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#rockbox log for 2017-11-22

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01:18:11__builtinooh, sgt-net is 48 bytes under the size limit on the c200v2
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01:29:47__builtinmendelmunkis: did you ever get the pacbox thing working?
01:30:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c1dc957, 273 builds, 11 clients.
01:30:47mendelmunkisI've been busy so i haven't done much work on it but it is in progress
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03:47:23__builtinhmm, should I make mouse mode user-configurable?
03:56:25__builtinugh, too big for the c200v2
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08:48:05wodzIs receiving sound in emulated ATJ platform (qemu) eligible for sending "Ladies and gentlemen we have a sound..." mail? :-)
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09:19:55pamaurywodz: you can send an emulated mail ;)
09:22:58wodzthat means I need to write appropriate model for mail device :P
09:24:34pamaurydid yo try it on device yet?
09:24:51wodzpamaury: no.
09:26:28pamauryI have resumed my work on Fiio X1 by the way. Unsurprisingly, it works much better now that I fixed the horrible hwstub bug (;a=commit;h=df0edba)
09:26:50wodzpamaury: But I have 'test audio' firmware to test lowlevel stuff and it works in emulator and device
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11:53:26gameraout of the existing players which ones have the better sound quality, and can record
11:54:11duo8have fun finding something from the last 10 years
11:54:53duo8but really what do you need to record
11:55:43gameraI'm still sticking with my h300
11:55:53gameraand I have a second h300 too that I should put back together
11:56:45gamerait's been modded with a solid state msata drive through some adapters, but recording is an ability I want to have. for example recording a dj set
11:57:09gamerarecording a band set, recording someone's amiga 500 or whatever that's plugged into a mixer at any party
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11:58:18gameraor just recording my own stuff, with a nintendo ds
11:58:33gameramessing around with the music software, there's heaps of it
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12:02:17gamerait's always useful to be able to record straight to mp3 or straight to wav
12:02:21gameraon a huge drive
12:02:39duo8the clip and ipod classic should be able to record
12:02:43duo8but only mono
12:03:25gameraso just the one I already have then
12:03:43duo8but iirc recording isn't implemented on ipod
12:06:30gameraok then what you're saying is a little bit redundant
12:06:42gamerais there no other device
12:09:16copperYou keep asking the same question, what's wrong with your current device?
12:11:29duo8if you want quality just buy a dedicated recorder
12:14:48gamerathe main thing is that there's a very small noise floor
12:15:01gameraif you pay close attention you can notice it
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12:15:22gamerathere's the slightest hiss and I don't think it can be modified out of this thing
12:15:54gameraI use an amp with some hd25 cans and the line out, and it's much less than the headphones out, but it's still barely there
12:19:18gamerathe amp is actually good. it has bigger caps and gives more of a punch. it makes 70ohm headphones sound great, I don't think the amps in small devices are quite good enough
12:19:49gameraI think the cans have to be very low impedance for small devices to sound good with no help
12:20:07copperit's actually the opposite
12:20:25copperlow impedance headphones are harder to drive than higher impedance headphones
12:20:57copperbecause they require more current and lower output impedance to sound right
12:22:06copperhigh(ish) output impedance devices with low impedance headphones will change the frequency response
12:24:19gamera32ohm headphones are harder to drive than 600ohm headphones
12:24:44gamerais that what you're saying, or are you arguing some semantics in how I phrased the previous thing
12:27:02coppergamera: read this:,114967.0.html
12:27:53copperwrong thread
12:28:46gamerathat's saying that higher impedance headphones won't go as loud
12:28:49gameraplugged into the same source
12:29:12gamerathat's part of the reason I bother boosting these hd25's a bit
12:29:19copperplease keep reading
12:29:35copper"Loudness is determined by sensitivity, not impedance"
12:30:02copperand this:,114912.msg947587.html#msg947587
12:30:04gamerawe are talking about headphones that are made by manufacturers
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12:30:30gameraI'm not connecting 10" drivers to my ears at 8ohm and comparing them to various sennheisers
12:30:52gameraI thikn what you are doing is arguing pure semantics and ignoring the way most headphones are made
12:31:51copperwith equal sensitivity, higher impedance headphones are easier to drive
12:32:00gamerathey aren't equal sensitivity though
12:33:17copperit's easy to find IEMs and headphones with equal sensitivity but different impedance; the higher impedance headphones are easier to drive
12:33:48coppere.g. 106 dB/mW sensitivity (quite common) and 16 ohms vs. 50 ohms
12:34:18gameraok I've only compared things like sennheisers
12:34:20copper70 ohms is a pretty decent value
12:34:34gameralike normal manufactured things that you can buy in many places
12:34:51copperI'm talking about "normal manufactured things"
12:35:10copperI'm talking about regular hardware
12:35:33gamerathe amp in my phone is pretty terrible
12:35:42gamerait clips much sooner than the iriver will
12:35:57gamerait's not a cheap phone either.
12:36:02copperlots of smartphones are mediocre
12:36:16copperand some are very good
12:36:25gameraonly some
12:36:45gamerathe ones that have that as their selling point
12:37:02coppernot just those
12:37:14copperiPhones are very good, and it's not really a selling point
12:37:26gamerathat's kind of why they ever existed
12:37:37gameraa combination of an ipod and a phone
12:37:56copperI mean they're not putting forward some special audiophile DAC or whatever
12:38:17gamerado you have different players yourself
12:38:22copperit's just decent 16 bit audio with a low impedance amp
12:38:31gamerawhich ones?
12:38:43copperI have an iPod Classic, an iPod Mini, a Clip+ and an iPhone
12:39:14copperthe iPod Mini's internal amp has some issues
12:39:46coppersome slight bass rolloff but it's not a practical concern for me
12:39:54gameraI dont' like i-anything enough to buy one
12:40:06copper(i.e. I can use powered headphones with it, which alleviates the problem)
12:41:47copperthe Clip+ is a good example of good hardware with near zero output impedance
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12:42:09copperthe iPod Classic has higher output impedance (5 ohms) but also higher voltage
12:42:24copperit can drive 70 ohm headphones without problems
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12:53:47gameraso can this iriver but I find it sounds better with the amp
12:53:57gameraplus the volume is on a pot
12:54:06gamerasaves wrecking the buttons
12:54:18gameramakes it a shitload easier to just turn up/down/off
12:54:29gameraplus it's a DAC
12:54:42gameraplugs into a phone, which actually isn't very good, or a computer, which is very good
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15:26:13Rikuyeah I notice the bass output on my ipod classic is really weak when I first power it on but it gets stronger after a few minutes
15:28:21Rikumy headphones are rated for 36 ohms
15:31:27copper36 ohms is high enough for the Classic, you shouldn't be hearing frequency response changes
15:32:11Rikumaybe it's just due to stuff being cold, it's close to or below freezing outside
15:34:22Rikunot sure if it's due to crossover frequency for the bass boost or due to the actual boost level being different but it never seems to sound as good as my laptop
15:34:54Rikuboth are set for 9dB, laptop is set at 50Hz and the ipod is set at the lowest bass cutoff
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15:42:10_Bilguscopper does change resistance with temperature so your 36 ohms @20 deg C is probably 33 ohms at 0 degrees C
15:43:40_Bilgusas far as electronics being cold they usually work better cold but I guess there could be components that are negatively affected within the audio path
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17:02:56gamerayeah and make sure when you're out in deep space at three kelvin, when you go back to your home on the sun, you'll see a change there
17:03:16gameradefinitely look out for that
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17:20:59_Bilgusnah you don't need variances as high as that to get a noticeable change the temp coefficient of copper is like .004041 @ 20C so little back of the envelope calculation 36*(1+.004041*(0-20)) = 33.09 ohms
17:22:06_Bilgusbut that assumes they are using pure copper I'd guess there was some nickel in there and a few other metals alloyed with it so it might be slightly higher or lower
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17:27:10_Bilgusthat is at dc though In reality it would be all about reactance not resistance but you get the idea
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17:37:05gamerayes it's why I need to use giant cables in my track car
17:37:05 Join PimpiN8 [0] (~textual@2a02:a454:38ea:1:d8ce:80f3:c39f:9055)
17:37:52gamera2 or 4 gauge cables for the rear battery, 8 gauge from the alternator, and some other huge ones around the place
17:38:30gameraevery rise in temp, and 20 degrees isn't a large rise in temperature, and it's instantly rated to carry less current
17:38:41gameracos current heats it, and it's already hot.
17:39:15gamerabut I haven't noticed much with my cans, maybe I turn the dial another degree, it's tough to say
17:39:52gamerathe rest of the player gets hot with it
17:40:10_BilgusI surely wouldn't notice it but the frequency response might be noticeable IDK
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17:50:51gamerano I don't think I'd ever notice it
17:51:24gameraI assume I wouldn't
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19:32:32unclenortonwhy does "BtnInput = rb.get_action(rb.contexts.CONTEXT_STD, rb.HZ)" give me an error?
19:32:33 Join MrZeus [0] (~MrZeus@2a02:c7f:7066:fb00:d5a8:2f93:d485:b013)
19:32:40unclenortonit says that rb.contexts is a nil value
19:34:06unclenortonbtw i have a sansa clip+
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19:40:45unclenortonanybody here?
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20:10:16_Bilgusunclenorton, are you programming in lua?
20:10:45unclenortonsorry for the late answer
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20:17:00_BilgusCONTEXT_STD is a constant value have you added the include for them? −−> require "actions"
20:17:21_BilgusIIRC that is the module they are defined in
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20:21:07_Bilgusalso having a list of all functions might help you see..,51935.0.html
20:21:55_Bilgusthe above script will print all functions, constants, etc. available to your lua instance
20:23:16unclenortonok thanks, also i have a file in the root directory called IBM.c8
20:23:36unclenortonand when i do"IBM.c8", "rb"), it returns a nil value
20:23:56unclenortonthe lua file i open IBM.c8 with is also in the root directory
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20:29:40_Bilgusthat should be'/rblua.txt', "rb")
20:30:06_Bilgusthat should be'/IBM.c8', "rb")
20:31:15_Bilgusalso be aware in the final code you should be checking for nil rather than having the interpreter catch it
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21:05:01_BilgusjhMikeS I'm not too sure how else to check if its the first loaded track since start-up yes we could check if the start screen is going to load WPS but barring setting a static bool after we enter I'm not sure what else could be done
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21:17:10jhMikeS_Bilgus: I got a change that fixes that
21:28:09jhMikeSthis solves it 100% reliably: (just a modification of your diff to have a look)
21:29:41jhMikeSactually, the resume flags should be read and set to playback at the top of the function
21:32:26jhMikeShere it is that way:
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21:42:52_Bilguslooks good..
21:43:32jhMikeSoh, if you add a variable into the middle of global_settings, it can affect plugins
21:45:26jhMikeSI kind of hate the hacked up playlist stuff to get a param into playback. There's a better way to do it and it should probably work for hwcodec as well so long as it's hanging around.
21:47:32_BilgusOh I didn't realize that the position of variables in global settings was important :/ That kinda sucks
21:53:36 Join thomasjfox [0] (~thomasjfo@rockbox/developer/thomasjfox)
22:20:30_BilgusjhMikeS that seems to work for the desired behavior
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