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#rockbox log for 2017-11-19

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00:07:43blorptried to put rockbox on an ipod nano 2g. short version: no go. long version:
00:16:58__builtinblorp: what's wrong?
00:20:13*pamaury invokes wodz on the nasty subject of MIPS ABIs
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01:01:50blorpbuiltin: "it doesn't work", and "the manuals are missing vital information to make it work"
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01:17:09saratogablorp: you mean formatting to fat32? You may need to use iTunes to do that
01:18:23blorpthat's a no-go. no itunes here, and I'm only going to install that in a vm, for which I'll need a vm host, which needs the nas-to-be, which means these itty bitty things go on the back-burner for a goodly long while
01:21:21saratogai'm not sure if it is possible otherwise
01:21:44saratogacheck google and see if anyone has a tool or process for doing it?
01:29:18__builtinblorp: we can't really help you if you're unwilling to do some work on your part
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01:30:56blorpnow you're just being stuck-up for no reason. how about not treating me like an idiot who "just" needs to do all the magic little steps and instead tell me what the end-product should look like, to the byte level if necessary?
01:34:09__builtinyou want a byte-level dump of the disk?
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02:26:48blorpwhatever is needed to make the thing go, which the existing documentation tries to but doesn't quite manage to convey.
02:26:55blorpanyway, time for sleep.
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02:48:59AldemWhat's the biggest uSD size nowdays ?
02:49:02Aldem256 gb ?
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02:52:58__builtinI believe there might be some 512GB models out there
02:53:38[Saint]It's genuinely hard to tell with all the patently fake listings out there.
02:54:13[Saint]If it's too cheap or too large to be true, it isn't.
02:54:24__builtinyeah, you're right
02:55:45__builtin"TONGROU 512GB Class 10 Micro SD TF Flash Memory Card for Camera Mobile Phone" for $40
02:56:04Aldemyeaaaaaaaaaah :P
02:56:47[Saint]Totally won't be ~4GB after writing a sane partition table.
02:59:53AldemI'm listening to Mastodon a lot these days
03:02:27[Saint]I've had what is quite possibly the best album in the entire world on repeat for a few days, Rush - Moving Pictures
03:02:50[Saint]Peart isn't human.
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03:03:32AldemRush are great, and yes, Peart is a god
03:03:46AldemPresto is one of the best mastered album I've ever heard
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03:10:52Aldemsmart card reader is seeing my 'empty' usd to sd adapter card as a drive
03:16:56[Saint]That's not uncommon. A diskette drive or optical media behaves exactly the same way.
03:19:44Aldemnono, I mean, nothing in the card reader, it sees nothing, but with a empty 'uSD to SD card adapter' (, it sees an empty drive
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07:48:18jhMikeSpamaury (for logs): no, I see no point in doing so by itself. the following changes are to such a degree that they completely obscure it. I'll merge that up with the one after when it's ready.
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11:35:18wodzpamaury: I saw you had a question, right?
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11:52:20pamaurywodz: I was looking at possibly updating the mips toolchain to 4.9 so I looked around and I am confused by the names.
11:52:54wodzpamaury: for 32bit mips there is only o32 ABI
11:53:15wodzn32 is 'new' 32bit abi on 64bit mips
11:56:39wodzpamaury: Was it this you wanted to know?
11:57:21pamaurywhat is confusing is that there is mips-elf and mips-linux-gnu, the first uses the "unknown" env and the other the "gnu": what is the diff ?
11:57:56wodzhonestly don't know
11:58:27wodzI would suspect that mips-linux-gnu expects some libc
11:58:37wodzand the former is for bare metal
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19:36:12mach1nec0derockkbox ain't detecting my iPod port - any ideas about gettiing it connected?
19:43:43mach1nec0deI can find it here : /run/media/jsoto.machinecode/BIGBOSS : with BIGBOSS being my iPod's name. but rockbox can't find it. Any suggestions are more than welcome.
19:47:48chrisbmach1nec0de: which OS are you using?
19:48:51mach1nec0dekorora 26
19:49:46mach1nec0dethank you for responding chrisb
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20:45:42chrisbmach1nec0de: for instance, freebsd, which i use can't mount ipod discs, but debian/gnulinux can
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20:47:52user890104mach1nec0de: can you go to Help - Troubleshoot - System trace, and then copy the output to a pastebin?
20:48:07user890104i'm assuming you're using RockboxUtility
20:57:03arg0tHello, I tried installing Rockbox on my iPod 6th gen and it didn't work. I made the mistake of trying to remove it by formatting the disk and now when I boot it up it goes straight to Bootloader USB mode. I tried removing the bootloader with Rockbox Utitlity but it just says "No Rockbox bootloader found." I also tried reinstalling the Rockbox firmware and it ends with "Package installation
20:57:04arg0tfinished successfully." however besides that nothing else changes. Additionally my iPod is no longer recognized by iTunes. Is there something I can do or is my iPod just toast at this point?
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21:10:52Bilgusit isn't toast but I'm not familar with ipods
21:13:29Bilgusgenerally if you get the bootloader usb mode it means the install isn't complete you might try manually copying the .rockbox folder over to the device from the firmware package find it here:
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21:22:44arg0tOkay, I extracted the files to the root folder of the iPod and when I ejected and unpluged it I got the message: "*PANIC* mount: 0 pc:22021CAC sp: 08800B38 bt end". I rebooted it and I got back to the USB mode. It does say "No partition found"
21:23:24 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
21:29:17user890104arg0t: there is a manual installation command, please wait until i find it
21:30:53user890104mach1nec0de: here's what's causing your issue:
21:30:57user890104[utils.cpp:630 INFO] Added: /run/media/jsoto.machinecode/BIGBOSS is /dev/sdb1 type vfat
21:30:57user890104[configure.cpp:672 WARNING] mountpoint not writable, skipping: "/run/media/jsoto.machinecode/BIGBOSS"
21:31:19user890104the user which you run rockbox utility does not have write permission on the mounted folder
21:32:16user890104can you try to remount it manually, granting write permission? if the filesystem is corrupted, the kernel may have mounted it read-only
21:32:34user890104arg0t: which operating system are you using?
21:33:23arg0tWindows 7 64-bit
21:34:05mach1nec0dethank you user890104
21:35:28user890104arg0t: download this file: user890104/bootloader-ipodclassic-v1_0/Windows/mks5lboot64.exe">
21:35:51user890104then put the ipod in DFU mode, and open a Command prompt window
21:36:19user890104then go to the folder where mks5lboot is e.g. downloads -> enter command "cd Downloads"
21:36:41user890104and then enter the following: mks5lboot64.exe −−bl-uninst ipod6g
21:36:53user890104this should uninstall the bootloader completely
21:37:48CtcpIgnored 4 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:37:48*user890104 wonders why no one has noticed that there are no uninstall instructions on the installation page
21:39:23mach1nec0dehow do i mount it with the authority of sudo or su? user890104
21:39:48user890104mach1nec0de: first check the flags in "mount" command output
21:40:14user890104it should say "ro" or "rw" somewhere in the row of your mountpoint
21:40:32user890104if it's ro, there may be filesystem corruption issues
21:41:23user890104if it's rw, then running rockboxutility with sudo should fix it, but i'd look for a better way
21:42:28mach1nec0decould I do it from the terminal? how would i complete this syntax : mount -t type device dir
21:44:02user890104just type "mount" in the terminal, then copy the output to pastebin
21:44:20user890104arg0t: did it work?
21:47:04 Quit _meg (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
21:47:18arg0tThe final line returned by cmd was "[INFO] DFU image sent successfully (5856 bytes)" the iPod now says "OK to disconnect." along with a checkmark and the battery meter.
21:47:53user890104then disconnet it, it should start apple's software
21:48:53mach1nec0deuser890104: how do i check the flags for the mount command?
21:48:59arg0tI did, but it's stuck on that screen.
21:49:11mach1nec0deis it in that pastebin that I sent?? Is that the flags for the mount command?
21:49:13user890104arg0t: hold down menu+select until it reboots
21:49:32user890104mach1nec0de: yes, the flags are between (....)
21:49:45user890104they look ok, but you can re-mount it manually using:
21:50:00user890104sudo umount /dev/sdb1
21:50:15user890104mkdir /tmp/ipod
21:50:26user890104sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /tmp/ipod
21:50:36arg0tIt said "Use iTunes to restore" and then turned back off. Should I just plug it back into iTunes now?
21:50:37user890104then press Refresh in rockbox utility
21:50:51user890104arg0t: yes, itunes should be able to do its thing
21:51:02 Join _meg [0] (~notsure@
21:51:19arg0tOkay, I'll see if that works. Thanks!
21:52:00mach1nec0deuser890104: thanks. is this complete?
21:53:46user890104mach1nec0de: looks like you don't have root access enabled on your account
21:54:16user890104what does command "id -a" show?
21:54:26mach1nec0dethis is by default and part of the system.
21:55:09 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
21:55:51user890104mach1nec0de: in order to re-mount a filesystem, you need root access
21:56:25user890104depending on the linux distribution, you may be granted access to mount/unmount devices while you're logged in to the graphical interface
21:56:48user890104by some option or button in the file manager app
22:01:15mach1nec0dei don't know when in that process but it showed up in the rockboxutility detector menu. uhm and now it can't find it.
22:09:12mach1nec0dedamn it this isn't working
22:13:26mach1nec0deI got "Could not open ipod: permission denied."
22:15:57mach1nec0deuser890104: what's wrong with running it?>
22:16:54user890104mach1nec0de: try using: sudo ./RockboxUtility
22:19:28mach1nec0dethat didn't work neither. I run it on my user but after hitting the installation (I GOT THE IPOD CONNECTED TO ROCKBOX TY*888) but after hitting installation it states *permission denied*
22:20:09user890104that's strange, but it's a permission issue for sure
22:20:23user890104does the ipod mount automatically when you connect it?
22:22:11user890104today i tested the installation on another linux distribution, and all commands work without sudo or su - just using the current regular user account
22:23:22mach1nec0deis there a chmod user890104 that i can do to make it permissible?
22:24:01user890104FAT32 does not have permission, like linux filesystems
22:24:37user890104so you can try: sudo chmod -R a+rwX /run/media/jsoto.machinecode/BIGBOSS
22:24:43user890104and see if it works now
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23:12:22mach1nec0dedid that didn't work
23:12:27mach1nec0deis that the right directory?
23:17:59mach1nec0deuser890104: it still states "could not open ipod:permission denied."
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23:43:23mach1nec0dei'll wait until you have more time user890104 sorry for already taking so much of it. THANKS A LOT BTW
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