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#rockbox log for 2017-11-18

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15:23:26salty-horsehi. something in the way bookmarks work doesn't fit my use-case and feels broken. I usually use bookmarks when I'm in the middle of a podcast, and want to pause it in favor of music, or another podcast, and I want to return to it later. I also have lots of podcast in a directory, and sometimes move things around in the default (directory order) playlist. rockbox disables bookmarking if the playlist has been modified. this doesn't make
15:23:26salty-horsesense to me. I don't care about my playlist when I save a bookmark. all I want is for dropbox to remember my position in a specific file. do you think it's a valid feature request? maybe toggle-able as a setting?
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15:25:20JannFI'm rather a Rockbox Newbie and just installed it on my iPod Video (5th gen) using rbutil, but every time I wake up the ipod from hold or anything other standby, it has a strange white screen with flickering lines
15:29:30pamaurysalty-horse: I don't know much about bookmarking to be honest, maybe some people that use this feature will answer
15:29:50pamauryif you get no answers ask in the forum
15:31:11salty-horsepamaury, ok, thanks for the tip!
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15:32:14pamaurysalty-horse: do you launch the file from playlist or file browser?
15:33:18pamauryI recall something like bookmarks not supporting dynamic playlist and you should use them when playing files from the file browser. But since I have never used them I am not too sure
15:34:04salty-horsepamaury, that's indeed how it works. I don't undestand why, and I'm asking for a "dumb bookmarks" feature that doesn't care about playlists
15:34:30pamauryindeed says Bookmarking only works when tracks are launched from the file browser, and does not work for tracks launched via the database. In addition, they do not work with dynamic playlists.
15:35:12pamauryI think this is because the intention of bookmark in a playlist was to save the position in the playlist; thus it mostly works with saved playlist not dynamic ones, which in your case is unfortunate
15:35:39pamaurymaybe there could be two bookmarking options: bookmark playlist or bookmark current track only
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15:53:39JannFnobody who has experience the same like me?
15:55:40pamauryJannF: not that I know but wait until people answer and/or ask on the forums
15:56:24JannFpamaury: just opened a thread in the forums, hopefully somebody can help me...
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16:05:23Bilguspamaury could you push 1674? I didn't find anything concerning with it..
16:07:29pamauryBilgus: ok give me a minute
16:07:36pamauryBilgus: do you know anything about bookmarks?
16:07:45Bilgusno hurry thanks
16:08:18Bilgusnot beyond what they do I really don't have a use for them
16:08:20pamaurynow we pray ;)
16:08:27pamauryand logbot is still dead...
16:08:53Bilgusah will it still be on the dev page though?
16:09:45Bilgusok good enough I'll watch it there
16:12:36pamaurysalty-horse: I had a look at the bookmark and I think it's not too hard to add a way to bookmark only the current track, I'll have a try at it and see if I can make it work
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16:20:57BilgusThe resume index looks like the limitation on the bookmarks I'm guessing id3/path isn't a good enough guarantee on the file being unique maybe the crc could be used too..
16:22:24Bilguswhole lotta red I'll fix it
16:22:31salty-horsepamaury, the question is if it's a desired feature, and why the current system works as it is - what's the use-case for it?
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16:34:45pamauryBilgus: salty-horse: it's just that the current system assumes everything is a playlist (a single file is a "virtual" playlist with one element). This is very handy because it makes everything uniform. I suspect the current bookmark code simply went that way to be simpler. The use case is that you select a single file (or saved playlist) in the file browser and bookmark it
16:36:02pamaurysalty-horse: I guess your "workflow" is that you add files to the current playlist and try to bookmark them right?
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16:39:38salty-horsepamaury, I click a file in the file browser. at this point I think it creates a playlist with all files in it. I then edit this playlist and move things around (either move the current playing file to where I want to it to be, or move other files to be after it). now I can no longer bookmark.
16:39:45 Join dandels [0] (~dandels@unaffiliated/dandels)
16:41:39pamaurysalty-horse: yes, as soon as you modify the current playlist the current code prevents bookmarking
16:41:47pamauryI think it can be fixed though
16:42:04pamaurybut by bookmarking only the file not the playlist
16:43:35 Join johnb3 [0] (
16:44:16salty-horsedo you think this is a change that won't break what people currently expect from bookmarks?
16:45:19pamauryI think so, I will try to add another bookmark option, so the current one works as usual and the new one only bookmarks the current file (as if you only had this track in the playlist)
16:47:15salty-horsewhen I click a file in the browser, does rockbox automatically create a playlist from the files in the directory? with this "bookmark without a playlist", if I click it, can it automatically create a new playlist from the files in the directory?
16:49:20johnb3Bilgus: No luck with high speed cards (2x SanDisk Ultra 64GB, Lexar 64GB) in the Fuze: The transfer gets stuck and the drive disappears after a while (Win10 on my desktop and laptop, Knoppix on the laptop). I guess I will put a 32GB in, give it to my daughter and steel her clip+ ;-)
16:50:25pamaurysalty-horse: rockbox has a current playlist that is stored in a file (can't remember where but it is for internal purpose only). When you load a file in the browser, it erases the current playlist and only put that file in it. If you add file to the current playlist, it updates the current playlist with it. There is a menu entry to save the current playlist to a file
16:51:13Bilgusjohnb3, I'd like to figure out why I assume it works fine with disk_low_speed off?
16:51:42pamaurysalty-horse: basically the question is: do you expect the bookmarking to remember you modified playlist or not?
16:52:11salty-horsepamaury, I'm confused. when I click a file in t he browser and view the current playlist, it always shows me all files in the directory... it never shows me a playlist with a single file
16:52:54johnb3No, not reliably (at least on Windows). Let me check again on Linux.
16:53:34salty-horsepamaury, I don't care about bookmarks not remembering the current playlist, but I would like that once I restore a bookmark, the new playlist is all files in the directory, and NOT a playlist with a single file.
16:54:33pamaurysalty-horse: ah yeah you are right, when you click a file in the browser, it load the entire directory as a playlist and simply select the file you selected as the current one. Thus in this case the "playlist" in the directory.
16:54:41pamauryhmm, that won't be easy
16:56:04Bilgushuh It could be related to one of the other settings then.. It should have normal functionality when the setting is disabled do these cards work fine from the normal dev build?
16:56:06pamaurythat would mean checking if all files in the current playlist are in the same directory
16:57:05salty-horsepamaury, I think we misunderstand each other. you said that when you click a file in the browser, rockbox creates a playlist with a single file. that's not what I'm seeing.
16:57:39pamaurysalty-horse: what I said was wrong, when you click a file, it creates a fake playlist that contains all file in the directory
16:58:10pamaurybut as soon as you move the files within the playlist, rockbox considers you modified the playlist and prevents bookmarking
16:59:08salty-horsepamaury, great. I want to be able to bookmark a file even when the playlist was modified. when restoring that bookmark, I want it to position the played file within a fake playlist that contains all files in the directory.
17:00:08pamaurysalty-horse: yeah but that's not so easy, because rockbox doesn't know that all files are in the same directory (that's actually a potentially expensive check), and it might be confusing to other users to allow bookmark in this case because the playlist order would not be restored
17:00:10salty-horsethe fake playlist should be generated from what's currently in the directory - I don't expect the bookmark to store info about which files are in a directory when it's created.
17:01:23pamauryI don't think it can be implemented without saving the order
17:01:52Bilgussalty, you get into a circular check it needs the list to look up the bookmarks
17:01:58salty-horsepamaury, all I want is, when restoring a bookmark, for rockbox to list the files in the directory where the bookmarked file is, and create a fake playlist from it. is that expensive?
17:02:40salty-horseBilgus, I have no idea how the current bookmarking system works, then. when I bookmark a file, it doesn't store its full path and the timestamp in a *.bmarks file in the parent directory?
17:03:39Bilguslooks to me like it stores its name and index in the playlist
17:03:46pamaurysalty-horse: yes, because when creating this bookmark rockbox needs to 1) check that all files are actually in the same directory 2) find the index of the file in the original order. That because does not store the file name when saving the bookmark, it stores "playlist + position in playlist". Thus in your case that would be "directory + position in directory". The only way you can do that is by listing the entire directory. Some people have
17:03:46pamauryvery flat music collections with one directory and thousands of files
17:04:42pamauryand 1) is also expensive because if the playlist comes from a file with thousands of entries, rockbox will need to read the entire file to figure it out (rockbox loads the playlist files on demand, it does not store everything in memory)
17:05:00salty-horsepamaury, aww dang. how about a new type of "path-based bookmark" for these "modified playlist" situations?
17:06:18Horrorcatcouldn’t a bookmark include the playlist?
17:06:29Horrorcatand in case of dynamic playlists silently save the playlist somewhere?
17:06:54pamaurysalty-horse: I see two options: 1) save the dynamic playlist with the bookmark, or 2) what you suggest but not sure if it's doable, I need to look at the code
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17:07:58salty-horseHorrorcat, my directory has hundreds of files. it's a waste to save it if I don't care about it
17:08:50salty-horsepamaury, I like the second option and I think I can code it myself if people agree it's a good feature. the important thing is it's transparent to the user and that bookmarking will always be possible.
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17:13:30Bilguspamaury sorry I had two errors to fix in the action code #1740
17:13:43pamaurysalty-horse: actually looking at the code, I suspect the code almost supports what you want with a little bit of hacking
17:14:08pamauryI can give pointers to specific pieces of code if you want to try to implement it
17:14:52pamauryBilgus: pushed
17:15:19pamaurysalty-horse: I don't know if other people would agree on it, if the code modification is small enough, I suspect we would accept it
17:15:51salty-horsepamaury, I'll try hacking it and we'll talk then :D
17:17:08pamaurysalty-horse: basically you want to look at apps/bookmark.c, apps/onplay.c, in particular bookmark_is_bookmarkable_state() and in tree.c, function bookmark_play() implements resuming a bookmark, I suspect that if you bookmark_play(file) instead of bookmark_play(dir), then it will act as if you select the file from the file tree (ie load all directory)
17:18:01pamaurythus you should modify bookmark.c so that it creates a bookmark where the name is the cur track name, not the playlist name
17:18:47johnb3Bilgus : I just copied 1.2GB to the Sandisk Ultra with 63eae4339-171107 on Win10.
17:19:09salty-horsepamaury, thanks!
17:20:55pamauryjhMikeS: do you plan to commit 1702 soon?
17:23:18johnb3I am repeating the same with the Forum build, but all saving disabled.
17:24:32Bilgusso it works then could you try each option other than disk till it fails?
17:24:41copperI just uploaded my PodMini theme
17:27:23johnb3Grrr, it gets stuck at 22% of the 1.2 GB with all savings disabled.
17:28:30johnb3the SD drive disappeared, the internal is still accessible.
17:29:00johnb3If I click the scroll wheel, it reboots.
17:29:15 Quit PimpiN8 (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
17:32:37BilgusI wonder then if it has something to do with voltage scaling then
17:33:16Bilguswith all the settings disabled thats the only thing still active
17:34:55BilgusI thought though that the sd driver boosted while transferring
17:38:08Bilgusjohnb if you go into debug cpu frequency and force boost a few times and then transfer files does it work right?
17:43:21johnb3Bilgus: Are you sure? Even if "CPU low voltage" is No ?
17:43:49Bilgusits still scaling it just not as low
17:44:39johnb3You mean the 1.15 vs. 1.2 ?
17:46:29johnb3I am copying with boost at 4 ..
17:48:09johnb3Stuck @ 8% of transfer :-(
17:48:22Bilgusyeah it drops to 1.10 with lowv enabled and 1.15 otherwise, if you artificially boosted before copying it won't scale at all
17:48:45johnb3The boost value should persist, even if I leave the debug menu, right?
17:49:03Bilgusyes as long as you donn't press the middle button
17:51:05Bilguswhen you get a chance could you go to the device config file firmware/export/config/sansafuze.h and comment out CONFIG_POWER_SAVING flag
17:51:24Bilgusif that doesn't help try voltage scaling
17:52:59johnb3I tried again with boost, same result. So next your latest suggestions.
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18:39:41johnb3Bilgus : If only that stuff was deterministic: I commented the CONFIG_POWER_SAVING, copying got stuck in the middle. Went on and disabled voltage scaling. First copy failed in the middle. Tried again and it succeeded. I had shutdown and restarted in between those operations.
18:43:18Bilgusso what if only voltage scaling is disabled?
18:44:22BilgusI'm guessing it has something to do with the latency introduced with scaling but i'll have to look at it a little closer to see what I can do with it
18:45:17johnb3I will try with today's dev build now multiple times, just to make sure.
18:55:18Bilguswe can try adding some logging to try and narrow down what errors it out
18:56:17johnb3Yes, that's a good idea. Today's dev build succeeded.
19:00:33Bilgusyeah I'm not sure what could be different except for voltage scaling since its the only thing that should be different with all the power save options disabled
19:01:05Bilgusit might very well be why voltage scaling was disabled on the v1 devices
19:02:06johnb3On the other hand, I see problems only on USB transfer, not during regular operation (playback, radio).
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20:29:37__builtinthis mupdf port is not going to work :(
20:30:12 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
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21:02:31__builtinhmm, so there are 10 games in sgt-puzzles which have been disabled in the build due to control issues
21:03:19__builtinI suppose I could make the remainder work with mouse and keyboard emulation
21:05:33__builtinthe problem is then just one of UX
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21:11:44 Part robertd1
21:16:06__builtincrap, the mupdf patch is 235MB :(
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21:32:30__builtindo we support bitfields?
21:33:05pamaury__builtin: depends, what for?
21:33:25pamauryif it's just a struct without any other use in mind then it's just a compiler thing
21:33:45pamauryif you want to use it for hardware registers, you have to be super careful because the field ordering is compiler specific
21:34:57__builtinI'm working with ported code, and I'm not sure whether to remove them
21:36:37pamaurywhat are they used for?
21:36:48__builtin1-bit boolean values
21:36:58__builtinI'm not sure why the author didn't just use a bool
21:37:19pamauryas long as it is not used for I/O you are safe, so boolean in struct should be fine
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