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#rockbox log for 2017-12-02

00:09:32pamaurymaybe that's because we compile with -O instead of -O2
00:15:59_Bilgusgood point
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12:32:54_Bilguspamaury, I know it is an unused function but imx233_dcp_blit_ex has a fatal error in it
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12:33:30_BilgusHW_DCP_CTRL0__ENABLE_MEMCOPY shouldn't be there
12:34:47_Bilgusalso I'm not sure about line 187 either w | h << HW_DCP_SIZE__NUMBER_LINES_BP <- whats that supposed to be doing? by the size_t arguments it seems the user should be providing a size yet it shifts by a further 16 bits?
12:35:12pamaury_Bilgus: I've never used the function :-p
12:35:56_BilgusI was checking them out while memcopy provides absolutely no performance increase maybe even a penalty I figured blit might be nice
12:35:59pamauryI think it's some leftover of when I played with the dcp
12:36:16pamauryiirc the memcpy was significantly faster than the cpu for large buffer
12:36:18kevinchi.. I'm stopping by to commend you all.. I got rockbox working on a Creative X-Fi a couple of weeks ago and I am simultaneously listening to music and reading a text in the speedreader. This is cool. Boy are these devices underutilized by their original firmware. I love it, thank you
12:37:02_Bilgusyeah memcopy was underwhelming at best blit otoh just kept crashing
12:37:31pamauryI mean hardware memcopy is faster than cpu memcopy for large buffer
12:37:48pamaurybut slower for small buffers, at least when I played with it a long long time ago
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12:39:53pamauryalso I think the blit operation has some serious limitation like the source must be continugous, which limits its usefulness
12:40:02_Bilgusreally? I noticed it to be on par or lower in performance than SW memcopy I suppose the size of buffer part comes into play there
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12:41:34pamaury_Bilgus: you need really large buffers, for almost any buffer smaller than the framebuffer, software memcpy is faster
12:41:53_Bilgusyeah source must be contiguous I was just kinda playing around with it but noted the crashing
12:42:46pamauryI think the code used to work
12:43:00_Bilgusah I see so it might be nice for some kind of transform or something but it's pretty much useless
12:43:01pamaurythough I mostly played with memcopy, not blit
12:44:44pamaurythe dcp is really mostyl useful for hashing and encryption, which we don't need
12:45:13pamauryand it can do colorspace conversion too, that could be useful
12:56:37_Bilgusinteresting thing to include in a SoC though must be a pretty specialized thing but maybe they just figured it was already there so might as well use it
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13:03:27pamauryit's useful to do YUV > RGB, when playing videos
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18:06:08pamaury_Bilgus: I'm looking at the fuze+ lcd and it's a bit messy, the ST7781 does not support VSYNC mode (but some other variant when the lcd generates VSYNC), ST7781R supports VSYNC, ST7783 does not have a datasheet. And on top of that, there is no way to distinguish them anyway because they all report the same device code in register R01. So I'm going to assume that the fuze+ indeed supports VSYNC and pray ;)
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18:22:56lukeoftheaurasomehow my firmware seems to have been deleted from my sansa fuze+
18:23:05lukeoftheaurait just says missing firmware when I boot
18:23:09lukeoftheaurahow can I fix this?
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18:25:24lukeoftheaurawhen I boot to the sansa OS it says a database error and says I should format the device
18:29:38lukeoftheauraoh fuck that's why
18:31:38lukeoftheauraI accidentally imaged live-boot linux onto iyt
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23:56:36fire2199is it possible for a firmware upgradable cd player that reads wma and mp3 to read flac files? in other words, does decoding flac requires some special cpu features?
23:57:57 Join saratoga [0] (123e13ce@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:58:32saratogafire2199: flac decoding requires a few hundred kb of RAM and (realistically) a 32 bit CPU, but not much else
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