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#rockbox log for 2017-11-28

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00:18:53[Saint]OK. Awesome.
00:19:42[Saint]My "make icon/viewers strip of arbitrary size" script now generates a .cfg as well
00:19:50[Saint]...and it actually gets ir right this time.
00:21:17[Saint]it copies a .cfg from a master template and then uses sed to find and replace the size in the icons/viewers string with $size and $output while we still have it.
00:21:39[Saint]On a semi-related note, perl can get fucked.
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01:14:28mendelmunkisDoes logf build affect anything besides rb->logf()?
01:21:14_Bilgusit could move memory locations
01:21:51mendelmunkisPlease elaborate
01:23:34_Bilguslike if you had a function that was at 0x34445 and you had an overflow that crashed the system and you then enabled logf it could push that function to elsewhere where it might no longer crash or could crash in a different way
01:30:46mendelmunkisThank you. My AI code runs perfectly on sim and target with logf enabled (despite there being no logf() calls) but not without logf is there any way to determine where the bug is?
01:31:24_Bilguswell you could trap your calls to arrays
01:32:27_Bilguslike if i < testarraysz {testarray[i] = x} else splash(HZ, "OVFL testarr);
01:32:55_Bilgusc is great for off by 1 errors
01:35:24mendelmunkisI'm sorry, I don't understand what your suggesting
01:36:42_Bilgusok so you are probably writing memory that isn't yours arrays are great for that, so lock all array accesses to the array bounds
01:37:18_Bilgusif testarraysz == 100 then index 0 to index 99 is a valid index
01:37:51_Bilgusif you write to testarray[100] you just overwrote something elses memory
01:38:07_Bilgusso rather than letting that happen trap the index
01:39:03_Bilguspastebin your function and i'll have a look if you like
01:40:52mendelmunkis But theres no crash just peices of my code dont run
01:45:53_Bilguswell I don't see anything that blatantly screams there is a problem It doesn't necessarily have to crash either it all depends what you are overwriting but I don't see any array writes in that code
01:47:05_BilgusIf you have code that isn't running you should probably add some splashf's and see where it stops or set some flags to check at the end to see where it stops executing
01:49:25mendelmunkisTthanks for the advice.
01:50:57_Bilgusnp good luck
01:53:21_Bilgusunsigned char turn.. unsigned char is 0 - 255 are there any bounds checks on that also is your array ai_location sized appropriately?
01:58:06mendelmunkisNo on both because it may have to be increased. However it shouldn't get that high to begin with. But ill try with bounds checking on
01:58:44_Bilgusor set both arrays to sz 255 and check if turn > = 250
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14:36:33pamaurywodz (logs): the Xburst1_PM is not available but in JZ4725B_pm.pdf it says: 7 different page size from 4KB to 16MB supported in any entry
14:37:08pamauryBUT in JZ4780_pm.pdf it says: TLB now is completely compatible with MIPS 4KE, no default incompatible setting exists
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14:38:06pamaurywhich suggests that Xburst indeed supports many page sizes but probably in a non-standard way. It will try to experiment, maybe PageMask is not used and instead some other CP0 is used or maybe the ASID field is used instead (I don't think Xburst supports Context)
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15:06:25fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 055e211, 273 builds, 12 clients.
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15:19:07fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 762 seconds.
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21:41:33C-KeenHi there! I got a fresh sandisk sansa fuze+ here and I am on OpenBSD on my host machine. I am following the manual install instructions. Question: The manual mentions mkimxboot but it is not in the mentioned directory. There's a mkamsboot instead. Is the source for that tool available to I can build it myself?
21:45:45johnb2_Bilgus : Playback with patch #12 works from internal and SD. Also copying large amounts of data succeeds to both places.
21:47:49_Bilgusgood, do you have time to test a few things?
21:48:12wodzC-Keen: mkamsboot != mkimxboot for sure. Different platforms
21:49:07wodzC-Keen: which instructions do you follow exactly?
21:49:37C-Keenthe pdf manual for 3.14
21:49:44C-Keenand it links to /bootloader/sandisk-sansa/mkimxboot/
21:49:48C-Keenwhich 404s
21:50:05wodzC-Keen: I guess you will need to build from source on openbsd
21:50:08_Bilgusjohnb in sd-as3525 line 93 comment that out and un comment 94 and see if the internal memory still works
21:50:23C-Keenwodz: I am clonign
21:50:29C-Keen*cloin the repo atm
21:50:45C-Keennarf, my network is lagging tonight
21:50:56wodzC-Keen: the tool is in rbutil/mkimxboot dir
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21:55:25C-Keenwodz: alright, thanks
21:55:46johnb2_Bilgus : No. With the SD inserted it lingers with the RB start screen showing the rbversion string. W/o SD :No partition found.Insrt USB cable and fix it.
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21:58:32_Bilgusok I figured as much go ahead and put it back like it was and next comment out 213 + 214 the (powersave one) and at line 988 remove the '//' from && data !=
21:59:58_Bilgusyou might need to let is sit a minute or so for the disk to 'spin down' but after that you should still be able to access both the internal drive and sd card
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22:02:07_BilgusTo all if you start the OF on the SANSA AMS v2's and hold UP + HOME on boot you enter the Region menu where you can select diagnosis mode, demo mode and set volume limiting
22:02:51_BilgusI assume that was probably already known
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22:04:14_Bilgussorry it needs to look like this if (disk_slow && data != INTERNAL_AS3525)
22:07:50johnb2Caught in a trap: I cannot copy the bin now as the partion is not there :-) I have to use the OF.
22:09:09johnb2"FAT is corrupted. Connect to PC and recover FAT" HHuh
22:09:15_Bilgusyou should be able to use the bootloader to copy it over
22:09:45johnb2I can try to boot from SD ;-)
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22:12:14_Bilgusits kinda odd that it would corrupt the partition you'll probably need to reformat the internal drive then
22:13:09_Bilgusactually you might try and hard reset the device and try the OF again
22:13:35johnb2Hard reset like what?
22:13:46johnb215s power?
22:13:48_Bilguslike hold the power button for 30+ seconds
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22:17:57C-Keenhah success!
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22:18:58_Bilgusjohnb2 if it still says fat is corrupted you'll need to connect it to usb and reformat the drive you might want to make an image of it first just in case
22:19:06johnb2"Refreshing your media ..." it started up in MTP mode.
22:19:35_Bilgusok then all is good It probably still had the other clock in the rgister still
22:26:28johnb2Ok, back online.
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22:29:28_Bilgusdid powersave work properly too?
22:30:12 Join robertd1 [0] (~root@
22:30:52johnb2You mean turning all options on? yes.
22:31:11johnb2but it was responsive immediately.
22:31:41johnb2Do you want me to let it idle and see what happens?
22:31:43_Bilgusafter commenting out lines 213,214 and adding data != internal?
22:32:32_Bilgusyeah like a minute or so on the main menu with nothing going on should make the disk idle
22:33:30_Bilguscool, it turns out on the amsv1 devices the ide interface was never disabled I guess since the button light and sd interface is shared that can't be turned off
22:34:08_Bilgusbut we can do powersave on the sd interface and disable the ide interface when it isn't in use should work decently
22:36:53_BilgusI found a datasheet for the m,mc driver on the AMSv2 it too has a powersave mode for the sd interface as well
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22:37:40johnb2After 1 or 2 minutes it is responsive.
22:37:48johnb2still I mean.
22:39:27johnb2HW info says: IDE 50MHz 15MHz
22:40:13johnb2I quit for today ...
22:41:15_Bilgusthats not a big deal, I stopped trying to underclock either and just disabled the interface when it wasn't in use instead
22:41:54 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
22:42:04_Bilgusthanks for testing what you have there is functionally what it will be after I finish cleaning up the code tonight
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23:36:21pamaurywow XBurst is weird. From cold state if you initialize the TLB in increasing order (0, 1, ..., 31) everything is fine, but if you start with entry 31 you get a TLB shutdown...
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