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#rockbox log for 2017-11-23

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08:31:22[Saint]man, icon usage is a mess
08:31:42[Saint]some of these icons I'm just like 'what in the actual fuck is that and why is it there?'
08:36:42coppericons are mostly useless to me
08:37:49copperit takes me a lot more time trying to figure out what they represent, than reading a label
08:39:04[Saint]it doesn't help that they're used inconsistently
08:39:29[Saint]I'm coming to the conclusion I'm only putting a veneer over a shittier issue.
08:39:33copperI reluctantly added a couple icons to my themes because someone here insisted that I should (was it you?)
08:39:52copperfor the file browser
08:40:28[Saint]I think I may have been vocal on how "no icons" breaks several things that expect there to be icons.
08:41:15[Saint]at least one picker relies on them. the db scan selection one.
08:41:28copperhehe, that does sound like you
08:43:03[Saint]the db scan one is actually kinda funny, but I shouldn't laugh. it makes it absolutely impossible to use.
08:44:35[Saint]and as you mentioned the file browser becomes a "what is this?" game.
08:44:46[Saint]is it a file? is it a folder? who knows!
08:45:42copperit's a friggin' airplane!
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09:09:18quaz0rits building 7
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13:13:36pamaurywodz: thanks for your comments
13:13:50pamauryI made a few changes, especially the "bal" and ALIGN
13:14:06pamauryregarding the exception handlers, it's a mess at the moment anyway
13:14:17pamauryand I think it might make sense to share that for all mips port anyway
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13:31:24wodzpamaury: I think commit_discard_idcache() could be broken in HEAD. It uses ICIndexStTag and DCIndexWBInv while IMO it should DCIndexWBInv, DCIndexWBInv
13:32:21wodzI mean DCIndexWBInv, ICIndexInv
13:34:29pamaurywodz: you are right that commit_discard_idcache() only invalidates the icache, probably it should commit the dcache, I don't remember the exact semantic of commit_discard_idcache()
13:34:58wodzat least on atj codecs crashe early and read back instructions from fault address doesn't match codec code. It works in qemu though which points at cache as qemu doesn't emulate cache at all
13:36:10pamaurymy understanding is that currently it uses ICIndexStTag to store invalid indexes in icache, which effectively invalidates the cache
13:36:27wodzyes it does
13:36:56pamauryso it effectively is a discard_icache()
13:37:09pamaurybut it misses the commit_dcache() part
13:37:32pamaury(which is __dcache_writeback_all
13:37:34wodzit has dcache writeback __CACHE_OP(DCIndexWBInv, i); in loop
13:38:03wodzso I am not sure why I see such effect
13:38:54pamaurywodz: I don't see any DCIndexWBInv in __icache_invalidate_all in my tree
13:39:53wodzpamaury: I am referring to firmware/target/mips/mmu_mips.c commit_discard_idcache()
13:40:10pamaurywodz: in mainline we have
13:40:10pamaury#define commit_discard_idcache __icache_invalidate_all
13:40:45pamauryand __icache_invalidate_all() is a bunch of ICIndexStTag only
13:41:21wodzhmm, maybe I messed with this already
13:41:22pamauryah I see you modified it
13:41:47pamauryyes, your code looks correct, but you are saying it does not work?
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13:43:51pamaurythere could be a problem with this code if the DCache and ICache don't have the same size or cache line size
13:44:01wodzcodec crashes and instructions from faulty address do not match codec binary
13:44:15wodzpamaury: both are 16k on atj so this is not the case
13:45:03pamauryand both have the same cache line size?
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13:46:00wodzyep 16 bytes both
13:46:11pamaurystrange, and you haven't solved the problem at all yet?
13:47:59wodzpamaury: I stepped at it today as I booted rb version which works fairly well in emulator on real device and bang it crashes in pretty obscure way
13:48:55pamaurywodz: by the way, local_flush_tlb_all() is broken in HEAD, I don't know if you use it much, I have a fix for it in my tree
13:49:26wodzpamaury: No I don't use it at all. I setup MMU in crt0.S and never touch again
13:49:36pamaury(it destroys all entries, included the wired ones)
13:50:10pamauryok, i am calling mmu_init and map_address from crt0.S and so far it seems to work, I haven't had any strange crash at least
13:50:46pamaurywodz: does target_flush_caches() in hwstub works for you?
13:51:03pamauryit does DCIndexWBInv and ICIndexInv
13:51:17wodzpamaury: I preferred to avoid temp stack in crt0 just to call this two functions
13:51:26wodzpamaury: yes hwstub works
13:51:32wodzat least as far as I tested
13:51:44pamaurythe only difference is that it does DCIndexWBInv first on all entries
13:51:50pamaurythen ICIndexInv on all entries
13:52:43wodzAFAIK this is the recommended way
13:52:45pamauryto be honest those mmu-mips.c function doing cache op could be written all in assembly that it wouldn't hurt, it's just a horrible mess of volatile asm anyway
13:53:32pamauryactually there is a difference between the two:
13:53:51pamaury/ trunk:
13:53:51pamaurymtc0 $0, $28 /* TagLo */
13:53:51pamaurymtc0 $0, $29 /* TagHi */
13:54:52pamaury+ ICIndexStTag
13:55:05pamaurybut in hwstub I do ICIndexInv
13:55:11pamauryso actually it's not the same
13:55:38pamauryin theory it should be the same because 0 is an invalid cache entry, but maybe ICIndexInv does something more on ATJ?
13:57:50pamauryin fact if the CPU has any kind of metadata in the entries like parity bits or check, ICIndexInv with 0 might not be correct I think
13:59:32pamauryso I suggest replacing ICIndexStTag with ICIndexInv in mmu-mips.c
14:00:08wodzI use ICIndexStTag and DCIndexStTag in cache setup loop in crt0.S. If it needed parity this would cause faults
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16:40:54hicks_hi all. I've got a ihp-140 that has a small plug for a remote to do play/pause. It looks like the real remote toggles play/pause with each switch press, however I'm interested in using this with an Acorn Electron where the "remote" is grounded when play should be active and not when pause. Basically hold the switch down to play rather than toggle. Is there any option to support that in the firmware atm?
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17:51:56RikuI have some FLAC files with damaged/missing time data, not sure the correct term, but they show as 0:00
17:52:33Rikurockbox used to play them fine (but obviously you couldn't FF/RW) in an older build but now the PCM decoder just crashes the entire ipod with a divide by 0 error
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19:53:03[Saint]shit, we really liked arrows.
19:53:34[Saint]one error I copied in in the first round and will now remedy.
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19:56:42[Saint]well, vertical arrows are ok.
19:56:50[Saint]horizontal ones not so much.
19:57:01[Saint]they're always going to be the wrong direction for someone.
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21:11:06johnb5_Bilgus : I have tried the latest version of g#1737. Compiling for Fuze I get :
21:11:07fs-bluebotGerrit review #1737 at : As3525 v1/v2 Add power savings menu by William Wilgus
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23:02:06JordiGHAs a matter of scientific curiosity, do you think I could get Emacs running in a sansa clip zip?
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23:47:01Bilgus_PhJohnB rename it mci_cmd_delay to mci_delay
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