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#rockbox log for 2017-12-09

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02:04:17MrBismuthany happen to have installed the latest rockbox on a Sansa Zip Clip?
02:04:22MrBismuthand if so, did it go well?
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02:38:19__builtinMrBismuth: hi
02:40:02__builtinthis probably isn't the best place if you're looking for an unbiased opinion about rockbox
02:44:55__builtinif you have a specific question about installation we can probably help you more
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03:38:05fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision e86ea6b, 273 builds, 13 clients.
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11:15:59lukeoftheauramy sansa fuze+ doesn't seem to be charging when I connect it to my PC
11:16:21lukeoftheaurait says USB mode multimedia and shows the USB symbol, but doesn't charge
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11:36:10[Saint]Presumably it will if you hold a button during plugging USB to stop it from enumerating or mounting.
11:36:44[Saint]If it doesn't then something interesting is happening.
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17:32:44__builtinI want to test duke on something that's not ipod6g
17:32:44 Quit _meg (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
17:32:54__builtinanyone have such a device that's willing to test?
17:36:05 Join _meg [0] (~notsure@
17:37:51jhMikeSI can try in a few minutes or so
17:42:35__builtinI can provide a build if you wish
17:42:41__builtinwhat target?
17:42:51 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
17:47:57__builtinjhMikeS: by the way, enabling everything in vuprintf.c results in an error about ptrdiff_t being undeclared
17:48:11__builtinyou might need a #include <stddef.h>, I'm guessing
17:51:52jhMikeSgigabeatS, provide all the trimmings too hadn't complained in the test program and it wasn't enabled for target yet so it didn't come up
17:53:12jhMikeSyou must've added it
17:56:45__builtinyes, I did
17:57:59__builtinbuilding now...
18:09:58jhMikeSdo I have to get any game files?
18:10:12__builtinI'll include the demo files in the zip
18:10:45__builtinI doubt that this is gonna work on the first try, though
18:13:02__builtinthere are probably all sorts of alignment issues that have gone unnoticed on the 6G
18:16:25jhMikeSwhy would they? is it v6 arm like gbs?
18:17:08__builtindifferent CPU flags, I suppose
18:17:26__builtinCR0 flags come to mind
18:18:20 Quit robertd1 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
18:19:16 Join robertd1 [0] (
18:22:25__builtinalright, building the zip now
18:24:51jhMikeSexport MAKEFLAGS+=−−jobs=$(nproc) :)
18:25:25 Quit robertd1 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
18:25:40__builtinjhMikeS: check PM
18:26:18__builtininstall and run Demos > sdl.rock
18:30:52jhMikeSit's running. the keys seem...a bit awkward
18:31:07__builtinyeah, those didn't get much thought
18:31:07 Join robertd1 [0] (
18:32:16__builtindoes the sound lag with large numbers of enemies? (try max skill level)
18:32:43jhMikeSit lags and skips badly.
18:33:07jhMikeSand channel swaps because I'm guessing it's underrunning the hardware
18:33:38jhMikeSscreen got garbled
18:33:51__builtinon the menu or in the game?
18:34:39jhMikeSin the game
18:34:39__builtinI know the menus can get garbled, but I haven't seen it during gameplay
18:35:02__builtinhmm, does it crash?
18:35:13jhMikeSit didn't crash
18:35:44__builtinso it continues responding to input, but the screen looks weird?
18:36:19jhMikeSI exited normally
18:36:31__builtinhmm, you didn't change the Video Detail to low, did you?
18:36:55jhMikeSI don't think I changed any settings
18:37:50__builtinrun it again and ensure it's on high detail (Options > Setup Video > Detail); I know setting it to low can garble the screen
18:37:51jhMikeSsounds is choppy everywhere
18:38:12jhMikeSsomehow I did end up setting it to low trying to find the correct keys
18:38:33__builtinok, that's good
18:38:47__builtin(that bug is present in the original source port)
18:39:27__builtintry disabling sound but leave music alone enabled and see how that sounds
18:44:16jhMikeSit's silent now
18:44:38__builtinagh, I didn't include the midi files for music to work
18:45:24__builtinmy bad, let me remember what I did
18:52:22jhMikeSso far, I wouldn't call it playable. besides, it needs screen rotation
18:52:51__builtinwhy not?
18:53:45jhMikeSsound is not up to snuff and the frame rate seem low, and this is on the fast native target
18:54:15__builtinyeah, I'll admit that the sound is a bit of a hack
18:54:25__builtinwhat's the average framerate with and without sound?
18:54:39jhMikeSweird, it seem slow but the DVFS logging doesn't show much CPU scaling activity
18:55:21jhMikeSIt's not even causing it to get above 132MHz. I thought it would be pushing it to 264 or 528 but it isn't
18:55:37__builtinthere's an option to show FPS
18:56:34jhMikeSI can also lock it to 528 and see what happens
18:56:48__builtinthat sounds pretty odd to me as well
18:56:54__builtinit runs very decently on ipod6g
18:57:50__builtinyou have the resolution option in the game set to the actual device resolution, right?
18:58:01jhMikeSI can barely read it but it says "10" I think
18:58:06 Quit robertd1 (Quit: Leaving.)
18:58:07 Join robertd11 [0] (
18:58:15__builtinotherwise the SDL scaling will kick in and eat cycles
18:58:44jhMikeSit's not even tripping the hardware into increasing the CPU frequency
18:59:19jhMikeSand it's has to scale the screen because there's no rotation for portrait, unless I missed something
19:00:04__builtinthere is no rotation, but it shouldn't have to scale
19:00:26__builtinis Options > Setup Video > Resolution at the native res?
19:01:32jhMikeSit won't matter but I'll try it
19:02:15__builtinit actually will; if it's not, the SDL layer will have to scale
19:03:13jhMikeSok, nvm, I was wrong. it's doing 60.
19:03:38__builtinheh, nice :)
19:03:58__builtinsound now?
19:04:02jhMikeSyeah but the scaling wasn't actually causing a cpu load increase so there's more wrong with the scaling
19:04:49__builtinthe scaling really should never be used
19:05:22__builtinthe game should automatically set the SDL video mode to the screen resolution, and it will be unscaled
19:06:41__builtinit seems like it's not doing that, for some reason
19:07:08jhMikeSthis thing should probably run fine even if scaling
19:07:39__builtinthe scaling code is hugely inefficient and largely irrelevant for duke
19:07:40jhMikeSthe sounds still isn't perfect either
19:07:50__builtinbetter than before, though?
19:08:36__builtinlooks like the code doesn't automatically set the correct resolution; it only makes it an option
19:08:48jhMikeSI'd like to see the current cpu frequency when playing so I can verify my suspicions. just draw it on top of the screen
19:09:30jhMikeSverify or contradict, whichever
19:10:03__builtinyou want me to add that?
19:10:10jhMikeSif it's doing too much sleeping an not accounting for frame rendering duration in any delays, it might behave that way
19:12:02__builtinso just displaying *rb->cpu_frequency ought to work?
19:12:03jhMikeSthis target can decode ape c5000 in realtime and decode MPEG video at over 100FPS, it ought to scale some damn bitmap pretty quickly
19:12:28jhMikeSyeah, write some text over the frame after it draws it so it stick long enough to see
19:15:12__builtinok, built a new one
19:15:23__builtinuploading it now
19:16:37__builtinit should display the frequency when "show FPS" is enabled
19:17:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:18:06 Quit ernestask (Quit: ernestask)
19:19:51jhMikeSA better approach might be suffix SDL plugins with sdl or something and invoke the SDL plugin as a viewer to load them
19:30:19jhMikeSwell, I guess it is working (barely readable)
19:31:06jhMikeSSDL scaling must be awful then
19:31:24__builtinI never wrote it for speed
19:31:54jhMikeSit is still scaling isn't it? 240x320?
19:32:07__builtinnot when it's native
19:32:24jhMikeSeverything is squished in the horizontal
19:32:40__builtinthe game is rendering it like that, I think
19:32:53__builtinSDL isn't scaling it after it's been rendering
19:33:26__builtinwhat happens is that the game renders it at whatever resolution you have set in the game options, and then SDL takes that bitmap and scales it if needed
19:33:28jhMikeSgotta do rotation of screen and keys for portrait LCDs
19:33:43__builtinduly noted.
19:34:31 Quit robertd11 (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
19:35:17jhMikeSwhat file has scaling code, btw?
19:36:57__builtinbut like I said, it should ideally never be used
19:36:58 Join robertd1 [0] (
19:36:59jhMikeSouch, SDL uses lookup tables for audio saturation, dear god
19:37:44__builtinsince the game can render at whatever resolution you tell it to, it doesn't make sense to scale
19:38:36__builtinI'll see what I can do about rotation
19:39:05jhMikeSdid I miss something? I don't see bitmap scaling there unless it's in the core now
19:39:31__builtinlook around line 450
19:39:45__builtinit checks if the SDL screen size is native or not
19:39:50__builtinand scales if needed
19:40:59jhMikeSoh, I was looking at a different version of the file
19:42:11jhMikeSit could still be way better using incremental division
19:42:39__builtinwhat do you mean?
19:43:26jhMikeSbasically bresenham in 2d, like mpegplayer's video frame preview. I think the core bitmap scaler does it as well.
19:44:05jhMikeSjust addition and subtraction
19:44:28__builtinah, this uses simple_resize_bitmap() in pluginlib
19:45:32__builtinthe scaling really isn't meant to be used, though
19:45:34 Quit robertd1 (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
19:45:45 Join robertd1 [0] (
19:45:54__builtinjust have the game run at the screen resolution and save some cycles
19:49:20jhMikeSI'm missing a lot since I've got other stuff going on. I see that function isn't that bad. It's probably not the scaling that's slowing it down.
19:57:53__builtinit runs at 60FPS, right?
20:00:26 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
20:02:11jhMikeSpegging 528MHz
20:03:42__builtinwell, what's the problem then?
20:03:46jhMikeSit falls below at times
20:04:08__builtinhow low?
20:04:43jhMikeSlow to mid 50s
20:04:55__builtinalso, when you start duke, does it say it's caching the GRP in RAM?
20:05:27jhMikeScaching complete GRP in RAM
20:05:37__builtinok, good
20:05:50jhMikeSit's only 10MB, this has 64MB
20:06:08__builtinI'd say that 50FPS isn't bad at all
20:08:06 Join CrashBash-Kun [0] (~CrashBash@unaffiliated/crashbash-kun)
20:08:41jhMikeSnot bad. there's probably real benefit in some architechtural optimization in places. This target is literally a best case for a DAP.
20:09:06__builtinyeah, I agree
20:09:43__builtinI'm not sure whether to try and merge this
20:11:26jhMikeSthe last time I ran it the monsters were hovering two stories above the street
20:12:09__builtinthey have jetpacks ;)
20:12:10 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
20:33:25jhMikeSToday GBS was messing with me of all days. Nearly always when it scales to 528 and it runs that was for awhile, you'll see voltage scaling counts in the hundred. Today it happened to be running at just the right temp to be barely touching the CPU voltage and not incrementing the DPTC scaling counts.
20:34:28__builtinah, so I can blame the weather? :)
20:35:54 Part robertd1
20:40:59jhMikeSIt would seem so
20:43:43__builtinsound still skips, right?
20:45:09jhMikeSThere were a couple breaks. Were they possibly just a short moment when no sound is being played?
20:46:01__builtindoes it happen more often when there are more sounds playing?
20:46:49jhMikeSI didn't observe that but I didn't really consciously check either
20:47:06__builtinsee if having more enemies around makes a difference
20:47:27__builtini.e. compare sound quality on lowest vs. max skill level
20:50:51jhMikeSno drops that time and lots of sounds
20:51:19__builtinhmm, ok
20:51:28__builtinseems like you're just hearing the blank spaces then
20:52:01__builtinI remembered how to make music work
20:53:56__builtinbasically you just need to copy over a timidity config directory (with patchset) to /.rockbox/timidity/
20:57:42__builtinjhMikeS: extract to /.rockbox/
20:58:02__builtinyou should end up with a /.rockbox/timidity/timidity.cfg file afterwards
20:58:16 Quit ZincAlloy (Quit: Leaving.)
20:58:17__builtinand music should work :)
20:58:54 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:8b80:1700:c5d8:b3f3:4f64:3f86)
21:04:38jhMikeShighest level and midi going, no breaks
21:07:14jhMikeSIt drops into the 20s for FPS briefly though
21:07:59jhMikeSwhen the action kicks up
21:08:16__builtinmight be the sound slowing things down again
21:08:26__builtintry disabling sound and repeat the same action
21:08:49jhMikeSall sounds ?
21:08:57__builtinyou can leave music on
21:09:16__builtinit has little performance impact
21:13:39jhMikeSa few fps better
21:14:15__builtinstill drops a lot, though?
21:14:31jhMikeSdoesn't drop sound
21:15:32__builtinwait, didn't you disable sound?
21:15:42jhMikeSthe midi keeps going
21:15:45jhMikeSno breaks
21:15:47__builtinah, ok
21:16:02__builtinyou confused me when you said sound
21:16:12__builtinsound != music in this case
21:17:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:17:27jhMikeSnumber of critters and rasterizing size seem to matter the most
21:17:45__builtin20FPS is still playable, no?
21:24:30jhMikeSyes. it's not very noticeable, surprisingly. but it's a tiny screen with funky controls
21:24:57__builtinI've almost got rotation working here
21:25:18jhMikeSalong with the keypad rotation?
21:26:25jhMikeSalso, right now, I've got to use vol+ to select and the hold switch (literally a switch) to go back. there's a back button on GBS btw
21:27:10__builtinI'll admit the keymaps are hardly optimal; what changes do you suggest?
21:27:27jhMikeSare you supposed to be able to move in reverse? pushing down make him jump
21:27:40__builtinby default, no
21:27:44__builtinjump is mapped to down
21:27:51__builtinthough you can remap it in-game if you wish
21:30:49jhMikeSfor this target: UP=forward,LEFT=left,RIGHT=right,DOWN=jump/back,WINDOW KEY=menu,PLAY on side=fire,SELECT=select menu item. perhaps vol- =jump
21:31:29jhMikeSif there's a weapon select, make that vol+
21:31:36__builtinok, one second
21:31:47*jhMikeS needs to see the actual key map names
21:32:13__builtinthe keymap is in apps/plugins/lib/keymaps.h
21:32:52__builtinThe SDL port is platform-agnostic when it comes to buttons. It mostly relies on that file to provide it with a standard set of buttons, which it then maps
21:33:45jhMikeSI see it doesn't understand some keys at all. I tried to set jump to vol- and it doesn't even see it.
21:34:19__builtinyeah, I should probably flesh out the keymaps some more
21:35:06__builtinbasically SDL cares about 6 keys on the beast: u/d/l/r + menu + volume up
21:35:58jhMikeSeek, it has 13 not including the hold switch (which should be only that)
21:37:06jhMikeSbutton hold as anything but hold is weird
21:37:36__builtinit was developed with exclusively the ipod6g in mind
21:38:32jhMikeScrap, I have some weird bitmap on the screen and it's not going away so that I can see menus
21:39:06__builtinin duke?
21:39:47__builtinwhat's it look like?
21:40:39jhMikeSblack with swirls all over it. menus are still going and I managed it blind
21:41:02__builtinah, I'm aware of that happening
21:41:21__builtinseems to happen randomly afaik
21:41:32__builtinI haven't bothered to track it down yet
21:44:02__builtinheh, so rotation "works", but everything is backwards
21:44:25__builtinI'll fix it and send you a build
21:47:22jhMikeSI own mirrors
21:49:58__builtinprobably wouldn't be the best UX
21:54:23__builtinok, I got it figured out
21:55:29__builtincheck PM for link
21:56:03__builtin(it doesn't have the keymap changes you mentioned, though)
22:00:38jhMikeSit seems the problem was the menu just not drawing
22:01:31__builtinI'll eventually decide to track it down, but for now, it's not too annoying
22:07:00jhMikeSnow the fps is about 1/2 to 2/3 of what it was
22:08:25jhMikeSstuff is readable though
22:10:19__builtinit shouldn't be that bad
22:10:31__builtin50-60% framerate hit>
22:14:01jhMikeSno, 1/3 to 1/2 framerate hit
22:14:14__builtinah, ok
22:14:27__builtinstill, that's a lot
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23:28:45 Quit lebellium (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:35:17pamaurywodz (logs): after hours of googling, I found out why the ingenic TLB was not behaving as expected
23:36:20pamauryBy default, pagemask writes are ignored (ie it is hardwired to 0) and EntryLo1 writes are mostly ignored: EntryLo1 only stores the "D" bit, the rest is derived from EntryLo0 by adding 4K to the PFN.
23:36:20fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 65515f3, 273 builds, 14 clients.
23:36:43pamauryBUT, if one writes 0xa9000000 to CP0 register 5, select 4, then it seems to switches to the standard mode !!!
23:37:12pamauryI have no idea what this value is and what register 5, select 4 does, but I found out thi piece of magic here:
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