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#rockbox log for 2017-12-03

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00:19:04fire2199saratoga : it is impossible with a 16-bit cpu?
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00:24:16saratogafire2199: not necessarily, but would probably require you to write your own decoder unless there is one floating around out there
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10:27:53RBNBHi guys! lebellium, are you there? I would appreciate your advice on a theme question .-)
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10:29:14[Saint]I am some form of theme guy.
10:30:07RBNB[Saint], well I certainly appreciate if you can help :-)
10:30:44RBNBlebellium helped me some weeks ago with a theme for my iBasso DX50. (adding a touchscreen area to return to the file browser)
10:31:50[Saint]...what happens if the file browser didn't initiate playback?
10:32:04[Saint]User gets dumped randomly in the file browser.
10:32:27[Saint]Anyway, go on. I digress.
10:32:33RBNBIn that case, I think it would return to the main menu. But that's OK, I initiate playback via the browser anyway.
10:33:09RBNBI remember on some players that there was a button shortcut to get to a "Shuffle: Yes/No" menu.
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10:33:42RBNBIt would be awesome if that could be added to the DX50, too, because I use that switching option A LOT.
10:36:17[Saint]Repeat and shuffle are both default quickscreen items.
10:37:48[Saint]If for some ungodly reason the DX doesn't have a hardware quickscreen combination you can use the touch area 'quickscreen'.
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10:38:59RBNBI use the theme "ShadowNova320". Not sure if I know how to access quickscreen?
10:39:13[Saint]The manual knows.
10:42:27[Saint]Oh, cute...the DX don't have any manuals.
10:42:39[Saint]That's an interesting thing.
10:45:45RBNBThat's the problem lebellium also mentioned... xD
10:46:21RBNBIt uses the themes for the Cowon D2, if that helps in any way.
10:46:52[Saint]Ok, checked the source. It doesn't define the quickscreen, which I guess isn't surprising.
10:47:11[Saint]And, no. Themes are only split by resolution.
10:47:34[Saint]Any target with the same screen dimensions can get themes for any other.
10:47:57[Saint]Ok, so it looks like you'll have to use the 'quickscreen' touch area.
10:51:58RBNBAre you sure the ShadowNova theme has this area? How do I know where to find it?
10:53:31[Saint]It almost certainly does not. You would need to add it if you wished to do so.
10:55:42RBNBCan you help me to do that?
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10:56:30RBNBI got myself the program Notepad++ to edit the .sbs file for the WPS when we added the other option.
10:57:00RBNBIf you can let me know where I have to add which line of code, I can do it.
10:59:08[Saint]Pick the viewport you would like to govern the action and add '%T(0,0,-,-, quickscreen,long_press)' to it.
10:59:16[Saint]Simplest approach.
11:00:08[Saint]That'll fire it on a sustained touch action, because the quickscreen really isn't something you want to be firing off accidentally all the time.
11:01:36RBNBThe way I see it, by default there is no touch screen option triggered anywhere on this theme...except for the small area of the album art where we placed the "return to file browser" option.
11:01:58RBNBDo you know which viewport applies if I simply want to use this quickscreen item to the center of the screen?
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11:03:26[Saint]Not offhand, no. I would need to look at the theme for that and honestly I'm not that invested.
11:04:16RBNBI have the SBS file open right now (I need that one, right?) but I've got trouble to decipher what I have to llok for :-/
11:04:20[Saint]The viewport that handles the metadata display would be the most obvious target I should think.
11:05:04RBNBThe metadata display area would be perfect! Because that should be a big area of screen that is hard to miss
11:05:30jhMikeS"<[Saint]> ...what happens if the file browser didn't initiate playback? User gets dumped randomly in the file browser." You think that's bad? TIL rockbox is apparently a C tutorial and I'm supposed to write things such that even the most wet-behind-the-ears C programmer can understand them.
11:06:33[Saint]IMO it's fine if you don't as long as you're not allergic to comments.
11:06:53[Saint]I don't need to understand the function of I can understand the intent.
11:07:05[Saint]In the core half of that is ambiguous though.
11:07:37[Saint]RBNB: unless the theme author is an crazy as I am the metadata display will be handled in the .wps
11:07:55[Saint](while playing screen - makes it easier to understand the extension)
11:09:03[Saint]sbs is standard base skin, menus and stuff generally speaking but some authors get exotic and push limits. I doubt this one did.
11:11:03jhMikeS[Saint]: If the comments describe functionality about some esoteric aspect of what's going on, sure, not basic language knowledge.
11:12:22[Saint]I don't know what your gripe in particular is about so I can't comment.
11:13:20[Saint]Not sure it directly compared with (IMO) shitty UX decisions. With Good™ UX there's only really one right way to do things.
11:13:37[Saint]With C there's several dozen and right depends on the project specifically.
11:14:30RBNB[Saint], is there any string I can search for in the SBS file which shows me the metadata viewport?
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11:15:10[Saint]As above, the .wps (almost certainly) handles metadata display.
11:15:42[Saint]You know exists, yeah?
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11:18:14jhMikeS[Saint]: oh, nothing. It's in the logs. still SMH a bit.
11:24:34[Saint]Oh, comma operators.
11:24:44[Saint]Yeah, fuck that noise.
11:25:16RBNB[Saint], no I didn't know about that. I have never really worked on such a thing
11:25:29[Saint]Theres a lot of perfectly valid C that no one uses because it's a disgusting eye bleed factory.
11:25:53RBNBAh, I didn't see you wrote ".wps", I thought you were just talking about the "WPS"
11:26:21[Saint]Someone that learned C this decade being thrown by a very small comma operator.
11:26:34[Saint]+isn't surprising
11:26:46RBNBIn the .wps, I see this: %V(66,17,238,208,0)%Vf(00ff00) %alTitle: %ar%s%?it<%it|%fm>
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11:27:14RBNBAm I even remotely correct that the %V string defines the screen area?
11:27:18[Saint]That'll be it RBNB
11:27:49jhMikeS[Saint]: the burden is on them. when something throws me in C, I find it interesting that I learned something
11:27:56[Saint]Yes. %V defines a viewport. %Vl defines a conditional viewport.
11:28:28RBNBCan I add the '%T(0,0,-,-, quickscreen,long_press)' directly below the %V string, or is it required somewhere else?
11:28:41[Saint]jhMikeS: I think we're always going to have this issue when parts of our codebase are literally nearing two decades old.
11:29:54[Saint]RBNB: preferably last in that viewport as putting it above may push the text down one line.
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11:30:17[Saint]So after that viewport declaration but before the next one.
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11:33:17RBNBAlright, inserted it now, just getting my DX50 fired up to test it
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11:34:30RBNBSo this is now set up for quickscreen, which means it will not open the Shuffle toggle right? What else do I have to do now? Sorry that I'm not familiar with the quickscreen.
11:36:17[Saint]Quickscreen opens a panel with four user configurable options. Two of which by default are shuffle and repeat modes. Two are under by default.
11:36:30[Saint]*unset by
11:37:17jhMikeS[Saint]: still part of the language. the age isn't relevant. we're in trouble if the less experienced dictate and limit the scope of the more experienced (who were at one time also unfamiliar with many things) rather than expanding their own understanding.
11:38:15RBNB[Saint], pure awesomeness! It works perfectly and is exactly the screen I was actually looking for! You are a master.
11:39:02[Saint]RBNB: it's all you my man and/or woman.
11:39:04[Saint]All you.
11:40:14RBNB[< man :-D] Haha, but not without your help, certainly!
11:40:22[Saint]jhMikeS: I don't really think the age is irrelevant, I mean, there's plenty of ways you can write any given function most times and you don't do so because of established norms.
11:40:54[Saint]Look at any C project from a decades or so ago and yeah, you can read it, but would you write it again? Probably not.
11:41:00RBNBI like particularly that the quickscreen options are actually toggled by touching them on the screen - I was expecting I have to use the physical buttons but I don't even have to!
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11:49:25RBNB[Saint], Is there any easy way to add options to the quickscreen? Or can that only be done by editing code?
11:50:14jhMikeS[Saint]: 'norms'. most of those are just preferences where someone decrees what's 'good' and 'bad' and people follow that like a cargo cult if they person is prominent enough. by all this reasoning I should be off-put by compound literals since they didn't exist when I first took it up.
11:51:23RBNBForget it, found the answer on the Rockbox page :-)
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11:55:52jhMikeS[Saint]: time to use trigraphs? :)
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16:27:52[Saint]Getting a real bad case of "project wall" over here.
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16:28:28[Saint]Fuck around with a project so much and encounter so much weird shit that you're literally sick of the sight of the bloody thing.
16:29:30[Saint]I can see the finish line from my current position. I just end up hating every project I ever start to death at St least one point.
16:29:39[Saint]*at at
16:42:30jhMikeSProject wall? 10 feet higher!
16:44:41jhMikeSFind you inner Mexican and get over it
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22:20:08dannyaHi there. I've been running the RB build client on my cloud server for years. I had to shut down my old server, but I've set up the build client again on a new server.
22:20:27dannyaHow do I get it added to the farm?
22:21:41dannyaThe DNS name is (IP address
22:22:47pamaurybasically once you setup everything, just run, or use a cron job
22:23:26dannyaOK, so it should all be ready to go. Thanks.
22:24:17pamaurydannya: this is the cronjob I use on my server: pamaury/6334db9c8a2fce463e08c7b301470044">
22:24:32pamaurythat way if the client crashes or if I reboot the system, it gets restarted
22:24:41dannyaSame here.
22:24:45pamauryyou can also use a systemd job if you have systemd
22:25:49dannyaMessing with systemd is my least favourite activity :-;
22:26:05dannyabut thanks for the tip
22:32:13[Saint]*.service files really aren't voodoo
22:32:20[Saint]Once you start it's hard to stop, too.
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22:33:07[Saint]It's hard not to like systemd if you can get past your fundamental dislike of Pottering and its slow gobbling up of unrelated subsystems.
22:33:20[Saint]The actual *init* system is pretty neat.
22:33:38[Saint]The other entirely unrelated but included garbage...not so much.
22:33:51[Saint]...I digress.
22:34:43dannyaYou do digress, but I have to say I am of the same opinion
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23:52:42_BilgusjhMikeS, I just compiled a build from HEAD and 0 padding isn't working anymore at least in hex..
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