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#rockbox log for 2017-12-04

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00:15:46_BilgusI guess a bit of context would help, printf, %0X..
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00:50:53skinkittenhey does anyone know the best portable mp3 player to get for a fedora distro?
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00:53:24skinkittennvm peace
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00:57:26[Saint]I would probably go with:
00:57:45[Saint]"One that you can throw directly in the trash in a single piece"
00:58:22[Saint]Having to break it down before disposal only creates needless work and delays important trashing time.
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01:57:49jhMikeS_Bilgus: hmmm...
01:58:10jhMikeSProbably some last minute stupid tweak.
02:00:19jhMikeS_Bilgus: just the upper case?
02:00:33jhMikeS'cause I see it working on the debug screen
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02:12:36jhMikeSI just tried it (%04X) and it looks fine
02:13:01jhMikeSMaybe you did "%-04X"?
02:13:22jhMikeSsomething like that?
02:20:31jhMikeSliterally "%0X" (as you wrote) won't pad anything though
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02:29:23Bilgus_PhjhMikeS: example -> lcd_putsf(0, line++, "CGU_PLLA :%8x", (unsigned int)(CGU_PLLA)); this is at head as far as I can tell i'll double check again when I make it back to my dev machine
02:30:03jhMikeS%8x pads with spaces though
02:31:42jhMikeSthe '0' is a flag, not part of the field with
02:32:26Bilgus_PhI swear it used to pad with 0 maybe it was actually wroing and now you fixed it
02:32:57jhMikeSif that 0-padded, then it was wrong
02:33:46Bilgus_PhI'll check an older build to make sure I haven't gone insane but I think it used to
02:33:51jhMikeSthe test program for it matches the library output
02:35:15Bilgus_Phdepending on where you ran it it might be different I remember there being some discrepancy between device and sim printf
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02:45:19jhMikeSThere should be no discrepancy. I followed
02:47:37jhMikeSWell, not now anway, except for FP and currency
02:54:31_Bilgusyeah the older build did 0 pad and it didn't follow capitalization
02:55:34_Bilgusnot a big deal you are exactly right about the padding
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03:51:51[Saint]I give up.
03:52:02[Saint]The theme engine is just fundamentally fucking broken.
03:53:21[Saint]perhaps even worse is the highly unobvious antipatterns I'm seeing in the fail cases.
03:53:43[Saint]I can come to terms with predictable failures I understand.
03:54:14[Saint]Only saving grace at this point will be in the sim magically functions differently to the SDL app.
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04:06:55_Bilgusyou know its bad when the theme guy says something like that
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04:14:58[Saint]I just hate antipatterns man. Frustrating as shit.
04:15:17[Saint]Just frustrated, trying to work my way through an understanding of what's happening now.
04:17:15[Saint]SDL application is refusing to treat the .wps as absolute point touch
04:17:49[Saint]Depending on the contents of the .wps, but even five lines of nothing but whitespace sets it off.
04:18:00[Saint]4 lines? fine.
04:18:09[Saint]6 lines? fine. 7...that's right out.
04:18:35[Saint]draw nothing but 'foo' and a touch area? that "works" but the touch area is ignored.
04:22:11[Saint]To be entirely fair I'm pushing the limits of the limits of the limits of what was ever dreamed of.
04:23:13[Saint]wait - what the fuck? the cowon d2 is touchscreen is it not?
04:25:27[Saint]aha - it defaults to 3x3grid
04:33:04[Saint]well, that's just gross.
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05:19:37[Saint]I got ya', ya fucker.
05:20:00CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
05:20:00*[Saint] adds this to the giant list of things he needs to document about the theme engine
05:20:39[Saint]The idea that everything I know could die with me depresses me somewhat.
05:20:40[Saint]I need an apprentice.
05:21:30[Saint]You don't have to load a backdrop, but if you don't want all your viewports and touch regions to OOB you _must_ define a backdrop buffer.
05:22:54[Saint]So if you're not loading a backdrop, and you want viewports and touch areas, you _must_ do:
05:22:54DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint]
05:22:54[Saint]theme goes here
05:23:50[Saint]The act of setting an arbitrarily defined viewport as the backdrop buffer then sets the bounds so the theme engine is aware of the current framebuffer boundaries and don't think everything past 0,0 is OOB.
05:24:56[Saint]Holy fucking shit that was next to impossible to step through.
05:26:27[Saint]I should note however that I have absolutely no idea why precisely five or seven lines of whitespace is an invalid theme.
05:26:44[Saint]As soon as I'm actually watching it with gdb it doesn't happen.
05:26:52[Saint]It's one of /those/ bugs.
05:43:51_BilgusI hate bugs like that, watched pot and all that
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07:40:55[Saint]I need to do some slight jiggling around for reasons I'm not too happy about but at the end of the day it provides a more workable environment.
07:41:34[Saint]So I can't draw the list titles in the status bar anymore,
07:42:01[Saint]The topmost list title performs a function I can't replicate in certain circumstances.
07:43:20[Saint]for some reason I'm not quite prepared to track down at this stage I can't conditionally switch viewports in the base skin when the while playing/fm/recording screens have the foreground.
07:47:25[Saint]One interesting thing is that the metadata is read several times for the a52 codec.
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07:54:53[Saint]This has to be interesting to somebody
07:55:07[Saint]ape vs. a52
08:06:20[Saint]_Bilgus: not sure how you feel about the playback engine/codecs, but, there's some weird shit I am _absolutely_ not getting my nose stuck in to.
08:06:23[Saint]Have at it.
08:06:54[Saint]It's 100% reproducible on my end.
08:09:38_Bilgusit almost looks like its not incrementing and instead is loading the same file over an over
08:10:21[Saint]skip/seek works as expected.
08:10:46[Saint]but the metadata is loaded as many times as it would take for that track to exhaust the playback buffer.
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08:11:14[Saint]I noped out. Not my party.
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08:32:19_BilgusI'll look into it tomorrow its pretty sprawling and I don't have the mental concentration left to track it atm
08:46:54[Saint]Isn't it just?
08:47:36[Saint]I just flatly can not be bothered with either buffering or playback logic.
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16:44:37jhMikeS[Saint]: I don't know. There's someone around here that initmately knows the playback code and codecs. I forget his name. If you manage to find out who he is, speak softly or he might amputate a limb.
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17:11:12_Bilgus[Saint] is this on sim or an actual target, I can't seem to reproduce it on an actual target
17:11:51jhMikeShe needs a logf of that stuff
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17:17:14_Bilgus<[Saint]> ?
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19:01:10fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision bef75a9, 273 builds, 12 clients.
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19:13:31fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision bef75a9 result: All green
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21:24:38[Saint]_Bilgus: that's simulator
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22:09:22[Saint]This theme is panic attack inducing.
22:09:35[Saint]~100 lines to draw a status bar.
22:10:37[Saint]I threw almost everything out yesterday and started from scratch after realizing that some logic that I was leveraging didn't work particularly well with arbitrarily zied viewports and touchscreen areas.
22:24:12[Saint]OK...and we're back. I can now reliably draw the list titles in the status bar again, which preserves the asthetic.
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22:31:32_Bilgus[Saint] can you run me through exactly the steps I need to reproduce the metadata bug, which device, sim mode, logf enabled, .......
22:32:39[Saint]all I'm doing is playing from audio in a cowon d2 simulator
22:33:12[Saint]I'm not even confident it's a bug, I'm not sure what's happening.
22:33:40[Saint]I'm playing from my test_files set, which happens to include a bunch of esoteric codecs.
22:34:07_Bilgusmaybe its the HWCODEC versus SWCODEC
22:34:22_Bilgus'AS implemented by sim'
22:35:06[Saint]so far I've seen it happen with a52, celt/opus, and m4a
22:35:35[Saint]It's not clear to me what's happening, it certainly /looks/ as though metadata is read several times.
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22:37:20[Saint]In another unrelated event it looks like someone fucked up the way text is handled.
22:37:46[Saint]I can now draw text OOB, which absolutely shouldn't be able to happen.
22:38:32 Join _meg [0] (~notsure@
22:38:41[Saint]If I align text so it is always justified left, a very long string justified right will push the left aligned text out of bounds.
22:39:06_BilgusI think thats been that way for a while
22:39:33[Saint]possibly so.
22:40:00 Join captainkewlll [0] (265896b2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:40:01[Saint]it makes things difficult for me, but not impossible.
22:41:03[Saint]Hot damn the cowon d2 has terrible controls.
22:41:27[Saint]It's a touchscreen device, but it doesn't enable absolute point touch control be default.
22:41:37[Saint]It uses 3x3 grid which is disgusting.
22:41:51[Saint]And the volume buttons only control volume while in the WPS.
22:42:06[Saint]Everywhere else they control the line selector.
22:42:13[Saint]...but it's a touchscreen device.
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22:48:28_Bilgushuh I was able to reproduce it finally, I wonder if it is specific to the cowonD2
22:51:26 Quit captainkewlll (Quit: Page closed)
22:53:37[Saint]weird, 'innit?
22:54:33[Saint]To me, the expected result would be:
22:54:57[Saint] - read metadata precisely once for each track in the playback buffer
22:55:35[Saint]yet for some tracks I can see it happening upwards of ten times
22:55:50_Bilgusits not a SWCODEC thing and that seems to be what the other targets I tried did..
22:59:56[Saint]Well, at the very least, you've seen it happening - so I feel slightly better now.
23:00:17[Saint]It seems to be a largely benign bug, if indeed it is a bug and not non-obvious intended behavior.
23:01:35 Join emptty1 [0] (~mquinson@
23:02:48jhMikeS[Saint]: definitely not intended and I've been staring at it wondering what could even do it. logf of all the playback stuff might help.
23:03:57 Quit emptty (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:04:39_Bilgus[Saint] whats in metadata.log?
23:04:41ParkerRSo I just had a neat idea and was wondering if it was feasible. For the devices that have an FM radio would it be possible to have a USB mode that exposes a radio device to the computer?
23:05:58 Join dandels_ [0] (~dandels@unaffiliated/dandels)
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23:16:08[Saint]ParkerR: Yes. That would be possible in theory.
23:16:43[Saint]ParkerR: it would be a lot easier to have the device present itself as a general input device and just pipe all playback output through it I should think.
23:18:46[Saint]_Bilgus jhMikeS: I'm a little bit busy right now, "in the zone" so to speak. If there's something I can help with that neither of you can reproduce just mention it here and I'll try to take care of it within the day.
23:19:20[Saint]I've /just/ unlocked the key to doing what I want in my dynamic theme and I don't want to let the magic go to waste, so to speak.
23:21:21 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
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23:25:33_Bilguswell It will load it multiple times when the file is in the playlist multiple times otherwise I can't seem to get it to reproduce so no hurry, I'm guessing it is using the index as a identifier
23:26:27[Saint]_Bilgus: each track is in the playlist precisely once.
23:27:12[Saint]I'm just playing from my test_files directory and letting it do its thing.
23:27:43 Quit dandels_ (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
23:27:49[Saint]I just initiated the database to see if that might show something, and when parsing tracks it parses the metadata there precisely once also
23:28:43[Saint]_Bilgus: if you want to get the test files from I have a pretty simple one-liner to do that with wget:
23:28:47[Saint]wget −−recursive −−no-parent -R "index.html*"
23:29:05_Bilgusok i'll try with the full set
23:35:44 Quit thomasjfox (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
23:45:59 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)

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