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#rockbox log for 2017-11-24

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02:11:29[Sinner]I figured out I could (ab)use the script that bluebrother had the foresight to write so many moons ago.
02:11:52[Sinner]a little bit of pushing and pulling and I now have it generating the 'immaterial' icon set.
02:12:22[Sinner]I also have another little scriptlet that will download all the required source materials.
02:13:03[Sinner](that's sitting out in the open while I take the time to convert create-icons-from-tango from perl into bash, because I fucking hate perl.
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02:16:10[Saint]So now (or when I commit it all, rather) people can generate their own 'immaterial' icon set in arbitrary sizes.
02:20:02[Saint]the antialiasing is a bit much.
02:21:06[Saint]looks like it's going to be much better for me to generate a very very large master from the .svg and then use that master to generate the children using a much higher quality scaler.
02:21:46[Saint]hmmmm, hahahaha.
02:21:46[Saint]it fell over trying to do a 4K icon set.
02:22:00[Saint]I'm not entirely sure /why/ though.
02:23:28[Saint]ahhhh, I flooded OpenPixelCache
02:24:35[Saint]I suppose in hindsight asking it to generate a 132K image was a bit much.
02:25:15[Saint]looks like the largest master image I can get away with is ~728x728px per
02:25:42[Saint]20 728x23296
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03:47:53_Bilgusjohnb I updated the patch it should be good now
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03:49:20_Bilgussorry I did that previous edit on my tablet and hadn't had a chance to look it over
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07:59:01johnb5Bilgus: With all power savings active, I get a panic on USB connect: SD Xfer read err: 0x2 Disk1.
08:01:06johnb5Also Rockbox Info shows the SD, but Debug->View disk info says Not found for the SD.
08:01:44johnb5Disabling all power settings USB connect works, but when I play a song from SD I get the same Panic.
08:02:21johnb5That's with a SanDisk Ultra 64GB.
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10:40:54mendelmunkisWhat are the likely causes of a queue_post ovf?
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12:37:55n158have some questions about cowon m2
12:38:20n158as i understand, currently no developers in this project
12:39:18n158so, can any one explain to me, which steps to take to become developer?
12:43:53wodzn158: In no particular order: 1) Get familiar with device hardware. Grab as many documents as you can. I saw datasheet/programming manual for Telechip SoC is available which is HUGE bonus. 2) Get familiar with SoC ISA (arm in this case). 3) Work out firmware upgrade format (maybe we have tool for this, don't know). 4) Find a way to run arbitrary code on device (either by patching firmware upgrade or by forcing some recover mode). 5) Write all nee
12:43:53wodzded drivers (usually based on documentation of the SoC and dissasembly of firmware)
12:46:13wodzn158: beware that learning curve is steep
12:46:23pamaurywodz: we have the tool to extract the firmware
12:46:46pamauryessentially the M2 is like the D2 with upgraded SoC (TCC79 instead of TCC78)
12:46:50wodzn158: ah, and you will have to learn C if you don't know yet
12:47:05wodzpamaury: sure, still lots of work
12:47:13wodzpamaury: any progress with X1?
12:47:26pamaurywodz: no I was busy yesterday evening
12:47:34pamaurybut tonight I will continue to work on it
12:48:22n158well, i know C a bit, and have some skills to programm pic microcontroller, but thats all my knowledge.
12:48:35n158anyway, i am ready to become true developer
12:49:21n158so, will work on steps woodz mentioned
12:49:25pamauryn158: that's already a good start if you know how to program microcontroller
12:49:57wodzn158: When I started working on my first port I barely know C, not at all ISA I was targeting and next to 0 embedded programming experience
12:49:58pamaurymostly the skill that you might miss at the moment is reverse engineering the firmware to find how stuff works. For example the LCD
12:50:04n158it all because current M2 interface suck a lot
12:50:34n158and RockBox on D2 was ultimate win
12:52:13wodzn158: I really wish you good luck. Reverse engineering IS fun
12:52:56n158ok, will leave now. have go to work.
12:53:00pamauryyeah reverse engineer is nice, you just need the good tools
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12:57:08wodzpamaury: It seems you started porting hwstub to tcc7 801 :-)
12:58:32pamaurydid I now? Let me see ;)
12:59:45pamauryhmm, I have some tcc78x directory in my hwstub tree but it's empty, I need to look in my other branches or on gerrit
13:01:02duo8pamaury have you looked at the x1000 yet? it might be similar to 4760
13:01:19wodzI don't recall any telechips gerrit patches from you
13:02:33pamauryduo8: no, I know it's similar but as far as I know, the players using the x1000 run linux, it probably makes more sense to do an app port rather than a native one for this one, not sure, anyway I will finish with the jz4760b first
13:02:46pamaurywodz: I think you are right, I definitely had some code but I don't know what I did with it :-/
13:03:29pamauryduo8: I have the datasheet of the X1000 but I didn't check what are the difference
13:03:40pamauryalso I found the datasheet for the ISA Xburst
13:04:03pamauryit doesn't describe the other architectural changes like Config7 register but at least it describes the MXU instructions (basically SIMD)
13:04:44wodzpamaury: this looks like we have tools to send arbitrary binary to the player
13:06:33pamauryyes that's what I used to send code
13:07:10pamauryexcept there is the tricky thing of figuring out the RAM config
13:07:47wodzOk, so port would be fairly easy comparing to other platforms. Still lots of work
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13:11:45pamauryI really can't find my code, I must have delete it by mistake... :-/ It shouldn't be too hard to port again to hwstub though, and that can be really useful to help figure out the hardware
13:11:58pamauryI have a bunch of players with TCC78 and TCC79
13:12:38pamauryI still have the binaries of the tcc78x, I could reverse engineer my own code :-p
13:12:52pamauryunfortunately I doubt it has debug info
13:15:34wodzpamaury: SDCFG is described in datasheet so knowing sdram chip there is not so much valid permutations of RAS,CAS,BANK, bus width
13:16:08pamauryyeah but I remember it was annoying to figure it out
13:16:35wodzcould be automated :P
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13:18:06pamaurywodz: I think I ended up looking in the OF, since I had to RE the OF anyway
13:18:20pamauryanyway, I'll redo the TCC port, it should fairly easy, we already have a USB driver
13:18:38wodzpamaury: logs suggest that tcc usb is buggy
13:19:05wodzpamaury: you will have another chance to fire up usb analyzer :-)
13:19:39pamaurywodz: iff tcc usb is buggy, I'll RE my hwstub binary
13:19:57pamauryI remember it was a nightmare to debug, RE my code is probably faster than using the usb analyzer
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17:30:44johnb5_Bilgus : Please see
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19:59:17Bilgus_PHJohnb I saw, I'll have to look into it when I'm back to my dev machine.
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