don't have the commands to write and exec
21:04:56Bilgusor rather the actual ram just readonly
21:06:07***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:08:24pamaurythe device doesn't have 30mb of RAM though... ;)
21:09:31Bilgusoh? I thought it did
21:10:17 Join almog1006 [0] (4d8bf186@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:11:07pamaurythe zip has 8MB of RAM
21:12:18Horrorcatthis is awfully close to 32MB + 8MB, which seems like some kind of internal flash + internal sram. I’ve seen that on some STM32 microcontrollers
21:12:23Horrorcatbut I know nothing about sansas
21:15:19pamaurythe soc does not have any internal flash that we know of, I find it unlikely
21:15:33Bilgusyeah there is nothing close to 30MB as far as ram/rom goes on the 3525v1 not sure about the v2 but doubt it
21:16:39Horrorcat(with "seen" I mean though that they claim to be mass storage devices under some debug modes)
21:28:22 Quit bluebrother (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
21:33:17 Join thomasjfox [0] (~thomasjfo@rockbox/developer/thomasjfox)
22:31:33 Quit Damned (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:40:31 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
22:54:53 Part almog1006
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23:19:26 Join ulmutul [0] (~ulmutul@rockbox/developer/ulmutul)
23:38:43 Quit ZincAlloy (Quit: Leaving.)
23:47:33ulmutul[Saint]: I just tried your Roboto font pack, and I especially like the bold and condensed_bold style. IMO most of rockbox' fonts are too thin to be easily readable, or too wide in bold style. (Nimbus was my favorite so far.)
23:49:41ulmutulIf you ever plan to replace rockbox standard themes, I would appreciate like if you'd consider this :)
23:50:00ulmutul* (remove 'like')
23:50:13__builtinHmm... Apparently icculus is on our wiki:
23:50:58ulmutulHi __builtin o/
23:51:05__builtinHi ulmutul
23:52:51__builtinWhat's up?
23:54:01 Quit ender` (Quit: Space, the last best hope for peace. These are the voyages of the Millennium Falcon. Its five-year mission: to find technology to defeat the Goa'uld.)
23:56:56 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:8b80:1700:292a:5fd0:18e6:d156)
23:57:31ulmutulI'm trying to transfer rockbox developement to cygwin, but I stumbled into some probems. Compiling for target works now, but linking the final rockboxui.exe fails.
23:58:42pamauryulmutul: can you at least pastebin the error?
23:58:51pamaurycygwin is a massive pain

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